TV Review: Criminal Minds Episode 1021 “Mr Scratch”

Dr. Reid himself, Matthew Gray Gubler, directs this truly creepy episode. It means the episode is Reid-lite. Which makes me sad. Generally, I like the episodes better when he is in the front of the story but the ones he directs are always good episodes.


This is no exception. It’s a great episode. Three different people tell the BAU stories of a clawed shadow monster killing their loved ones. It manages to be truly scary at moments. A few times it feels like an episode of Supernatural.

They seem to be setting Hotch up for something but I don’t know what. I would say he may be leaving the show but these writers just like to torture their characters. There doesn’t always seem to be much of a point for it. So, it very well may be just more Hell for Hotchner to have to walk through.


They’ve all been through a lot but Hotchner and Reid seem to be the writers favorite characters to torture. Gideon was a favorite punching bag too but he is gone now.

Only two episodes left in the season. The finale is about Kate’s niece. So, if they are doing anything with Hotch I imagine it will be mentioned next week.

I’m also hoping the agent that Reid asked out on date shows back up soon. I liked her and I want to know what happened on their date.


Criminal Minds airs Wednesdays at 9pm on CBS


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