TV Review: Supernatural Episode 1019 “The Werther Project”

Sam finds out from Rowena that there is a codex that can be used to translate The Book of the Damned. He starts searching the files at the Men of Letters bunker for information on the codex and it’s current location.

The Men of Letters thing….I’m just not sure about the longevity of this storyline. I get that keeping them on the road forever with no home base wasn’t really an option. It was getting redundant but it was also a big part of the show. I still like episodes when they are away from the bunker better.

I suppose it is good for them to have a home base, though. Wandering aimless without an anchor would have driven them even crazier eventually. A safe house is a good thing to have…within the context of the show. I still expect it to the get destroyed eventually and have them back drifting. 

Also, ghost Susie had a point. As many lives as Sam and Dean save they also cause a lot of deaths as well. They do so usually with good intentions but they do still cause an awful lot of deaths. Karma wise they have likely broken even at least, though. I mean, they did save the world a few times.

I hope they don’t actually kill of Crowley. I like Crowley. Of course, it’s not like characters that die on this show are necessarily gone for good. I’m pretty Crowley is impossible to get rid of.

Supernatural airs on Wednesdays at 9pm on CW


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