Book Review: No Matter The Wreckage by Sarah Kay

It has been a long time since I really loved a book of poetry. I usually like one or two poems from a book but rarely love an entire book.

I loved this book.

Sarah Kay writes about the world the way I want to see it. She sees the reality but also the beauty. Her world isn’t full of fantasy but it isn’t all dark either. She sees the world the way everyone should see the world.

The first poem, titled Love Poem #137, begins, “I will wake you up early” and that is exactly what this book has done. It has woken me up. It has reminded me what poetry should feel like.

Every poem is a moment and Sarah describes each moment perfectly. She sets the scene and you can see and smell and feel everything. It’s a surround-sound-sensory experience.

This book will make you want to read more poetry. And it will make you want to write poetry even if you haven’t written anything in years.

It left me wanting to live inside one of Sarah’s poems where everything is a little bit more beautiful than it is in real life and a little bit more real.


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