TV Review: Once Upon A Time Episode 420 “Lily”

Emma finds out her childhood friend Lily is Maleficent’s daughter who was banished to this world before Emma was born. Regina and Emma leave Storybrooke with a double mission. Emma is looking for Lily and Regina needs help saving Robin Hood from Zelena.

Hook is once again only in the episode in what amounts to a quick cameo. He’s in the background and then he gives Emma a touching goodbye before she sets out on her road trip. *sigh* It’s such a waste of a good character.

The Lily storyline is moderately interesting, though. I’m not really sure where they are going with it but it’s at least something new. They had to many villain at the beginning of this story thread and now they are slowly getting rid of them. Which was a good thing. Lily is seeming to be set up as a new villain but I doubt she is going to stay one. The solution to her dilemma seems pretty simple. If Regina or Maleficent takes the darkness inside Lily and the good inside Emma and splits them giving them both a capacity for darkness and for light then they both have choices to make and the ability to be good or evil based on those choices. You know…like real non-fairy tale humans all have. Once they do that I’m not sure what they will do with Lily…

I wish Cruella had lasted longer. She was a truly evil character. This show hasn’t really had many unredeemable villains. They should have utilized her more. They are going to run out of Disney owned fairy tale themed villains and storyline soon. They ran through a lot of characters with this thread that they could have used for individual storylines instead. Hopefully, they have more planned out and did this just to get some of the characters people expected to see out of the way.

They introduced and disposed of (in vastly different ways) Cruella and Ursula really quickly. They certainly seemed like pointless characters. They were either time fillers to stretch out the storyline or they were simply the writers knowing the audience expected those characters to appear and they wanted to get them out of the way. Either way, its unfortunate. They deserved better stories.

I like Will and Belle as a couple. They also deserved a better, fuller story. The only story Will got was in the horrid spin off.

The story seems mostly on pointe now, though. Even if they have packed to much in and are not giving each thread enough attention. It is at least remaining interesting…if a tad soap opera-like.

Once Upon A Time airs on Sundays at 8pm on ABC.


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