TV Review: The Last Man on Earth Episode 111 “The Tandyman Can”

Phil #1, who is now fully embracing being called Tandy, tries to make friends with Phil #2, now just called Phil, in what seems to be a keep-your-enemies-closer plan.

For the sake of simplicity and my own sanity I will stick to calling them Phil #1 and Phil #2 (which is also what closed captioning calls them).

Todd gets jealous of the attention Melissa is giving Phil #2. This causes him to get possessive and controlling. Well, as possessive as a really nice but self conscious guy can get.

The show has now dissolved into a catty power play between Carol, Gail and Erica trying to get Phil #2’s attention. He seems to the most interested in Carol but even that seems mostly friendship geared. I don’t like stupid writers making girls fall into horrible stereotypes. While I’m sure this kind of thing would happen in this situation I don’t think it would be this bad. I think some girls would be above it. Melissa so far is above it but I keep waiting for her to fall into it as well. The female characters just aren’t written very well.

I kind of hoped Phil #2 was gay. It would suck for him since so far there aren’t any other gay guys but it would have ended this stupid catty attempts at one-up-manship between the female characters. Hopefully, it won’t go on past this episode anyway. It seemed to come to a head…so to speak.   

Only one episode of this season left but it is already renewed for a second season. Whether I continue watching or not will be determined by what direction the storyline goes.

The Last Man On Earth airs on Sunday at 930pm on Fox


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