TV Reviews: Jane The Virgin Episode 120 “Chapter Twenty”

*sigh*…this show. It’s done nothing but buy into every pregnancy and child birth cliche that there is to buy into. Amniocentesis was bad enough but now they say the baby is breech and they say a normal child birth isn’t possible with a breech baby. Which is not true….not at all…not even a little bit. Although a lot of doctors won’t do it and it is slower and more painful it is definitely possible and should be given as an option. It should be the mother’s choice and they shouldn’t be given false information but they are. Television shows giving the same information just further spreads the lies and takes choices away from women even more because it makes them more certain that the information isn’t false. Which pisses me off.

There are things I like about this show. It is fun and it makes fun of soap operas while also being one. Which makes it funny in a very meta way. The characters are all actually fully developed characters. That is no small feat with so many characters. Yet, they manage to make every character have depth and shades of grey. It’s impressive. It is very well written but they need to do better with the pregnancy and child birth facts and details. People shouldn’t believe things from a TV show but they do and to some degree that does give shows that are more dramatic and rooted in reality the responsibility of not spreading false information.

Once the baby is born perhaps this will not longer be an issue and the show will stop pissing me off. I really hope so. I want to watch it. There are not many shows with such well written characters.

This episode hints at Michael coming back in to the picture. I hope he does. I like Michael. I think he and Jane make sense as a couple. Rafael and her really didn’t work even if he does actually love her and is lying.

Jane the Virgin airs on Mondays at 9pm on CW

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