TV Reviews: Secrets & Lies Episode 109 “The Mother”

Hmm. Weird jump in POV. The episode starts with Cornell. She says she doesn’t think Ben killed Tom. Which makes some of her behavior strange… say the least.

I don’t know what the hell is up with Ben’s wife…soon to be ex-wife. She’s such a bitch. And she seems to have little reason for it. I know he cheated but its not like she was the epitome of perfection prior to that event. Despite the cheating he seems like a very good father and it is disgusting to me when someone uses children as a way of revenge.

I’m assuming and hoping there is more to the story. I’m hoping Christy has more reason to be the way she is but I still think it’s disgusting that she would try to keep Ben’s children from him.

We get Cornell’s POV a couple times during this episode. It’s odd. I don’t like when a show changes its structure randomly. We have seen Ben’s POV almost exclusively up until now and Cornell has only been shown in relation to him. Now we are suddenly seeing her investigation.

I DO get why they didn’t show us sooner. They wanted us to think Ben may be guilty and they wanted us to get the information only when Ben did for most of the series. It helped fuel the story and keep the mystery secret. Now they are far enough into the story to show us more sides of what is going on and now knowing more helps fuel the story. So, I do get why it was done this way. It still isn’t a method of story telling that I love, though.

Jess’ obsession with Ben has been creepy for a while now. It has seemed like grief and it could be but it is also creepy. They DO have some crazy chemistry, though. The casting was really well done. We still don’t know who the killer is at this point. The episode ended on a cliffhanger. They have set up Jess, Christy and Abby as possibilities. Jess seeming to be the strongly favored one but that makes it less likely to be her. I hope it isn’t Abby. That makes it a bit to close another similar show. We will find out soon enough. 

The season finale is next week. Anyone that wants to get caught up can watch the whole show up the date on Hulu Plus (probably other places too).

Secrets & Lies airs on Sundays at 9pm on ABC


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