TV Review: Once Upon A Time Episode 421 “Mother”

The acting on this show is always really good. It’s impressive even when the writing isn’t very good. I have to say Maleficent meeting her daughter for the first time is one of the best moments of acting I have seen on this show. She doesn’t say much and it’s perfectly done.

Hook once again is delegated to playing Mr. Swan without much other purpose. It isn’t bothering me as much, though. I mean, his character was always a romantic. In a lot of ways he is the most hopeless romantic of all the characters on the show. He was seeking vengeance for the loss of his first love for hundreds of years. No other character shows that kind of dedication to love, not even Snow White and Prince Charming.

Being willing to die for love is a lot easier than being willing to live without it and suffer for hundreds of years just to seek revenge against the man who murdered your love. Which makes Hook the most dedicated to love and the bravest and strongest character on the show.

So, with that in mind, it isn’t really a bad thing for Hook to only exist as Emma’s boyfriend. He found love again and love is the only thing he has lived for for a very long time. He’s happy. He has what he wants and deserves. It makes sense.

I don’t have much to say about this episode. The show almost seems to be wrapping itself up for a series finale. Which would be okay, really. It’s running out of ideas. It is time to give the main characters their happy endings and let it all go.

That probably isn’t what’s happening, though. Although the show isn’t officially renewed for another season it is considered a sure bet for renewal. The season finale is next week. They have a little bit to wrap up with the author and Gold and I guess some tidbits with Lily but that seems to be about all there is. Somehow that will fill a 2 hour finale.


Once Upon A Time airs on Sundays at 8pm on ABC


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