TV Review: Supernatural Episode 1020 “Angel Heart”


Castiel is called to the hospital when Jimmy’s daughter Claire is injured outside a bar. He calls in Sam and Dean for “back up” because a teenage girl apparently scares him more than rampaging angels, demons and whatever else he has faced.


Sam, Dean and Castiel assist Claire in looking for her missing mother. The investigation leads them to a…well….a typical case of strange murder and swords and whatnot.

Claire and Dean playing mini golf was a pretty big high light of the episode. As was Sam and Dean sort of accidentally (but kind of on purpose) teaching Claire how to be a hunter. I figure that is what she will become. She’s 18 and she has been taking care of herself for a while. She also seems to have knack for it. Dean seems to trust that she can handle it.


Castiel feeling responsible for Jimmy’s family is….sweet. It isn’t exactly him showing emotion. It’s not entirely that but there does seem to be emotion behind it. It’s an interesting character development for him. I have grown to like Castiel more than Sam and Dean in a lot of ways.

Supernatural airs on Wednesdays at 9pm on CW


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