TV Review: The Last Man on Earth Episode 112 “Screw the Moon”

This review contains spoilers.

In the season finale, Phil #1 decides he wants Carol back. Because of course he does. She’s happy and he isn’t. So, he wants what he thinks will make him happy. Even when he is nice he does it for selfish reasons.


I’m being unfair. Phil #1 does seem to actually realize how great Carol is. He lists her good qualities and he seems to actually feel feelings. It just took someone else having her for him to realize he cared. Which isn’t uncommon. Guys (and girls) do that all the time.

Phil #2 kicks Phil #1 out of Tucson. I don’t really understand this. They didn’t even want to stay in Tucson. It’s horrible for growing food. It would have made way more sense for everyone else to leave and just leave Phil#1 there alone.

Anyway, Phil #2 leaves Phil #1 out on the road with two days worth of supplies. Which he uses up in twenty minutes. Carol shows up with more supplies and his “friend” Gary from the bar.

Phil actually manages to win her back. She says she doesn’t want to be with the guy that would leave someone out in the desert, she would rather be with the guy that couldn’t go through with it. It’s actually all kind of sweet. Phil even sings her a song he wrote for her. And he tells her she is making a mistake staying with him. which is likely true but hell guys a lot worse than Phil find girlfriends now. So, I guess it makes sense they would be able to find someone in a post-apocalyptic world.

In the last few minutes we learn that Phil had a brother. It then zooms out to a satellite in space manned by an astronaut. The astronauts name tag reads “Miller”.

They kind of wrap of Melissa and Todd’s story but leave Phil#2, Erica and Gail sort of undeveloped. So, I’m not sure if they will be returning next season or not. It seems like the show would work best just following Phil and Carol on the road. Hell, maybe it will just follow his brother in space next season. I would like that, actually.


Last Man on Earth airs Sundays at 930pm on FOX. It isn’t currently airing new episodes but episodes can be watched on Hulu Plus or purchased on Amazon Instant Video.


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