TV Review: Secrets & Lies Episode 110 “The Lie”

Abby is missing and Ben is frantic. The season finale starts off at rapid speed.

The missing blue jacket is found in Jess’ sink. Jess accuses Ben of raping her. We know the rape is a lie (and kudos to the writers for pointing out the damage that false accusations cause) but why is the jacket in the sink?

The stretch the reveal out for a long time even though we know that Cornell knows who killed Tom. Ben believes it is Jess and although he is confused and conflicted by this after Jess turned on him so fast and he had witnessed her mood swings it seems to soften the blow, in a way, of her having killed her (and his) son.

Of course, we know that Jess didn’t do it because Cornell says she didn’t.

I won’t give away the ending. I will say I’m not particularly thrilled with it but it isn’t the worst ending it could have had, though. Despite my disappointment at the killer I actually do like the way it was done.

It was such a well written and well acted series. The original series only had one season but it hasn’t been announced yet if this remake will have a second season. If it does, as much as I love these actors and have beeb impressed by them, I hope they switch up the characters next season. I just don’t think they should try to delve into these characters more. This story should be finished. Regardless of whether I like the ending I don’t want them to milk it. If the show stays around for awhile maybe come back to Tom’s murder in season 3 or 4 but for now they should move on.

It doesn’t seem likely that they will move on but maybe. It was a good show. So, I have faith that a second season will also be good. If it gets a second season.

ABC is supposed to announce its renew and cancelations sometime this month, I think. I have my fingers crossed for this, Forever and Castle being renewed.

Secrets & Lies can be viewed on Hulu Plus or purchased on Amazon Instant Video. It may be on iTunes, too…I haven’t looked.

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