TV Reviews :Undateable Episode 207 “A Live Show Walked Into A Bar”

A parade of guest stars walk into a bar…in front of a live audience during a live broadcast. The guest stars take over during this episode. Which is kind of unfortunate because the regular cast do a pretty damn good job during both live broadcasts.

They performed this episode twice live at 9pm. Once for the East Coast and once for the West Coast. Oddly, one guest star changed from the first performance to the second. Minnie Driver appeared (along with Christa Miller) as a bar patron hitting on Shelly in the East Coast performance but she must have had some other engagement because she is replaced in the West Coast performance. Scott Foley’s appearance also varies from performance to performance. In the East Coast one he flubs Justin’s name at one point but other than that seems to stay on point. Then in the West Coast one he doesn’t flub the names and at the end improvs some sexual innuendo with Danny that Chris D’elia goes along with to a hilarious result.

Also note worthy is the mini Scrubs reunion going on during this episode with multiple actors from the show popping in for cameos. Zach Braff and Donald Faison’s characters are even mentioned as co-workers of Shelly. Which makes them possible to bring back some other time. They both deliver unflappable performances during both live performances.

With the exception of Scott Foley’s improv the East Coast is the overall better performance. It felt fresher. Which makes sense since it was the first performance. Both are definitely worth watching for the line changes, camera angle differences and improv that occur on them, though.

Oh and Ed Sheeran sings again at the end of the West Coast performance. I had no idea who Ed Sheeran was prior to this show. So, that and the running joke in both episode performances involving him was a bit lost on me. For fans of his, though, it is worth watching both versions since he seem to play different songs at the beginning of them and has a second song on the West Coast one. He also kisses Justin fill on the mouth on the West Coast one which is interesting and possibly not planned.

For regular watchers of the show one ongoing storyline aspect that starts in this episode will be Candace’s interest in Justin. A couple that makes a whole lot of sense and that I really hope happens.

Oh and just an FYI I do totally think Chris D’elia is more attractive than Scott Foley. *shrug*

Undateable airs on Tuesday at 930pm on NBC.

Both performances of the live episode can be seen on Hulu Plus.

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