TV Review: iZombie Episode 108 “Dead Air”


Liv helps investigate the murder of a radio talk show host that gives dating advice. After eating the the murdered woman’s brain she becomes a know-it-all relationship expert as well.

This episode shows that Liv and Lowell have moved forward with their relationship in between episodes. It opens with them naked in bed early in the morning. I like them as a couple but they are, as relationship expert Liv comments on, more about sex and passion than they are about having a real lasting relationship.

The teasing is heavy that Major will find out about zombies and thus about Liv. Which makes it likely that Major and Liv will reunite at some point or another. I honestly have almost zero interest in Major as a character but it does Liv loves him and wants to be with him. So, I suppose it would be a good thing for them to reunite. I would miss Lowell, though.

And how cute is the zombie rat? I want a zombie rat. They would be the best guard pets ever. Someone breaks into your house? Sic the zombie rats after them to eat their brains. The trick would be to teach them only to eat the brains of the people you want them to eat. That may be difficult….but someone should work on that because I want a zombie rat.

iZombie was officially renewed for a second season. So, I guess it’s doing well. It is pretty addictive. I wasn’t much of a fan at first but it grew on me pretty quickly.

iZombie airs on Tuesdays at 9pm on CW.

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