TV Review: Supernatural Episode 1021 “Dark Dynasty”

Sam calls Charlie to help him crack the Book of the Damned. It seems a bit selfish to me. Sam is putting more people in danger with his quest to save Dean. His is lying. He is forcing Charlie and Castiel to lie. He is risking their lives. He is even risking the world by not destroying the book when he was supposed to.

Okay, maybe not really risking Castiel’s life. He’s an angel. And even when he dies he tends to come back. For that matter, so do Sam and Dean. Everyone around them die in their many quests to save the world but Sam and Dean never die and stay dead. They do save the world. They save a lot of people. But it’s pretty dangerous being their friend. Only Crowley and Castiel have survived and they hardly count since they’re immortal.

Rowena. I really dislike her. I don’t mean because she is a villain. I mean she is irritating. She isn’t a good villain. She is pretty pointless overall in my opinion. She could be removed and the show would be barely changed. I am really hoping she goes away after this season. Even knowing she is irritating on purpose, that the character is intended to be irritating doesn’t make me like her being a part of the show. I liked her at first as a way to add depth and context to Crowley but then she lingered…..and lingered…and lingered. I need her to go away, now.

This weird family after the book, the Stynes, are apparently the House of Frankenstein. Which is interesting. It’s one monster they hadn’t done yet. The Supernatural twist on it is….also interesting. An ancient family with a complex tradition of harvesting body parts and upgrading themselves. It’s like an evil version of Buffy’s Initiative. Well….eviler. And less military-like. This family I would like to see more of next season. They’re intriguing.

Supernatural, to the surprise of no one, was renewed for an 11th season. They have done a pretty good job of having Sam and Dean grow and change through out the series. They have both matured and gotten darker and more haunted. More damaged. I hope they continue to do that (change that is, not necessarily get darker) for as long as the show lasts. I’m impressed by how far it has come without getting stale. I think, when the end does come, the series can ONLY end one way, with both brothers dying, but I’m okay with that. It would be a good ending.

For now though no one is dying. Well, people always die but Sam and Dean won’t be going anywhere. The show only works with both of them. Neither will leave until the very end. So, whatever happens during the rest of this season their return next year is a given.

Supernatural airs on Wednesdays at 9pm on the CW.


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