TV Review: Once Upon A Time Episodes 422 and 423 “Operation Mongoose Parts 1 and 2”

Well, seeing Hook and Emma meet again for the first time with him NOT being a villain was definitely worth watching this episode. For Hook, at least, it is for the first time. Hooks character is also interesting. He isn’t a villain but he is weak and seems unhappy. He isn’t even a Captain. Which means his designation in the “real” world apparently was hero. For that matter….Regina is also miserable in this version. Which actually kind of makes her a hero in the real world, too. She becomes a hero for real when she saves Henry. That’s if that was the structure…that’s how the structure should have been but I guess it wasn’t.

It was all structured to just give a few villains there Happily Ever After; Gold, the Author and Zelena. Robin ends up happy(ish) as a side effect of Zelena’s Happily Ever After. Oddly, not many people seemed truly miserable. I mean Snow White was the Evil Queen but she didn’t seem miserable. She just seemed evil. Regina was a fugitive and I guess she was unhappy but over all the only ones that seemed truly miserable were Emma and Henry. The only two that remembered the real world. So, I think their story was flawed. They didn’t really succeed that well at making the heroes miserable but I guess that’s the Disney version of torture.

It’s all a little convoluted, really. I don’t think the logic adds up exactly, either. I suppose expecting logic from a fairy tale show is a bit much, though. I did liked seeing some of the heroes as villains. I really think they rushed the story, though. These last 2 hours would have been great as an entire season.

They just could have done sooooo much more with this alternate reality Enchanted Forest. They could have had Henry and Emma and Hook (once they found him which shouldn’t have happened until at least 1/3 of the way through the episode) meet all the different characters. It would have been cool to see what role each character now played. It would have been a really, really good season if done right.

It was a good episode, though. I enjoyed it. It just felt like so much more story could have been there.

As far as the ending and the decision that Emma made, I think she did the right thing and the only thing that she could have done. She trusts her parents and Hook to help her. Considering how she started out, not trusting anyone at all, I think it shows a lot of growth in the character and it shows how far she has come.


Once Upon A Time airs on Sundays at 8pm on ABC. This was the season finale but it has been renewed for another season. So, it will return in the Fall.


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