TV Review: iZombie Episode 109 “Patriot Brains”

Why a zombie would suddenly get squeamish about killing someone that is also a zombie and technically kind of already dead AND a really bad guy I do not understand. She is an idiot.

That’s  about all I feel like saying right now but I’ll try to continue.

Liv eats the brains of a PTSD suffering veteran who was shot during a paint ball game. She does this partially to find the man’s murderer but mostly because she had previously, accidentally, eaten the brains of the homeless kid that Major has been looking for and that was murdered by Blaine and she wants to stop getting visions of his life and death.

The murder of the veteran is the main case and it’s solved but the confrontation with Blaine that happens at the end doesn’t go well.

I’m hoping what it looked like happened at the end didn’t actually happen. It is possible. We didn’t actually REALLY see it happen. And Liv was far away and could have easily also not really seen what she thought she saw. So, until next week’s episode proves otherwise I’m holding out hope.


iZombie airs on Tuesday’s at 9pm on CW.

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