TBT TV Review: The Librarians Episode 106 “And the Fables of Doom”


This is my favorite episode of my favorite new show. All of the jokes are hilarious and the storyline is fun and engaging.


The Librarians and Eve investigate a town where fairy tales are coming to life. In the course of the investigation the Librarians themselves start becoming a part of the stories.


Eve becomes a princess and the running jokes about her hair never stop being funny. Cassandra is Prince Charming and has women hitting on her increasing amounts throughout the story. Stone is the Huntsman. This results in the funniest line in the entire series when an owl appears on his arm out of nowhere and Eve remarks on it. Ezekiel is the rogue trickster. Which means he is pretty much himself just with insanely good luck.


Of course, they solve the case because they always do but watching it happen never gets old. I can watch this whole series over and over and not get tired of it but this episode specifically never stops making me laugh and marvel at how good a tv show can be when it’s done right.


The Librarians isn’t airing new episodes right now (or reruns as far as I know) but you can purchase episodes on Amazon and iTunes. Hopefully it will be out on DVD, soon. Season two starts sometime at the end of this year.


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