TV Review: Forever Episode 122 “The Last Death of Henry Morgan”

Henry Morgan has had a long life. We were only given a short glimpse into it during these 22 episodes. It would be unfortunate if it ends now but it is looking like that may be the case. ABC has canceled Forever. While it is still possible that the show could find a home on another network, things like that happen often lately, it is still a minority of shows that get brought back after cancellation. It usually happens to shows that have been around longer than one season but don’t lose it hope. It’s still possible.

There are multiple petitions and social media campaigns to either bring the show back to ABC or for other networks to pick it up. Please do sign the petitions and participate in the campaigns. Just because the chances of it accomplishing anything are low doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. The show really could be picked up by another network or by Netflix if the show seems to have a big enough following. I still have hope that it could be saved.

Ioan Gruffold has posted a very touching message to the fans of the show on his Instagram. He seems to have taken the cancellation pretty hard and seems to see it as final. Hopefully, he is wrong about that and he will happily return to playing Henry Morgan if the show is picked up by Netflix.

This was a very hard review to write. Which is why I am late posting it. You will notice I still haven’t even reviewed the episode. I’m not even sure if I should. My opinion of the episode as a season finale or as a series finale would be very different. I’m thinking I’ll wait to see how things turn out before I actually review the episode itself.

If you would like to sign the petition here is one of them:

I thought there were others but I can’t seem to find them. You can post your own messages and use the tag #SaveForever. It seems to be being used on both Facebook and Twitter. There is a huge movement on Twitter to save the show. People are also messaging Netflix and asking that they pick up the show. So, do that to if you have the time and inclination.

The outlook looks good at the moment and I am holding out hope that the show will be picked up by Netflix or Hulu or someone. When it does I will review the entire first season as a whole. For now I’m going to keep my thought about the first season finale to myself.



One thought on “TV Review: Forever Episode 122 “The Last Death of Henry Morgan”

  1. Please listen to your fans and bring Forever back!!!! ABC did not give this show a chance. There are so many fans upset about this show being canceled. The networks can’t go by the Nelson ratings any more most people don’t watch it when the shows air. There will be slot of fans who will no longer watch ABC for taking such a great drama off so soon!!! Listen to ur viewers please and somebody pick up the show Forever!!!


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