Book Review: “End of Days” by Susan Ee

The  third (and seemingly final) installment in Susan Ee’s “Penryn and the End of Days” series is a perfect conclusion to the series. I hate to see it end, though. It was a great series.

Written for a YA audience but with no holds barred as far as disturbing imagery goes this is one book that won’t make kids feel like they are being coddled. This is dark book. It has violence and death and bad things happen to good people, including children. Younger, easily disturbed kids, would not be good readers for this series.

End of Days takes us to Hell and back. Twice. Penryn continues her quest to keep her family safe. Only now she finds out her little sister doesn’t really need her protection anymore. So, she moves to the next level and starts trying to save the human race.

The love story, while still not the full on driving force of the book, is more apparent in this book. At no point does Penryn compromise herself or her family for Rafe, though. The love story is handled well and gives a good message to the girls reading the book.

One of the most important features for me *spoiler alert* is that the book has an overall happy ending. I do not like sad endings. I don’t like investing in a series or even a single book to have it end badly. I don’t enjoy being sad. I don’t understand people that do. I don’t agree that sad is” happy for deep people” (#whovians). To me, sad is just sad. I read a popular YA series not long ago that had an awful, depressing ending. It made me afraid of starting any YA series without knowing the ending ahead of time. I took a risk with these books. So, I was thrilled for this series to have an ending I liked.

End of Days, as well as the first two volumes of the series Angelfall and World After, are all available on Amazon and, I’m sure, at other booksellers.



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