Book Review: The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy: A Handbook For the Girl Geek By Sam Maggs

Reading this book is like having Charlie (from Supernatural) and Penelope (from Criminal Minds) as your personal fandom field guides. It’s fun, quirky and informative. Reading it I couldn’t help but picture Felicia Day (as Charlie) being the one explaining all the ins and outs and how to and do nots of fandom culture.

This books tries to help the would-be fangirl in the scary foray into the world of fandoms. It covers everything from the vast online arenas of geekdom to comic-con, cosplay and beyond.

I’ve been a fangirl myself for most of my life but I haven’t been active online since I was in my teens. While some things have stayed the same (shipping,fanfic, slash fanfic) there are a vast new plethora of terms that I did not know. I’ve steered pretty clear of most of the online fandom activity due mostly to some of the clique-ish and mean girl/boy activity talked about in the book. Also, Reddit and Twitter give me headaches.

With this book I am now ready to dive back into the online world of my chosen fandoms. Perhaps it will be a little less scary this time around.

My only complaint about this wonderful, amazing book is that the last quarter or so of it suddenly becomes about feminism. I have nothing against equality of the sexes. I’m all for equality but the layout of the book, with those topics only coming in 3/4 of the way through and then staying the main focus of the chapters until the end is just a bit off putting. It makes it seem like the book has an agenda that I do not think it actually has. 

Don’t let that sway you against it, though. It isn’t abrasive or anti-male feminism. It’s all pro-actual real equality of everyone. I agree with it all. It just would have been better to sprinkle those chapters throughout the book and make it seem less like a sudden lesson on feminism on the internet.

Overall the book is adorable, quirky and informative fun. I hope there is eventually a companion or expanded volume that does a run down of all the main fandoms online. This one only covers some of the absolute gigantic ones around right now (trekkies, superwholock, YA etc etc etc). 

(I also hope one day a fandom will appear for Lexx. It’s a brilliant original sci-fi show that has never gotten the attention it deserves. Which makes me all kinds of sad. At least the DVDs finally got easier to find not long ago….)

Anyway, go buy this book. It’s available on Amazon in ebook, audio book and regular book form. I’m sure it’s also available at most bookstores.


This ebook was received free for review purposes. I do, however, intend on purchasing it for myself in physical book form. If you have the option, in the case of this book, I would recommend physical book form. The layout of the book is a bit odd on the Kindle.


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