TV Review: iZombie Episode 110 “Mr. Berserk”

I really, really didn’t want to watch this episode. I knew Lowell was actually dead and if I watched the episode then I would know that. I much preferred pretending that he might still be alive. *sigh* Oh well, all illusions shattered. Let’s precede to my thoughts and observations on this episode.


Liv is brought in for questioning when she is found in Lowell’s apartment with his body. She is never charged, though because the official statement from Suzuki ends up being that Lowell committed suicide. Ravi agrees that suicide is the best course to go for cause of death on the official report. They need to destroy Lowell’s body to avoid him contaminating anything and they need to keep Blaine unaware that they are on to him. Ravi won’t sign off on the report without Liv’s agreement, though. Liv eats the brains of an alcoholic and throws herself into her murder and her habit to avoid thinking about any of it.

Meanwhile, Clive thinks Major is losing his mind because the man Major claimed to have shot three times in the chest is alive and uninjured. Major himself thinks he is crazy and decides to check himself into a mental hospital.

Considering Blaine is killing people I think Major is probably safest in a mental hospital. No one will kill him as long as he thinks he is crazy. He’s protected. Searching for answers, though, that is going to get him killed. Liv is definitely right that he is better off safely institutionalized.


Zombies have a high alcohol tolerance apparently.

Also, dude that morgue really needs to invest in a security system.

And alcoholic, mourning Liv is super selfish….poor Major.

Poor everyone.

This episode is depressing.

There are some revelations into the Max Rager connection to…well….everything, though. The alcoholic reporter whose brains Liv eats was investigating cases of sudden violence by people that consumed lots of Max Rager. Which I imagine could ultimately help Ravi solve the cause, and possible cure, of zombieism. Zombism? Zombiism? None of those look right… ..

Anyway, I could totally see energy drinks causing people to go berserk. There is a lot of competition when it comes to energy drinks. If one company went to far to find a way to edge out the competition and uses some sketchy ingredients…presto….crazy people. It’s not implausible.

I mean the part where combining it with some other illegal drug could result in zombies is a bit far fetched but just the part about it making people temporary psychotic is definitely not impossible.

It could be kind of cool if that combo DID make zombies….I think real life zombies would probably be boring, though. No apocalypse or societal breakdown or…. crime solving. Just rising dead….and then the quick killing of the rising dead. No fuss. No muss. I bet we would never even know about it. Hell, maybe it already happened. The media wouldn’t report on it because they wouldn’t think anyone would believe it. There are probably zombie risings all the time…….

iZombie -- "Mr. Berserk " -- Image Number: ZMB110B_0129 -- Pictured (L-R): Rose McIver as Olivia "Liv" Moore and Malcolm Goodwin as Clive Babineaux -- Photo: Cate Cameron /The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

iZombie airs on Tuesdays at 9pm on CW.

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