Who exactly decided that Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock should be lumped together? The Superwholock fandom is one that I just do not understand. The shows don’t have enough aspects in common to be lumped together.

Doctor Who and Sherlock are both British shows. Russell T Davies was involved in reviving Doctor Who in 2005 and he also created the modern Sherlock series. So, they have that in common…..and nothing else really. Except some guest stars, I’m sure.

Doctor Who and Supernatural both have fantasy elements in them but the things they deal with are vastly different. Doctor Who is a sci-fi/fantasy and Supernatural is more occult fantasy. Doctor Who is more or less considered to be a family show and Supernatural is geared toward teenagers and adults. They do however both also share guest stars. Specifically, one prominent important guest star.


Supernatural and Sherlock have nothing in common that I can think of except maybe that they both involve crime solving to some degree. Although, they have vastly different methods and investigate vastly different crimes. So, really the only thing they have in common is that they both have ties to Doctor Who.

I guess that is why the WHO is in the center. It’s the tie that binds them all together.

Still they are very different shows. they wouldn’t be lumped together by default. So, how did this fandom even get started? Presumably someone realized at some point that the three shows shared a lot of fans. I know there is a tumblr for the fandom. Did they create the tag? I don’t know and researching fandom origins online is really just asking for a headache (I lasted about 5 minutes then gave up).

Does anyone know exactly how this got started? Theories? Opinions?

I know I’m overthinking it but I can’t help it. It’s what I do.

7 thoughts on “SuperWhoLock?

  1. I think the links are more thematic. My main problem with the SuperWhoLock fandom is that it seems to be entirely composed of whiny thirteen-year-olds who can’t tell subtext from homophobia and wouldn’t spot a metaphor if it stabbed them in the eye.

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    1. Ha. I like you. Sorry it took me ages to see these comments. I don’t have internet at home right now (hence my blog not being updated for a month) . I found somewhere to get online finally, though but it is still only sporadic access.

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  2. I’ve often wondered this myself. I’m a fan of all three shows, but I didn’t know that “SuperWhoLock” was a thing until pretty recent, and my first reaction was, “Uh…whaaaat?”
    I’ve never been able to think of a good reason for those three particular shows to be lumped together, so I’m no help to you at all, but I thought I’d comment anyway. ^_^

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