TV Review: Supernatural Episodes 1022 “The Prisoner” and 1023 “Brother’s Keeper”


“The Prisoner” finds Sam going after Crowley for Rowena so that she will use the spell in the Book of the Damned to cure Dean. Dean goes after the Stynes. Dean’s mission works out pretty well, actually. Sam’s…..not so much.

sPN 1022

I don’t understand the big hoopah about what Dean does. I think he made the right choices. The Stynes were evil. He had no way of knowing that the one kid wasn’t just as evil as they were. He only had the kid’s word on the matter and he certainly had no reason to believe him. I would have done the exact same thing he did. Even knowing the kid hasn’t done evil yet it doesn’t mean he won’t. It is likely he would have gone after Dean after his whole family was murdered. Dean’s actions make sense.


I miss Charlie. 😦

“Brother’s Keeper” is another story. At this point, Dean IS getting out of control. He has lost his finesse and subtly when talking to people. He can’t really do his job anymore. He is losing all of his humanity. Which I guess he realizes. His plan is kind of insane, though. I mean, there is logic….but… obviously isn’t going to work because the show is coming back next season. So, that kills a bit of the suspense.

SPN1023 2

I do like that they are already foreshadowing the series finale. They are acknowledging that in the end both brothers have to die. It’s the only way for everything to end. They both have to die. Yeah, it’s happened before and they still came back but eventually, they have to be let rest. I imagine it would be Castiel or Crowley or both that would help to make sure they were finally both left alone and let rest. That’s how the show has to end. Anyway…


I was certain they were going to do the thing with the thing that happened with Buffy and Angel in the Season Two finale. They didn’t. No Dean killing Sam and THEN losing the mark or anything similar. Which is good cause it’s been done before and I didn’t like it the first time I saw it.

The Darkness seems pretty awesome. I have my fingers crossed for post-apocalyptic world next season. I mean it is about time that the Wincesters don’t save the world. They manages not to kill one or the other of them this time. They released the Darkness. I’d love to see them living in the world after they failed to save it.

The Darkness is basically the Nothing, it seems. Which does make it seem like when it takes over there will be nothing anywhere buuuut that could be interpreted differently and I REALLY hope it results in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Can’t you picture it? The impala driving across a desert and then the camera zooms in and location comes up and it’s somewhere that should look green and pretty like Georgia. Then we see Sam and Dean decked out Mad Max style in crazy weapons and they meet up with some crazy demon possessed street gang and have all out brawl. Then when they have killed the whole gang and they get back in the car and drive off again. Then the title screen comes up.

It would be AWESOME!


Then it comes back from commercial and we see Crowley and Castiel also battling the evil that the survivors have turned into. Castiel would have snapped out his rage when the Darkness started spreading and him and Crowley would start fighting and searching for Sam and Dean together because what else would they do. I would LOVE seeing Crowley and Castiel working together like that.

Those two need their own spin off. I would love watching a spin off with Castiel and Crowley.


Anyway, I am holding out hope that that is exactly what happens…post apocalyptic wasteland with an Impala driving across it battling the Darkness and everyone it has inhabited and turned evil.

It won’t happen that way but one can dream.

Supernatural isn’t airing any new episodes right now but it will be back for a Season 11. You can also catch reruns of this season on Hulu Plus and I think Netflix has a lot of the past seasons if not all. Also, the complete series is available on DVD and Bluray.



3 thoughts on “TV Review: Supernatural Episodes 1022 “The Prisoner” and 1023 “Brother’s Keeper”

  1. A very strong season overall, I thought. I think a lot of the shock when Dean killed the Styne kid was because he was a Sam parallel; ordinarily Dean might have backed down even if he shouldn’t’ve simply because the kid reminded him of Sam, and then of course if he was in his right mind he would at least have properly talked to the kid before making a decision.

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