TV Review: iZombie Episode 111 “Astroburger”

Major Lilywhite is the worst character name ever.


Or maybe it is the best character name ever. He is a super stereotypical white-bred American nice guy.

Anyway, Episode 111 “Astroburger” starts with Major finding the dead body of his friend at the mental hospital. When it turns out the guy was murdered AND that he told Major that he had video of zombies Liv eats his brain to try to find the video (and possibly his murderer). The guy’s brain causes her to start hallucinating that the devil on the spicy cheese puffs bags is talking to her.


Blaine is back and peppered all through this episode. I don’t find him as interesting as I use too. I kind of just want him to die.


The talking devil is hilarious, though. I wish he could somehow stick around.

I miss Lowell. To many damn character deaths on TV shows the last couple weeks. Is really isn’t even that I miss his character but I liked his story with Liv. I miss her having something that makes her happy. I assume they are setting up Major to take that position. Which would be nice. I like them as a couple.

I mean Major isn’t my type at all but Liv loves him and she obviously even missed him when she was with Lowell. Hopefully, she can get him to understand about her new…..condition and things with them with work out. I kind of figure that is the direction they plan to go.

This episode was pretty trippy. Apparently, eating the brains of someone that has psychotic delusions is never a good idea. But…

Why the hell was it called Astroburger? Did I miss something?


iZombie airs on Tuesdays at 9pm on CW. Or you can watch episodes on Hulu Plus…like us cool kids do.

4 thoughts on “TV Review: iZombie Episode 111 “Astroburger”

  1. “Why the hell was it called Astroburger? ” Because Blaine was turning that astronaut’s brain into meals for fellow zombies who want to experience space flight.

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