TV Review: UnREAL Episode 110 “Future”

This very dramatic twist filled finale starts off with what on most shows would be the cliffhanger. Adam and Rachel are about to run away together. Rachel leaves a note for Jeremy and Adam is about to leave when Quinn stops him. Of course, things go down hill from there.

What we see through the duration of the hour long episode is Rachel becoming more and more like Quinn. I like Rachel. I really do. I understand where she is coming from and why she does what she does buuuut that doesn’t change the fact that she is, or at least can be, a manipulative bitch. If she weren’t she wouldn’t be good at her job.

Quinn herself has said that she has been Rachel before. She also saw herself in the PA that Chett fooled around with. Quinn wasn’t always who she is now. It took years to wear all the morals and decency away. She knows who she is and she works with it and I think that is the direction Rachel is headed.

I don’t want to give away all the details but it’s an interesting episode. There is no huge cliffhanger, really. Just an ominous vibe of the bad things to come. No one is left in a very good place. Even Jeremy is corrupted by the end and no longer the guy he had been. I’m very curious where this is going next season.

I see award nominations in Shiri Applebee’s future.


UnREAL airs on Lifetime. It is currently not airing new episodes but you can catch it in reruns, on Hulu Plus and I’m sure other streaming services soon enough.

*Keep an eye out for my Season in Review posts on UnREAL and other television shows prior to their new season premieres.*


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