TV Review/Recap: Fear The Walking Dead Episode 103 “The Dog”


Picking up where we left off two weeks ago, all hell is breaking loose.

Travis and Chris and Liza are waiting out the rioting in the barber shop. Maddie, Alicia and Nick are at the house. The power is going in and out. Nick is running out of pills.

The problem is the rioting isn’t getting better (and of course we know it isn’t going to get better). The people are trying to break into the stores and they are getting worried they may try to come in the Barber shop (although Travis says they won’t since there is nothing valuable to steal). When a fire starts next door they have to leave. People rush in and they go out. It’s hard to tell who is a zombie and who isn’t.

Monopoly is brought out by Maddie. Alicia and Nick are oddly enthusiastic. Which is probably pretty realistic. I mean what do you do when there is no TV or anything and you need distraction while you wait out the chaos because you really think things will settle down? You kill time by doing something that requires all your attention and will occupy your mind. Nostalgic board games seem a likely option. 

Scaffolding falls on the Barber shop Owners wife and now they are carrying her. It’s a madhouse…downtown Los Angeles in a riot. The police can’t control it. They’re trying, though. We see police in riot gear. We see zombies (I guess they were zombies) being shot.

Nick wants to leave for the desert. Maddie insists they wait for Travis. He is on his way with the Barber’s family. They leave their house when they see a zombie outside….I’m not really sure why they leave. They had let a dog inside and it started barking  (which is how they knew there was a zombie outside) but they could have kicked the dog back out. So, I don’t know why they left.

They get a gun from another house (maybe that’s why they left? if it is explained or talked about I missed it) and then watch a zombie go inside their house and eat the dog. As Travis pulls up to the house with the Barber’s family and his ex wife and son. Nick, Alicia and Maddie run back toward their house.

Travis comes inside calling for Maddie. Chris and Liza follow him inside. They come across the man eating the dog. The man attacks them. Travis tries to talk to him (which is really F-N stupid…when you see your neighbor eating a dog I think it’s pretty obvious he is beyond reasoning with). The Barber shoots the man…twice. The man doesn’t react to his face being blown off at all and then he shoots his head again taking out his brain and the zombie falls. Travis looks angry…….Cause I guess the barber should have just let him eat Travis’ face off. 

Alicia is attacked as they climb over a fence. Chris tries to help and Alicia gets angry for some reason. There is a lot of people getting angry for no reason here. Nick says the neighbor that just attacked Alicia is dead. Alicia gets pissed….because her boyfriend was also “sick” and she insists he isn’t “like that” (dead? I guess?).

I’m not fond of the writing or the direction the story is going. It’s like the worst season of The Walking Dead. Storylines going nowhere and people not acting like people. I’m sorry but I like to think people wouldn’t be THIS stupid. I really HOPE people wouldn’t be this stupid. Admittedly we know what zombies are and in the world of the Walking Dead zombie movies don’t exist. So, they don’t have a frame of reference but still….we don’t have movies about angry tree demons that control machines with their minds but if that started happening I think I could adjust to it and realize wtf is going on without being a F-N idiot and getting myself murdered by a tree demon. 

Anyway, Maddie and Alicia want to leave. Travis wants to wait and leave in the morning (I’m never clear on why…because “It is dark” isn’t really a reason seeing as how cars shockingly have headlights). Maddie insists that if they stay Travis has to take the dead guy outside. Which he does. The Barber wants to burn him but Travis says “no” they don’t know how the “sickness”  spreads. There is no reason to burn him. I’d imagine burning him would just draw attention. So, that at least is a smart decision. Probably the only smart decision he makes the entire episode. 

When they said they were doing another series taking place at the beginning of the outbreak I assumed there would some kind of story structure. Instead it is just lots of people not wanting to work together and not believing that what is happening is actually happening.

Also, lots of pointless bickering and debating what to do. It’s trying to be character based but none of the characters have personalities. And none of them are properly prepared. Travis doesn’t like guns and gets mad at Chris being taught how to use one. He won’t let Maddie kill the neighbor that is a zombie. In a situation like this in real life people like this would all die. They are only alive at this point through sheer luck. 

There are little things that are amusing. Travis and a neighbor taking the trashcans down to the road as if someone will be coming to pick it up. All the little things that show that they still expect society to go on. They really think the cops will get things under control. They don’t really have any reason not to believe that (and in real life they probably would get it under control). So, for that I don’t fault them. 

And I do understand that Travis isn’t a cop. He isn’t use to having to protect anyone. He isn’t the type to protect people. He is the calm voice of reason school teacher. Rick was a cop before the outbreak. He had a head start on protecting people and using weapons. It’s different for civilians. Who becomes the leader then? It could make for a better character arc if it’s done right but…right now it’s just irritating.

The military finally show up. They question Travis and get everyone’s names. Meanwhile, Nick wanders around outside the house and spots a plane about to crash. I have no idea what Nick is doing. A lot of what people do on this show doesn’t make any sense.

The doctor that checks on the Barber’s wife says it is already to late. I don’t know how it could be to late…she wasn’t bit..a scaffolding fell on her. It could be to late to save her foot, I suppose, but not to late to save her life. Not enough time has passed for any kind of severe infection to start. 

Travis says “The calvary is here. Things will get better now” as solders go up and down the streets marking the houses they have checked. Of course, we know from things said in The Walking Dead’s first season that people are eventually brought to “safe” house type camps. And that those camps become death camps because grouping people together in small areas are a bad idea with this situation. One or two people die of natural causes then they attack and kill everyone (the ones nor eaten becoming zombies themselves). This is probably where a lot of hordes started. Los Angeles likely eventually ends up on fire just like Atlanta. I imagine that was the fate of the all the big cities. Travis and company don’t know this, though. The military look like they’re helping and like they’ll fix things. And no one knows that everyone is already infected. 

As is obvious, my opinion on this show is going down with each episode that airs. It’s redundant. Most of every episode is just people arguing about stupid things. I really don’t think people would act like this. I mean the rioting I’m sure would happen but for those not rioting I just don’t feel like they’d be this dumb and bicker this much. Then again, this is essentially a group without a proper leader…so maybe they would flounder some. I don’t know….If I were in this group I would have abandoned them all way before this and headed for the desert alone or met up with a group not full of childish bickering idiots.

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