Season in Review/Recaps: Gotham Season One


This is a long season and the episodes are pretty involved. Some of my summaries will just be my views on the episodes and the series, some will be actual play by play summaries, it just depends on what happens in the episode and how important (and/or interesting) I find it to be. The first half of the season is mostly short descriptions but toward the end when the show gets more interesting I do complete recaps. 

101 Pilot


Instead of starting with Gotham’s most well known resident, we start with Selina Kyle. Catwoman-to-be is a tween pick pocket dressed in all black ragamuffin street orphan attire, leaping around the city and feeding stray cats. Until she witnesses the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents.

Bruce Wayne himself is around 9 or 10 years old when witnessing his own parents murder. Back to him later, though. We only see him briefly at the beginning.

Our main protagonist is Jim Gordon. Not yet a commissioner, Gordon is a detective for Gotham P.D. He has an ingrained moral against killing (one I assume he will pass on to Bruce) that is established in his first scene.

When we got back to Batman-to-be himself he is in shock and not speaking to police. Gordon gets him to open up and then tells a story to comfort the boy. This is the foreshadowing of the relationship Gordon will continue to have with Bruce. He is one of few people that Bruce truly trusts and believes he can count on.

When we meet Alfred in this time he is younger than we are use to seeing him. He takes Bruce away from the crime scene. Bruce goes from Gordon, the man he will come to trust, to Alfred, the only “family” he has left. This Alfred looks like he could fight the bad guys himself. He walks like a soldier and his strength shows under his suit.

The pilot spend most of it’s time introducing characters. We learn that James Gordon is a new Detective in Gotham. A former soldier himself and the son of a war hero his new partner Harvey Bullock, a seasoned Detective, can’t get rid of him despite thinking he is weak and not up to dealing with Gotham City. So, from here Gordon (and by extension we the audience) go on to meet the underground world of Gotham.

Fish Mooney runs the seedy underbelly of the city. Her henceman, Oswald Cobblepot, jokingly referred to as Penguin by some of the other people in Mooney’s menagerie, shows signs of derangement and anger boiling underneath….

Also, introduced it this episode is Barbara Kean, Gordon’s fiance, Edward Nygma, another employee at Gotham P.D, and a little girl named Ivy who likes plants.

Through the course of the season we meet lots of people with familiar names. Some, I’m sure will reappear later in the series and emerge as who we know they become, others won’t. This episode ends with the emergence of Oswald Cobblepot as the Penguin, who we will certainly see again.

102 Selina Kyle

GOTHAM: Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova, R) is arrested in the "Selina Kyle" episode of GOTHAM airing Monday, Sept. 29 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2014 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Jessica Miglio/FOX

Selina Kyle reappears here as a dimensional character, after appearing soundlessly in the pilot at the beginning and end.

The Gotham homeless are being kidnapped and/or murdered. Gordon and Bullock end up on the case of a murdered homeless man. A street kid, called just Cat, witnessed the murder. Gordon sets out looking for the girl.

We get our first mention of Arkham Asylum in this episode. A location that will certainly be revisited.

Catwoman is my favorite Batman universe character. I love this version of her character. The ragamuffin street kid with cunning and intelligence that rivals some of the adults. At this point she is much more interesting and developed than Bruce Wayne. Bruce is a sheltered rich kid. It’s Selina that seems more like the anti-hero to be. It makes me wonder what happens exactly to change their paths. We see that Bruce is already training to be the hero he wants to be but what sets Selina on the path of a villain? Or maybe this Selina is never REALLY a villain. Catwoman never really was all that bad.

I don’t like Fish Mooney. She is a creation of the television show. One of few original characters with no comic origins. I really don’t understand why they’d feel the need to create a character when they have so much material to pull from. They would have been better off adapting an existing character to their needs. Mooney is annoying. Conniving and crazy..often in nonsensical ways. She uses sexuality to manipulate which is such an old cliché it is irritating in itself. Especially when the character just isn’t that sexy. Not that the actress isn’t, she is but the character isn’t. The flirting comes across creepy and stale and fake. Which is probably intentional but it makes it more annoying. I am not a fan. I’m eager to see who replaces her as the big villain in season 2.

Barbara Kean is not well developed at this point. I find her bland. It’s hard to even see why Jim is with her. Assuming this show does exist as a set prequel and the events we know do happen, James and Barbara do get married (I assume). Their daughter. Named Barbara Gordon, becomes Batgirl and then Oracle. I’m hoping she is more likable as the story develops.

This episode, like the pilot, is intriguing and engrossing. The atmosphere is very much Gotham-like. Everything is always wet and foggy as if it has always just stopped raining right before the cameras roll. The contrast is high and the sky is grey. It’s beautiful in it’s despair.

These first two episodes gave me high hopes that for the series. Those hopes lapsed a bit with the following episodes and I didn’t finish it during it’s original run but even on rewatching these two episodes are still stellar.

103 The Balloonman


Oswald Cobblepot returns to Gotham City. And someone is killing bad guys by attaching them to weather balloons that float them up in the sky to fall when the balloon eventually pops.

This episode I felt was the start of the decline of the series. It wasn’t as good as the first two episodes and it was the beginning of my fading interest in the series. Although, I do like the developing relationship between Cat and Gordon. It’s different than the relationship he has with Bruce. It’s more antagonistic but they still seem to have a friendship of sorts. He treats her without the kid gloves that he treats Bruce with, though. He knows she is already toughened and I think he wants to protect Bruce in some ways. They are both still just kids but they’re very different kids….both having suffered loss of parents but they’re at different stages of recovering from that and they had very different lives before their loss.

Montoya and Allen, Gotham P.D. Major Case detectives who I haven’t mentioned yet because I don’t find them interesting or important but I suppose they are important, interview Mooney about Cobblepot and she tells them Gordon killed him. Putting them on his case (wasting their time since Gordon is the only honest cop in Gotham) and off of hers.

Alfred also starts training Bruce to fight. I like this Alfred a lot.

As the show progresses the political aspect and layers of corruption build and intertwine. It’s what makes me lose interest. Although, I want to follow it and want to care because it IS a well written show and the atmosphere is still perfect, I just don’t care about politic. The parts of the show that I like are the parts NOT dealing with the politics – Gordon’s relationship with Bruce and Cat, Alfred and Bruce’s interesting dynamic (something I have always wondered about because Bruce was raised by Alfred after his parents died but Bruce was also his Boss…that had to make for some complicated interactions), Gordon’s attempts to be a good guy amongst all the corruption around him and his dedication to honoring his promise to Bruce to find his parent’s killers, the various bad guys that pop up in each episode that Gordon also hunts…..these things I like.

104 Arkham


This is the last episode I remember watching during the original run. It’s politic heavy and I found it boring.

The cinematography is still beautiful as Gotham is always beautiful in its smoky wet glory. The acting is still impeccable. I just lost interest in the story at this point.

Falcone and Maroni (both of whom I haven’t mentioned…cause I don’t care) fight for control of the seedy side of Gotham. Cobblepot had started working at Maroni’s restaurant with plans of greater things.

The Waynes had planned to reopen Arkham, they wanted to help the mentally ill, but since their deaths Falcone has taken control of the project…with nefarious intent.

The whole episode is political fighting and the like. I still find it boring. I really have little to say about this episode.

105 Viper


Maroni continues his fight against Falcone for power of the Gotham underground. Cobblepot tries to worm his way further into the good graces of Maroni and Fish Mooney also continues her plans to usurp Falcone. Blah Blah Blah. Boring crap.

Meanwhile, a new street drug is on the rise. The drug causes a strange state of euphoria and super strength in those that take it. Which would be awesome if it weren’t highly addictive and deadly.

This show was not written to be binge watched. Which may be it’s downfall in the long run. It just doesn’t work when watched in large chunks. It’s to much information to be piled into your brain all at once. It makes your eyes and brain glaze over. Most shows are written with binge watching in mind these days. That is everyone’s preferred method of television viewing. Which makes this, in it’s way, fresh and interesting. It stands out by being more complicated and giving more information in each episode than most modern shows. Less of a good thing for me since I am having to binge watch it to write this post (and to get caught up for the premiere of season 2).

The drug is interesting. It is said to be a precursor to Venom, a street drug that is well known in the DC comic universe for, among other things, creating the popular villain Bane.

A man that seems very much like he may be the man that becomes Bane appears in this episode. Although his appearance doesn’t fit the general origin story of the character there are definite similarities.

We get some moments of Alfred behaving more like a parent and less like an employee. It’s a delicate balance that he has to find. He can’t exactly be fired but he IS an employee on top of being Bruce’s guardian. Although, I suppose he could have behaved like less of an employee if he had wanted to since he is likely the legally appointed guardian. He seems to maintain that role largely for Bruce’s benefit.

This episode has it’s moment but the politics of Gotham that are obviously the biggest through storyline in the series is highly prevalent in this episode. Which makes it not my favorite but there are moments that are interesting and it stays as well written and beautifully acted and gorgeously shot as always.

106 Spirit of the Goat


In the past, a man believes he is the reincarnation of some kind of Goat spirit….he is kidnapping and killing girls. Bullock goes in after the final victim, getting his partner shot in the process. The Goat is killed. .

In present day another victim meeting the Goat’s MO is found. Bullock isn’t happy. Also Gordon is late to the crime scene…

…because he is dealing with things with Barbara. He found out things about her past and she wants to know what he is having to deal with to be a part of the G.C.P.D. They agree to be as honest as possible with each other. I totally missed what he found out about her and I don’t feel it’s important to the overall story….if you disagree then google it I guess? 

I came here to be a cop….Gotham needs something else”…..Gordon’s first admission that Gotham needs a hero that isn’t bound by the corruption within the police department.

Montoya and Allen find a witness against Gordon for the “murder” of Oswald Cobblepot. I really find these characters tedious and redundant. I hope they eventually serve a purpose.

Edward Nygma flirts with Kristen Kringle, who works in the records department of G.C.P.D. At least I think it’s flirting….it seemed like flirting…in his very weird way. It actually seemed pointless but since so much is going on in these episodes I don’t think they’d put in a pointless scene. So, I assume she is eventually important somehow. Unless they just wanted to give a nod to a character that also appeared in the comics. Shrug

The Goat kills the first born child of the richest families in Gotham. Alfred points out that Bruce fits the MO. He wants to take Bruce out of town for a bit. Bruce refuses to leave. “Why would the Goat take me? There isn’t anyone to take me from”, he says. Alfred looks hurt. In every adaptation of Batman, every incarnation that I have seen, there is an ongoing theme of Alfred caring deeply for Bruce. He sees him as a son, this is obvious. Bruce often seems to be almost unaware of this. He obviously also cares for Alfred but he is dismissive of him and distant. I like that they are still portraying Bruce as a sociopath, even though he is a child in this version. He isn’t even all that high functioning….he never lives alone. He never really takes care of himself. He always has Alfred.

Anyway, This is a pretty good episode. It follows the case of the Goat more so than the politics of Gotham (although those are still threaded throughout the story as well).

Oh, when visiting the former partner at a facility apparently paid for by Bullock, the guy warns Gordon about Bullock. Say’s he’s a loose cannon or something in that nature. Nothing Gordon didn’t already know but good to know someone else has noticed. I guess when a guy gets you shot because he storms in to save someone you kind of figure out that he isn’t that safe to work with.

Cat breaks into Wayne Manor….should it be that easy to break in to Wayne Manor when a serial killer is around targeting rich families? That’s a bit troublesome..

Cobblepot returns to his creepy mother. Also, apparently thinks Gordon is his friend. That isn’t going to turn out well in the long run but for now it results in Gordon getting cleared of the murder after his arrest since Cobblepot shows up at the precinct.

107 Penguin’s Umbrella


Gordon deals with the fallout of everyone finding out that he didn’t kill Oswald Cobblepot. He tells Barbara to leave their place and go somewhere safe. Bullock confronts him in the locker room and they fight. Despite the warning he still has to save her from kidnappers. He then sends her out of town for both his and her own safety.

Fish Mooney is flipping out over Cobblepot (whom she is calling Penguin) being alive. She wants him and Gordon dead. The man that I still think may be Bane is still her consort and her trained girl is still staying with Falcone (although she says he hasn’t touched her and is instead using her as a maid and cook).

Gordon wants to arrest Falcone and the Mayor. His boss tells him to leave town for his own safety. She won’t help him execute the warrants. She says no one will. He won’t back down.

One of Falcone’s men, with backup, show up at the precinct wanting Gordon to come with him to go to Falcone. Gordon refuses. The man sends the other cops out of the precinct. Cue gun battle between Gordon alone and Falcone’s men (who all look like gothic cyber punks for some reason…they’re also not all actually men two are women). Gordon holds his own but gets shot in the side. The man and two women follow him down to the parking lot. Gordon is shot again but is rescued at the last minute by….Allen and Montoya..which I guess makes sense. They seem to be the only other two honest cops in Gotham.

The goths kill a female cop that had wandered into the parking lot. The man carves a line on to his arm which is already carved up with lines. Seems he carves a line for every person he kills. That isn’t creepy at all.

Gordon wakes up in a research lab where Allen and Montoya had brought him to get patched up.

Fish meets with Maroni to ask for Penguin to be turned over to her. Everyone seems to call him Penguin, now. So, we’ll go with that from now on. Maroni makes him give a “sincere” apology for offending Mooney and Falcone but he won’t turn him over to her. Fish isn’t satisfied with the apology. She wants war.

Where the hell did she get a name like Fish Mooney? No one names their kid that and why would you choose that name for yourself? W. T. F.

Falcone blocks the bridge and won’t let any of Maroni’s trucks across the bridge. They also shoot the truck drivers. Maroni isn’t happy. He wants to fight. His men suggest a pay off. Penguin agrees the payoff is the best idea but then offers a suggestion to fight back as well.

Montoya and Allen escort Gordon to Wayne manor. After making it past Alfred, which isn’t as easy as you’d think – he drags Allen back to the car and Gordon has to confirm that he is indeed a friend. Once inside he explains to Bruce that he may not be able to keep his promise to find his parents murderer. Bruce demands he tell him the truth, to not treat him like a child. Gordon tells him some of the truth….very little but some… and that Montoya and Allen will take over the case of his parents if Gordon dies.

I admit the story is more intriguing to me now. I don’t know why but the politics are getting less boring. At least this episode , though very conspiracy, politics and overall main story thread heavy, is engrossing.

Penguin is coming into his own. When one of Maroni’s main men tries to kill him he calls the other men to help. He paid them off to be on his side. Penguin then kills the man. Cobblepot has truly become Penguin now. He embraces the name. He is also completely banana pants crazy.

After they’ve both taken a blow, Falcone and Maroni meet up to negotiate. They reach an agreement. Penguin lives and the war between them is over for now.

Gordon and Bullock (who has decided to join the good guys for now) arrest the Mayor and Falcone. Falcone claims to have Barbara. He says she came to him to plead for Gordon’s life. Gordon folds and Falcone brings out Barbara. To the surprise of everyone, Falcone lets them go.

Cobblepot shows up at Falcone’s and we find out that Cobblepot orchestrated everything. He asked for James Gordon to be the one put in charge of killing him because he believed he had a chance to convince him to let him live. On the condition that Gordon does not kill him Cobblepot says he will return to Gotham and work his way into the Maroni organization and snitch to Falcone. He has a talent for being a snitch, he says. The gawky little Penguin was playing everyone from the start…

108 The Mask

Gotham 108 - Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue and Cory Michael Smith

Gordon and Bullock show up on the scene to investigate a murder. Penguin steals a random lady’s broach. He gives it to Fish Mooney. He is trying to kiss and make up. He will have to interact with her in relation to Maroni’s business and the negotiations between the two organizations. She accepts his apology and then stabs him in the hand with the pin from the broach.

Alfred, being the parent he strives to be for once, insists on Bruce going back to school. He very much wants Bruce to be a normal kid. A wish that, we know, doesn’t actually come true.

A lot of this episode is Gordon is dealing with the fact that the whole precinct took Falcone’s side against Gordon (or at least didn’t help Gordon at all). Only Bullock had helped him. Gordon is a bit pissy about that. He arrests an underground Doctor that helps the precinct by giving up info.

Bruce deals with bullies at school. By deals with, I mean he slaps the shit out of one that mentions his Mother.

It’s not the most amazing episode but it isn’t boring. There is also a guy in a mask killing people with office supplies. Which is…..something.

109 Harvey Dent


Cat comes home with Jim Gordon and he finds Barbara gone. She’s afraid of Falcone. She wants to go away until she feels stronger and isn’t a burden on Jim. He has Car describe the man who killed the Wayne’s to a police sketch artist. Then he takes the sketch to show Bruce and asks if Cat can stay with them. Alfred doesn’t like the idea but Bruce agrees to it.

Then, Jim meets with the only honest attorney in Gotham, Harvey Dent. He knows Montoya and Allen and agrees to help with bringing the Wayne’s murderer to justice. He tells them about a man named Lovecraft who may be involved.

Meanwhile, a bomber is broken out of prison. Harvey Bullock is looking for him. When Jim finally shows up at work he fills him in on the case.

Alfred is teaching Bruce how to fight or rather how to box. Cat interrupts and mentions that on the street people don’t fight with gloves on. She’s hungry and Bruce offers for Alfred to make her tea but Alfred says it isn’t a hotel. She says she will figure it out. After she is gone Alfred teases Bruce about having a crush on Cat. He says she is trouble.

I mean….he isn’t exactly wrong.

If the bomber story is relevant in the long run I don’t see it. So….I won’t get into it.

Bruce and Cat are very cute together. She tells him her mother is a performer but that it’s a cover for being a secret agent on a secret mission and that she will come back for her when the mission is over. Just a reminder that Cat is still just a kid. Although, even she doesn’t seem to entirely believe this story.

Alfred doesn’t want Cat around Bruce. He thinks she is a bad influence. He tells Jim as much. Jim reminds him that she is their eye witness and best chance at justice for the death of the Waynes.

Bruce continues to “train” to be strong. Cat tells him his training isn’t enough. He has to be ruthless and mean, not just strong. She also isn’t wrong. Although, Bruce never does really become as ruthless as he needs to be, not in any version of the character I have seen.

When Alfred sees Brice throwing food and playing with Cat, actually acting like a normal kid, he is happy with her being around. He sees genuinely relieved to see Bruce smiling and playing.

Cobblepot approaches the girl that Mooney has spying on Falcone. He threatens to tell Falcone she is a spy. He doesn’t tell on her. I’m sure he asks for something in return but we don’t see it.

This young Harvey Dent is interesting. Their are shades of Two-Face, he already carries his two headed coin, but we will never see that character emerge on this show. That happens during Batman reign and we won’t ever see Batman on this show. This isn’t really his story. It’s Gordon’s and Gotham’s itself.

Speaking of Gotham, the reopening of Arkham Asylum is announced. The criminally insane are removed from the prison and brought to the asylum for “treatment”……..

110 Lovecraft


A guard is murdered outside Wayne Manor and the woman that kills him wipes his blood across her face..

Cat is teaching Bruce to balance on the railings in the house. She also flirts with him…in a very childish way. A foreshadowing of the chemistry between them when they grow up.

The woman from the beginning tricks her way into Wayne Manor by pretending to have been in a car accident. Cat recognizes her and Alfred sees the look on her face and tells the kids to run. They run and escape out a servants entrance while Alfred fights the woman and her associates. Bruce is afraid to leave Alfred but Alfred is holding his own pretty well. Bruce almost goes back but when he sees two of the people running toward him he takes off after Cat instead.

Alfred is awesome. When Bullock tells him he is “pretty handy for a valet” he says he’s a butler. Seems a bit like he may be something else besides that to me (and to Bullock). 

Bruce and Cat argue about who the people were after, her or him. Gordon and Bullock argued as well. And Alfred yelled at them. It was pretty f-n awesome.

There is a LOT going on in this episode. Lots and lots of awesomeness. To much to go over all of. It is largely about finding Bruce and Cat, which they do but there are side plots as well. And lots of Alfred being awesome.

It ends with Gordon being fired from his job and stationed at Arkham Asylum as a guard. The last thing we see is an iconic image of the gates of Arkham opening and Jim walking in.

If you haven’t seen this episode you must watch it. It is by far the best episode of the season.If you have seen it then find some way to watch it again. 

111 Rogue’s Gallery


Now working in Arkham, Gordon watches some kind of musical play that the tenants/inmates of the asylum are performing. The music is haunting and delicate.

Meanwhile, Cat hides in an alley and Bullock sits at his desk downtown drinking from a flask.

A man attacks someone during the play. Gordon gets yelled at for the outburst. I’m not sure what they expected him to do about it, though. It seems if anything else happens he will get the blame, though.

Doctor Leslie Thompkins comes in to treat the man injured during the outburst. I don’t know who she is but she seems important. She knows who Gordon is. She says she works on the female ward.

Cat comes out of her hiding spot. She hears a child coughing and finds Ivy hiding in a box behind some garbage. She doesn’t look very good. She says she’s fine but Cat won’t leave her. She helps her up and helps her walk.

Cat breaks in through the balcony door of Gordon’s clocktower apartment. She lets Ivy in through the front door. Cat notices that there is dust everywhere and something has rotted in the garbage or the fridge and the smell is in the apartment. No one had been there for a while.

Penguin meets with some people at the docks. Someone has called the cops. Penguin thinks they’re on his side but they knock him out.

Gordon goes to the cell of an inmate at Arkham. A man names, Jones, called Frogman. He was the man that interrupted the play. The man seems catatonic. Staring wide eyed out a window. When Gordon touches him he falls.

Doctor Leslie shows up again. The man has been given a crude electroshock that has fried his brain. The boss shows up again to yell at Gordon but Gordon fights back this time. The asylum was opened to quickly. It’s insecure. Gordon can’t guard an entire ward that is insecure. The boss says the man is alive. So, he is fine. He tells Gordon to find out who did it.

Fish Mooney finds out who would take over if Falcone died. She thinks it should be her.

Gordon interviews inmates. He is trying to find out who stole the keys to the cells and murdered the Frogman.

It goes back to Fish Mooney at this point but it’s just more of the same. She wants to be next in line after Falcone and she is trying to set that into play.

An unseen person straps a man to a gurney and uses an old fashioned electroshock machine on him. Gordon finds the shocked man banging on a gate. When Gordon speaks to him he speaks nonsense. He does the same when the doctor talks to him. He is only speaking in lines from the play. His results are less severe than the Frogman.

Gordon tells his boss he thinks its an employee at the asylum shocking the patients. He also tells him he alreadycalled the cops.

Barbara and Montoya talk about their relationship. It was previously shown that they were together. They had a history and she is who Barbara went to when she left Jim. Maybe I haven’t mentioned any of that. I really don’t care much about their story and it seems to bear little purpose in the overall plot. So……I haven’t paid it much attention. Anyway, Montoya is ending things. She says they’re toxic together, drinking and doing drugs. Montoya leaves Barbara there with Barbara saying she is leaving.

Bullock shows up. He’s happy to see Gordon. Director Doctor Jerry Lang (which is apparently the name of the boss) is not happy to see him. He threatens to fire Gordon. Bullock decides to take him downtown for questioning. Obviously doing so to get him out of Gordon’s hair so the crimes can be investigated.

Two of the mobster guys, one of Mooney’s men and the person who is next in line for Falcone’s job, meet at the docks. They discuss who gets Falcone’s position. This shit is boring and I really don’t care. It’s been long announced that Jada Pinkett Smith, who plays Fish Mooney, isn’t coming back for season 2. So, I consider all this crap pointless.

Cobblepot is in jail and pleads with Bullock to release him. Bullock won’t help him. He won’t even let him call his boss.

And back to Fish Mooney’s club…..I still don’t care about any of this.

Bullock interviews the Director Doctor head of Arkham guy. He asks him questions about the electroshock therapy and what it is supposed to be like when a skilled surgeon does it. Bullock doesn’t think the Director did it but he believes he is hiding something. The Director admits he is hiding something but alludes that it involves someone higher up on the authority chain and says he will never reveal it.

Gordon investigates the asylum. He finds a map. The creepy nurse brings his a drink (I assume coffee). Gordon wants to look at the records in the basement. She says the basement is closed off and unsafe. He wants to go down there and she shows him a way.

Bullock asks the Director if he thought anyone on his staff could be the one assaulting the patients. The Director says “No she couldn’t” and then we go back to Gordon with the creepy nurse. They run into Doctor Leslie and the nurse pushes her and runs away. Bullock calls Gordon and tells him the nurse isn’t staff, she is an inmate. Gordon already figured that out.

All the inmates are released. They storm the doors. Gordon distracts them long enough for Leslie to unlock the gate and for them to get out then he locks the inmates back in.

Cat cooks for Ivy. Ivy tells her she is a vegan so remember no butter. Then she answers Gordon’s phone. It’s Barbara. Ivy pretends to be a woman there with Jim (no idea what her reason for that would be…..maybe just a kid doing something weird that she finds funny).

Creepy nurse had been an inmate before and had hid out in the basement until it reopened. Gordon and Bullock talk to the Captain. Captain wants Gordon back but she can’t do anything about it.

Maroni shows up at the jail to see Penguin. It turns out Maroni had him arrested. Maroni is angry that Penguin raised the taxes on fishermen without asking him. No doubt Penguin is relieved that the only thing he is angry about….Maroni has him released.

It turns out the crazy nurse, Dorothy, also has the electroshock wounds. So she wasn’t the one attacking the inmates.

Then back at Arkham, Aaron unlocks the gate and kills a guard. Another inmate comes in, Jack Gruber, and tells Aaron he is his best work so far. Then Director Lang comes in to the hallway.

Gordon comes in to find Lang dying. He also finds a letter from Gruber. Gruber and Aaron are shown in a car. They escaped. I’m sure we will see them again.

Gordon comes home to the clocktower apartment thinking that Barbara is there. He finds things moved, food has been cooked etc.

More mobster meetings. Fish Mooney’s henchman is going to help Falcone’s man. Or not. There is some talk about angus beef (?) and then Fish’s man kills Falcone’s man. They say their names a lot but I can never remember them for more than five seconds. They all look alike….big men in suits. I don’t do well with faces and their story is boring.

I like the Arkham stories. They’re entertaining. I still don’t like the stupid mobster shit, though.

112 What The Little Bird Told Him


We open with Johnny Cash and men walking through the street. We cut into a building where the Johnny Cash music becomes music from the radio. Gruber and Aaron walk in after shocking someone with the door.

We cut to the police station. They’re talking about Gruber and Aaron. They have no records on Gruber other than that he was in Arkham on a rape/murder charge. They assume Gruber is an alias. The Commissioner is coming in to the station. Gordon shows up first. The Captain and Bullock tell him to leave but the commissioner gets there first and says he wants to talk to him.

We go back to the building with Gruber talking to the man there who seems to know him. He says he kept all his experiments the way they were left. Gruber rambles about being free and starts hooking up the man to something that looks like an airplane engine but I’m sure isn’t.

Gordon talks to the Commissioner. The Commissioner rambles about Gordon’s father. Gordon says he can catch the escaped men. He knows where they are going. The Commissioner gives him and Bullock 24 hours to catch the men. If they don’t they both spend the rest of their careers in Arkham. If they do Gordon gets reinstated as a Detective at the GCPD.

After they leave the office Gordon confesses to Bullock that he has no idea where the men are but he seems confident that he can find them.

Falcone and his men kill some man under the bridge. Then Falcone is walking his old neighborhood with the girl that Fish planted as his consort. He is offering the girl her own business, a bakery or whatever she wants. Some way for her to be independent. She turns him down. She says she likes being there. He makes her feel safe. He is pleased that she wants to stay.

Jack Gruber had his records forged. He is a career criminal. His real name is Jack Pakinski (sp?). Kris Kringle brings records to Edward Nygma. She also returns a cupcake that he left on her desk. He says it’s a riddle. It’s a red velvet cupcake with white icing and a live bullet in it.

Bullock and Gordon get a lead. They find an electronics store. They go in and right inside the door is a man dead from electrocution. They hear something from the back of the place. The man from earlier is writing on the walls. He isn’t responsive.

A masked man shoots someone and kidnaps Falcone’s girl. It’s Fish Mooney. She is about to make her move on Falcone. Mooney calls Falcone to ransom the girl.

The press has dubbed Gruber the Electrocutioner. Nygma wants them to wear galoshes to help protect from electrocution. Doctor Leslie (she says to call her Lee) shows up at the precinct. She has brought a doll that was given to an inmate who is a pagan priestess. She explains that the other inmates give make dolls to symbolize the people they want revenge on and they give them to the Priestess to curse. The priestess gives them to the staff in exchange for candy and soda. Doctor Lee asked the Priestess is Gruber ever gave her a doll. The doll is named Mister M. Gordon believes it to be Maroni.

Maroni is having a dinner with his men. Penguin gets a call from Falcone. He tells him someone took Liza. Penguin asks Maroni permission to leave. He says his mother is sick. Maroni lets him go. Before he can get out the door he is electrocuted. A device goes off in the restaurant. Everyone stumbles out.

The cops talk to Maroni who says it was like a silent bomb. Gordon tells Maroni about Gruber, Gordon believes Maroni ripped off Gruber and that is why he is now after him.

Penguin, who is hurt worse than Maroni tries to get out of his gurney. He, in his stupor, says he has “very urgent business…with Falcone”. Maroni looks unhappy.

Barbara goes to her parents mansion. They don’t seem thrilled to see her. Their voices are strained and the air obviously tense between them. None the less Barbara asks to stay a few days. She also lies and says things are fine between her and Gordon.

Maroni is in the precinct. Gordon has him there as bait. Maroni also has Penguin there, waiting for him to wake up. When he does he says he needs to get to his Mother. Maroni questions him about what he said about Falcone before. Penguin stammers.

Falcone gets a call from Fish Mooney. She tells him people called her about Liza and that they want her to make a deal. He knows better. He knows it’s Fish Mooney that has Liza. Fish tells him he is to leave Gotham. Liza won’t be hurt and he can take her with him. He agrees. She seems angry and unhappy. She says she is helping him. That she is giving him an easy way out and saving him from someone else killing him. Liza asks how he sounds. She seems to care. Fish says he sounded sad. Fish tells Liza she has to leave with him. She is okay with that. She says she likes him and that that is okay isn’t it? Fish agrees that yes she can like him but she can never tell him the truth.

Falcone’s creepy bald man, Victor, asks to “go to work” but Falcone says no. He says he will step away since everyone wants it. The man says he should fight for respect. He says they all want him to go live in the country with Liza. He says he would like that so why not just do it? Falcone tells Victor to keep her and Liza safe through the “coming transaction”

Nygma goes to Kringle again. He tells her the answer to the cupcake riddle. Another cop confronts him and runs him away from Ms. Kringle. They hear something odd but the cop ignores it and runs off Nygma. Nygma hears Kris calls him weird.

Penguin denies knowing why he said he had business with Falcone. Maroni tells him ok and to go see his mom. Evryone hears an odd noise. Electricity starts running through the metal in the precinct. Electrocute everyone. Knocking them out. Gruber and Aaron enters. Gruber expects them all to be dead but they’re just stunned. He tells Aaron to put Maroni and the Penguin in his trunk. Gordon in his galoshes is still awake and pulls his gun on Gruber.

They fight. Gruber tries to convince him to just let him kill Maroni and he will go. Gordon won’t do it. Gruber activates a device strapped to his chest that generates electricity. Gordon (very anticlimactically) throws a cup of water on the device shorting it out. Gruber and Aaron are arrested.

Gordon is given back his Detective shield. He tells the commissioner that the next guy that tries to take his shield from him is going to “eat it one way or another”. Bullock acts worried…or weary…..or both. They leave to go for a drink.

Penguin shows up at Falcone’s. He apologizes for how long it took. Falcone tells him Fish has Liza. Penguin reveals that it was Fish Mooney that planted Liza in the first place. That Liza belongs to Fish Mooney. Falcone doesn’t believe him. He tells him he is wrong. Penguin says “When have I been wrong?”…Falcone seems to consider maybe he is telling the truth.

Fish calls Falcone to set up a meeting. He agrees to be there in an hour.

When Falcone shows up Fish tells him to sign some papers to relinquish control of the family. He won’t sign anything until he sees Liza. Liza is brought out. He questions her about how long she has known Fish Mooney. Liza lies. Falcone doesn’t believe her. His men come in. Falcone strangles Liza. He looks honestly upset about doing it. He drops a flower beside her body. He has Fish and one of her men locked up. He tells her all her other people are dead. He is angry at her for grooming Liza to look and act like his mother.

He calls Penguin out and from the shadows and tells him to say his goodbyes. He isn’t killing her yet but it is definitely insinuated that he will eventually.

Meanwhile, Doctor Lee comes to Gordon in the locker room. She says the sorceress wants her doll back. She also seems to have just come because she wanted to see Gordon. Gordon kisses her.

She seems suspicious to me….but I don’t know who it is she may become and I don’t really want to look it up.

A cop interrupts them to tell him about the shootout at Fish Mooney’s place.

So much happens in every episode of this show. It is seriously exhausting to watch much less to type as I watch. I can’t express enough how it is NOT a show written to binge watch.

113 Welcome Back, Jim Gordon.


Fish is chained up in some kind of weird warehouse. She’s told “bob” will be taking care of her.

Bullock and Gordon are checking out a murder. A man is strung up from the ceiling. He’s some dealer from a gang. Gordon seems to think something is suspicious. That it isn’t as simple as it looks. He finds a compartment in his shoe that contains little baggies of blue powder. Bullock comes in with a witness. The night janitor thinks he saw something. He is brought down to the precinct.

The night janitor is waiting in a part of the precinct talking to his wife. He hangs up and a man approaches him and stabs him in the back. Nygma says the same man (or at least the same weapon) killed him that killed the drug dealer. He seems think the weapon was an ice pick.

Bob talks to Fish. She insults him. It’s the crazy talking to the crazy. Nothing super interesting, really.

Fish’s main man is being taken in the back of a van somewhere. He escapes and kills the driver and then asks the other man where Fish is.

Gordon, Bullock and the Captain try to figure out who killed the janitor. Gordon thinks it may be a cop because the security cameras were turned off. Captain and Bullock do not want him to blaming a cop but Gordon insists he will find the killer no matter what.

Alfred is driving Bruce around. They seem to be looking for Cat. Bruce and Alfred had been hiding in the mountains for a while but are back now. Ivy walks by after Bruce gets out of the car. Bruce stops her. He says he has something for Selina. He asks Ivy to tell Selina he is looking for her. Ivy demands $20 and Bruce tells Alfred to give it to her. He does and then insists they go home.

Back to Bob and Fish Mooney (seriously who the hell is named Fish?). Fish’s man shows up and beats up Bob.

Gordon questions the officers in the GCPD about who was on guard duty outside interrogation. No one will talk. Bullock finally helps him and tells him who to question further. They badger one man enough to get a name from him. Delaware..who is apparently already running. Gordon catches him as he is trying to drive out of the garage. He searches his car. He finds more packets of that blue powder.

Gordon arrest the officer and locks him up.

Captain, Gordon, Bullock and another cop (one we see all the time but whose name I still don’t know) are in the Captain’s office. The officer who had the drug packets, the one who seemingly was involved in the witnesses murder, was supposedly part of an undercover Narco investigation.

Nygma gives Kringle a card. He seems pleased with himself.

Fish Mooney is free and wakes up in a bed with her man watching her. He asks if she is okay. She says she is starving. She seems touched that he saved her. He expects them to run. She wants to find Penguin. She refuses to leave until she has killed Penguin.

Penguin takes his mother to what seems to be Fish Mooney’s old club. Falcone is there. His mother says it’s like “home” and finds a scarf (it looks like Liza’s). Penguin is apparently now in charge of the club.

Bullock and Gordon meet at a cafe. Bullock tells him that some of the cops have been busting drug dealing supply houses and taking over the business. Bullock says he didn’t tell him before because he knew he’s flip out about it. He’s telling him now hoping he will back off of this case. Of course he doesn’t. He wants the stash house locations.

Bullock gets the locations and him and Gordon show up at one of them. They confront Delaware and they fight. Delaware has a warrant to clear the stash house. He’s covering for himself but doing it legally. So, Gordon can’t do anything about it.

The coroner rules the Janitors death as a suicide and releases his body to his wife. The Commissioner is apparently involved in all of this. Since it is obviously not a suicide when a man is stabbed in the back. Gordon sees the Janitors wife crying and gets angry. He leaves.

The other cops are reading the letter Nygma wrote to Kris Kringle. Kringle tries to stop them. Nygma walks in and hears them. The cop makes fun of him. He walks away.

Gordon goes to Fish Mooney’s club. He finds Penguin and his mother and some of Falcone’s men. Penguin introduces Gordon to his mother. Then he sends his mother off. Penguin still seems to think of Jim as a friend. Gordon is using that. He asks him about the cops running the drug trade. Penguin says he will make some calls. He says he will do the favor and he doesn’t own him anything. Friends just do favors for each other. Gordon insists no one gets hurt and Penguin agrees. He runs off to get champagne. Gordon looks torn.

Penguin sends his mother home and gets to work….drinking. And laughing maniacally. And spitting champagne on the fish emblem on the wall. He dances around and talks to no one through the microphone. He is giddy with excitement of owning Fish’s club.

Then Fish and her man show up. She makes fun of him. She has a bat. It doesn’t look good for Penguin.

Bruce plays chess alone. Selina comes in through the window. She makes jokes about him playing chess alone. Selina says she got his message. She asks what he wants. He gives her a paper bag and says he got her a present. It’s a snow globe. She seems to really like it. He also invites her to live at Wayne Manor. She seems scared after that and uncomfortable. She tells him to back off. She says she didn’t see who killed his parents. That she lied about it to stay out of jail. She wants him to leave her alone. She leaves, breaking the snow globe.

Falcone questions Delaware while holding his wife (I guess?) underwater.

Penguin grovels at Fish’s feet. Literally. Falcone’s men show up. Fish’s man drags her outside in retreat. Falcone’s goons go after her. Fish’s man (who may be the only loyal one of the criminal underlings on this entire show) sends her off and says he will slow their pursuers down. He is captured.

Nygma works in his lab (ok he is removing onions from his dinner). Kris Kringle shows up. She apologizes. She tells him she did not give the other cops the card. They found it in her desk. She says she thought the card was very thoughtful.

Falcone talks to Gordon. Delaware had the ice pick. He kept it when he was told to dispose of it by Flask (sp?). He spilled all on tape.

Bruce cries over the broken snow globe. Alfred comes in and sees it. Bruce tells him that Cat was lying. Alfred asks if he should get a broom. He is brusk and harsh but it is what Bruce needs and Alfred knows it. He walks off saying he will find other leads.

Gordon confronts Flask. He is arresting him but Flask resists. He says the other guys won’t let him be arrested. Gordon tells everything about what happened. Flask keeps yelling he is protected but the captain then comes down and arrests him. No one tries to intervene. Some don’t look thrilled, though.

At the port, Fish and Bullock talk. Fish says she is leaving town for a while but will come back and kill Penguin when the time is right. Bullock tells her not to come back. She says she will be back. She asks Bullock to find Butch, her man, and that if he is alive to help him. Bullock agrees. They kiss and Bullock leaves her.

Gordon walks down an alley and Delaware confronts Gordon and asks if he got the package he sent if everything is ok now and asks if his family is safe. Gordon doesn’t know what he is talking about. Delaware begs for his wife and kids safety. Gordon looks horrified.

114 The Fearsome Dr. Crane.


A man has someone strapped into a chair and hooking him to a chain dangles him off a room high up a building. He then unmasks the strapped man and lets him see where he is then lets him fall.

Maroni and Penguin have wine and discuss Falcone and Fish Mooney. While there Maroni gets a call from Fish Mooney. She tells him Penguin is working for Falcone (which I thought he already knew……so I’m a little confused). Maroni doesn’t tell Penguin who was on the phone. He says he has to go upstate for something and asks Penguin to come with him.

Bullock and the Captain and Nygma are on the roof investigating the murder of the man that was thrown off the roof. He had been pulled back up after being left to dangle over the side and die (of fright? I guess…that is an actual thing). It looks as if the killer cut the body looking for something.

We are back to Gordon entering his apartment an knowing someone had been there. Only now we see that Cat is still there. Gordon catches her. Apparently, it’s not Gordon’s place. It’s actually Barbara’s place. Gordon says he was just dropping off keys. Cat tells Gordon what she told Bruce, she didn’t see anything, then she goes off the balcony.

Gordon goes to see Bruce. He mentions what Cat told him. Gordon thinks she is lying now but Bruce believes that she didn’t see anything. Bruce tells Gordon to no longer investigate the case. He tells him he is released from his promise to find the killer. He says he will pursue the killer on his own. Gordon starts to argue but Alfred stops him.

Maroni and Penguin are at their destination..a remote cabin in the woods. It seems to be a hunting cabin. Maroni gives Penguin oatmeal and coffee and they talk. Maroni acts like they are waiting for someone. After a few minutes, Penguin seems suspicious that he may not be telling the truth . Maroni goes outside.

Bullock interviews a woman at the precinct. She is the man who died’s sponsor from a support group for debilitating phobias. The woman informs him that the dead man’s phobia is heights. She is witty and straight forward and Bullock asks her out kind of…(after asking if she is Irish…..?).

Gordon comes in after the woman leaves. He traced the chair the victim was tied too. It’s a bankers chair from a company that is closed down. They leave to go to the company.

The killer from earlier is carrying a baby pig down the street. Another man, an older man with wire framed glasses comes out and sees him and looks scared and turns to head in the other direction. Another man stops him and sticks a taser to his neck. They put the unconscious man in a van and drive away.

Nygma is caught doing an autopsy on the first victim. He is not the medical examiner and this is not first time this has happened. The Captain suspends him. Wtf dude? I can actually understand WANTING to further investigate the crime on your own if you think it isnt being done well enough but you can’t just autopsy a guy when that isn’t your job. I don’t get why the guy looks surprised he is in trouble. He says “But I found something” like a pouting, misunderstood child. Poor Nygma. He’s like a lost little boy……it’s hard to see how that guy becomes the Riddler.

Bullock questions Gordon about Doctor Leslie and talks about the support group woman he wants to ask out when the case is closed. They hear a scream while they are talking. They run toward the scream with guns out shouting “GCPD” and get there to find the old man from earlier tied to a chair – seemingly dead – in a room with two fully grown pigs and another man in a butcher apron and a pig’s mask standing up. The pig mask man turns to the cops and raises a clever and starts to charge them as they come in. One of them shoots him.

Fish Mooney is on a boat…the Captain of the ship comes in to check on her. They are off the coast of Gotham. When told she can say “goodbye” if she wants she says “No need. I’ll be back soon enough”.

Bullock and Gordon present their case to the Captain (of the GCPD). Bullock believes the man they shot is the killer and that he was working alone (we know otherwise of course – Bullock is just in a rush to ask the pretty lady out on a date). The man tied to the chair wasn’t dead after all. He’s alive but had to be sedated. Gordon doesn’t think the man they shot is the killer. He wants Nygma to take at look at the first victim. Captain tells him he was sedated and says the M.E will take care of it. Gordon says “the same M.E. Who said my last victim stabbed himself in the back with an ice pick – no”. Captain tells him they have to be careful now since they are being watched after taking down Flass. That Nygma has to be suspended and that she can’t do anything about the M.E.

Nygma finds Ms. Kringle crying in the files room. He is returning a pencil that he borrowed since he is being suspended. She won’t say why she is crying but she says she is sorry he has been suspended.

Penguin scrambled for a weapon while Maroni is outside. Maroni enters with wood for the fire. He says they have to talk. He tells Penguin that he lied about why they came there. He wants Penguin to tell him a secret. Penguin insists he has none. Then admits to not liking oatmeal. Maroni then tells him that Fish Mooney is alive. Then it’s Penguin’s turn. He doesn’t like coffee either. Maroni then tells Penguin that Fish told him that Penguin has been working for Falcone and that he has been playing him the whole time. He then wants Penguin to tell him a secret. A good one. Penguin tells him he took his gun. He pulls it on him. Maroni tells him the gun is loaded with blanks. Penguin says liar and pulls the trigger. It fires but Maroni isn’t shot. Then Maroni knocks Penguin out.

Gordon and Doctor Leslie are out at dinner. They make small talk for a second then Gordon asks for help with the case. Leslie thought it was a real date and says Gordon is confusing. He then admits that the case is a pretext and that he wanted to see her. She then asks about the case. He gets a call. He has to go. He leaves her the file and calls Bullock. There isn’t an answer but he leaves a message. The 2nd victim woke up and said he was abducted by two men.

Bullock is with the pretty support group lady, who is apparently afraid of swimming pools. He agrees to speak to the group after saying he is scared all the time. He enters the group and speaks to a man at the coffee table, it’s the man who had the baby pig earlier. The man says he is a regular.

Maroni has Penguin at a car lot of some kind. He seems to plan to put him inside a car and then put the car into the crusher.

Penguin begs and barters and pleads and makes offers…..because that is what he does. Maroni isn’t falling for any of it. He puts him inside a car and locks him in.

Nygma is in the locker room at GCPD. He breaks into a locker.

Bullock is talking to the group about his fear as a Gotham City police officer. Mostly involving death, dying alone. While his fears seem legit they also seem to be largely a part of trying to seduce the pretty lady. Another man talks, the killer, he is afraid of failure. Calls himself Todd, Runs out crying part way through talking about his son. Pretty lady follows him.

Penguin calls Maroni from the car and continues to beg and barter. Maroni hangs up then Penguin calls the man running the car crusher. He claims to have called Falcone and told him what was going on. He makes a pretty good case saying that Falcone will kill him and his family if he doesn’t stop. The man stops and runs away. Maroni goes after him (like an idiot) and Penguin escapes.

The man Todd and the lady haven’t returned. Bullock find this odd, finally thinks something could be up and runs out to find them. They’re gone, a van pulling away as he runs out.

The M.E, comes into the locker room. He opens his locker and body parts, looks like mostly limbs, foots and hands, fall out. He is picking them up as a beat cop walks inside. He stammers at them…..

Gordon fills the Captain in. The man said his name was Todd but that likely isn’t his name. It’s an anonymous support group after all. They know the lady’s biggest fear, drowning in a pool. They don’t know where to start, though but then Bullock walks over. He spoke to her mother. When she was a little girl she almost drowned in a pool up town. He thinks she will be there. Gordon and Bullock leave to go look for her and the killer there. A uniform cops walks up carrying an arm as the detectives walk off. “Tell me that’s not what it looks like” she says.

The killer and the lady are by a pool. He is talking to her about fear and trying to make her more afraid. The man’s son comes in…..he is a teenager from the looks of it. He says the parking meter ran out. The man gives the boy change for the meter and says this will be over. The boy leaves and the man pushes the lady into the pool. She is bound and couldn’t swim even if she knows how and wants too. The lady isn’t moving at the bottle of the pool now. Gordon and Bullock burst in. They fire but the man runs. Gordon goes after him. Bullock goes into the pool to get the lady. The man gets to a door and locks it. Gordon can’t get through it. Bullock revives the lady. She’s okay but the man escaped.

A group of ladies find Penguin in a pile of leaves. They seem to be a church group which he picks up on and makes a religious statement about what happened to him (something about having fallen and surviving). They are headed to Gotham and he hitches a ride.

Leslie shows up at GCPD with news about the first victim. She read the file and looked at the body. The killer removed the man’s adrenal gland. At the height of fear the gland would have produced large amounts of cortisol. She seems jubilant and cheerful about relaying the findings even though they don’t really clear anything up. Gordon asks if she likes this kind of work. She says yes she does. He says good they may have more for her. He mentions the M.E. has been fired for stealing body parts (of course they were planted by Nygma…but no one knows that). That there could be a full time job open if she is interested. He also asks her out to dinner. She then talks him into kissing her in the police department. Everyone stares.

The chemistry between Leslie and Gordon is thick and I like them together but…..doesn’t he end up with Barbara? I thought his daughter, also named Barbara, was named after her mother? So, what happens to Leslie? Is she a villain to be I don’t know about? In this version of this world are we going to find out that although he names his daughter Barbara the other Barbara isn’t her mother? Is Barbara already pregnant and is she going to have the baby and drop it off with Gordon later? I admit I don’t know details of Barbara Gordon’s back story.

Nygma isn’t leaving. Since the medical examiner was fired he has been reinstated. He smiles at Gordon and Doctor Leslie kissing then he goes to see Ms. Kringle. He tells her he isn’t leaving and she tells him he owes her a new pencil. She seems to be almost flirting.

Fish wakes up to screaming. There is fighting on the boat. The Captain comes in and tries to get her to run but he is shot. A large man who looks like some kind of mercenary bursts in and Fish positions herself to fight. They charge at each other.

It ends like this.

Another villain that escapes. Based on the episode title I’m assuming he is Doctor Crane. Isn’t Dr. Crane also Scarecrow? The next episode is titled The Scarecrow. So, that seems likely to be the case. The name makes sense with the killing method.

This was a good episode. I like this villain. So, let’s see how he fares in the next episode. I know he eventually ends up in Arkham. To escape later. I suppose we will see if that is how this story sets it up or if he isn’t caught to begin with in this version of events at this point.

115 The Scarecrow


Hmm….It seems I was on the right track but in the wrong car… far as Sandman goes.

Anyway, from the beginning.

An old man comes into his house. The lights don’t seem to work. However a lamp does when he turns it on (maybe it’s a kerosene lamp?). Someone is in his house. They have horns. He is terrified.

Fish wakes up in a cement building. People are fighting around her. A woman screams. A quiet man who isn’t fighting comes up to talk to her. He informs her that “first man that comes at a new girl nearly always gets jumped by the second man”. Fish replies, “Here is a promise boys. The first of you to come at me will die like snaps that. The second will die slow.So boys…who’s first?”….I admit this made me like Fish a bit more. The men walk off after she is says this.

Gordon and Doctor Leslie “Lee” Thompson are out on a date. We learn this is their 3rd date but he hasn’t been to her apartment yet (can you say suspicious?). She says not tonight because she starts a new job in the morning. She is the new M.E. at the GCPD.

Bullock and Gordon show up at the crime scene for the man who saw demons. He’s dead, of course, and is adrenal glands are missing..of course. Dr. Crane has struck again.

Speaking of Dr. Crane..he pulls an adrenal gland (I assume thats what that is anyway) from a bag and sticks a syringe in it and extracts something. Then injects it in his arm. He stumbles out of his lab and into the hall. He falls and sees the staircase burning and a woman asking for help. Not screaming but angry with him and demanding “why won’t you held me Gerald?”

Bruce is packing for a hike he usually takes with his father. Alfred offers to come but Bruce says. “No”. He will be back before dark. His father and he usually spend the night but he is just going on the hike without the camping part and watching sunrise part. Alfred looks proud of him though. Bruce leaves.

Penguin is talking to Falcone. He is telling him that Maroni may come after him. Falcone tells him to clean up Fish’s club and to make it look more his own. The design “reeks of Fish Mooney”, he says. Falcone ignores his pleas of protection from Maroni until he is done talking about the design. He then says he wants the club open because it makes money and money is needed for control. Penguin is now in charge of the club and publicly Falcone’s man. Falcone’s power will protect Penguin but he must make money to keep power because, he tells Penguin, if he loses the power then Maroni will kill Penguin. For now, he says to leave Maroni to him.

Bullock learns about the victim that was afraid of demons. He was a teacher. Doctor Lee shows up. She says hello to Gordon and Bullock. The Captain comes up and says “oh good you met”, Lee mentions that her and Gordon have met before. Captain says “oh right in Arkham” and Gordon agrees. Then Lee leaves with the Captain. Once they are gone Bullock warns Gordon about the problems with office romances. He then finds Doctor Oswald Crane in the same year book for the school where the victim was a teacher. Doctor Crane is or was a Biology teacher.

Fish is talking to the quiet man again. She asks where they are. He doesn’t know. No one knows. They are behind locked doors and someone brings them food in buckets. A man named Mace is let eat first. He is the “Boss” inside. Fish seems interested in him being the one in charge.

Bruce walks through the woods. He finds some stones sitting together and takes one and puts it in his pocket (if this is symbolic or if this is something we are supposed to know what is I don’t get it).

Bullock and Gordon go to Crane’s school. They find out he was a good teacher that he was protective of his son Jonathan and that his wife died in a car accident 6 or 7 years ago. The principal also has a paper he wrote years ago that contains a theory on how to cure yourself of fear. It works like an inoculation. You inject yourself with fear until you are immune to it. The paper contains protocols for two inoculations; himself and a “subject B”.

Doctor Crane stands in his hallways. He is still acting pained and then he stands up and looks blank. His son comes in and asks how he is. He says he is fine and that “it’s working”. He tells his son he will be next. They will both be cured of fear forever.

Falcone and Maroni are taking a walk. They apparently also had lunch. Maroni says none of this will stop him from killing Penguin.

Penguin is getting his club ready for the grand opening. Invitations come in and they say “Oswald’s”. Penguin is thrilled. He says he will deliver one invite personally.

Fish approaches Mace. She wants a word, she tells his bodyguards. They let her through. She proposed a deal. She tries to find out why he is in charge. Apparently its as simple as the fact that he has the only weapon, a knife. She acts seductive. She asks for protection. He seems intrigued.

Penguin walks into the GCPD precinct. Nygma sees him and follows him. There is an odd shadow effect. They seem somehow similar….they finally talk when Penguin asks if he can help him. Nygma says no. Penguin says “what do you want?” Nygma replies with a riddle, “What I want the poor have, the rich want and if you eat it you die.” The answer is “nothing”..Its a clever riddle. I like it. Nygma is still so very sweet and innocent…poor dude.

Gordon and Bullock are about to go through cell phone records and credit card statements when Gordon sees Penguin. Penguin wants to invite Gordon to his club opening. Penguin still thinks they are friends. Why he is so giddy about this, I don’t know. Gordon says no and Penguin gets semi-hostile. Almost threatening but not quite. Gordon throws away the invitation when Penguin leaves.

Crane is injecting his son with the fear inoculation. It makes him terrified. He screams.

Bruce is still in the woods. – Is all this occurring in a single day or do they jump back and forth in time…I’m really not sure – Bruce adds his rock to a large pile. There are initials on rocks on two different piles “BW” and “TW”. Bruce starts throwing the rocks. Then cries. Then he storms off and promptly falls down a steep incline. He sprained his ankle.

Doctor Lee walks through the precinct. Gordon asks how her day is. She says “busy” and then when they go to part she kisses him. He says they can’t do that at work. Bullock walks up.

Falcone offers Maroni a cigar. Maroni asks why he wants to keep Penguin around so much. “He is clever”, Falcone says, “clever enough to know that a tiny little man like him is never going to be the boss.” Maroni asks him what he gets in return for not killing Penguin. Falcone offers him a judge that he knows Maroni dislikes. He already has him held prisoner. Falcone says they will “share him”..I’m assuming they mean they are going to murder him….I really don’t want to know…and we don’t find out exactly what that means.

Bullock asks Gordon if Penguin can help them find Crane. Gordon says they are not going to Penguin. They start trying to figure out why Crane is obsessed with fear. They find out Crane lied about how his wife died. She dies in a house fire. She was sleeping upstairs. Crane and his son were downstairs. A fire broke out. He didn’t save her. His fear is why his wife died. They find the address to the house and they head there.

Crane sees the apparition of his wife and the fire but he isn’t afraid. He hears the back door open. He runs out yelling after his son. He says the protocol has worked and that it has to be completed on him or it will be harmful. His son says he isn’t afraid like he is. Crane insists everyone is afraid. He says he wants to help him, to help all of mankind.

Alfred is waiting on Bruce. He checks the time. Bruce is late.

Bruce is climbing up the steep incline that he fell down. He made a brace for his leg but still can’t really put weight on it.

Mace had sent for Fish. She shows up with a reply of “What’s up Doc?” she says he has a wise look in his eyes. They flirt….sort of. Mace pulls her into his lap. She strokes his chest, steals his knife and stabs him in the throat. Then she stands and announces that she is in charge now.

Doctor Crane is about to inject his son again when Gordon and Bullock show up. His son wants to run but Crane wants to finish the protocol. They run taking the inoculation with them. He injects his son with all the serum at once. His son starts hallucinating that the scarecrow they are under has flaming eyes. He screams. Bullock and Gordon show up. Crane pulls a gun on them. They shoot him. He dies. Jonathan Crane is having seizures. Gordon yells to call an ambulance.

Bruce makes it to the top of the incline to find Alfred with a fire waiting on him. Alfred makes fun of him for taking so long. He still looks rather proud, though. He then helps him over to the fire. Bruce says he wants to go home. Alfred asks if he would rather wait and watch the sunrise like he did with his Dad. Bruce says they can stay if Alfred thinks he can handle it. Alfred makes a joke about how he has slept in much worse places. Then he offers Bruce tea.

A punk band plays in Penguin’s club. Maroni walks in. Penguin offers him a table and drinks. Maroni takes a bottle from him, tells him he chatted with Falcone and that they are good as long as Penguin doesn’t tell anymore of his secrets. He then tells Penguin that as soon as Falcone dies, so does Penguin.

Bruce is asleep laying on Alfred’s shoulder. When sunrise starts Alfred wakes Bruce up.

Gordon comes in the door to the M.E. Office. Lee asks about Jonathan Crane. He’s at the hospital. Gordon is about to go check on him. Lee wants an update when he has one. She then invites Gordon to come to the circus with her. He says “sure” and tells her no kissing when they are at work. She agrees but makes comments about it not being unprofessional to show feelings but she says she will be discreet.

The quiet man from before tells everyone to gather around. Then Fish announces that she is in charge and there will be structure from now on. A woman that had been taken is put back in the cage door. Her eyes are gone. She says “They took my eyes”. Fish looks….unhappy and perplexed.

Gordon talks to the doctor at the hospital about Jonathan Crane. He was given a large does of hormones and some compound they can’t identify. The hormones have worn off but their effect has lingered. He is in a state of constant terror. He will live but they don’t know if this state of fear will ever go away. When it cuts to Jonathan’s POV there are scarecrows climbing up on to his bed coming at him.

So, Jonathan Crane is the Scarecrow that will later go up against Batman. Which makes more sense….age wise. I liked this two part episode. I always liked the Scarecrow. Plus the political mob stuff is less annoying at this point and Fish is finally interesting instead of irritating.

116 The Blind Fortune Teller


Bruce is asleep on the couch in Wayne Manor. His notebook with sketches and research on his lap.

Penguin’s mother sings old show tunes on stage at his club. The crown look…..uninterested but Penguin look proud.

Inside Fish’s prison people are crying and coughing.

Cat and Ivy are in Barbara’s apartment when Barbara shows up. They think it’s Gordon. Barbara asks where Gordon is. Cat tells her he dropped off his keys. Barbara says “so, screw him anyway right” then she sits down and so does Cat (Ivy never got up to begin with). Barbara asks who they are but she seems unconcerned by their presence in her apartment.

Gordon and Doctor Lee are at the Circus. They seem to be enjoying themselves watching acrobats perform. Acrobats the announcer names “The Flying Grayson’s” naturally. Somehow a fight breaks out…..Gordon takes a minute to decide if it’s part of the show then goes down to break it up.

Mrs Cobblepot finishes her set and only Penguin claps. Someone boos and calls her names. Penguin storms to the back of the club and we hear bottles break.

Gordon questions why the clowns attacked the Grayson’s. It’s some kind of fight between two families. The Grayson acrobats and a family of clowns. Lee figures out, while treating some of the injured, that the fight was over someone named “Lila” a snake dancer. Gordon decides to find her to make sure she is okay and Lee wants to tag along. Gordon justifies it as being a safety precaution in case she is hurt.

They go to her trailer but she isn’t home. Her son Jerome says she is late and he doesn’t know where she is. The ringmaster. I guess he is, says she has gone on a spree. Jerome and Gordon seem to not believe this. Her coat, hat and purse are in the trailer, Jerome informs them. Her snake seems agitated. Gordon asks how fast the snake can move then tells them to let the snake out. They follow the snake to an empty train car. Lila is dead. The ringmaster knew. He says they found her that way.

Fish stands on a man to make an announcement. They are being used for spare parts she thinks. She says she has a plan for escape. She can get some of them out alive. She admits some of them will die but they will die for a reason and they will die making a stand. She also says they are all family. They can die on their knees or they can stand up and fight with their family.

The ringmaster tells Gordon and Lee that they found Lila dead outside the circus set up and hid her in the car. They were going to give her a proper burial on the road. If it was one of them that did it they’d find out. If it was an outsider they couldn’t do anything about it. Gordon arrests him. He brings in other circus people to question.

Gordon asks Jerome about his mother. He admits she had lots of lovers. He says he wasn’t bothered by it. He agrees that a few men Gordon names were his mother’s lovers. One of the Grayson’s admits to being one of Lila’s lovers. He tells Gordon about the feud between the Grayson’s and theLloyds. Bullock questions one of the Lloyds. Both say the other killed Lila and they were trying to avenge her. Another cop sits with a Lloyd teenager and a Grayson teenager (the two who first mentioned that the fight was about Lila to Doctor Lee). One accidentally reveals that they two use to be a couple.

Fish gets ready to activate her plan when their jailers come to take one of them away again. They list a number, a man raises his hand then Fish tells them she needs to talk to them. They tell her to step back and call out another number. She talks anyway. She tries to make a deal. She’ll agree to them taking who they want in exchange for things she asks for (fruit, water, food, blankets and some other little things like magazines). She tells them if they day no she will only give them the men they want dead. The man says they need them alive but they refuse her trade. A group of men beat the man they want to death (the man doesn’t fight back – she warned them some will have to die).. They then want to take Fish to their manager. Fish gets surrounded by guards. She says the manager has to come to her. The men leave. She goes to the dead man and kisses his forehead. She seems touched by his sacrifice.

The Captain talks to Gordon about how he found Lila’s body. Nygma and Doctor Lee says Lila was killed with a knife likely during a time that both the Lloyds and Grayson’s were on stage. They still let everyone go except the two that started the fighting. They are told to not leave town, though. Doctor Lee invites Gordon over for dinner to finish their date. She asks him who he thinks killed Lila. A man and little boy walk in. The man appears to be blind. He knows who they are. He’s a psychic with the circus. He’s also a friend of Lila’s. He says he has a message from the other side from Lila. Gordon dismisses him but Lee asks what the message is. “The servant of the Devil lies in the garden of the iron sisters”, is Lila’s message. Lee believes him, it seems but Gordon does not. They bicker a little. Then Lee leaves.

Bruce is writing in his notebook. He seems to be researching for his meeting with the board of Wayne Enterprises. He wants to question them about the mobsters shares in Arkham. He thinks they were given to them by the board. Alfred warns him that it is dangerous. He says he is doing it anyway.

In his club, Penguin plays piano. A sad little song to a small group of people not paying attention.

Barbara tries on outfits to go see Gordon. Ivy and Cat help her choose. They veto the outfit she comes down in.

Gordon and Lee eat dinner. Lee has an epiphany. She has figured out the riddle the fortune teller told her. She thinks it is referring to a park under Arkham Bridge. They argue about ghosts and messages from beyond again. Gordon finally agrees to check out the park. Lee wants to go now. Gordon wants to go in the morning.

Gordon and Lee walk around the park with a flashlight. They bicker about how it’s unsafe for a woman. Lee gives a speech about how he says he wants a strong woman but he seems to want a housewife who stays home and bakes cookies. He makes a joke about pie..any kind of pie. Then they find a knife, branded with initials for a satanic cult that hasn’t been active in a long time. He takes the knife and makes a call to have people picked up.

Gordon and Lee arrive at the police precinct. They bicker….again….she goes home after admitting he was right…about something…idk..they argue a lot. He then agrees that she is right and tells her to come with him. It’s all very headache inducing..I kind of miss the politics….

Lee and Gordon go into an interrogation room to talk to the blind psychic about the hatchet they found. Gordon accuses him of having the hatchet planted to protect someone. They bring in Jerome, Lila’s son. Gordon accuses Jerome of killing Lila and cleaning up in the psychics trailer and telling him to plant the hatchet. He says he believes the psychic is Jerome’s father. Jerome says that his father was a sea captain who died at sea. The psychic eventually agrees that he is his father. The psychic says Lila was a cruel woman who was often unkind to him but that she loved him once. He also says that she loves Jerome very much and that is why she gave him a better father in a story. Jerome cries…….or….not.. He looks up with an evil…..familiar looking….. grin and states that his mother was a “cold blooded whore who never loved anyone and she’d never touch a pathetic old creep like you” but the psychic is adamant that he is his father. Jerome eventually believes him. He continues to act like a psychopath……cause that’s what he is.

Well, Joker never had much of a backstory to my knowledge. We aren’t suppose to know where he came from but I think we just met the Joker in this version of the universe. He will be back no doubt. Interesting having him be from the same circus that later produces Robin. Makes sense I guess. Doesn’t Joker kill the Flying Grayson’s? So……makes sense….although I’m not sure why he would have a vendetta against JUST the Grayson’s….but who can translate the logic of psychopaths (or maybe I remember it wrong an the whole circus is targeted). This is pretty good casting of a young Joker. He doesn’t have the scars yet or the clown makeup but the smile and the evil laugh and the look in general is there. It’s pretty damn spot on. Although, I doubt it is worth much, I approve. And that moment they show him looking up with that grin on his face and you just KNOW who he is…….that moment was done perfectly.

Gordon and Lee talk about her helping on the case. She says it was thrilling and scary. Gordon calls her an unusual woman and Lee accuses him of not knowing many women. They have a little moment and then Lee asks to go home. They start to kiss. Barbara walks in and sees them, looks distraught, angry even, and leaves.

Penguin watches a woman play violin in his club. Victor, Falcone’s man, walks in and says hello. Penguin turns around. He signals the violinists to stop. She does and leaves. Victor says Falcone believes he is ruining the club. He signals and Butch is standing there. Penguin is afraid but Victor says that he has been reprogrammed and he will help him run the club. He will do exactly what Penguin says. It seems to be true. I kind of assume it isn’t. I don’t think Butch is breakable. I think he is to loyal to Fish. He loves her. He wouldn’t break out of fear of betraying her.

Bruce is getting ready for his meeting. Alfred saluted him and Bruce returns the salute. Alfred looks proud. A look he has so often in regards to Bruce.

Bruce and Alfred walk into to meeting room at Wayne Enterprises. Bruce mentions his topics of concern, underground involvement in Arkham and chemical weapons manufacturing. The board look surprised and concerned. I don’t think they expected such knowledge from a child.

The Lloyd and Grayson teenagers we saw earlier come to the precinct to thank Gordon for solving the murder. Their families have reconciled and they are now engaged. I’m assuming these are Dick Grayson’s parents. Although, I doubt the show will last long enough for us to ever see that.

Bullock, who we haven’t seen much of this episode, pokes fun at Gordon. He knows he spent the night at Lee’s because, he says, he “slept somewhere without razors and he smells like lady soap”. 🙂

Bruce tells the board he believes a board member has been taking bribes and becoming involved in nefarious actions. He admits he has not told them everything and he says he will speaking at the next shareholders meeting and looking into legal action against the board. The board chastise his age but he isn’t ruffled.

In Fish’s prison the men come back to agree that the manager has agreed to her arrangement to speak to the manager. She goes to see the manager and he stays down in the prison. Her people close around him as she walks off with the other men from outside the prison.

117 Red Hood


A black van pulls up outside a building and 5 men get out. One puts on a red hood and another makes fun of him for it. They storm into a bank. Do their thing with Red Hood guy taking over the lead as the talker. Which seems to not be the norm as another seems confused. Red Hood guy gets shot at and manages to dodge the bullets. When the cops come he throws money in the street to cause a road block. The robbers escape (much to their own surprise).

Bullock walks in to the bank talking to Gordon about the robbery. One of the employees talks about how Red Hood didn’t seem to bad. That he is like Robin Hood. Gordon assures her the man is not like Robin Hood.

At Wayne Manor someone knocks in the middle of the night. Alfred answers and knows the man. He calls him Reggie.

Reggie needs some help, somewhere to stay. Him and Alfred talk about what has happened in the years since they have seem each other. Reggie is surprised to find him where he does. Alfred says he likes it at Wayne Manor. He says it’s good for him. Bruce comes down and when introduced he asks him to stay a few days. He knows the man needs it and he insists.

Fish is led up stairs and down a long hall. It seems to be some kind of institution building. Something large with many small rooms. She is brought into an office. A man at a desk tells her to sit.

Gordon and Bullock watch old surveillance footage to find the Red Hood gang casing the bank in the weeks before the robbery. They see a patch for an auto chop on one guy’s jacket.

At that auto shop the guys sort their money. The guy that made and wore the hood is all excited. The others are annoyed with him. He says “whoever wears the hood should lead” and the big man shoots him then says puts on the Hood and says “He’s right. Any objections”

The man at the desk talks to Fish. Fish asks if he owns the facility. He says the doctor owns it. She tries to leave. She only wants to talk to the person who runs things. The desk guy stops her. They talk. She says the basement is hers. No one leaves until she discuses terms with the Doctor. Desk guy offers her a shower and new clothes. Then has his people take her to freshen up.

A comedian is on stage at Penguin’s club. He’s really bad. Penguin goes to the bar to talk to nervous looking bartenders. They’re out of alcohol. He says order more. Maroni owns the supply houses apparently. Butch talks about how the bar began when Fish first took it from a chinese bookie. He warns Penguin about crossing Maroni.

Gordon and Bullock go into the auto shop. Bullock asks about Lee as they search the shop. They find the dead guy in a fridge. Bullock drinks a soda from the same fridge. He says, when Gordon shoots him a look, that if he doesn’t drink it thn forensics will. Since the dead guy was the leader Bullock thinks that the red hood gang is no more.

The Red Hood gang burst into another bank. The new guy in the hood lacks the last guys finesse and personality. When the people ask for money he does give in and throw them some, though.

Bullock is worried people will hang out in the banks hoping the gang will show up to steal and throw out money. A witness comes in who saw the heavy guy take off his hood when they came back to their van parked near his restaurant. They decide to have him look at mugshots and give a description.

Bruce comes in from running or boxing..or something. He is in sweats and out of breath. Reggie asks if he is training for a fight then starts fighting with him. It isn’t bad training really but it isn’t the kind of fighting that Alfred is teaching him. It’s the kind that Selina Kyle would approve of, though. Alfred stops them after watching for a bit. He sends Bruce to shower. Then he talks to Reggie about raising a child. Reggie apologizes for overstepping his bounds. When Reggie says that Alfred has helped Bruce Alfred says “No, he helped me. I’m a better person for knowing him” and he says the past needs to stay in the past.

Penguin is outside a alcohol supply house. He plans to steal some but cops show up and confiscate it before they can even get out of the car. Butch walks up and scares Penguin. He tells him the cops are with him. He got the alcohol for Penguin’s club.

Selina walks around Barbara’s apartment. She sees her out on the balcony smoking. She walks out and thanks her for letting them stay and says she is about to go. Barbara says she likes her being there. She tells her she is pretty. She gives Ivy and Selina clothes. Lays out a ton of thing on the couches and tells them to take anything that fits them. Ivy starts trying things on as Barbara takes Selina in the bedroom and tells her beauty can be a weapon. Selina asks Barbara what good it has done her.

Police line up for the Red Hood guy that was seen by the restaurant owner. He picks out a guy. Bullock wants to book him but Gordon says no to release him and follow him.

Back at the institute Fish is cleaned up in new clothes. She questions who they are stealing body parts for. The man says they have clients as well as the Doctor’s personal experiments. The man says her eyes will fetch a large price. They plan to take her eyes then throw her back in the basement to die. She grabs a scalpel and pulls out one of her eyes and crushes it under her foot. Then she passes out.

Bruce brings a bottle of wine up for Reggie and Alfred. Alfred says no (Reggie has a drinking problem) but they decide to drink some. Reggie tells stories and Bruce listens. They all laugh. Then they discuss a time that Alfred was captured in war. The story isn’t finishes. Alfred just says “I’m here now” and then calmly sends Bruce off to bed. Bruce goes without complaint. Reggie asks why Alfred is hiding who he really is from Bruce. Alfred doesn’t reply. He says he found him some clean clothes and packed him a lunch for his travels tomorrow. Reggie talks of the people they killed and asks if Alfred sees them. Alfred he doesn’t have to look for them. They find him.

The heavy set Red Hood guy comes home to find one of the other guys in his place. The guy wants the hood because his girlfriend wants to leave him and he wants to prove he is worthy of respect. The heavy guy refuses and the other guy pulls out a gun and shoots him. He takes the hood off of his body. Gordon and Bullock come in and the guy is still alive. Bullock asks for the guys names from his crew. Gordon calls an ambulance. They find out the guy had applied for loans to open a pastry shop and been turned down.

Butch and Penguin drink at the club. Penguin doesn’t trust Butch (I don’t blame him). Penguin asks Butch if he misses Fish. Penguin says he misses her. Then he raises a toast to her. Butch says she got what she deserved. It’s hard to tell how much is an act with him and how much is actual reprogramming that Victor did.

Alfred catches Reggie stealing. He tells him he could have just asked him for money. Reggie says it’s hard to ask. They talk. Reggie gets close to him. Stabs him. He apologizes as he does it. He leaves with his bag of things. Bruce finds Alfred. He calls the ambulance. He calls Alfred his “friend” when he is talking to the operator..not his Butler.

The Red Hood gang, what’s left of them, approach another bank but the cops stop them outside. Red Hood shoots at the cops. The cops hit everyone except the guy in the hood. Eventually, they do get him, though. Guess the Hood isn’t magic after all. It’s kind of anticlimactic. Gordon gets a call after it’s done and runs off.

At Alfred’s hospital room, Gordon enters to find Bruce sitting by Alfred’s bedside. Alfred is on a ventilator but alive (of course).

At Wayne Enterprises, Reggie presents photos and files from Wayne Manor to the board. He tells them Bruce doesn’t have anything real against them. He also says he is just a kid. They dismiss him.

On the street a kid picks up the Red Hood from the ground. He puts it on and points his finger like a gun at a cop car. I’m assuming this is the Red Hood that will pop up during Batman’s time.

118 Everyone Has A Cobblepot.


Bruce sits by Alfred’s bed. Gordon brings him a bagel. Alfred if he brought anything for him. Gordon says he’s on hospital food only. Gordon asks him if he saw who stabbed him. He says “no” and Bruce goes along with it. I mean Bruce of course didn’t see who stabbed Alfred but he does know who did it. He follows Alfred’s lead and keeps quiet. Gordon is getting phone calls. Alfred tells him he can go. Bruce asks why they didn’t tell Gordon the truth. Alfred says Reggie is a mate and you don’t set coppers after your mates. He plans to go after Reggie himself. He can, however, barely even stand. Bruce orders him back to bed (of course as Bruce’s legal guardian he doesn’t have to take his orders at all – he does so out of courtesy).

Fish wakes up in a bed. She has an eye patch and says her head hurts. The man standing over her is the Doctor. She says she has grown to great lengths to meet him. He says she has great constitution. She asks to be his right hand. He thinks this is funny. He tells her eye stock is low and apologizes for not matching her original color. When he leaves she takes off the eye patch. She has a bright blue eye under the patch.

Gordon is in the Captain’s office with Harvey Dent. Flass has been released. A witness on his benefit got the charge dropped. No one knows who the witness is but he was provided by the Commissioner. Gordon confronts Flass in the precinct. Then storms off.

Gordon enters the Commissioner’s office. He confronts him about his part in releasing Flass. The Commissioner shows him video of the witness testimony. The witness if Bullock saying he presented false evidence to convict Flass.

Gordon confronts Bullock. Bullock tells him that he isn’t the only person who was ordered to take a guy down to the pier and put a bullet in his head. Only his Cobblepot didn’t come back. Gordon asks him who he killed. Bullock says just some mobster that his partner held a gun to his had and made him shoot. Bullock says everyone has a Cobblepot. That is how the Commissioner controls everyone. Of course, he has nothing on Gordon and Gordon plans to go after him.

Nygma stops Ms. Kringle to tell her that Flass was released. He tells her how bad Flass is. She tells him she now knows there are much better men than Arnold Flass.

In a diner, Gordon tells Harvey Dent about the blackmail evidence that the Commissioner has on the cops and probably everyone else. Dent says he has nothing on him. Dent tells Gordon about the commissioner’s wife who dies when she fell down stairs and that their were rumors that he had killer her. Gordon doesn’t tell Dent what the Commissioner has on Bullock but does tell him that Bullock was the witness that got Flass released. Talking about partners gives Dent an idea and he jumps up. Gordon follows him.

They go to the Commissioner’s former partner, Griggs, from when he was a cop. The man says the Commissioner was with him when his wife died. Gordon infers that the Commissioner has something on this guy, too. Griggs says he doesn’t know what they’re talking about but that if he did he would tell them to go to Shi Loo, a chinese book keeper on State Street. That the Commissioner always said that if you want to keep something safe you give it to Shi Loo.

Gordon and Dent walks out. Dent asks if they are taking Bullock. Gordon says “no”

Fish is talking to the Doctor. She says she likes the blue. The Doctors says good. They pass a patient who is in a face cast. She had a kidney transplant and got a new face for free (or so he says). When Fish tries to negotiate again he says he could just kill her and all the people in the basement. She points out that that isn’t an option or he would have done it already. He agrees to her terms of sorts but says she is being taken back to the basement where she will retrieve the guard and prove she can supply the bodies for the Doctor. He then takes her to show her an experiment of his. A man, the former man at the desk that Fish spoke to before, whose head has been transplanted to the body of a woman with the hands of a different woman. It’s a Frankenstein creation of nightmares. This is a not so subtle threat of what will happen to her if she doesn’t honor their agreement.

Bruce reads to Alfred. Selina comes in the door. Ivy had seen them when she was inside the hospital stealing food. Selina came to check on them. She asks if Alfred is okay. She gives Bruce a hug. He tells her what happened. He tells her the truth. He knows that Reggie was there for the board of Wayne Enterprises. Some of his files were stolen. Bruce wants to track Reggie down. Selina tries to talk him out of it and then offers to help. Bruce says no but Selina says that he knows how to find her (no doubt knowing he will need her help).

Gordon and Dent walk through the restaurant at the address they were told to go, too. They go to the back and find a money laundering table. They ask for Shi Loo. Then ask questions. The man denies knowing the Commissioner. Dent threatens to call the cops and have the place raided. Shi Loo gets a phone call. Then he knows their names. He tells them to wait there and the men at the table pull out weapons. Gordon and Dent run. They are being chased down alleys when Bullock shows up in a car. He drives them away. Dent wants to go back. They say no point. Bullock says Griggs will turn on anyone if you scare him enough. They drop Dent off somewhere because the next we see is Bullock holding Griggs head out the door of the car while Gordon drives. Griggs tells them that Falcone is the only person that knows where the Commissioner keeps his secrets.

They go to Penguin to ask for help to get the info from Falcone. Penguin tells Gordon about a bottle of expensive alcohol he has. It is Maroni’s favorite. He says it may be interesting information to have in the future (he seems to be telling Gordon he is going to kill Maroni….I’m not sure why). Penguin agrees to help get the information in exchange for a favor from Gordon in the future and 5 minutes alone with the files when they find them. Gordon agrees as long as he doesn’t touch any of the files on the GCPD.

In the institute basement the prisoners are getting restless. Fish shows up. She tells them that she asked for better conditions and better food. She tells them they are returning the guard as a show of faith. Then she lets the men take the ones on the list. She tells them she warned them some people would die. Oddly no one asks about her new eye…..

Bullock, Gordon and Penguin pull up at a large pretty farm house. Penguin is jumpy and doesn’t want to be seen but they insist he is coming in, too. Then a man knocks in the window. Penguin talks to him and they are invited in for tea. They chat and learn that the two people living in the house, Marge was a nurse in Arkham and the man whose name I missed was a railroad worker. Marge asks them for ID. They have said they are there to investigate security for the Commissioner. When they ask to look around the man asks for his keys. Marge comes back in with a shotgun. They have been hearing moving around upstairs that the man said was raccoons. After the shootout between them, that everyone survives although the man is shot, Gordon goes upstairs with Bullock to find a bedroom and a woman singing. She is obviously not sane. They find out she is the commissioner’s daughter.

Nygma asks Ms. Kringle out on a date (finally)only to find out she is dating another one of the jerky asshole cops.

Gordon and Bullock talk to the Commissioner’s daughter, Miriam. She says her father visits her. She’s been there ever since her mother died 20 years ago when she was a teenager. She shows them her art projects….jewelry made out of Starling bones. She kills them when they land on the window sill. They reform their opinions of her being a witness to her father killing her mother….she admits to killing her mother with a candlestick. When they back downstairs they find that the old couple have escaped from Penguin.

Gordon goes into the Commissioner’s office. He gives the Commissioner a piece of his daughter’s starling jewelry. The Commissioner says that they can go ahead and expose Miriam he will be able to recover from the scandal. Gordon agrees that he could but he believes the Commissioner loves his daughter and wants to keep her out of Arkham. The Commissioner agrees to step down. Gordon says no. He wants someone in office he can have leverage over. The Commissioner accuses I of being cold and Gordon agrees. Gordon wants all the files but the Commissioner says no. He will give him Bullock’s file. He will let Flass have a real trial and he will back Gordon in his run for President of the policeman’s union. In exchange for that Miriam stays where she is, safe and out of Arkham.

Gordon gives Bullock his file. He is no longer under the thumb of the Commissioner. Bullock tells Gordon that you tell yourself that you do one bad thing and the good things will make up for it but they don’t. He tells him to watch out for the favor that Penguin will soon want.

Penguin sits with the old couple that had been in charge if Miriam. He says he only has one ticket for them to leave and escape the punishment from the Commissioner. The man says they have been together for 40 years. He won’t leave her. She asks Penguin how they decide who goes. Penguin says it’s up to them. The woman, Marge, attacks and strangles her husband. Then Penguin shoots her. He’s quite the little psychopath.

The Doctor asks Fish if she thinks the patients will like a salsa night. She says “no”. He continues to chatter on. Then he talks to her about being in upper management, He shows her a window. They are on an island somewhere very cold. There is no easy escape.

119 Beasts of Prey


Fish looks out the window of the institute she is in and sees a helicopter outside. She goes down the stairs, speaking to the patients. She breaks a window pane and goes out a door. She walks toward the helicopter and guards show up. They speak. I really don’t think she was trying to escape at this point. I think she was gathering entail. Although, no doubt if she would have been able to escape I’m sure she would have taken it.

Gordon is at Wayne Manor talking Bruce. Bruce asks about being President of the Policeman’s Union. Gordon says what it means depends on the president. He then asks about the man that stabbed Alfred. He knows they lied. He tells Bruce to stay out of whatever is going on. He believes Alfred is going to go after the man that stabbed him.

Gordon is greeted by a beat cop at the precinct. The cop wants him to investigate a case that isn’t going anywhere. The cop says he wants to be a part of Gordon’s attempt to clean up GCPD and Gotham. Gordon agrees to look into it. Then he goes downstairs to get Lee. They have dinner plans. Lee asks about the case file he is holding. He tells her about the case.

A woman, Grace Thompson, was found dead 4 months after she was reported missing. She called her mom from a bar on the night she went missing. The police couldn’t figure out what bar. Lee says there are a lot of speakeasy’s in the neighborhood the woman lived in (same neighborhood as Lee). These are places that wouldn’t be easily found unless you knew to look for them. Gordon thanks her for the help and says he will check into it.

Fish is in the basement checking on her people there. The man that was taken from their in the last episode is recovering from an organ removal. She asks the man for help. She has an escape plan.

Alfred puts his jacket on stiffly. Bruce asks where he is going. Alfred tells him the truth (I like that he respects Bruce enough to be honest). He is going into town to look for Reggie. Bruce tells him he can’t go. Alfred insists. So, Bruce says he is going too. Alfred is about to refuse that request as well when he doubles over. He puts his hand in his jacket and comes out with blood on it.

Penguin is in a bar talking to a Russian lady. He wants to buy her bar and be a silent owner with her still running the place. She refuses and gets angry. Penguin asks her what she wants. The lady says her granddaughter has been seduced by a “silver tongued guitar player” and that if he convinces her to come home then she will consider the offer.

Gordon talks to Bullock about the new case the beat cop gave him. Bullock doesn’t want to help. Gordon insists. Nygma comes up with a list of establishes in the area the woman lived that have liquor licenses. Several of which were not checked into during the original investigation. Bullock warns him he is trying to hard, pushing to far. Gordon insists he come. They go to check out the bars.

Fish talks to her people in the basement. She is asking the big guys, the ones that are killers, to help with the escape. She tells them the 6 of them can take a boat she saw on the shore. They ask about a helicopter they heard. Fish asks if any of them can fly a helicopter. They can’t. So, she reaffirms her plan.

Gordon and Bullock walk into one of the speakeasy bars. This one behind a bakery. The bartender remembers Grace. She was there with an attractive date.

And here is where this episode does something different. We flash back (soft focused rosy gelled light and all) to the same speak easy. Grace and her date (hey it’s the guy from Heroes!) are there. They have normal first date small talk. She asks why he’s single. He gives her some spiel about looking for unconditional love. She buys it, of course.

They walk into his apartment. Grace is impressed by the place. He offers her wine. He’s putting her jacket up and we see inside a hidden room with wrist cuffs on the wall (probably not for fun mutual sexy times). They chat and flirt more.

Flash back to present time. Bullock says for the bartender to let them know if she remembers anything else. They walk off and Bullock says to Gordon, “You’re not dropping this are you?”. Gordon replies, “Not a chance.”

Bruce writes an address down and Alfred sleeps on the couch. He has a list of places that Alfred mentioned Reggie could be at. He sees Penguin go into one of them.

Penguin and one os his henchman are in a building with the silver tongued guitarist chained to a beam. He won’t leave the girl. He loves her. They cut off his fingers.

Lee has done an autopsy on Grace Thompson. She found something odd. Or rather she didn’t find anything she should have. Grace was missing for 4 months. She should have shown signs of neglect and abuse from 4 months of being prisoner but there aren’t any. She was stabbed twice and that is the only damage to her body. They consider that she ran away and her murder wasn’t connected to her disappearance. Gordon is sure this isn’t the case, though.

Flashback: Grace wakes up in the bed of the attractive guy (she calls him Jason). She walks into the kitchen to talk to him. He has plans for them. She has to go change and go to work. He wants her to at least stay for breakfast. She says she can’t but she will see him after work. She tries to leave saying she really has to go and he grabs her arm and says “No you don’t” in a not friendly way.

Back in the present Fish hides as the Doctor leaves his office then she catches the door before it closes. She finds a key ring and takes it. Before she can leave the Doctor comes back in. He asks what he can do for her. She says something about supplies for the inmates. He says they are in the storage room which she knows. She has a letter opener she stole from his desk. He draws a gun and asks if she was trying to escape. She says “no” and he almost shoots her. She admits she was lying but says she wasn’t trying to escape. She says she was stealing a knife so as to take her own life if she needs to as opposed to ending up like one of his creations. This may be partially true…He lets her go.

Bruce walks down an alley. Cat drops from a scaffolding. “I could have smashed your head with a brick you know?”….she has a nice way of greeting people. Bruce tells her that Alfred said Reggie would be at a gun range for a few days. She says that doesn’t make sense. People don’t stay at gun ranges like that. Bruce says that that is what what Alfred said, Reggie would be in a shooting gallery. Selina laughs at him and says that isn’t the same thing as a gun range. She walks off and he follows.

The Russian lady’s grand daughter is crying on her shoulder. The woman comforts then slaps her and tells her to go get herself cleaned up. Then she goes to talk to Penguin. Penguin wants to discuss terms.

Nygma found a photocopy of a missing piece of evidence that Gordon had asked him to look for. It’s a picture of a broken heart. Bullock is not happy about this evidence. It’s the calling card of a serial killer.

Flashback. Grace and Jason are eating dinner in his apartment. She is obviously distraught. She stammers and tries to make conversation. She fights tears. He tastes the food and agrees with what she said about having overcooked it. She gets upset and he gets angry. He says things aren’t working out. Then they are in his torture room (or whatever it is). She’s tied up and blindfolded. He takes her photo and adds it to long line of photos. He picks up his knife. He tells her he thought she was the one but don’t worry sooner or later he will find her.

Back to Present time – Penguin says he didn’t want the Russian’s bar for money. He says “this is where I’m going to kill Don Maroni”. There is a photo of Maroni on the wall behind him. It seems to be a place he regularly visits.

Fish goes to the basement and tells the men it’s time to go. She sends them out to the boat. She goes back inside to get Kelly, the man from the basement that had been recovering from surgery. She runs into the Doctor instead. He threatens her but the gate opens behind him and the people from the basement run out and attack him. Fish tells the men to leave him. They have to go. They run off with her. The Doctor is alive but injured.

The out side guards head the the boat as the men struggle to unlock the gate that they were told would be unlocked. One of the men figures out that Fish set them up as a distraction.

Fish and the men that were her friends in the basement climb into the helicopter. She can fly it. They take off the guards figure out where they are. She is shot through the helicopter door but she is still alive.

Bullock tells Gordon about the serial killer. He abducts women and keeps then for a while, sometimes days sometimes months. Some people call him the Don Juan killer but most call him the Ogre. He’s presumed to be charming and good looking (not sure what they call him the Ogre….) since he is capable of seducing the women and getting them to leave with him and presumably come to his place or somewhere secluded they can me held captive. No one has heard of him because the GCPD have been covering him up. The killer retaliates against anyone that investigates him by killing the people they love. Bullock and Gordon wonder why Gordon was put on to the case.

Bruce and Cat walk into a shooting gallery. A place full of junkies shooting up heroin. They find Reggie. He asks who Cat is. Bruce says nevermind. Cat takes his drugs. She holds them out a window until Reggie will tell them who sent him to Wayne Manor. Reggie wants to know if Alfred is alright. Bruce won’t answer. Reggie tells Bruce to let Alfred take care of them. That it is no business for a child. He gives them the names, though. Bruce tells Cat to give back the drugs. Cat drops them anyway. Bruce tells him he needs help that he is sick. Reggie says he has vices but he is a professional. He says the men that sent him will come after them. That he will tell on them. Then he leans out to get his drugs. Bruce starts to push him out the window but he can’t do it. Selina pushes him. Cementing, I suppose, her position as a villain. If Bruce had pushed him would things have been different?

Bullock holds the man that gave Gordon the case against a locker. The man eventually admits the Commissioner sent him with the case to Gordon. They know that the Commissioner has leverage on everyone. They let the guy go. Bullock tells Gordon to drop the case. The Ogre could go after Lee if he finds out he is on the case. Gordon can’t drop it. He can’t let a serial killer just keep killing. He calls Lee to warn her but gets her machine. Then he confronts the Commissioner. He tells him no more games and no more deals. He will find the Ogre and put him in jail and then he is coming after the Commissioner.

It’s a pretty impressive display. You can see the drive and determination he has to make everything right. It’s actually really sad that so many years later he is still struggling so much to make things better with the help of Batman and things really still aren’t a whole lot better

120 Under The Knife


A street kid is hassling Bruce but Selina walks up and runs him off. Bruce asks her if she went back. She says yeah that the cops are there. He asks her why she is did it. She did it to save them all. And she tells him he wanted to do it too but didn’t “have the guts”. Which is true. She asks him what’s next. Bruce says the safe. All of the Wayne Enterprise Execs have a safe in their office. They have keys. Selina says she can steal it if she gets close enough. She tells Bruce to keep the murder of Reggie quiet.

Nygma is beating watermelons with a hammer to test wounds. Gordon bursts in asking where Lee is. Nygma stammers that he has permission to be in the room. Gordon doesn’t care. He just wants to make sure Lee is safe. Nygma says she went home. Gordon runs out.

Lee is in the bath. She hears a noise and gets out. She is calling “Jim” and looking around. She checks her phone and has two missed calls from him. She finds a cat under her bed. It came in the open window. She puts it back out the window and tell it to go home. Someone comes up behind her and she spins around and hits at her visitor.

Lee tends to Gordon who she hit. He tells her about the serial killer. Tells her that the killer targets the loved ones of those that investigate him. She knows he won’t give up on the case. He asks her to leave but she won’t. She says she likes that she likes that he thinks of her as a loved one. He tells her he loves her. She points out that it took a serial killer to get him to say that. They have good chemistry….I didn’t know about her at first and I’m still not 100% sure but I think I like her. I’m assuming she will eventually die horrible…

Jason the Ogre is in another bar meeting a woman, Barbara. Who Jim apparently forgot about. I mean rightfully so. They have been broken up for a while and he is seeing someone else long enough to be in love with her. Barbara and Jason walk into Barbara’s apartment. Selina isn’t there. After calling for her Barbara explains her as a roommate. Jason asks if she is scared of him being there. She asks if she should be (she thinks he is flirting). He asks if her boyfriend will come home. She gets angry that he assumed she had a boyfriend and would be the type to cheat. He had gotten out a knife to kill her but when she flips out and says she doesn’t have a boyfriend and then rants about no one caring what happened to her and how if they hooked up he would run screaming when he saw the real her he puts the knife away. He seems intrigued. He says she isn’t who he thought she was. She kicks him out and he actually leaves.

A woman sings on the stage at Penguin’s club. Penguin dances with his mother then goes to speak to an assassin. He wants to hire him to kill Maroni and all of his top men. The man asks if Falcone knows about it. Penguin says he will. He says Falcone would be impressed and give him more work if he did this. The man agrees.

Bullock brings a man in to see Gordon. It’s a detective that investigated the first victim of the Ogre. They think he found something that spooked the killer and that caused him to start his pattern of killing the loved ones of the detectives. He tells them that the first victim was a nurse for a clinic. He gives them the address. They agree to put protection on his daughter until the Ogre is in custody.

Kringle’s boyfriend asks if she forgive him. Nygma has a watermelon basket he is caring around (not sure if it was for her or just for everyone). He also asks for some files. He spots bruises that her boyfriend gave her. Not the fun kind of bruises. He isn’t happy.

Bruce writes in his notebook. He is taking notes on the Wayne Enterprise Executives. Alfred walks in and Bruce tells him he plans to attend to Wayne Enterprise charity ball. Alfred goes to set out his tux. Bruce stops him and asks about people he killed in the Army. He asks if it was necessary. Alfred thinks he overheard the conversation between him and Reggie. He says yes it was necessary. Then he says he will get his cuff lings out for the ball. Bruce says he is still recovering. Alfred says Bruce can’t go alone. Bruce says he isn’t going alone. He is taking Selina Kyle. Alfred is surprised but looks pleased…and a bit amused. He says he will go but he will wait in the car. That is the deal. Bruce tells him to send some dresses and shoes to where Selina is staying.

Gordon and Bullock go to the clinic that the first Ogre victim worked at. They talk to the owner. The girl has just started working there. She had been recommended by a patient. The man won’t give the patients name. As they leave they see a car that they had previously seen in front of the precinct. It’s Jason, of course. He tries to run over them but they move in time.

At the precinct they tell the Captain what happened. Gordon gets a phone call. It’s Jason. He taunts him, calls him “the rising star of the GCP”. When he hangs up Gordon says he will show him he isn’t afraid.

Gordon talks to Lee outside the precinct. Lee says she agrees that this is the right thing to do. Gordon then talks to the press and tells them all about the Ogre and his victims. He speaks to the Ogre himself and says “you’re days of hiding are over”.

Barbara sorts her clothes looking for a dress to wear to the Wayne Charity Ball. Salina asks what she’s doing and she tells her. Selina says “I’ll probably see you there” and Barbara says “What?”. “I’m going with Bruce Wayne”…Barbara again says “What?” I don’t think Barbara knows anything about Selina. So this is likely the first she has even heard that show knows Bruce. About that time the delivery of dresses and shoes show up. Selina is skeptical about the heels. Barbara sets to work to help her get ready.

Bullock gets the patients name that recommended the victim for the job. They take off to the address of the surviving family, the Van Grut’ of the oldest families in Gotham.

Penguin’s mother is eating with Maroni in Penguin’s club. Penguin isn’t happy about this. Maroni asks him to join them.

Bruce shows up to pick up Selina. Barbara answers the door and introduces herself. Bruce says he didn’t know that Barbara is who she was staying with. He says that Detective Gordon has mentioned her. Barbara doesn’t comment on the mention of Gordon but says that Selina can be a little guarded. Selina comes out in her dress and heels. Her hair is clean and styled in cute curls and she is wearing makeup. Bruce is obviously impressed. She says the shoes hurt. They leave.

Gordon and Bullock enter the Van Grut house. They find an old man trying to hang himself in a doorway. He’s alive. Bullock tells Gordon to call it in while he checks the rest of the house. The man says “they told me but I was to slow”…Bullock goes upstairs calling for “Ms. Van Grut”. He finds photos with a boys face scratched out in all of them. He also find a dead woman in a bed. Dead for a very long time.

At the Wayne Charity Ball Bruce and Selina dance. All the adults stare, women seem to think they’re cute. Selina comments that everyone is staring. Bruce says “Well I am Bruce Wayne…(Selina gives him a look)…Well I am”. The man they are looking for, the one that hired Reggie, isn’t there.

Bullock is on the phone with the Captain. The man who tried to kill himself was the old ladies Butler. They believe the Butler is the father of the Ogre. They grill the man about who his son is and where he lives. The man insists the man made one mistake and that anything else is lies.

Back at the Wayne Ball, Bruce tells Selina that what happened last night, the murder, can never happen again. He says he will never cross that line and she says she would do it again if she had to and it wouldn’t bother her at all. He doesn’t hav time to comment on this as the man thy were waiting for shows up.

Nygma confronts Kringle’s boyfriend. He gives him a riddle. The answer is “love” and he then tells him he knows that he hurt Ms. Kringle. He threatens him if he ever hurts him again. The cop chastises Nygma for being inexperienced. He taunts him. Then he walks away. He calls Nygma “Riddle Man”

Jason shows up at the Ball and asks Barbara to dance.

The Butler is being questioned by the Detectives. He talks about how Mrs Van Grut doted on his son. He believed she was his real mother. That it was some big secret. The woman was deranged. She fed his fantasy. Then one day he confronts her. He wants to be acknowledged. He wants to use her name. She laughs at him. It was a big joke to her. He loses it and kills her. The Butler covered it up to protect his son believing it to be a one time thing. He was upset and the woman had been cruel to him. He says his son called and said the police was coming but he hasn’t seen him since he killed Mrs. Van Grut. The detectives tell him that his son has been seducing women and killing them. The Butler laughs. His son couldn’t seduce women. “You’ve heard of a face only a mother can love? His couldn’t. That’s why she left”, the man says. He pulls out two photos. The only ones he saved of his son that didn’t he scratched out. When Bullock tells the story to the Captains and shows her the photos she believes the man must not be the Ogre. Only Gordon thinks the man had plastic surgery. They go to the surgeon and ask for a photo of what he looks like now. They get one. We see his deformed face turn into the handsome face that is dancing with Barbara. Which we knew already, of course.

Penguin and his mother are still having dinner with Maroni. Maroni asks if his Mother is putting on an act. Is she really that stupid? Does she not know that her son is a cold blooded psychopath? He grabs her mothers head and says “you know, don’t know” and continues to badger her. She cries and hides her face into Penguin’s chest. Maroni threatens them then leaves.

Barbara asks Jason why he didn’t tell her he was coming. He says he wasn’t invited then. She asks if he is crashing. No, he says, I’m on the list. He made a huge donation to get an invitation. They flirt and there is legitimate chemistry between them. He says the way things ended was his fault but that he felt something with her. He says what she said, that people that see the real her run away. He had someone tell him something similar. He says he created the person he is. He scares of but she also looks intrigued. She doesn’t look scared the way his last victim looked scared.

Bruce talks to the man he was looking for while Selina lifts the key and presses into into a thingy that will let her make a copy. Then she slips it back to him.

Selina and Bruce see Barbara kissing Jason. Selina seems concerned but only mildly.

Nygma stops Kringle’s boyfriend outside his apartment. He tells the man to leave Ms. Kringle alone and to leave Gotham tonight. The man laughs. He knees Nygmaa in the crotch. He helps him up and tries to hit him again but Nygma stabs him…repeatedly. Hell Riddler….he looks worried but then laughs at his bloody knife. Just a wee bit of crazy there.

Penguin talks to his mother. She wants the truth but he tells her more lies. He insists he is a good man. He has done nothing wrong. He is nightclub owner and that is all. She seems to believe him…maybe. It is hard to tell. She says she is tired and she goes off to bed (I assume). Someone knocks on the door. It’s a flower delivery for Penguin’s mom from Maroni. Penguin breaks the vase then kills the delivery man.

They have Jason’s name. His real name and the fact that he uses the name Jason Van Grut. They get a shitty sketch of what he looked like ten years ago. It’s so plain that he could be almost anyone. When the Captain asks what Jason said when he called the Precinct and talked to Gordon he repeats and when he says the phrase “Rising Star of GCPD” he realizes that the paper that ran that article used an old photo. He wasn’t alone in the photo. It’s why Jason assumed Barbara was his girlfriend still. Gordon runs off (he does that a lot).

Gordon shows up at Barbara’s apartment. He talks to Selina. She tells him that Barbara left the Ball with some guy. She says the sketch looks kind of like it.

At Jason’s apartment, Barbara asks what is in one room. Jason says “see for yourself” and she goes in the room. It’s his torture room. She doesn’t look scared. She smiles at him when he comes in and touches her back.

It’s obvious this Barbara Kean isn’t becoming Barbara Gordon, the wife of James Gordon. They are changing a very important part of Jim Gordon’s story. Barbara Kean has seemingly always been his first wife (although her death or disappearance has changed over the years). Barbara Gordon, his daughter has often been his adopted niece but sometimes his daughter but it doesn’t look like Barbara Kean was ever not his wife. They seem to be turning her into a villain in this story, though. Could she be pregnant and Gordon will end up with the baby, Barbara, and lie to her about her mother? That would be a pretty cool history for Batgirl. And if Barbara IS going to come back as a villain….which villain will she be or is she a construct of the show?

121 The Anvil or the Hammer


This is a very long story-arc….in the 3rd part of this story involving the Ogre we start out with Jason and Barbara. She is still at his place. There is an echo of the morning after with Grace. He made breakfast. He has a day planned. He wants her to stay. She says she is leaving. She thinks he is playing a game. He tells her he isn’t playing a game. He isn’t pretending. Then he tells her the truth…He was pretending with her but not the way she thinks. The night they met he was going to kill her, he says. She says that isn’t funny but he keeps talking. He believes she is the woman he is searching for. He tells her to sit down and have breakfast with him. She tries to hit him and run away. His door is locked. He puts a hood over her head and says “So we do it the hard way”.

Gordon and Lee talk about Barbara. He says they haven’t found her body yet. So, she could be alive still. He feels guilty. He pressed the Commissioner who set the Ogre after him and then he pushed the Ogre and didn’t even consider that Barbara might be a target (why would he though? They haven’t been together for a while).

Bullock comes in with a guy that has been bragging on the streets about knowing who the ogre is. Although now he is saying he doesn’t know anything.

Nygma brings the cut up body of Ms. Kringle’s boyfriend INTO GCPD. He’s going to dispose of it somehow.

Gordon and Bullock question the man who was bragging on the street about knowing who the Ogre is. The man eventually admits that the he worked at the Foxglove and the Ogre was a regular. The Foxglove is an elite fetish sex club that is never in the same location twice. So, it’s not easy to find unless you know someone who can get you in. Gordon plans to ask Penguin for help.

Jason talks to Barbara. He tells her the first one was the hardest. “It wasn’t her fault” he says “she just wasn’t The One but I couldn’t let her go.”. Barbara is chained up in his torture room.

Alfred drops off a letter for Bruce that came by messenger. Bruce says “thank you” and then Alfred goes to leave. He is going to identify Reggie’s body. The letter contains the key that Bruce needs to access the safe in the office of the Wayne Enterprise Exec. It’s from Selina and has a note that says, “I hope you find what you’re looking for.”

Butch is in the bar that Penguin bought, the one frequented by Maroni. He’s hiding guns for the assassins to use to kill Maroni. Penguin is there, too. Gordon walks in as Butch is hiding the guns. He asks about the Foxglove. Penguin says their friendship is feeling a bit one-sided. Gordon offers another favor. Penguin starts to talk, obviously wanting more from him and Gordon grabs him and slams him against the bar. He says, “You think you know me. You think you know what I a capable of? You have no idea.” and Penguin agrees to help him find and get into the Foxglove.

Bruce is in Wayne Enterprise being led about by a guide giving him a spiel about the place. He asks to use the bathroom. When he is out of the site of the guide he pulls a fire alarm.

Gordon tells Bullock at the precinct where the Foxglove is. He was only given one ticket. He is sending Bullock in. Bullock is to find some reason to bust them and then Gordon will come in, too. Then they question people about the Ogre. It seems to be they could have kept it a bit more low key than that. They could have went in and asked a few people about the guy. Told them they don’t WANT to bring everyone in but they will if they have too. Probably could have gotten better info that way, I think. Maybe even tried to do it without breaking cover….I guess they’re in a hurry, though but some people won’t talk to cops if they’re already in trouble. So, my way just seems better to me.

Barbara is still tied up. Jason is telling her the place is sound proof but taking off her gag. She spits at him. He is telling her about how he feels and about the previous women he has had there. Barbara calls him a psycho and slaps him when she is unchained. She mentions Jim and he slaps her. He seems jealous…..probably actually cares about her in his own psychotic way. He also tells her he loves her and threatens to gut her if she tries to escape. He shows her all the women he has killed and she passes out but he tells her not to worry. He is going to set her free because she is the one.

Bruce hurries down the halls of Wayne Enterprises. He finds the right office but the safe is empty. The man comes in and says “hello Bruce. I’ve been expecting you” just as he opens the safe. He knew Selina took the key at the Ball. He offers Bruce cookies but Bruce says no. He says he knew Bruce was special and would need “the talk” early. Wayne Enterprises has been corrupt for generations. Profit above anything and anyone else. Each generation of Waynes are told this and expected to be fine with it. Bruce doesn’t believe his father would have went along with it. A man that is told to lead Bruce out tells him his father was a good man and that he wasn’t the man the company thought he was. He says his father was a “true stoic. He kept his best self hidden.”.

Nygma is dissolving the body in some kind of chemicals. Ms. Kringle comes by looking for case files. She looks and sees body parts but Nygma tells her it’s a case – accidental death at a factory. She asks if he has seen her boyfriend. He didn’t show for dinner which wasn’t unusual but she hadn’t seen him at work either. Nygma says no and hurries her out.

Penguin tells the assassins that the guns are in the bar and makes sure he knows the message to give Moroni. Penguin knows he will be there because a friend of his, a hitman, just got out of jail.

Bullock enters the Foxglove. Women in masks and lingerie are abound. As well as women in formal dresses, costumes, bondage ger and men in suits, costumes….pretty much anything fetish like they could get away with on network TV. A woman comes out on stage to announce the main attraction. We only see Bullock, the camera gets closer and closer to him, but we hear a woman laugh, a whip, a man scream,what sounds like a chainsaw and some kind of animal noises. Then Bullock says “Oh Hell No! GCPD. Nobody move! Especially you two!”, the last of that in reference to the man and woman on the stage.

Barbara is asleep on the couch. Jason is waking her up gently. She cries and cuddles up to him as he holds her. She asks if he is going to kill her. He says, “Do you want me to?” and she says “no”. “Then tell me who to kill”, he says. He seems to believe she is a killer like him. She says she can’t but he keeps asking and holding a knife to her throat.

Gordon walks into the Foxglove. He shows the sketch to the announcer lady. She won’t say anything. He threatens to call the media. The woman points him to a woman named Sally. She tells them about a man named Jason. He tied her up and gave her a scar on her face. She was an early victim before he was killing them. She reported him but she was a hooker and no one took her seriously. She gives a vague enough description for them to figure out where he had taken her. On the hope that he still lives in the same place – Gordon and Bullock take off.

The assassins come into the bar with the expensive liquor that Penguin showed to Gordon before. They say it is a gift from Falcone. They also tell him that Falcone sent them. They then try to kill him but both guns jam. Maroni tells them he is coming for Falcone and then he kills them.

A punk band plays Penguin’s club. Butch delivers the message to Penguin that Maroni is still alive. He then figures out that Penguin set them up. Penguin tells him he took the firing pens out of the guns. He set Maroni up to go after Falcone. He is trying to get them both out of the picture.

Nygma talks to the dead cops skull. He talks about writing a letter to Kringle to help her make better choices in the future. Then he puts the skull in a bag and beats it with a mallet.

Bullock and Gordon search Jason’s empty apartment. They find no evidence of Barbara so Bullock says maybe she was never there. Gordon insists she was there. He can smell her perfume. Bullock warns him they may not find them in time to save Barbara but they will find them. The phone rings and it’s Jason. He was alerted that someone triggered the alarm in his apartment. He assumed it was Gordon. Gordon warns him not to hurt Barbara. Jason says she is safe. Safer than she ever was with Gordon himself. After he hangs up Gordon and Bullock figure out that he was heading over a bridge (thumping in the background like when you cross a drawbridge) and that it was near a train track (Bullock heard a horn that sounded like a train horn). Only one bridge out of Gotham is near a train track. It’s the train heading upstate. Barbara’s parents live up state.

Jason and Barbara are already at her parents. Her parents are huddled on the couch. Barbara says “Jason please” but with little emotion. Jason says they are doing this for her.

Gordon and Bullock arrive at her parents. It’s is obvious some time has passed. A man is dead at the door and her parents are dead on the couch still seated together but having been stabbed. Barbara walks in. She has blood on her. She asks what Gordon is doing there. She is calm but seems a bit dazed. Bullock searches the house and Jason sneaks up behind him and pushes him down the stairs. Back to Gordon and Barbara, she says he isn’t supposed to be there and he asks where Jason is. Jason comes in then and they fight. Barbara watched curiously. Jason gets behind Barbara and holds a knife to her throat. After a bit of stand-off and Barbara telling Gordon to just leave them alone Bullock comes up behind them and distracts Jason. Gordon shoots him. Barbara doesn’t seem thrilled to be rescued.

Bruce is at his desk. Alfred comes in. Bruce asks about how it was identifying Reggie. Alfred is vague. Bruce then tells him the truth. He tells him about what happened with him and Selina and Reggie. Alfred then asks about the rest and Bruce tells him about the key and the things the man said at Wayne Enterprises. Alfred affirms that Bruce’s father was a good man. “Even good men have secrets,” Bruce says.

Gordon is being lauded a hero. Lee congratulates him. They talk. She was scared that Barbara would get hurt and Gordon would blame himself for protecting Lee first and that what they have would end. Gordon tells her that he loves her not Barbara and that if it happened again he would protect her first still.

Kringle is reading the letter Nygma sent addressed as if it is from her boyfriend. She tells him what it says, that her boyfriend left and doesn’t know when or if he is returning and she should move on. He makes a joke about reading between the lines. Then she leaves and he looks at the letter and chuckles. If you take the first letter of each line it spells “Nygma”.

Bruce puts a photo of his father on his board.

Falcone gets the assassins had delivered to him in a box, a Maroni liquor box.

More assassins and Maroni shoot up a business (presumably one owned by Falcone).

In the GCPD, the Captain announces the shooting war between Falcone and Maroni. Three businesses owned by Falcone were shot up at the same time. She cancels all other assignments to prepare for the fallout.

Falcone looks concerned but not surprised inside his office.

Penguin laughs in his club.

122 All Happy Families Are Alike


Selina warms her hand over a barrel fire with two other people. A boat with Fish Mooney at the head comes up to shore. She greets Selina, “Good morning Child.” Selina replies, “We ain’t children and it ain’t morning.”. Fish says, “oh it will be soon, a brand new day.”

Bruce hears on the radio about the Maroni/Falcone war. He breaks a photo frame. Alfred comes in and asks if he is looking for secrets or just breaking stuff. Secrets, Bruce says. They discuss his father. He would lock himself in his office often and play loud classical music. He is convinced the secret is hidden in that room. Alfred insists there is no secret or he would know. Bruce is determined.

Falcone gets out of his car at some kind of warehouse. There are chickens in cages. I guess he was buying chickens? Some men (or women?) pull up on a motorcycle and shoot some kind of RPG at his car. It blows up.

At GCPD, it’s a mess. A man salutes Gordon. Gordon tells him not to that as soon as things cool off he is likely fired.

Gordon walks in to Lee’s office as Lee is checking Barbara out. Lee tells her to get counseling. She says she is fine. She is happy to be alive. Lee again pushes trauma counseling. Barbara finally agreees but only ut Lee will be her counselor and it can be done at Barbara’s house. Lee agrees but reluctantly.

Bullock comes in announcing that Falcone is in the hospital. Alive but probably not for long. Support is shifting to Maroni. Gordon doesn’t think Maroni is capable of controlling the city.

Falcone wakes up strapped to a gurney. He yells, “hello” but no one comes. Penguin walks down the hallway at the hospital carrying flowers. He enters Falcone’s room with Butch (who is carrying a large gun). Falcone thinks he will help him but he is only there to gloat about starting the war and to say goodbye before Maroni’s men get there to kill him. He then seems to decide to kill him himself with a scalpel he picks up (or maybe that was always the plan? It’s hard to tell with Penguin). Penguin says he will be the king of Gotham. Falcone says no he will burn in hell. Penguin says, “You first, old man, you first.”..Gordon walks in and stops him. Penguin tells him to walk away but Gordon says they’re under arrest for attempted murder.

With Butch and Penguin handcuffed and Falcone unstrapped from the gurney they all talk. Penguin begs for Gordon to help him to be “on the winning side” but Falcone interjects that Maroni will not be able to replace him. A 1000 rivals will jump up to challenge him and he won’t be able to stop them. It will be a civil way. If Falcone dies Gotham will fall apart. Gordon agrees. Falcone says he needs 2 days to recover in his safe house and then he can stop all this. Penguin yells that they need to go because Maroni’s men are coming. Gordon calls Bullock. He says Falcone is “a bad man but he is the best bad man” out of their options. He asks for help to get him out of the hospital. The hospital is empty. Everyone left to let Maroni’s men come in to finish off Falcone. A man shows up in the hallway and asks what Gordon is doing. Gordon goes inside and tells Falcone he is the least worst option. If Gordon didn’t think Falcone could put some control back in the city then he would leave him to die, he says. He is going to leave with Falcone and let Penguin and Butch stay there handcuffed but Penguin points out that he arrested them. They are in his custody and his responsibility. He also reminds Gordon that he owes him a favor.

The Commissioner comes down the hall calling for Gordon. Gordon leaves the room (with Butch’s gun) telling Falcone to not kill Butch and Penguin. In the hall, Gordon and the Commissioner talk. Gordon tells him he hopes tp see him in jail or dead soon. The Commissioner says hope is for losers. He leaves telling the other men that Gordon is all theirs. They have a shoot out in the hall and then the lobby. Bullock shows up to help. Bullock, Gordon, Falcone, Penguin and Butch escape in an ambulance as Maroni is outside the hospital.

Bruce continues to scour his father’s office.

The ambulance pulls into a warehouse that Falcone says is safe. Selina, obviously redressed and given a haircut by Fish Mooney comes out and stops them. Then comes Fish with her people from the institute. Fish has cut her own hair and redressed in punk-goth attire. Fish sports spiky hair with half of it shaved. Fish has spikes stuck to her scalp on the shaved side. Selina’s hair is styled to look similar but not actually shaved.

Barbara and Selina talk. Barbara says that her life feels like a dream. All the things with Jason feel real but the present feels like a dream.

Fish talks to Butch. She speak tenderly. He seems unable to believe it is her. One of her men bring her a phone. It’s Maroni. She tells him she has something he wants.

Falcone, Penguin, Gordon and Bullock are tied up. Gordon tries to get Selina to help but she won’t. She doesn’t want to “blow the coolest gig ever.”. She sounds very much like a child playing pretend. She doesn’t sound like she understands much about life and death. Which I guess she doesn’t but also…she’s a little bit of a sociopath. Not insane or cruel but capable of being cold and logical when it suits her. I always liked that about Catwoman. Fish walks up and speaks to each of them. She tells them Maroni said she could all her territories back if she gives them Falcone’s head. Penguin gestures with his eyes at Butch. Butch says he is going to lie down. Fish snaps at Penguin about what he did to Butch. She expresses plans to kill Falcone and Penguin. She says something about “keeping it simple” with Gordon. Says her and Bullock are “cool”. Selina asks how she is going to kill them. Fish says “I love this girl.”

Barbara tells Lee that Jason could see right through her. He knew her from the first look. She says it was scary but thrilling. She says all great men are scary. She was way more scared of Gordon. Although she says Gordon was sweet and never laid a finger on her. She asks if he ever hits Lee. Lee says “no of course not why would he?” Barbara says “out of passion” and acknowledges that she knows Lee and Gordon are together. Lee is taken aback but Barbara says she is happy for them. She asks Lee of she is hungry and walks to the kitchen.

Maroni shows up at the warehouse. Penguin pleads for his life and grovels (cause that is what he does). He tells Fish to keep Falcone alive that Maroni will kill her once Falcone is gone. Maroni says he will not do that that he has no reason too. Fish is an underboss….she doesn’t like that. She says she won’t take orders like an underboss would. She says her and Maroni are partners. He agrees…..patronizingly. He is #1 and she is #2. He acts cocky and she is not happy but she stays calm as always. He starts giving a speech to his men. He patronizes Fish more and she finally shoots him. Fighting breaks out. Bullock (who was already free – Fish let him go. I assume) cuts Gordon and Falcone free.

Lee is still trying to get Barbara to talk about what Jason did to her. Barbara tells her she could go there but she isn’t sure Lee wants her to. She asks if Jim told her he loves her. Lee says he hasn’t (only that is a lie..) but Barbara says he will. Lee again prompts her to tell her what happened.

Bullock, Gordon and Falcone run away from the warehouse. Falcone informs Gordon he is done. He is out. He is going into hiding. He apologizes. He is letting Gordon down. He is letting the city down. He seems truly sorry. They hide in another warehouse. Bullock asks about going into hiding with Falcone. Selina finds Falcone, Bullock and Gordon and takes them back to Fish. Fish says she could be the new queen of Gotham. Falcone tells her he is retiring. She doesn’t believe him. Penguin bursts in firing a gun at everyone. He kills Fish’s men but she gets away. Gordon, Bullock and Falcone get in their car and leave. Penguin takes off after Fish.

Barbara is telling Lee about what happened with Jason. Only she seems to be leaving out information. She slept. He woke her. Then they went to her parents house. She says she didn’t know they were going there until they were halfway there. Once there Jason tied her parents up and made her tell them all about her problems from her childhood. She lists mostly trivial things – they didn’t support her etc etc etc. They wanted her to be someone else. She says “even when I was killing them they just gaped at me”. Lee tells her that Jason killed her parents. She didn’t kill them. Barbara insists she did. Lee looks frightened. Barbara slips her fingers to a knife and Lee jumps up to try to leave. Barbara won’t let her so she runs to the bathroom to try to call for help. Barbara is bursting a hole in the door. She comes in after her. They fight. Gordon walks in just as Lee has finally gotten Barbara knocked out.

Penguin looks for Fish. They fight on the roof…Sorry I don’t know how to describe fights well. So, “they fight” is about the best I can do. Butch shows up. Penguin orders him to shoot her. He fights the order but can’t. He shoots her but also shoots Penguin. Butch apologizes and cries and Fish says it’s ok. She says she loves him. Penguin knocks Butch away and throws Fish off the roof.

Penguin stands on the roof edge and screams, “I’m the King of Gotham.”

Ms. Kringle comes to see Nygme. She has solved his little hidden riddle. She noticed that his name is spelled out in her letter. He acts like it is odd coincidence. She seems unconvinced. She leaves and Nygma laughs. Then he is angry because he knows Ms. Kringle will keep prying and figure things out. He argues with himself.

Gordon walks out on to the clocktower balcony to talk to Falcone. They discuss Falcone’s departure. Gotham needs a lawman, Falcone says, not a criminal. He gives Gordon a knife he says Gordon’s father gave to him. Gordon didn’t know Falcone was close to his father. Falcone says they were at one time. His point, he says, is that Gordon’s father was the most honest man he ever met but he still carried a knife.

Bruce and Alfred talk. During which Bruce solves the man from Wayne Enterprises’ riddle. He finds a book with a remote in it. Bruce presses the single button on the remote and classical music plays. The fireplace also sinks backwards to reveal a hidden staircase.

And that’s where the show left us. They found the entrance to what will become the Batcave, Riddler is on his way to becoming Riddler, Penguin is already gaining power, Catwoman is already siding with the villains and Barbara Kean is not likely to become Mrs. Gordon.

I feel like they are sitting up Barbara to become a villain (if she survives) but I really don’t know for sure. They have taken her storyline and made it waay off of the comics. And even in the comics it sounds as if her story varies. I’m just wondering how Gordon gets a daughter named Barbara if he never marries Barbara. Unless they go with the storyline of Barbara Gordon who becomes Batgirl as being Gordon’s niece, not his daughter. Which is possible.


Season Two of Gotham Premieres September 21st.


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