TV Review: Minority Report Episode 101 “Pilot”

This show moves fast. Faster than Gotham does even and Gotham is one of the fastest moving shows I have ever seen. It’s the right pace for this type of show, though. A lot of crime drama moves fairly slow and it hurts it’s appeal for some people, I think. The faster pace suits the current television audience much better, I think.

Of course, that probably won’t save this show from getting cancelled. It looks super expensive. Plus, it’s on the FOX network. Don’t get me wrong, it IS a good show but super expensive + FOX usually means quick cancellation unless it’s a HUGE hit. I just don’t see this show being THAT big of a hit.

Plus, I like the show and new shows I like never last very long.

Anyway, This show is a direct sequel to the Tom Cruise movie. The show’s main character is Dash. He is one half of the twin precogs. We learn that the precogs left their reclusive cabin. Well, at least the twins did. We only see Agatha on a hologram phone call. We aren’t told where she is but it sounds like she may still be at the cabin.

Arthur has adjusted better to the outside world. He’s also been there longer having left first. He seems to be rich and possibly powerful. He used his gift to get to where he wants to be. He is only seen briefly when Dash and the detective, Lara Vega, go to ask him for a favor. He gets the names of the murderers where as Dash only gets flashes of things. They need the name.

The nuances of Dash’s behavior are portrayed really well by Stark Sands. He is always a bit anxious and awkward but he is better when not around lots of people. Around other people he is jumpier and more awkward. It’s a subtle difference but it adds a lot to the character. It makes sense that he wouldn’t do well with people. He doesn’t have much experience with them and he gets random flashes of their future. Awkward would be a guarantee. It’s surprising he isn’t worse.

The episode sets up the premise of a crime drama with a sci-fi twist. Much like the movie but with the precogs voluntarily participating. Well, one of them anyway.

It’s early. So, it could be awesome or it could get boring fast (if it lasts long enough) but I really liked this first episode.

Minority Report airs Monday nights on Fox. 


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