TV Review: Bones Episode 1101 “The Loyalty In The Lie”

I almost didn’t even watch this episode. I haven’t been a fan of this show for several seasons now. At best it’s been boring and at worst it’s been eye-rollingly ridiculous. I decided to reluctantly give a shot.

It’s the best episode in years.

Booth leaves for work telling Brennan and the kids (including a new baby boy I didn’t catch a name for) “goodbye”. Later in the day the Jeffersonian catches a case of a man burnt in a car. The gun on the body turns out to be registered to Booth and the basic features of the body match his.

Of course it isn’t him but a lot of shit is going on that isn’t kosher. Brennan assists on the investigation and an internal affairs agent comes in to investigate as well. By the end of the episode things are even more confusing than they started but Booth is alive for the moment.

They have done the main-character-may-be-a-bad-guy thing a few times before and the Booth-or-Brennan-vanishes-and-the-other-doesn’t-know wha- happened thing has been done before. So, this should feel as tired and ridiculous as the rest of the times it’s happened but it doesn’t. The writing and pacing were perfect and kept me interested. I don’t know if the writing team changed or what exactly is different but there is a difference. Everything feels fresher than it rightfully should considering it isn’t a new story twist. Which is definitely a sign of excellent writing of a caliber this show hasn’t had in a long time.

I am now looking forward to seeing where they go with this. If they kill off Booth or if he leaves for some other reason..honestly…I would be ok with that. It sucks for Brennan to not get a Happy Ending but it’s not like she believes in Happy Endings anyway. I feel like the more the show has focused on the relationship between Booth and Brennan the worse it has gotten. Maybe moving away from that would be best.

If they don’t move away from that, I can live with that too, as long as the writing stays this good. This is the first show so far this season to really surprise me in a good way. 🙂


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