TV Review/Recap: Castle Episode 802 “XX”

Okay, I’m going to start right out by saying I did not like this episode. I don’t like the direction it takes and I don’t like how it ends. I think it makes Kate look stupid and petty when nothing in the previous history of the show makes her seem that way. I’m sure they did what they did for production reasons and not actual story reasons and it shows.

That said…here’s what happens.

Kate stands at the window thinking about when she saw Castle in the previous episode. Tears run down her face. Vikram asks if she is sure they are safe there. She says “no” but points out that there is no paper work or anything connecting the building to her. It was seized by the NYPD in a drug bust. They should be safe for a few days but it’s not like she is absolutely sure no one can trace them there. Vikram comments about starving to death because there is no food there. Kate says a bullet will kill him  before starvation does. Vikram shockingly isn’t comforted by that. He goes on talking about why he took the job at the AG office. Kate talks about how she had expected her day to go.

As they talk we see operative assassins pulling up to and sneaking into the building.

Vikram and Kate go into separate rooms to get ready for bed. Kate washes her face in the bathroom, sitting her gun on the counter. She walks back out of the bathroom remembers her gun and starts back to get it…only to hear people at the door. She runs down the hall shouting for Vikram and as the assassins burst in shooting.

I really don’t buy that Kate would forget her gun on the bathroom counter…..has she ever forgot her gun…..ever? Didn’t she carry her gun on dates more than once? And am I remembering this wrong or did she have it beside her once while taking a shower? Yet, she forgets it on the counter while being on the run from government assassins? Yeah…not buying it.

Kate and Vikram run down stairs in the building. They’re stopped by an assassin but rescued by an older women who says there is no time for chit chat. She leads them to a car outside. Kate refuses to get in until she is told who the woman is. The woman says “You can call me Rita. I’m Castle’s step mother. Now we really have to go”.

Castle and Alexis discuss what they know about the situation Kate is in. Alexis says her team from the Attorney General’s office was killed. Yesterday she got a call from the new hire at the AG. Alexis suggests maybe she kept in touch with her old team. Castle comments that he wouldn’t have believed she would keep something like that from him a couple days ago but now after this it seems more likely. Martha comes in with coffee and Hayley. Hayley wants to help find Kate. She’s already tapped into contacts to help find Kate on surveillance cameras all over the city.

Rita tells Kate about Vikram about how she has been married Jackson for 10 years but it’s a secret due to their dangerous jobs. She wants to know details about what is happening and has happened to Kate and Vikram since this started.

18 Hours Ago – Kate opens the bracelet from Castle. Her phone rings. It’s Vikram giving her an emergency alert classification code. He tells her to meet him and tell no one. She pretends he was a telemarketer and leaves to go to her meeting with Vikram, lying to Castle about it being a meeting at 1PP.

Kate arrives at the building she is meeting Vikram at. She progresses into the building slowly, gun drawn. She finds Vikram and searches him for a weapon. He tells her about all of her former team being murdered. She asks why they can’t go to the FBI and/or NSA. He says they can’t trust anyone. Around that time they hear people coming in. Vikram accuses Kate of being responsible for people finding them. Kate says she told no one about the meeting.

Kate and Vikram run.

Lots of running in this episode. You’d think it was Doctor Who.

Kate shoots all the men, getting shot in the process (which we already knew) and they run and take someone’s car. Kate tries to make a call but Vikram won’t let her. He says anyone she calls will be murdered. They stop at a dry cleaners and lock the employee in the back. Kate sews up her wound and Vikram drinks a soda but tells her he needs insulin. He tells her what he knows about what is going on. A pending interagency database search from two years ago generated a result, a redacted classified memo between an official of some kind and Senator Bracket. It was a search Kate had tried when she first joined the agency but she never got a hit and she didn’t know the search was still active. The search result triggered, seemingly, some kind of fail safe protocol and resulted in her whole team being murdered.

I know the cases and crimes on Castle aren’t always genius level or anything and that is fine. I always loved the show and I didn’t need complicated and perfect crimes. However, since this episode pissed me off I now want to nitpick the hell out of it and I think this whole thing is flimsy and it irritates me. It’s like they’re trying to make something simple and only half explained seem like genius.

Honestly, I’m sure it will be all explained eventually….a lot of it is even explained further in this episode and I’m sure it’s a perfectly decent storyline but this episode just annoys me.

Vikram and Kate go to see Former Senator William Bracken in prison. She isn’t thrilled with seeing him. She had wanted all of this to be behind her. Vikram tells her that the memo was mostly redacted but that their was one word in the margins, “LocSat”. He tried to look it up but a search came up blank. He forwarded it to another member of the team and 12 hours later she was dead. Bracket shows up. She tells him about the dead agents. He doesn’t seem to know anything. When she mentions “locsat” he gets freaked out. He says she has put a target on his back and she is likely not going to survive long herself. He then leaves.

Castle, Esposito and Ryan watch the security tape of Kate talking to the former senator. They realize that “locsat” is what freaks him out. They know that Kate will be trying to figure out what it means and why it scared Bracken. So, if they figure it out it will be the key to finding Kate. Esposito and Ryan go to talk to Bracket. Castle is supposed to wait for the assistant AG who is coming down. He calls Alexis. She has a lead and Castle wants her to stop pursing it. She refuses to stop. She is an adult and Kate is family. She hangs up.

Alexis and Hayley discuss their plan.  They plan to go talk to the head of security at the New Amsterdam hotel to get a look at their footage. They want to know why Vikram was there.

16 Hours Ago – same location, New Amsterdam Hotel. Kate and Vikram need a copy of the memo that started all of this. Vikram is to hack the triple firewall backup of the agency using the internet at the hotel. Kate chose a public space with four exists intentionally to allow for fast escape if they are tracked faster than they can get what they need and leave.

See? Kate is smart. I like Kate.

Alexis and Hayley watch Vikram go into the hotel and Kate move their car on the hotels security videos. Vikram goes to the bar and orders whiskey. Sitting at the bar he sets up his laptop and starts the process of hacking the AG offices database. Alexis and Hayley fast forward the video. They (and Kate) see a black SUV pull up in front of the hotel. Kate tells Vikram to get out the assassins are there. Vikram needs more time. Kate tells him he has 15 seconds.  The assassins enter the hotel. Kate continues to rush Vikram on the walking talkie. He gets what he needs and leaves through a different exist.

Alexis comments on how close that was and Hayley says it’s to bad they can’t see what he was doing. Alexis has the video tech rewind the tape. She zooms the video into a mirror. They can see the memo.

I do still love the addition of Alexis to the investigations. I love Alexis and I love them giving more opportunities to further development the character.

Kate follows the assassins as they leave and drive away.

Kate enters an apartment in West Chester NY with Vikram and Rita. She tells Rita what happened at the warehouse that she followed the assassins, too. They showed up with Castle and she stopped them as soon as she could. Then she went to the apartment building where Rita found them. Rita tells them there is a dirty analyst inside the CIA. She’s been trying to catch them but every time she gets a lead it disappears. Kate asks for the connection to Bracken. They were partners. The partner was using the CIA resources to help Bracken import drugs to sell to fund his campaign. This is how he got away with what he was doing for so long. Now the CIA partner is trying to ensure he never gets caught.

Points for covering a former semi-plot hole of how a lowly senator was getting away with drug snuggling on such a grand scale.

Ryan and Esposito go to question Bracken. After Castle visited him he attacked a guard and was put in solitary. Bracken was likely trying to protect himself. He figured solitary was his safest bet. Only, not so much. They find him dead in his cell. Like…super bloody dead.

Rita checks her phone and informs Kate and Vikram that William Bracken was killed in prison. She tells them that this changes things, she tells them. Now, the only way for them to stay safe is to go on the run until she finds the dirty CIA agent. If she ever finds them. The lives they have been living are over Rita tells them.

I don’t understand why Bracken being killed changes anything for Kate and Vikram…Did I miss something?

Allison Hyde from the AG office is at the precinct when Ryan and Esposito get back from the prison. Esposito tells her that the security cameras in solitary were turned off. They don’t have a lead of any kind on who killed Bracken. Hyde tells them she isn’t there to take over the case. She then asks where Richard Castle is. They don’t know. She says he is there best source for finding Castle if he can be trusted. Ryan says he can be trusted and wants to find Kate more than anyone. Hyde asks if they are sure he has been telling them everything. They’re not.

Alexis and Hayley show Castle the memo from Vikram’s laptop. There isn’t much to the memo since most has been blacked out. They see “loksat”written in the margins and a smudged word after it they are able to sharpen and read as “2011BD”. Castle gets a call from Esposito asking where he is and what he’s doing. He tells him he’s at his office working on nothing. Espo tells him the assistant AG is there and wants to talk to him. Castle tells him that it would take him ages to get there and it’s easier to talk on video chat. He tells Hayley and Alexis to get out of sight and that he isn’t going to tell the police about the memo for the safety of everyone. People are getting killed left and right over it and it’s best to just keep quiet.

Allison Hyde thanks Castle for helping on the case in DC. She never met him but she read the case files. Hyde tells Castle that Vikram lied about his identity. He forged papers to get his job. They suspect he is dangerous and they aren’t sure what he is involved in (those are implied more so than said out right).

Vikram is cooking and Kate comes in and tells him she won’t run but that she he should. She says she owes it to the rest of the team that were murdered over the memo to stick things out and that she isn’t letting someone run her away from her life. Vikram says he will stay, too. He says he feels safer with her. Rita comes in to ask if they’re ready. Kate tells her they’re staying. Rita gives her a card and tells her to when she finds the CIA agent who is behind everything to call the number and tell them she needs her curtains cleaned. Rita leaves, “Just us again. What do we do?” Vikram says. Now we figure out what the hell Locsat 3011BD means, “ Kate answers.

Alexis, Castle and Hayley brainstorm, at his office, what it could mean. Kate and Vikram, West Chester, go over what information they have and what all of that could mean. Kate says “Locsat” is a code name. She suggests that 2011BD could be a transportation method. At the same time Castle and Kate say it’s the tail number on an airplane.

Kate and Vikram show up at a airplane yard. She hands Vikram a gun asking if he knows how to use one. They find a guy working on a plane. Kate says they’re there about “locsat” and he pretends to not know what that means. She tells him its the codename for illegal drugs being smuggled in on an airplane. He insists he doesn’t know anything. She tells him if she gets to 5 and he hasn’t answered anything he is dead. She starts counting and asking questions.

  1. Who is in charge os locsat? The man still insists he knows nothing.

Two…Three….Four….the man says okay he will tell them everything. Vikram raises his gun and Castle charges into the room and attacks Vikram as Vikram shoots the man they were questioning.

Vikram insists the other man was reaching for a gun. Castle tells Kate that Vikram is lying about who he is. Hayley comes in and points out that the man they were questioning does actually have a gun. Vikram insists whoever is at the heart of the memo is trying to discredit him. Kate believes Vikram. When Castle tries to tcontinue to argue Kate tells him to shut up and kiss her. Hayley tells them they may want to do that later. She also says she is leaving. Castle asks about her hacker but she says if the hacker is involved in all of this then she is done with that case. She isn’t being paid enough to get more involved in this.

Vikram, Castle and Kate arrive at the P.I. office. Castle asks why she lied to him. She explains that she couldn’t tell him to truth. It would have broken protocol of the distress code Vikram gave and it also would have put him in danger. Castle is because he has “seen this before”…..I assume her being dishonest and investigating things alone.

Ryan and Esposito are at the office now and have been filled in on what’s going on. Kate and Vikram insist they can’t help them. There is no helping them. Castle has a suggestion, though. Locsat fears exposure they can’t control. He has a plan to lure them out.

Kate and Castle announce that they’re doing an exclusive interview on television. While waiting at the office for the interview, assassins show up. The man says he has never worked so hard to kill one person in his entire life (dude….lazy assassin what the fuck?). Before he can shoot the secret room door slides open and Ryan and Esposito shoot the man with tasers. He goes down. Kate grabs the guys phone. It’s encrypted with military encryption. As they talk about the phone Hayley shows up with her hands in the air. “Hey guys, a funny thing happened on the way to airport.” she says. A guy walks in behind her with a gun. He tells Ryan and Espo to drop their guns. They do. The man walks Hayley forward. Castle slams his fist into his desk triggering his gun to pop out. Hayley jumps out of the way and Castle catches the gun this time and the man is shot. He’s wearing a vest but he goes down.

At the precinct Kate tells Allison Hyde to please use any intel she receives from the men to take down locsat. Hyde says she will and asks Kate to return to Washington. Kate says no. She likes it where she is. Castle does a cute little intro to Kate as Captain and Kate gives a little speech then tells everyone to get back to work. Vikram comes in about then saying he cracked the phones encryption. It only had texts and calls from one number, a government cell registered to Allison Hyde. They to stop them from leaving but they’re already out. They go to Allison Hyde’s hotel after learning from her team that she should be there.

She’s there but dead. Vikram asks if things are really over, Kate doesn’t look like she thinks so.

Hayley says goodbye to Alexis. Alexis asks if she can call her sometime for advice or to talk about the Bachelor. Hayley says she would like that.

Rita is behind Kate on the street. Kate asks if she needs anything or if she’s checking up. Rita says she is happy she is alive. They talk about Allison Hyde. They know she isn’t really the person behind locsat. She was a scapegoat. Rita says she will figure it out. She tells Kate to go home to Castle. Then she sees that Kate won’t drop it. She tells Kate she has to let it go. Locsat will leave her alone. She can live her life. If she loves Castle she needs to let it go. Otherwise she could get him killed. She says the deaths so far were not her fault but anymore will be if she keeps pursuing it.

Kate comes in to Castle cooking dinner, smorelets (whatever that is). Kate has a suitcase. Castle asks what she is doing. She gives some stupid spiel about having to go figure things out so they can actually have their happily ever after. He says leaving isn’t the way to fix things. He says he can help her. She asks if she trusts him. She says she has to do this on her own. She says she hopes he will take her back after this is done. She says she will always love him, kisses him and leaves. Then cries outside the door. Then turns around giving a fierce but still teary look and walks off.

uuuuuuuuuuuUUUGGGHhhhhhhuuuuugh. So, stupid. Not only do her actions make no sense for the character but they don’t even make sense within the context of the story. How the fuck is anyone within locsat going to know that she isn’t working with Castle? They will know she is or at least was married to him. They could go after him (and Alexis and Martha) regardless. They probably WOULD go after him regardless. Not to mention that Castle (and/or Alexis….probably Alexis) will keep investigating anyway. Either out of annoyance, curiosity or to bring Kate back. Thinking she is protecting them by leaving Castle is stupid. She is smarter than that. She knows Castle better than that.  Everything locsat has done so far have shown that this will not work. So she also knows the case better than that. The only thing that makes sense would be that she WANTED to leave Castle and I don’t buy that and I don’t buy that at all and if it is the direction they are taking the story I don’t agree with it at all.

This is the first episode of Castle ever that I adamantly hate. I haven’t loved every episode ever but I’ve never outright hated one. I’ve never hated a direction they take the story. I would have preferred the show have ended at the end of last season than to go on without Kate or without Kate and Castle together. I am extremely against this storyline direction and if it isn’t resolved and reversed quickly I can’t guarantee I will even continue to watch the show. I loved that this show had maintained quality of writing for so long. I apparently spoke to soon.

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