TV Review/Recap: Fear The Walking Dead Episode 106 “The Good Man”

I’m not 100% satisfied with this episode but I’m not angry by it either. I’ll watch next season. This wasn’t a horrible ending. I mean…I would have liked it more if Travis had died but there is always next season.

I’ve decided to do an episode recap of this one since it’s the finale. You will have to pardon some of my comments in regards to the things I didn’t like about the episode. I’m still not 100% sold on the show and that makes me hypercritical about it. I really can’t help it. I’ll get better if the show continues to improve next season.

As we start out the 2000 zombies are still locked in the arena. We see the doors bulge and we hear them moan and snarl. We know Javier has plans for them, though.

Maddie and Travis are packing food. Alicia and Chris come in to the kitchen. Maddie tells them to pack. They’re going back to their original plan of driving out of the city, The soldiers are retreating and it’s not safe to stay. Chris asks about his mom. Travis assures him that they are getting her and Nick before they leave. Chris asks “How?”

Travis and Maddie go to talk to Javier. He says the soldier has given them all that he can. Travis insists they still need him. The soldier is trying to talk. So Maddie removes his gag. He is telling them that they don’t know how to navigate the compound to find their family. Travis says he goes with them. Maddie insists he ride with Travis. Travis accuses her of being ashamed and not wanting the kids to see, Maddies says, “If Chris were in trouble you’d do anything to save him wouldn’t you?”

Would he? He seems unable to react or act rationally to me. I don’t think he would capable of saving Chris is he needed help that involved any tough decision that required planning. Rash emotional reactions he can do but not tough thought out choices.

Javier tells Ophelia that they are going to get her mother. Ophelia asks about the soldier. Javier assures her they’re bringing him with them. She accuses him of lying to her her whole life (which he has). All that time she thought her Father has been tortured but he had been the one doing the torturing.

I really don’t like Ophelia….I still think she is useless and characters who are useless either get killed or end up getting someone else killed. Or both.

Maddie walks through the kitchen with suitcases. She brushes her hand across a white board and reads it. It seems to have height marks on it. She walks outside where Alicia is waiting by the car. Maddie tells her to get in. She sees a neighbor walking a husky. Ophelia asks whats wrong. Maddie says the neighbors don’t know what’s going on. Ophelia hmphs. She says they didn’t help them when the soldiers came for her mother and Nick.

That’s a tad unfair. The neighbors couldn’t exactly stop armed soldiers from taking people. Had they tried they would have been taken or killed. It wouldn’t have really cost them anything to suggest to the neighbors that maybe they should evacuate. Most wouldn’t have listened but suggesting wouldn’t have hurt anything. *shrug* I’m all for putting yourself and your loved ones first but if helping someone costs you nothing then I say help them.

Liza and the head nurse rush around trying to ready patients for transport. Liza asks about Chris and her family. The other woman asks who counts as family? Liza says “a boy needs his father” and the woman points out that the father will want his girlfriend and girlfriend will want her kids. Liza wants at least Chris and Travis.

Travis readies the truck to leave. The soldier pleads with him. He is insisting that Javier is going to kill him. “Is that what you think he did in El Salvador? Torture and Release?” he says. Travis argues that Javier and Maddie did what they had to do. He insists he was kind. He did nothing wrong. He says he will tell Travis where they need to go. He begs him to release him.

You know….as much as I WANT to argue that Travis always makes the wrong decisions, the solder makes sense. He didn’t do anything to them. He hasn’t given them any reason to think he would do anything to hurt them. He couldn’t even mess up their plan at this point. There isn’t any reason not to release him.

Maddie, Alicia and Chris are in Maddie’s car. Javier and Ophelia (I guess?…I’m not sure exactly where Ophelia is) are in one car and Travis is in his truck. He let the Soldier go. They get to the gate and it’s deserted. Javier activates it to open it. Chris comments on the gate being deserted. “They just abandoned us,” he says.

Seeing as how they could have exterminated them all like vermin I think abandoning is the preferred option here.

Soldiers outside the compound are on a turret discussing the floundering chain of command. They see Javier walking up with a flashlight. They determine he isn’t infected. They shout a warning but he keeps walking forward. They say that they don’t want to shoot him. “You should save your ammunition,” Javier says. The horde of zombies start shambling forward following Javier.

That first reveal of the horde is kind of disappointing. I had hoped for a helicopter shot of them all swarming out of the arena. No budget for it I guess or they just preferred the slow reveal. Easier to digitally add some of those zombies, too. I just felt like our first real horde in this show should have had a spectacular first reveal. *shrug*

However, Javier leading a 2000 strong zombie horde at a leisurely shuffle like the Pied Piper from Hell is absolutely awesome.

The soldiers start firing. We see how far down the street the horde reaches. You can’t see the end of them. They head straight toward the gate, sensing the heat and the living inside, I assume, as well as being drawn by the sound of the gunfire.

Being drawn by gunfire isn’t the best tactic for survival. I know they’re just drawn by noise in general but still..I guess zombies can’t evolve though since they don’t breed and they don’t seem to ever learn anything (with the exception of the Romero zombies which do seem to be evolving and learning in some of the films). So, they’ll keep being drawn by gunfire.

Javier rendezvous with the others in the parking garage under the compound. He tells them he led the horde to the North Gate. While the soldiers are distracted they will go into the compound and find Nick and Javier’s wife. They all plan to go in except Chris and Alicia. Alicia and Chris are told to wait in the SUV and if they’re not back in 30 minutes to leave.

Strand, the suited man from last week, sits in his cell with Nick. Nick paces. He’s bored. Strand tells him to pretend he is somewhere else with a needle in his arm. They talk about Los Angeles neighborhoods. Then they hear all the gunfire. Strand determines it’s time to go. He can’t find the key. Nick has it. Nick hands it to Strand.

Handy little pick pocket there….was that how they got the key to begin with? I think I missed that somehow…

Outside on the roof Liza watched a helicopter circle above them. The other nurse says they won’t land because the compound is compromised.

Also outside Maddie sees some zombies going into a gate as Javier cuts another gate.

The other nurse tells the evac team on a walkie that the compound is secure. They say they are assessing. She goes back inside and tells the rest of the people to go. She says the transports are outside. Liza asks if the evac team if coming. The nurse tells her no. Liza asks about Chris. The nurse tells her if they haven’t already gotten him then they’re not going to. The nurse looks like she is in shock as she watched the helicopter fly further away. She tells Liz to “go. run!”.

Chris and Alicia wait in the SUV. Chris gets out stating that “this is crazy” and Alicia assures him they’ll come back. If they can’t get in they’ll come back. “And leave the others?” Chris says. “You’d rather they all die?” Alicia says. Chris doesn’t want anyone to die. They hear noise from the other side of the parking compound.

Strand and Nick walk through the cages. People shout for help. Swift says they can’t help them. They leave. Swift says they’re going to find a ride. Then they’re going to Abigail. Nick asks who is Abigail.

Chris and Alicia hide in the SUV. Three soldiers are walking around the parking compound. A window breaks and they’re both pulled out. The soldiers want the SUV. Chris won’t give them the keys. They offer to take them with them. Chris says no still. The soldiers start rough housing with them. Alicia gives them the keys. They grab her and ask if she is sure she doesn’t want to come. Chris pushes them. They hit him. He hits back and they knock him out. Alicia looks scared.

“A” for effort there Chris. At least you tried. That’s better than what your Dad has done through the entire series.

Javier, Travis, Maddie and Ophelia walk through the compound.

Travis calls the Soldier Adam here…didn’t they call him Andy before?…

Out front all is going to hell. Soldiers shoot and zombies swarm.

Liza runs through the compound. She comes out into the mayhem. The soldiers are loading trucks for export. Zombies are pushing against the fences. A soldier tries to pull Liza into a truck but she changes her mind and doesn’t go. She sees a soldier get gnawed on by a zombie and then he runs into a helicopter blade on purpose. The zombies knock down the fences. The guard tower falls. Liza runs back into the compound. The zombies swarm forward.

Nick and Strand walk through the compound barely avoiding some soldiers rushing by. They go the way the soldiers came from, shutting a door behind them that arms and locks.

Whhhyy would you go in a direction form which people are running? I think I’d assume something bad is that way…I’m assuming they don’t know where they are going….just a thought….maybe don’t run the direction everyone else is running? It usually leads to an exit. At this point I doubt the soldiers give a shit and would likely ignore them.

There are zombie soldiers in the direction they go. Strand goes forward toward one that is laying down. He tells Nick it’s okay. “They’re slow.” he says. He takes his diamond cufflinks from the guard he traded them to telling him to keep the watch. He also takes the guy’s gun as a small horde comes around the corner toward them.

Travis and company reach the room with the cages. She calls for Nick and Ophelia and Javier call for Griselda. A man tells Maddie where they saw Nick go. She tries to free some of the people and succeeds but they have to go quickly to find Nick.

Nick and Strand get back to the door they came through finding it locked. Nick tries to knock it open while Swift comments that “That’s unfortunate.”. He tries to find another door but the zombies are coming closer.

Liza enters the compound into the cage room as people are running out.

Swift shoots some of the zombies but there are more zombies than he has bullets.

Travis and the others rush up to the door and see Nick. They start trying to get the door open. Nick tells his Mom to leave. He says to “go” but she won’t. Liza runs up and starts trying to use her card to get the door open. She finally gets it open just as the zombies reach them. Nick and Strand run through and they all run away quickly. They slip through the kitchen and the supply room. A zombie stops Liza and she grapples with it. More show up. They fight. They kill several of them and then run again. Liza asks about Chris. Travis assures her he is safe. She asks where and he tells her he is waiting in the parking garage with Alicia. They keep making their way through the compound. Strand bars a door shut to slow down the horde. Maddie finally notices him and asks who he is. Nick tells her and adds, “He saved my life.”

As they go through a locker room Javier pulls Liza aside and asks about Griselda. Liza tells him that the infection in her foot killed her. Ophelia wants to see her but Liza tells them there isn’t anything left to see. She says she’s sorry. They all keep moving.

In the medical ward Maddie takes supplies. Medications mostly. They all look at the bodies..the former patients all with holes in their head. The nurse has killed them all. She’s still there. Travis says she can come with them but asks her how they can get out. She won’t go with them but she tells them how to get out. Liza tries to coax her to come but she won’t. Maddie urges her to come on.  They all leave. The nurses pulls out the gun that she used to kill the patients, the device used to lobotomize livestock that she showed Liza before. We don’t see what she does with it but since all her patients are dead already I assume she plans to use it on herself.

As they walk Maddie tells Liza they are heading to the desert. She says it should be safe. Strand says it isn’t. Maddie asks him what he suggests. He says “go west” he has a home on the water with supplies he had prepared.

As they leave the compound building they see the piles of ash and bones of the burned bodies of those that died in the compound. Ophelia cries and Javier tries to comfort her.

They all enter the parking garage calling for Chris and Alicia. They see that the car is gone and yell despite Javier’s warning that the dead will hear. Alicia and Chris come out of hiding. Javier announces they must leave. And out comes Soldier boy from behind a car with a gun. Ophelia speaks to him (she calls him Andy and Andrew). Soldier boy is pointing the gun and Javier but then moves and shoots Ophelia. Travis jumps him and beats him to death. Well, close to death.

See? Emotional over reaction. He can’t handle the violence when it’s necessary or helpful but he can do this. *sigh*  He just pissed him off more. At this point they should have killed him. Although he also should have stayed away from them instead of being an idiot. Why is everyone so stupid on this show?

They drive down the empty highway. They pass some staggering zombies. Strand tells them to not drive downtown because there will be to many. He leads them down the empty streets and into the cement waterway (I don’t know what it’s officially called..). They drive down that and pass a burnt car with a zombie that looks very near alive despite being trapped in a car and being disfigured.

They arrive at Strand’s fancy beach house. He has generators running his electricity. So, his alarm and coded entry system still works. He tells them to help themselves if they’re hungry. It really is a beautiful house. But it’s kind of empty. It looks like a real estate show house. It doesn’t look like a place someone lives but that makes sense for Strand.

Nick is looking out at the ocean and Maddie approaches and apologizes for letting them take him. Nick laughs her off but touches her arm in comfort. Maddie asks him whats wrong and he says he feels strange. “Well, we’re spinning off the planet”, Maddie says (…seriously no one talks like this that I have ever met). She says they don’t know where they’re going. Nick says he never knew where he was going. “It’s like I’ve been living this for a long time And now everyone is catching up with me”, Nick says. He says it’s strange. Maddie doesn’t respond. They look out at the ocean.

Liza patched up Ophelia’s wound. She tells her she can survive this.


Chris asks Liza how Ophelia is. Liza says she will be fine. She tells him she loves him and she walks out. Maddie sees her and follows her. She has left the house. Maddie follows her out.

Nick walks in to Strand’s room where he is packing. Nick asks where he is going. He says he will stay in constant motion, Nick asks what they’re supposed to do. Can they stay at his house. Strand says no no one stays.

Travis sees Maddie walking over the dunes. He follows her.

Nick asks Strand about Abigail. He asks why they came there. He asks if Strand is insane. Strand says the only way to survive in a mad world is to embrace the madness. “Is that a Yes?,” Nick asks. Strand shows him a boat through a pair of expensive binoculars. That is Abigail.

Maddie catches up with Liza and asks her what’s wrong. Liza shows her a bite on her side. She pulls out a gun. She wants Maddie to do it. She doesn’t think she can do it herself and she doesn’t want Travis to have to do it. Maddie takes the gun as Travis runs up and asks what’s going on. They fill him in. He stammers stupid things as usual (sorry..I really don’t like him). Liza tells them to tell Chris she shot herself. She tells Travis what happens when you are bitten. She also tells them that everyone comes back no matter how you die. She tells Travis to take care of Chris, to protect him (she would have been better off asking Maddie to protect him). Maddie hand the gun to Travis when he reaches for it.

Chris and Alicia are eating popsicles on the porch and hear the gun shot. They run toward it. Nick and Strand hear it as well from Strand’s room. Javier and Ophelia are on the couch and also look up at the sound.

Travis kneels down in the ocean. Chris and Alicia find Liza’s body. Chris cries over her. Maddie kneels behind Travis in the ocean and hold him as he cries.

An overhead view pans outward. Something floats in the water…It’s red and doesn’t look like bodies but I’m not sure what it is or what it is supposed to mean. It could be dead fish, I guess? Whatever it is there is a whole thick line of it that would have to be crossed to get out into open ocean.

Only one casualty? Really? What was the point of Ophelia being shot? It would have made more sense to kill her and then have Travis actually beat the guy to death. I REALLY REALLY hope they get rid of Travis next season somehow. I think it’s just a given that Ophelia will eventually die (or magically become useful somehow but my vote is on die). I’m worried they’re trying to make Travis into the leader, though and I can’t deal with that. Rick may have been idealistic at first but he wasn’t a complete idiot. Travis is an outright moron. I’ve seen more common sense in college sorority girls in an 80s slasher movie.

That red stuff in the ocean, though. Are we supposed to know what it is? I’m intrigued either way. It looked to thick to be blood but not chunky enough to be human bodies. Unless it’s chopped up human bodies……Anyway, I’m intrigued. I want to know. It made me eager for next season.

I also think Maddie is showing some potential. And I still like Nick. And Strand is also intriguing. Javier is at least useful. Alicia and Chris have excuses of being kids but…I mean…Carl is too and he is useful but Chris and Alicia have time to learn to be useful. They’ll have to. Not useful, non-resourceful people die in that world fast. Hopefully, character development will be go a bit deeper in the next season. They’ll more time to tell more story and to get more into the characters. I hope. They all really need developing but I’m pretty sure Ophelia and Travis are hopeless. They just need to die.

Dear Writers, Please kill Travis and Ophelia next season. Thank You, Me.

I DID like the episode, though. 🙂

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