TV Review/Recap: The Last Man on Earth Episode 202 “The Boo”

I really like this show this season. It’s been consistently good. I mean, this is only the second episode but still…It’s been good.

We start with Carol, still all alone at the Emco station where Phil accidentally left her. She’s scratching off scratch tickets and talking to one of those inflatable flailing limb things. She has also covered an entire Oklahoma shirt in jewels as well as a hat, plays a flute randomly, has built a tent out of maps and made a Phil doll out of chewing tobacco and toothpaste. She throws flares when it gets dark. The last we see is her sitting staring at the road dipping a slim jim in bean dip.

Phil wanders his burnt down house looking through his stuff and wondering why Carol hasn’t made it to Tucson. Talking to his ball friends he says she would come there eventually, right? But then it is the last place she would expect him to go buut she did want to see the others and she thinks they’re there. He rambles to himself and wonders if he could figure out a way to get her a message. A headline on a burnt porn magazine gives him the idea to use balloons.

Phil goes outside with 3 big bags of balloons with messages to Carol written on them. He tries to set them free buuut he forgot to use helium so they don’t go anywhere. He still tries and throws them in the air yelling “Go Find Carol” as he leans over to catch one balloon he sees the train tracks and says “bingo”.

Carol sits outside the Emco drinking salsa and playing her flute. After dark she decides to tape her last two flares to her flailing arm friend. It catches on fire. Then the sun is up again, the arm flailing thing is melted and burnt and so is her map tent and she is sitting staring at the road. She says “He’s not coming back” and then she hears a train whistle. She runs toward the sound. Written across the train is “Carol It’s Me Phil”. Carol laughs and starts to run toward the train. She stops when she sees a second message “I’m not on the train.” She yells “Okay, I got it. I got it Phil” and nods her head. Third message across the train says “I’m in Tucson” and she jumps up and down and yells “I’m coming Phil. i’m coming!!”

Why is eating slim jims dipped in bean dip and drinking salsa? I feel like a gas station should have better food and drink options.

However, the trains really are an extremely clever idea. Phil is kind of an idiot. So, that’s pretty impressive thinking for him.

A drunk Phil sends a steamroller down the road with the messages to Carol written on the rolling part. He rambles to his balls about it being a dumb idea but he has already sent out all the trains in Tucson and he needs to use everything he can. The steamroller rolls over one of his balls and then crashes into a street sign. Phil screams and then cries.

There is just no non-dirty sounding, non-awkward sounding way to phrase it when he is talking to his sports balls he has drawn faces on. So, I gave up and now will just say he’s talking to his balls. If you take that to mean something else well….it’s still pretty funny. So, whatever.

As Phil is crying and apologizing a car pulls up honking the horn. It’s Carol, of course. They are super excited to see each other. He mentions it being a Speedy Pump he left her in and she assures him it was a Emco. She was there for a week. It was definitely an Emco. They kiss and have sex in the middle of the road. After wards she says the Beatles have a song about what they just did. Phil says, “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?” Carol says she was going to say Yellow Submarine.

Carol is excited to see the others but Phil has to tell her they’re gone and his house is burnt. She says it isn’t like them to burn down a house and definitely unusual for them not to leave a note. She says she is excited to see him, though. They kiss and part of the roof falls and they decide to go to Carol’s house.

Once there Carol tells when she was Emco station she started to lose faith in him. He corrects her and says “speedy pump”. She thought maybe he had left her there on purpose because of their fight but then she got his train and realized she was wrong. She says “old Tandy is dead” and he agrees and says he wants to be a better man for her. She says she does, too. He says she already is a better man and she is the man he wants to kiss for the rest of his life. She asks if he means that and he says he wouldn’t lie. She calls him her honest Abe and tugs at his beard. She goes to change. He takes off his pants and opens the champagne. As he is getting mugs to put the champagne into he finds a note from the others. It says they went to Malibu and she should come if she wants but to not bring “Tandy” because it wouldn’t be safe.

That is odd phrasing and I really don’t know if it actually means that the other Phil would kill is phrased to oddly. …Hmm..What other reasons could there be for Malibu to not be safe for Phil?

Carol walks in as he finishes reading it and asks if he is going to keep that all to himself. He stammers about having just found it and she says “and opened it” and as he stammers some more she says he didn’t pour it and she grabs the champagne. He puts the note in his pocket and doesn’t mention it. He toasts and makes a guilty face.

Honestly, it’s still a lot of character development for Phil to feel guilty. He IS better than he was.

Phil wakes up and the bed is empty. There is a note on the pillow. It says “Phil, You Skunk. I found the note. I’ve gone to Malibu. I knew you’d never change. Regards Carol”. He jumps up saying “no no no no”.

Phil is driving and grumbling about them saying Malibu wasn’t safe. The other phil cuts a hole in the roof of the car and says “I told you not to set foot in Malibu” Phil screams and wakes up. He tries to wake up Carol sleeping beside him to tell her about  the dream. It’s not Carol. It’s Melissa. She has a machine gun and she shoots him. He wakes up again. Carol comes in asking if anything is wrong. He says he had a crazy dream. She asks if either of them were the one where his penis falls off. He says no. Carol is looking for notes or signs of the others. Phil asks her if he is enough for her if they never find the others. She says “of course” and then goes to look for billboard messages from the others.

Phil talks to his balls about the tricky situation he is in. He feels guilty. He wants to tell Carol about the note but he doesn’t want her to leave him. He feels bad for her because he has his balls and she has no one but him. (bwahhahahahaha @ that sentence). He gets an idea.

Phil and Carol are setting in their couch counsel in the street. The fire is burning in the firepit and they’re making mint juleps Phil made with mouthwash. He asks Carol if she wants another one and then ask mannequins he has dressed up as Todd, Melissa, the other Phil, Gail and Erica if they want a mint julep. He tries to get Carol to talk to the mannequins. She starts crying. Phil asks if she is okay. Carol goes inside and Phil yells at other Phil mannequin telling him he isn’t afraid of him. The mannequins head falls. Phil screams.

Carol is crying on the couch. Phil comes in and tells her the others are in Malibu. She is confused. He gives her the note. She’s mad that hit hid it. He admits he’s scared of going to Malibu but he couldn’t stand seeing her so sad and upset. He asks if she is ready to go Malibu. She says no. She doesn’t want to go if they don’t want Phil there. They argue. He insists they go to Malibu and she says no they’re staying there. He says he can’t ask her to do that. She says he didn’t ask. She is just doing it. Because that’s what you do for someone about whom you care. Phil says okay. They’ll stay in Tucson.

Phil gets Carol drunk toasting to Tucson. Then waits until she passes out and drives her to Malibu. She wakes up on the camper when they’re 80 miles out side of Los Angeles. Phil says you don’t ask for permission to sacrifice something for someone. That’s just something you do for someone about whom you care. He asks if she has ever been to L.A, She says no. He tells her you’ve not seen a beach unless you’ve seen a California beach.

Carol and Phil are on the beach in California. It’s covered in lined up beached dead whales. Carol says they should go find the others. Phil makes lots of whale puns.

Driving Phil says he doesn’t know where to even start looking for them. They see smoke from a fire.

Carol and Phil hiding in gilly suits spy on the others sitting round singing and rapping to accordion music. There is also a new guy sitting with them. Carol says she’ll go take their temperature, figure out how they’re feeling about the Phil situation.

Hey! It’s Will Ferrel! He’s the new guy, One day i’m going to write a script with a celebrity cameo and I’m just going to call the character, “Hey! It’s ____” because that is what everyone says when they see a celebrity cameo.

Carol takes off her gilly suit and sneaks up on the others and shouts “Boo”. The new guy jumps, laughs, says “Oh you scared me!” and then falls over clutching his chest. The others run over to him. Carol gives a sheepish smile and shrug over to Phil hiding in his gilly suit on the hill. Phil says “Oh farts.”

Well, I liked it. Carol’s part at the Emco alone were hilarious, I could have watched a whole episode of that. They should have made a whole episode of that. Phil got his episode alone with the pilot. Carol should get one. She’s super funny.

I don’t love that the others are back in the story now. I’m not a fan of any of them. I find them all to not really be complete characters..or particularly funny. I like when it’s just Phil and Carol. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, though. Maybe they’ll be better this season. If not maybe they won’t be around for very long. Either way these first two episodes were great and I’m eager to see where it goes.


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