TV Review: Castle Episode 803 “PHDead”

No recap this week. Soooorrryy. I can’t do recaps for every show I watch every week (I mean I could but it would take a level of neglect to other aspects of my life, like my daughter, that i’m not willing to reach) and since I’m not loving Castle this season I won’t be doing recaps for it every week. Some weeks I will but not this week.

In an effort to be positive I’m going to talk about the things I like about the show this season.

More Alexis! I love Alexis. I love that Castle is working with her more and that she is getting more screen time and more development because of it. I mean even with the limited time she has gotten in the past she has always still managed to be a fully realized character who was never easy to overlook in any scenes she appeared in. However, I think she could totally pull the weight for her own show (spin off?) and I love that they’re finally giving her more to do.

Um….the show still looks great. Production wise it is still spot on. And the acting is amazing as always. I love all the actors.

Yeah, that’s all I got this week. Sorry again. :/ 

It was a luke warm episode at best. The case wasn’t that interesting to me and I think the thing with Beckett is ridiculous. This was the ONE show that managed to get the leads together and still not get stale and they ruined that for no F-N reason. I’m bitter and I’m staying bitter for the time being.


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