TV Review: Grandfathered Episode 101 “Pilot”

So, I wanted to like this show. It’s hard for me to find sitcoms that I really like. I find most of them to be….well….not funny.

Grandfathered IS funny. Once you get past a couple speed bumps.

There are a lot of inevitable tropes and cliches. Many jokes about age and fear of aging and the like. That is to be expected and I was okay with that.

The one joke that bothered me a lot and was hard to get past was one early in the episode where the head chef of the main character’s restaurant comes out and asks the main character to try a new gluten free dish. He does and says it’s delicious. He asks what’s in it. The chef says “gluten” and then elaborates with lots of gluten. It’s pretty much nothing but gluten. It’s supposed to be funny but it’s belittling a serious medical condition. People who have celiac disease especially could end up in the hospital because of eating a dish like that. A lot of cooks don’t take gluten issues seriously and it results in people getting sick. Sometimes it’s children that get sick. That isn’t funny. Belittling a medical condition isn’t funny. And I’m willing to bet anyone with personal experience with a medical condition would be unable to find it funny when it’s belittled on a television show. Television shows making jokes like that doesn’t help with getting people to take something seriously, either. And YES some things should be taken seriously. At the very least they can be left out of family oriented sitcoms. So, that joke almost made me stop watching.

But I didn’t and honestly the rest of the show was funny. It’s a cute show. At least this first episode was. I like John Stamos and he is funny on here. The writing isn’t perfect but it shows potential. It could become a very cute sitcom if it lasts. I’m hoping it continues to improve and lasts long enough to get really good.

Grandfathered airs on Tuesday’s on…some Network or other…I don’t watch these shows when they air on normal television. I can’t keep track of where and when they actually air. Look for it on Hulu, iTunes or Amazon. Or search for it to program it into your DVR. That’s how everyone watches everything anyway. 🙂


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