TV Review: Once Upon A Time Episodes 502 “The Price” and 503 “Siege Perilous”


502 AND 503

Okay, I don’t think I’m going to recap these episodes. I was going to but I keep putting it off because I’m annoyed and I think I’m just not going to do it. I’m not even going to talk about most of what happens. I’m only going to talk about the thing that bugs me the most because it REALLY bugs me.

Why is Hook acting the way he is? I mean I knew he may resist Emma because he would feel that once she is good again (and he is likely determined that she will be good again) she would hold it against him if he worked with her while she is dark. That would be understandable but that doesn’t seem to be what he is doing.

He seems to be dead set on just saying that this Emma isn’t really Emma and that he doesn’t love this version of her. Which does not fit who he is. He is the man who spend hundreds of years trying to avenge woman he loved. He was a villain who stole another man’s wife at that time and he still loved so strongly that he held on to his vengeance and grief that long. He didn’t really let go of that grief and vendetta until he fell in love with Emma. 

So, why would he now abandon this woman that he loves because she is a villain? He doesn’t even know the whole story of what happened. She may not even be a villainous as she seems. Wouldn’t he stick by her side if she would let him. And she seems to be willing to let him. She has acted angry at everyone except him and Henry. If she still wants him wouldn’t he stay by her side. try to influence her to be good again maybe but at least accept that it is still her. He loves her. He would stay by her. Belle stayed with Gold even when he wasn’t at his best. She didn’t leave him until he was truly bad and Emma hasn’t yet done anything truly evil.

If anyone could see and stay beside Emma while she is as she is, if anyone could accept her however she is, I would think it would be Hook. I don’t like the direction they’re going with the two of them. I worry something horrible is going to happen like Emma killing Hook or something…a lot of curses require sacrifice of someone you love, right? And wouldn’t she feel much better about using him as a sacrifice if he has turned his back on her anyway? Yeah, I don’t like it. I wanted to see them working together as villains..even if Hook wasn’t thrilled about it. It’s something we haven’t seen. We’ve seen them both good and Hook bad while Emma is good but never them both as the bad guys. And I just really feel like he would never turn against someone he loves, no matter what. He is to dedicated and to obsessive even. He just wouldn’t.


I don’t like it. I’m afraid to see what happens next week.

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