TV Review: Undateable Episode 301″A Will They Walks into a Bar” and 302 “A Won’t They Walks into a Bar”

OMG OMG OMG SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLL!!!!!!!    *breath* *breath* *breath*

I love this show.

Also, I learned a very important lesson. Do not watch Undateable while the baby is sleeping. Laughing makes a cranky wakey baby.

I had thought about doing a recap buuut I don’t know if the awesome will translate to recapping. And I don’t want to not do the awesome justice. The awesome is so awesome. I love the awesome.

Okay, I’ll make sense now. I mean……as much sense as I ever make.

AAAAAAAAAAH..I love it so much.  Squeeeeeeee!

Yeah….Maybe I won’t make sense….I’m chewbacca about that jar jar binks. tehehheheh

I’ll stop.

You should watch this show. Right now. Go find it!!!

And watch it live on Friday at 9pm (on the East Coast).

Squeeeeeeeeeeee! It’s so good!

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