TV Review/Recap: Grandfathered Episode 102 “Dad Face”


Episode 102 “Dad Face”

Episode two is a bit slower and more focused. Which is good. Scattered writing is, I think, what got The Michael J Fox sitcom cancelled a couple years ago. The Grandfathered pilot covered a lot of ground in a short time period. Which was necessary to get the show fully set up but that format wouldn’t have worked for every episode.

This episode is set around spending family time.

Jimmy picks up a girl at the bar using the story of running Edy to the ER. Once back at his place he finds out the girl never knew her father…which makes him paranoid that he may be her father. He isn’t but by the time he figures this out the girl’s irritated and he calls her a cab.

This is the only part that IS a bit off topic for the episode but it sets up his fear of not being able to continue his old way of life.

Jimmy’s son along with his mother Sara , daughter Edy and Baby Mama (I really don’t know what else to call her) Vanessa come to have dinner at Jimmy’s restaurant.  Sara and Vanessa have nothing in common. Sara obviously has no idea how to even talk to Vanessa. Jimmy doesn’t spend any real time with them and then his son invites him to go to a family day at the beach. The beach day coincides with Diddy’s White Party. Jimmy says he is can’t come but then decides to skip the party.

Unlike most shows this show features a lot of interaction and actual almost acting from the baby (who is, of course, played by twins). I haven’t personally seen a show do this since Full House. So, I’m assuming this was a component Stamos himself wanted the show to have.

Showing up for the beach day he isn’t wearing a bathing suit (much to his son’s chagrin since it’s supposed to be Edy’s first time in the water). Although he is wearing a really nice linen suit with a pink shirt that he does surprisingly pull off really well. Sara tells Gerald that Jimmy thinks his legs are too skinny and won’t show them. Prior to Jimmy showing up Sara expresses doubt that he will show up and asks Gerald what he sees in Vanessa. He tells her that Vanessa is like a movie with a surprise twist, you think you have her figured out and then she throws a big surprise at you.

Annelise and Ravi go to the white party in Jimmy’s place. Scenes of them at the party are intercut with Jimmy and his family driving to the beach and eating from a food truck.

I’ve never eaten from a food truck. It’s hard to trust them to have food I can eat since it’s usually sandwiches and lots of bread-like things…I wish there were gluten free food trucks. I mean there probably are but not around me.

When they are looking for a spot to set up Jimmy says Gerald is making “dad face” which is where the title of the ep comes from. Jimmy get’s bored at the beach quickly and a picture from the party sent to his phone doesn’t help. So, when Gerald says they are low on baby wipes he volunteers to go with him on a wipe run. Leaving Vanessa and Sara at the beach with the baby.

I don’t know if I’d call that “Dad face” so much as confused face or I-need-glasses face. Maybe the-sun-is-in-my-eyes face. I don’t recall ever seeing my Dad or boyfriend make that face…

Sara tries to bond with Vanessa but doesn’t know where to go with it after Vanessa says her 5 year plan involves making instructional makeup videos on Youtube.

Jimmy takes Gerald to the White Party. They have Ravi and Annelise meet them at the door so they can take the wristbands.

Parties have wrist bands like an amusement park? That’s…weird.

A drum circle shows up and sets up beside Sara, Edy and Vanessa. Vanessa likes it but Sara isn’t thrilled. After they’ve been going for a while Sara starts asking them how long they’ll be around. When they say it’ll be hours and Sara acts unhappy they start criticizing her. When they call her a one percenter she corrects them and one of them throws something at her but it bounces off of her and hits Edy’s sand bucket. Which sets Vanessa off. Vanessa throws one guys drum in the ocean, stabs a girls drums and makes her throw it in the ocean herself. Sara sees how protective Vanessa is and see a little of what Gerald sees in her finally.

At the party, Gerald hits it off when an environmentalist girl briefly and then starts wanting to leave. Jimmy doesn’t want to leave. So, Gerald leaves him. Annelise comes back in and Jimmy wonders if Edy’s been in the water yet. Annelise checks Vanessa’s posts. There is a video saying they are about to go in the water/ Jimmy asks if anyone has a bathing suit and some guy gives him his suit.

At the ocean, Vanessa is telling Sara about how if she gets enough followers she can make 6 figures doing Youtube videos and work around Edy’s schedule. Sara then realizes that’s why she takes so many photos of herself and offers to help. Jimmy shows up before they actually take Edy in to the water and they have a fun family moment playing with Edy in the water.

It’s hard to do a recap of a sitcom. A lot of the comedy is actually lost. So, I didn’t try to really convey any of the jokes but it was a good episode. It was cute and there weren’t any insulting jokes I noticed. I’d say it was an improvement over the first episode. I hope the show keeps improving.

I worry it will get cancelled, though. Sitcoms tend to not last long unless they’re flashy and somehow original and this one feels sweet and maybe a little formulaic. It’s a formula that works and I like it but it may not be enough to keep it on the air. I hope i’m wrong, though. To many sitcoms get cancelled without being given much of a chance. I’m still bitter about Undeclared being cancelled ages ago…and Trophy Wife a lot more recently. 😦


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