TV Review/Recap: iZombie Episode 202 “Zombie Bro”

I do so wish these people would just TALK to each other. If people would just tell each other what’s going on it would save everyone so much grief and stress and hassle. I like some of the direction the show is moving, though. Major is interacting more with Liv and now that he knows about the zombie stuff it’s more interesting…if he would just stop sounding so judge-y about it….

Got Guilt – Major watches TV as he pours milk into his cereal. The daughter of the zombie he killed is talking about her father being missing. He dumps his cereal into the sink.

Boys at a frat party yell as one dives through a tower of red cups. One dressed as Caesar yells and a guy in a blue monster costume hugs him and stabs him with something. He falls and his friends think he passed out.

Awesome Title sequence.

It really is one of my all time favorite title sequences.

Et Tu, Bro-Te? – Liv shows up at the Frat house party crime scene. Ravi is already there. The guy dressed as Caesar was stabbed multiple times with what Ravi believes was an ice pick. He also finds a Utopium vial on the ground and notes that it looks the same as the vials the boat party Utopium came in. Liv tells him she thinks all Utopium comes in the same vials. Clive walks up to tell them no one saw anything. He wants Liv to let him know if she has a vision.

Liv makes brain topped nachos. After she is finished she gets a call from Clive to come upstairs. She goes. Belching on the way out. Ravi says, “And so it begins”

Blaine, still blonde but looking normal otherwise, talks to his assistant (or whatever she is). He is talking about fearing unrealized potential. He asks some guy he calls Speedy if he is living up to his own potential. He stammers in reply. Blaine says their product is better than “Mr. Boss”’s product. It gives you higher highs and Donnie says “and lower lows”. Blaine tells Speedy he doesn’t want to know anything. It’s his show he says. They’re trying to sell to a more upscale crowd, apparently. Blaine says a year from now they’ll be running the city. After Speedy leaves Donnie says it sounds like a risky plan. Blaine asks him if he found any leads on the boat party Utopium. Donnie says he’s been asking around. Blaine says something about lighting a fire under him and starts leading him downstairs. He asks him if he knows why his brother was institutionalized. Donnie says he was hearing things and thought their were zombies roaming all over Seattle. Blaine says “that’s just silly….sometimes they just loiter”. They get to the basement and his lackey is scooping his fingers into a dead bodies skull cavity and licking them. Donnie’s eyes widen.

The other drug dealer’s name is actually Mr. Boss? That makes sense. Also easy to remember. I really have a hard time following wha Blaine’s end game is…he’s trying to steal the business from Mr Boss, right? But his methods seem very….circular. I don’t really get it. Which makes me think maybe he is actually trying to do something else, not what he is telling the others but a whole different endgame. I don’t know. He talks in that way where a lot of what he says doesn’t really mean anything and that is always hard for me to follow. It’s like small talk and it causes my brain to tune out.

Clive and Liv question the frat brothers who were at the party where the kid died. The kid’s name was Chad. None of them know any reason anyone may have murdered him. They talk about him. Liv tries to get a beer from the keg and Clive stops her. Liv talks like a frat boy and asks him who they think totally sucks…Clive stops their thought process and asks them if anyone may be angry or fighting with Chad. They say no he was great but they list a lot of people he pranked. Buttering up a guy’s room, shaving people’s eyebrows etc etc etc. They insist he was a good guy but Clive thinks maybe a prank may have been a cause of his murder. As the frat boys chant “chug chug chug” talking about how Chad would encourage them Liv has a vision of Chad doing a keg stand and one of the boys telling him he ruined his life. Liv comes out if the vision and asks the guy how Chad ruined his life.

Unlucky Streak – The guy from Liv’s vision sits with Liv and Clive alone and tells them about how Chad had him streak during pledge week. He didn’t know he was by an elementary school until he heard the kids laughing. He got arrested and had to register as a sex offender. He stayed with the Frat because Chad convinced him too. As a registered sex offender he would have limited job options but his frat brothers would help him out with finding a job. Clive asks where he was during the murder. He was talking to a girl but he doesn’t know her name. He pulls up photos and shows them. His costume hides his face, though. He goes to find a witness and Clive looks through the photos on the Instagram. He sees the guy in the furry blue monster costume and watches the progress of events in the photos. He figures out that the guy in the blue monster costume is most likely the murderer. Unfortunately no one knows who is wearing that costume. One of the guys asks for Liv’s number in case they remember anything but Clive gives his card to the guy. As they leave he says he’ll call costume shops to find out if he can find the blue monster one.

Again, Liv gets almost the whole personality of the person whose brain she eats. Why is this happening when it use to be more often just a couple of more specific traits. I’m wondering if this is going to be explained. Is it intentional? Like she is giving into it more so she is getting more of the person’s personality? Or is it just a random choice the writers are making because it’s funnier?

Liv arrives back at the morgue to find Ravi asleep. She puts makeup on him and writes FART on his forehead. She also arranges the medical skeletons to look like one is spanking the other one. Ravi lectures her and triggers a vision.  She sees Chad in an office with another guy and someone who looks official. He’s behind a desk. Desk guy is talking to him about contemplating his actions and Chad is saying what he did is funny and the guy beside him is upset and is insisting it isn’t funny. Liv comes out of her vision and calls Clive.

Liv walks up to Clive’s desk. Clive figured out the blue monster costume is a character from a children’s show. He’s been calling costume shops but hasn’t found one that carries it yet. He called the Dean at the school and asked about the discipline hearing from Liv’s vision. The dean wouldn’t give him details without a warrant but he gave him the name of the student that filed the complaint against Chad. The dean they could ask the student if he is willing to talk about the case. The student has the same name, first and last, as Chad.

Talking to the Chad that filed the complaint against murdered Chad, Liv and Clive ask him about the complaint he filed. He says they often got each others mail. Chad got his invitation to speak at a high school about the dangers of drinking and driving. Chad thought it would be hilarious to get drunk and go give the speech. He gave a tutorial on How to Drink and Drive to a room full of high school seniors. Security dragged him off stage but he still said a lot and this Chad is upset about this. Clive asks him for his alibi for the murder. He doesn’t really have one but they let him go. He doesn’t seem like a murderer to them.

Ravi checks up on Major and takes his blood. Major asks him if beard glitter is a new trend. Ravi tells him it was an accident. Major informs him that he will be referring to his beard as “Princess Sparkles” from now on. Major asks him how the progress goes on the cure. Ravi tells him it isn’t basically. Ravi tells Major he thinks he should try Utopium to see how it works. He wants Major to come to a club with him as a sort of chaperone. Major says no but seems to change his mind. Then he says he should leave before Liv shows up. Liv speaks up from behind him and says “to late”.

Major Buzzkill – As Major puts his jacket on Liv asks him how he is doing. He say he is fine. She calls him “bro” and then has to explain. He makes a judgmental comment about her eating brains. She wants to talk but he leaves.

Liv shotguns a beer at home. Her roommate comes in. She offers her a beer. The roommate wants to go out but Liv doesn’t. Then she gets a call. It’s the frat guy that wanted her number. They’re doing a memorial party for Chad. He wants her to come. She asks her roommate to come. The guy says there is a dress code.

At the party a frat guy is telling a story about Chad. Chad wanted a party if he ever died. So, they’re throwing a party. Everyone is dressed in garbage. The guy is wearing pizza boxes around his waist. Liv is wrapped in crime scene tape (which looks awesome btw) and her roommate is wearing a dress fashioned out of a garbage bag. A guy offers them beads but the roommate says no. The guy that invited Liv comes up and tells them about the “Do, date or delete” game and tells the bead guy to get them beers and to give Liv “red” because apparently red means date. He uses the example of “Tom Hardy, Tom Brady or Tom Cruise” and you have to do one of them date one or delete one. He claims to have made it up but he didn’t…cause its been around for ages under different name. Liv says she wants to date Tom Hardy and delete Brady and Cruise….not sure why I’m explaining all of this…it’s not really relevant…moving on.. the guy asks Liv to come up to his room but she says maybe later and wanders off. She is trying to investigate but gets distracted by beer pong.

Ravi and Major are at a club looking for utopium. Major tried the bathrooms but he says different kinds of transactions are going on there. Ravi is disappointed at his drug finding ability. Major says, sarcastically, that everything about his screams that he would be great at buying drugs. Ravi points out that he bought a grenade out of the trunk of a car. Major says he could get him a bazooka but drugs are a different skill set. Some guy hears them talking and offers them Utopium. Ravi buys two. Then he holds them up and asks where he takes them. Major pushes his hand down and looks around to see if anyone saw.

Liv is…being a frat party guy…and another girl calls her amazing and asks her roommate if she is always like this. The roommate says she wasn’t yesterday.

Back at the club, Ravi is talking into his phone about how the utopium is making him feel. He acts a lot like he is on ecstasy…or some combo os ecstasy and cocaine. When Ravi wanders off Major pulls the other dose of Utopium out of Ravi’s coat and looks at it.

At the party Liv plays flip cup. I guess she won…(I have no idea how flip cup works). Her roommate asks her how the drinking games are related to work. Liv says “right, it’s time to focus” and downs another beer and again wanders off the investigate.

Major and Ravi dance at the club. Major says they need to get more utopium but Ravi can’t hear him.

Liv wanders an empty room at the frat house and finds a trophy for a dog fight with Chad’s name on it. The frat guy with a crush on her comes in and she asks him if they fight dogs. He explains to her what a dog fight is – the guys bring the ugliest girl they can find to a party and the guy that brings the ugliest girl wins. Liv asks who Chad brought the night he won. The guy says some chick named Paulette. He asks her to come get naked and cuddle. Her phone rings. Caller ID says it’s Major. She answers and a guy tells her he found her number on the call in case of emergency contact on this guy’s phone. He says she should probably come get him. She asks where they are. He tells her the name of the club. She says she is on her way.

Liv walks into the club bathroom and finds Major laying over the toilet. She helps him stand up and walks up. She sees Ravi dancing on the stage.

Riding High – Liv gets Ravi and Major into a cab. Ravi mentions the zombie thing…in front of the cab driver. Liv says “not cool bro”. Liv gets a text and Major grabs her phone and throws it out the window. We hear it get run over by a car. Major says, “They can hear you. They’re always listening.”. Ravi says they should get matching tattoos..

In the bathroom of Major and Ravi’s apartment Major asks if he is THAT messed up or is she wearing police tape. She says he is that messed up. She sets out aspirin, water, Gatorade and paper towels for him. She tells him to drink lots of fluids. She goes to leave. He asks her to stay. She sits on the floor near him but not close. She leaves a pretty big space between them. He lays down and puts his head in her lap. He tells her he won’t let anything happen to her. She puts her hand on his shoulder and plays with his hair with the other hand. She says she won’t shave his eyebrows.

He ALMOST tells her something is going on if she would just realize it but she doesn’t think about it. It seems like drug induced paranoia. Later once she finds out what is up she will realize why he broke her phone and what he meant by not letting anything happen to her.

The the police station Clive has brought in the Paulette from the dog fight. Liv tells Clive she may not know about the dog fight. It’s going to kill her to find out. Clive says it probably isn’t relevant anyway. Based on the photos from the party the killer was over 6 feet tall. So, it’s not likely to be a woman…..but then Paulette shows up and she is very very tall. Liv watches Clive talk to Paulette. Paulette starts crying. Clive comes out to get tissues. He says “I don’t think she knew” to Liv.

Ravi is listening to his recordings on his phone. It’s largely nonsense. A paramedic comes in with a body. He says things are about to get gruesome. When he unzips the body bag it’s the guy they bought the utopium from, looking like his head was cut off and sewed back on. The paramedic says he has 3 more bodies just like that one.

Speedy is in his hotel room talking to Blaine on the phone. He says they killed all 4 dealers and tortured them. He knows one of them had to have given him up. He thinks they’re coming after him. Blaine tells him to lay low and call him anytime. It’s us against them he says. Speedy says ok. Blaine hangs up and destroys his phone.

Ravi tells Liv that all 4 victims are missing teeth and fingernails. He blathers about buying drugs once and this happens. He asks how bad his karma is. Liv says it’s more likely to be the dead guys karma. Clive comes in and says he has been trying to reach her. She tells him someone ran over her phone. Clive says he found a shop who rents the blue monster costume and they gave him the name of the girl who rented it the night of the frat party. She apparently rented it for her boyfriend. They’re coming in to talk.

The girl who rented it says “Captain Wozzles is awesome” and her asks if the shop said the costume was damaged. He says it wasn’t damaged. Clive tells him they believe a murdered wore the costume. The boyfriend says he didn’t see any blood on it. Clive says the murder happened while they had the costume. The boyfriend he says he has never been to a frat party and he was with his girlfriend all night. Clive says they rented the costume and didn’t use it? The guy stammers in reply. It turns out the girl is into stuffed animal costumes…sexually. Liv wants to see photos and hear details but Clive assures them that isn’t necessary. Clive says the kid has no connection to Chad or the frat or the college. Liv says their must be another costume somewhere but Clive says he can’t find one. Liv suggests maybe it is the actual Captain Wozzles.

Blaine’s assistant runs outside yelling wait. Blaine stops and she touches up his makeup. She’s making him look pale and zombiefied.

A woman goes into an office and says “sir their is man here to see you and doesn’t have an appointment”. The man in the office says to send him away but the woman says he scares her. The man goes to the doorway and sees Blaine. He says is taking an early lunch.

Inside the office the man tells Blaine that Mr. Boss (Stacy Boss apparently) controls….everything. He says 1 in 8 cops and 1 in 3 judges are on his payroll. Blaine is asking the man to use the powers in the DA’s office to help bring down Boss. The guy doesn’t want to do it. He says it’s impossible. No one cares about Boss anymore. They’re use to him. Blaine tells the guy he is already dead (he doesn’t look like a zombie but he apparently is) so what does he care. The guy keeps rattling on about how risky and impossible it will be. Blaine tells him people will care now because of the current dead drug dealers, young and attractive and from good families, not just random street kids. People won’t like that Boss is murdering more affluent kids. The DA guy wants money but Blaine says he pay him in brains. The guy says he will need money to pay people off. Blaine says he will get him the money.

So, Blaine is sitting up the Boss guy to pay for his crimes…so he can what? Send him to jail and then take over his business? That seems overly complicated for that end result. So, I’m assuming that also isn’t the actual end game he is going for.

Speedy gets a phone call in his hotel room. He reaches to pick it up but two men stop him. They say “Mr. Boss sends his regards” and then swing something at him as he yells “no”.

I’m assuming this is the result Blaine was looking for but if he set this guy up to be his fall guy what happens next? Now he has no one to take the blame for anything else he does to take down Mr. Boss…idk…this plan is way to convoluted….I don’t know what he is up to.

White People Problems – Blaine, still in his zombie makeup, sits with his feet up on a desk. A man comes in and Blaine makes a comment about Alexander weeping when their were no more lands to conquer. The man asks if business is so bad that he is reduced to making his own deliveries. Blaine says the only brains he has are his own. Their is some talk about Oedipus….and apparently Blaine’s mom killed herself and this is his father. They reveal that Blaine turned his father into a zombie. He was the first person he turned in to a zombie it would seem (well….first intentionally…I think Liv was his actual first). Blaine wants money from his Dad. More money that he already gets for the brains. His dad accuses him of looking for the easy way out. They verbally spar…Blaine is bitter about his dad institutionalizing his grandfather. His father is bitter about Blaine not finishing college or doing anything real with his life. Blaine says he will eventually take the business and institutionalize him as well. His dad says his grandfather babied him and Blaine says no he loved him but his dad doesn’t know the difference. He tells him how much money he needs and throws him the check book off of his desk.

Blaine and his Dad look the same age…Which is….distracting. The info about Blaine’s family and past is interesting, though. Kind of makes me feel bad for him…ish.

Also Whhyyyyy is he putting on makeup to pretend to be a zombie? Liv said last season that zombies smell different than humans. It’s why the zombie rat didn’t try to eat her brains but did Ravi. So the zombies he is going to see now SHOULD be able to smell that he is human. Unless cured zombies still smell like zombies to other zombies but that seems unlikely or the client of Major’s would have thought he was a zombie, too and said something to him when they first met. So, I really don’t see how this makeup Blaine is using is tricking anyone. It will also stop working for sure if anyone attempts to fight him or even wants him to lift something heavy. He doesn’t have super strength anymore. So again…what exactly is his end game? If he needs to be a zombie to make this plan work he could easily have one of his lackeys infect him again. Or he could take their blood and infect himself. He obviously doesn’t WANT to be a zombie again but he wants everyone to think he still is…

Ravi and Liv play the “do, date, delete” game on the computer with women named Kate. Clive comes in saying by the time he got the Captain Wozzles costume from the shop it had been washed. He had hoped forensics could get something off of it. Liz says maybe it’s good that it was washed since it was used in some kind of sex game. They keep playing the game online. During which Liv gets guys named Dermot mixed up and deletes the wrong one. After she says she deleted the wrong Dermot she realizes something and turns to Clive. He thought of it, too. What if the wrong Chad was killed?

In the interrogation room Liv and Clive talk to the guy, Sonny, whose girlfriend rented the Captain Wozzles costume again. Clive tells Sonny that although they couldn’t find any connection to the Chad that was murdered they did find connections to the other Chad who went to that collection. The other Chad was the man who ran over his father in a drunk driving accident. He tells him that that Chad, the man Sonny had intended to kill, has spent the last 5 years speaking at high schools about the dangers of drunk driving. He was trying to make amends. Sonny is upset. He tells the story about his dad being killed and that all he knew about the guy was his name and his age. He tried to find him online on and off and finally got a hit. Sonny went to see him and he was just an idiot drunk who didn’t have a care in the world. He is visibly upset at killing the wrong guy.

As Clive puts the guy under arrest, Liv,  in voiceover, says, “Our lives are a collection of choices. Sonny chose to avenge his father. I chose to not tell my fiancé I’m a zombie. We make our own beds. Seems beneath our dignity to whine when we are forced to sleep in them. But Major held me. Held me and told me he wouldn’t let anything happen to me. Maybe just this once there is a do-over”.

NOW she realizes she should have told him the truth from the start….*sigh*

As she muses in voiceover she goes from the interrogation room to Major and Ravi’s front door. Ravi answers and Liv says she got a message from Major that she should come pick up the replacement cell phone he bought her. Ravi hands her a bag. She says she thought he’d be home. Ravi says he is but…Liv interrupts and says she just wants to say hi. They’re on speaking terms. Baby steps. She pushes past Ravi and goes to knock on Major’s bedroom door. He tells her he gave the phone to Ravi and that he is busy. He won’t come to the door. Liv looks kind of heartbroken.

Anybody else think Major had another girl in there? I was betting Liv’s roommate…which would have been weird but she is the only other girl on the show currently so she was the only option I could think of.

In his room Major is laying on his bed alone. He reaches into his bedside drawer and pulls out a vial of utopium and snorts it. You can see the video of the girl with the missing father playing on his tablet.

It ended on a depressing note but it was a good episode and there was some promise on things between Major and Liv. The utopium could be an interesting twist on Major’s character. Although it’s making me think he is either going to end up as a zombie again or that he is going to die. Zombie Major could be cool. Dead Major would suck. I wouldn’t want to hang out with the guy in real life cause I think he’s kind of a douche (And he wouldn’t like me..neither would Liv for that matter) but Liv loves him and I’d like for her to eventually get a Happily Ever After. I like happy endings.


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