TV Review/Recap: Supernatural Episode 1101 “Out of the Darkness, Into The Fire”


Episode 1101 “Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire”

In the black fog, Dean looks around him. He is standing alone and all he can see is the fog until a woman appears with her back to him. He asks her what’s going on and she starts to turn around.

Sam sits in the passenger seat of the Impala. The black fog is gone and the alarm on the impala is going off (or the horn is stuck…I’m not sure. He pulls the wires under the hood to stop it. Then he thinks back to what happened. As the fog was rolling in him and Dean jumped in the Impala but it was stuck. As soon as the fog covered the car Dean vanished. Sam must have been knocked out somehow right after that. Closing the hood of the car he looks around. He calls for Dean.

Dean is laying in the field unconscious. Sam finds him and wakes him up. Dean asks where the car is and Sam tells him it’s about a mile away. Dean doesn’t remember what happened at first but as Sam talks it comes back to him. He says, “she saved me” and then when Sam asks who he says, “that darkness”.

At this point I don’t even feel the need to wonder how the hell Sam just happened to go in the right direction to find Dean….on this show it’s just expected that shit like that happens.

The Supernatural logo is surrounded by darkness this season. The title comes out of blue fire and is on a background of black smoke.

Sam asks what he means that she saved him. Dean doesn’t remember disappearing from the car. He just remembers being in the field with the woman who is apparently the Darkness incarnate. He says she thanked him for setting her free. Sam points out that he did set her free, not Dean. Sam said the spell but Dean had the mark. So, “lock and key” he says. Dean says she had an energy to her, a focus but she didn’t say much. Sam remarks they don’t know anything but Dean says they know what she looks like and that she is evil. They have to look for her.

Castiel is kneeling in a barn with red lined eyes. He’s thinking about his attempt to kill Crowley.

A father and his sons find a dead animal on their property. They walk around with rifles looking for what killed it.

Castiel continues to think about Crowley and realizes he isn’t dead. One of the boys finds Castiel. Cas tells the boy to run, he can’t help himself. Castiel runs as the family shoot at him.

Why Castiel runs like a little kid after shouting Ollie Ollie Oxen Free I do not know. It’s amusing, though.

Sam and Dean drive up on a construction crew. There doesn’t seem to be any one there. There is an abandoned police car and bodies on the ground. The boys have their guns drawn and are looking around. They find a family dead in their car. Dean asks what happened as then they hear a noise. Sam shouts hello. A construction worker walks around the truck and comes toward them. He has black crawling up the veins in his neck. A gun fires and he falls. A female police officer tells the boys to put their guns down. Dean says they’re FBI agents. The police officer tells them to put their guns down show her their throats. They don’t put the guns down but they show her they don’t have black veins.

They ask what her what happened. 911 got a call and she was dispatched. She found the construction crew attacking a family. She’s only been on the job for 3 weeks. Dean introduces himself and Sam (with their real first names). She tells them she had to kill the construction crew. She’s injured so Dean asks about a hospital. They drive her there.

The hospital seems deserted. They grab weapons, leaving the cop in the backseat. They talk about what could be causing it. Sam thinks it’s the darkness but it didn’t hurt them. Sam points out that he was in the car and he said the Darkness protected him. So, maybe anyone that breathed it in was mutated. Dean asks mutated into what..but they don’t know.

Inside the hospital there are more bodies everywhere. The phone is ringing. The cop wants to call it in but Dean says “no” because it will just get more people killed. He says they’ll deal with it. Casing the place Sam finds a man slamming a cart into the wall and then beating it with his fists. He comes toward Sam then hears something else, a baby crying, but he goes right back to beating the wall.

Dean stiches up the cop’s wound. She feels bad for killing people but Dean tells her she did the right thing. She says the job is supposed to be saving people. Dean says “yeah it sounds better on paper doesn’t it?” and then he thinks back to his time in the black fog with the Darkness. He asked the Darkness what happens next and she says she likes it there with him. She hasn’t felt this peaceful in a long time. Dean says he isn’t there to bring her peace. He says he knows what she is. She is surprised. She says she has been gone so long she didn’t think anyone knew her. Dean says Death painted a helluva picture. She says she doesn’t know Death and he doesn’t know her. Dean asks if she is saying he should try to kill her. She asks if she is saying that or is he.

I do not know what the f**k any of that meant….

Sam is hiding from the cart banging man when the man just falls over. Sam goes to investigate him and finds him dead. He walks past him to the janitor closet that he banging the cart into. A man asks if he is dead. Sam says yes. He says it’s okay to come out. He’s FBI. He slides his badge under the door. A man comes out holding a newborn baby girl. The man asks Sam to help them. The baby yawns.

When did he have time to put a sleeper on the baby? If she is newborn shouldn’t she be naked? *shrug* At least it really is a tiny baby. Usually they use older babies for newborns. This one looks closer to being an actual newborn.

Crowley’s essence goes down the street and into a soccer mom looking woman coming home from the grocery store. She picks up a crowbar from the car and leaves the groceries. She enters her house. Her husband calls her. She grips the crowbar and goes to him. He tells her that he thought about it and he knows he freaked out when she asked him but he thought about it and he is agreeing to it. Apparently she wanted to have a orgy with their friends… wouldn’t be near as creepy if the people didn’t make it sound super creepy.

The man with the baby talks about the birth. The baby was born as the darkness came. The mother bled to death after the birth. He said not long after the birth, he went to calm down and then everyone started attacking each other. He went and got the baby and hid. Sam asks if anyone bled on him and he says they did. You can see the blackness creeping up his veins in his throat. The man says he can feel it. Something is happening. Dean asks how long since he was attacked. The man says 3 hours or so but the real question is how long until he becomes like them.

Castiel is in the woods outside somewhere where their are cops. He gets down on his knees and prays “Brothers, sisters, I know I have no right I know no standing to ask you anything but these are desperate times and ask I must. I confess my transgressions and I will accept whatever punishment you dole out. Now I, I need you to help me. Please save me from doing worse.” He gets up.

Dean is telling the cop he wants to cast the man out of the hospital or kill him. The cop says no but Sam says they could just wait for him to die. The cop says to lock him up and they’ll find a cure. The man comes in and says he didn’t unlock that closet door to find a cure. He says he will go hide somewhere until this is over. He wants them to save his baby. Dean says okay but he says he was talking to cop. He knows her. He’s seen her in church since they were kids. She agrees and takes the baby reluctantly. Dean thinks it’s a bad idea to let the man go but lets him go. The man leaves. A car pulls up outside and a bunch of the…infected? possessed? whatever they are come out.

Dean takes stock of their weapons. He says they made a promise. Sam says they don’t know how to kill them. He say they can just wait for them to die. Dean asks how long it would take? He insists if they stay there the baby dies. He says its their fault. Cas calls him. Dean asks where he is. Cas says he is fine and that what he has Dean can’t help him. Cas says to tell Sam that Rowena escaped with the Book of the Damned and codex. He asks if the Mark is gone. Dean tells him yes, it’s gone. Cas says that’s good news. They ask him to tell them about the Darkness. He asks why and they tell him it’s free. He says it can’t be and he is surprised to hear that they think the darkness is a women. He then tells them goodbye and says it may be some time before they see one another again. When they hang up the cop says “FBI my ass”. Cas turns around to two people standing behind him and says “Brothers”.

The baby looks bigger now….maybe she only looked like a newborn because the man was holding her and he had wide shoulders? This baby is definitely older. It’s got wide open eyes and it looking around and reaching for the cop’s face.

At the suburban house, their are naked dead people around the room. The woman who is technically Crowley says it took them long enough to two demons (I assume). She asks about the body he usually uses. They say a witch is removing the immobilization spell. One of the demons asks why, after barely escaping assassination did he wait until after an orgy to call for help.

Pronouns are hard when someone like Crowley or Castiel…anyone we are use to seeing as one gender possesses the body of a person of another gender….

Sam says they’re going to save the baby and find Castiel and stop the Darkness. Dean says the only way out is through..and they ramble a lot. The gist s Dean wants to fight and get out of that hospital and Sam wants to be cautious and wait it out until storming had first into things. Sam says they need to change the “kill first and ask questions later” thing needs to change. He says they’re good at Killing Things but that that is only half of the bumper sticker. Sam says saving people means all of the people, not just that baby and not just each other. There really is a lot of talking in circles which Dean himself acknowledges. Sam tells Dean to get the cop and the baby to the car and get them out of town. Sam himself is going to stay behind and distract the crazy rabid people.

Ha. Saving People. Killing Things. The Family Business. You can actually get bumper stickers that say that…It was a joke. Which I’m sure anyone that would bother reading this would already know but still…just in case.

Sam yells down the stairs to lure the rabids away. Dean, the baby and the cop slip out the other way. Sam locks himself in a room and the rabids start trying to break in. Sam turns around to see that one of them is already in the room. She attacks him and he fights her and manages to slit her throat. The others get in and grab him. They sniff him and then leave him alone.

Dean and the cop slip through the hospital. They come across the baby’s father. He is covered in the black veins now. He keeps saying “the baby” and Dean says they won’t hurt him but to leave the baby alone. He says the baby’s name is Amara. Then he backs off. He falls over dead as they slip out the door.

Crowley’s essence goes back into his original body. His men tell him the rumors from Hell say the Darkness has been released. Crowley insists it’s a myth. Another man says something happened in the cage. He says Michael or Lucifer, one of them, was trying to warn them about the Darkness. Crowley still says it’s ridiculous. The men say half of Hell is freaking out. What do they do?

The Angels lead Castiel with his hand cuffed together into a cellar of some kind. They say after Metatron escaped they moved the door to Heaven. Cas says that’s smart. Cas says they need to find a witch or someone to remove whatever has infected him but before he can finish his sentence he realizes they aren’t taking him to Heaven. They agree that indeed they are not.

Dean drives the cop and the baby out of town in the Impala. He stops at a gas station 40 miles outside of town. He asks if they’re okay. She says yeah. She says she has not ides what she is doing. Dean tells her things seen dark right now but that the baby is his way back. They’ll help each other. She says “joy comes in the morning” and that her grandmother took her to bible study. Dean says lets go with that and she walks off. Dean calls Sam. Dean says they’re good. Sam says he is going to find a cure. He tells Sam he is taking the cop and the baby to her Grandmothers. Dean says they have no answers but at least they have one win. He says they’ll clean up the town and fine the Darkness and kick her ass.

Dean thinks back again. He asks if she is as bad as they say she is why hasn’t she hurt him. She says for the same reason he won’t hurt her. She shows him the Mark of Cain on her shoulder. She says they are bound. They will always be bound. She says no matter where she is or who she is they will always help each other.

Sam gets up in the closet and looks in the mirror. He pulls back his collar to see the blackness traveling up his veins.

The cop changes the baby’s diaper. She sees a birthmark on her shoulder. It looks like the Mark of Cain.

Soooo the baby is the Darkness. Is she going to stay a baby? Is she going to grow up super fast like Cordelia’s baby on Angel? Staying a baby is more interesting. Then they have to decide if they let her grow up and hope for the best or they kill a baby. That’s more interesting.

Sam and Dean never actually die and stay dead. So, I know Sam will be fine. That isn’t even a thing at this point. He will find a cure or he will die and come back somehow. It’s just how it is.

The episode felt familiar. Minus the baby isn’t it SUPER similar to the Croatoan virus episode? It felt pretty similar….Not a bad episode, though. I mean I like the plague episodes. Also a bit similar to the movie Legion…..that one even had a baby. Anyway, Not a bad episode but not my favorite of the season premieres or anything. I’m interested to see where the story goes, though. Evil babies are always interesting…well…potentially evil babies. They don’t really know that she is evil. No one seems to know very much about The Darkness.

I’m a week later posting this. So, time anyone reads it the next episode will have aired. So, you’ll know more than I do. Don’t laugh at me if something sounds super stupid after knowing what happens next. K?

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