TV Review/Recap: The Walking Dead Episode 601 “First Time Again”

Slight structure and style change this episode. Which was a bit jarring at first but then once you figure it out actually makes it a LOT easier to keep track of the time line. Present time color segments are intercut with black and white flashbacks. The flashbacks all take place during the time in between the end of the fifth season finale and the time of the present day colored segments.

Frank Durabont loves black and white. There was a black and white version of the Walking Dead pilot on the blurays for season one because he originally wanted to air it that way. He also wanted to release The Mist in black and white and there is an (awesome and much creepier) black and white version of it on the special edition dvd and bluray. I love black and white. It’s funny that they finally managed to get black and white Walking Dead aired way after Durabont left the show but it’s still pretty cool.

The first shot we see is a low shot of Rick as he pulls the trigger and Morgan says his name. The shot fades from color to black and white as it proceeds.

I missed this the first time I watched it because it’s a really quick shot that comes after the previously on The Walking Dead clips. It’s obviously supposed to be setting up the structure and style of the episode’s flashbacks. Which is subtle and smart.

In color standing in front of a canyon full of walkers blocked in my diesel trucks, Rick talks to a group containing members of his people plus people from Alexandria, saying that he knows it sounds insane but it’s an insane world. He tells them the plan for later. As he is talking, the cliff gives and one of the trucks falls into the canyon crushing some of the walkers but leaving the road open for the rest to get out. Rick says they have to go now. Everyone rushes into place. Carter (a new character played by Ethan Embry) pleads with Rick that this was supposed to be a dry run and he hasn’t even gone through the whole plan but Rick says they have to go now. They set off flares to draw the walkers attention. The horde starts coming out of the canyon.

It’s notable to mention that Rick refers to Alexandria as “home” multiple times. I’m not clear on how long they have been in Alexandria at this point but Judith, seen briefly, still looks no older than a year old (she actually looks younger than she did before since they changed babies….thank god..the other baby looked way to well fed for a baby born during a zombie apocalypse with no mother to nurse from). So, not to much time has passed.

It’s also worth mentioning that after a slow season of Fear the Walking Dead and a semi-disappointing horde in that show it’s pretty awesome to see an actually awesome horde in this show….but it does only accentuate how superior the original series is to the prequel series.

In black and white Deanna, sits on the ground beside a large puddle of what I assume to be blood, She looks up to see Gabriel standing over her. She says, “You were wrong”.

Abraham has a body wrapped in cloth. He puts the body on the ground and sees a hand with a wedding ring on it fall from the cloth. This is Deanna’s husband I assume. Abraham pulls out a bottle of liquor, drinks from it and pours a little on the body.

Jesse sits on the couch with her youngest son in her lap and her oldest, Ron, beside her. The oldest gets up and leaves. Jesse calls after him.

Tara is in the make shift Alexandria hospital. Nicholas and Glenn come in from the run (and fight) that ended the last season. Eugene comes in happy to see Tara. Tara makes a joke about Eugene’s hair and then says he’s freaking her out and can someone send Noah in to protect her. The others exchange a loot.

Enid sits on a pier playing with a lighter. Carl sits down beside her and takes her hand.

Rick picks up Morgan’s map with his note on it. It’s stained and tattered. Morgan says “you were right. It wasn’t over” and Rick says they’ll talk more tomorrow. He also he doesn’t take chances anymore and Morgan says he shouldn’t. Daryl watches the conversation from the other side of the table.

A drunk Abraham tries to balance the wedding ring on top of the liquor bottle. He gives a hand signal to Sasha as she walks down the side walk. She signals back.

[color] Part of the group drive down the road, shooting a walker as they go. The others run to their places. Cars are lined up on both sides of the road creating a gauntlet. Rick says over a radio, “You all have your assignments. You know where to rendezvous. Daryl leads them out. Sasha and Abraham join him at the bottom of the hill. Glenn you hit us when you take care of the walkers at the tractor place. That’s the one thing we have to get ahead of. Everybody keep your heads. Just keep up”. Rick, Michonne and Morgan run down the road and Rick looks back to see Daryl coming up slowly on his motorcycle.

In black and white Daryl works on his motorcycle outside and talks to Rick. He asks Rick, “So, Is he okay with it?” and Rick replies that it was pretty much his idea. Daryl says that even with a bed and bath it’s still a cage but Rick says he gets it. Rick says he told him what happened with the trucks. Daryl mentions the men with the W’s on their foreheads. Rick says he’s telling Deanna they don’t need to go out looking for people anymore. Daryl disagrees with this decision but Rick says everyone has to take care of themselves. He then says he’s going to get him out.

Back in color, Abraham and Sasha drive down the road. Abraham is worried about Sasha. He thinks she wants to die. She insists she doesn’t. She just wants to be useful. She wants to live. They get to their marker (red helium balloons) and say so on the radio. Daryl says back “Alright. Here comes a parade.”

[black and white] Daryl walks into the house (after talking to Daryl I presume). He walks into am empty room where Morgan is doing some kind of martial arts with the stick he has been carrying. Rick asks where he learned that. Morgan says from a friend. Rick asks “before or after” and Morgan says it was after everything. Rick apologizes for locking him in the house but Morgan says it’s alright. He says sometimes you’re safer when there is no way out. Morgan says they have to get to know each other again….for the first time…again.

Eugene is standing at the gate when someone pulls up and a guy comes up and says “hey it’s us. We’re back. You gonna let us in”. Eugene pulls the shade back and says he isn’t authorized to do that. The guy asks who he is. Eugene makes him tell him first. His name Heath. His team has been on a run for the last couple weeks. Eugene says his name and that his group came during that time they were gone. He doesn’t want to let them in but Heath, very nicely..somehow threatens him and eventually Eugene lets them in, reluctantly. Once in Heath asks if Deanna put Eugene on gate duty. He says know it’s Holly’s shift but she asked him to relieve her for a bit but she hasn’t come back. The other two members of the team get out and introduce themselves (Scott and Annie). They ask how many people are in Eugene’s group and he says 13 then amends it to 12. Annie says she’s sorry. Heath asks if anything big happened while they were gone. Eugene says they had a meeting last night. Eugene says he should talk to Deanna about it.

So…even though this is a black and white flashback we do get some kind of time line from this. It makes events a little clearer. All the small black and white clips early on happened the same night as the meeting after Rick killed Jesse’s husband. They locked Morgan up over night in a house and then the next morning Rick goes to get him and talks to Daryl out front first. That same morning Heath and his team come to the gate and talk to Eugene. Which brings us to this point. So, the flashbacks literally pick up right when the finale left off. (I didn’t follow it all exactly clearly the first time I watched it and I read some comments from people who said they were completely I’m trying to give enough info to clear things up for people…and myself).

Still in black and white, Rick and Morgan walk towards one of the gates. Morgan asks who put up the walls and Rick tells him they did. He tells him about Deanna’s husband and that a lot of the people in the town have never been outside since the whole thing started. Rick says, “they just lived. They haven’t had to survive”.

Rick spots Gabriel and another man through the trees. They digging graves. Rick says they only need one grave. They’re not burying killers inside the walls. The man it isn’t his decision but Deanna comes yup and agrees. She tells Rick where to take Jesse’s husband’s body. Ron overhears them. When putting the body in the trunk of a car Rick talks to Morgan and explains what happened with Jesse’s husband. Morgan points out that he’s a killer and so is Rick. Rick just closes the trunk.

Back in present time [and in color] Rick hurries down the road with his walkie talkie. Michonne and Morgan behind him. He asks Glenn if they’re at the tractor store yet. Glenn says almost and that they’ll have it taken care of before they get there. Rick and his team get to a wall reenforced with cars and a camper. There are orange helium balloons tied to the camper. Rick says it’ll hold. Michonne says that’s good considering where they’re standing. Morgan asks Michonne if she took one of his protein bars. She insists she did not. Morgan says he could have sworn he had one more peanut butter left. Michonne says “That’s how it always is isn’t it? You always think there’s one more peanut butter left.”

Okay….soo….this is one part I don’t get. Is this supposed to be a joke? Is it actually supposed to be some kind of profound statement on life? To me it just sounds like something some who isn’t very smart says when they’re trying to pretend to be profound. It’s the kind of thing that makes me make a face….the face you make when you’re having trouble comprehending why you are talking to the person who just said the thing that made you make the face.

In black and white Ron hurries down the road following after Rick and Morgan’s car.

Still in flashback Morgan and Rick walk through the woods. Rick suggests leaving the body there in the woods. Morgan says that isn’t who Rick is. Rick doesn’t think Morgan really knows him. Morgan just starts digging. Rick hears walkers. He tells Morgan to stop and asks if he hears them. They follow the noise and find the canyon full of walkers. The full view of the canyon now shows what could be anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 or more walkers (I’m not good at guessing things like that but it’s a big canyon and it’s full). It’s pretty insane. Just as they’re taking in and trying to comprehend what they see something comes tearing through the woods behind them. It’s Ron being chased by a hand full of walkers. Rick pulls Ron to the side and lets a few walkers fall into the canyon. Him and Morgan take out the others.

In color, Daryl drives down the road on his bike slowly. Walkers stretching miles down the road trail behind him. A car pulls out in front of him and they keep going.

[Black and white] Rick asks Ron what he is doing out there. Ron says he wanted to know where his Dad is buried. Morgan looks through binoculars at the canyon. Rick says, “This is how.”  Morgan asks how what. Rick says this is how Alexandria has survived. A few walkers have shown up at their walls but not many. Most of the walkers coming toward any noise that they heard from Alexandria ended up stuck in this canyon. Morgan sees that some walkers are already slipping through. Ron is walking off. Rick goes after him and tells him he shouldn’t be out there because he can’t protect himself and coming out there will get him killed and it won’t be fast and he will turn into one of the walkers. They all head back and Rick and Morgan start digging the grave. Ron watches.

I’ve heard other people mention it and the bandaids on Rick’s face really ARE distracting. There are way to many and some don’t seem to be covering any major wounds. I’d say the makeup or special FX people or whoever is in charge of bandages got a weeeee bit carried away. I guess bandaids were easier than doing a bunch of special fx makeup for a tiny wounds and bruises that fight would have produces but just leaving it off and doing bandages for the major wounds would have been less distracting.

In color, Glenn, Nicholas and Heath get to the tractor store. Over the radio, Rick asks them again if they’re there. He says the noise will distract the horde off the path. They have to take them out. Glenn tells the others his plan. They’re opening a smaller back door and letting a few out a time closing the door between waves. Heath asks what they do if they can’t get the door closed again. Glenn says they take them on as fast as they can. Heath doesn’t like the idea but Nick tells him that he’s been gone since Glenn showed up but that Glenn knows what he’s doing. They get prepared and Nicholas opens the door. There is a screen behind it. They have to figure something out fast. Daryl is getting closer with the horde on his tail.

In black and white, Heath tells the story of the canyon. Early on when his team was on one of their first runs to see what was around them they had seen the canyon. There was a camp at the bottom of it. He assumed they were the ones that blocked the canyon off with the trucks to protect their camp. They still hadn’t made it. They were all walkers. He said their was about a dozen of them then roaming the canyon. Michonne asks if anyone has been back there since then. Heath says no. The things they needed were in the other direction. There had never been a reason to go back there. Michonne says the noise the walkers made drew in more walkers and the bigger the horde grew the more noise they made and the more noise they made the more walkers were drawn to the canyon. Rick tells the others his plan. He says it sounds risky but one more hard rain and one of the trucks is going to go over the canyon wall and that exit will send them all toward Alexandria. Carol says it’s terrifying but it sounds like it needs to be done. Carter suggests building up the exits and keeping the walkers blocked in. Rick says with the noise drawing more and more walkers in they wouldn’t be able to secure it well enough. He says Daryl will lead the walkers out. Sasha says she will, too. She’ll take a car out next to him. Rick runs down the rest of the plan. Two teams with people watching the forest edges. Carter keeps arguing against the plan. Rick takes volunteers but turns down Gabriel and says three people have to stay as guards for the town. Glenn tells Maggie to stay and keep an eye on Deanna. Heath volunteers to help and so does Nicholas. Carter then wants Rick to repeat the whole plan again.

[color] Rick fires a flare from behind the camper tied with the orange balloons. As Daryl and Sasha drive slowly down the road leading the horde of walkers.

[black and white] Rick points on a map. He points out a crossroads, Marshall and Redding, and says they lead the horde that way and block off the roads so they can only go in one direction. They lead them away from Alexandria. Carter says what happens when they don’t follow the road and head toward Alexandria. Eugene suggests using the sheet metal from the construction site to ensure that the horde can’t get through their barricades. They ask Carter to help fortify everything. Carter helped build the walls around Alexandria. He can help to ensure this plan works.

There is more black and white showing us how they got to the point of  leading the horde away then there is color of the present time executing the plan. It’s an interesting story structure. By the time we hear Eugene suggest the sheet metal we have already seen the sheet metal in place behind the cars and RV at the crossroads to ensure the horde go in the direction they want them to go. We’ve already seen Daryl leading the horde before we hear Rick’s telling everyone the plan. We’ve even already seen Abraham talking to Sasha about why she volunteered before we hear her  volunteer. We’ve also already seen things go wrong before we hear them talking about what might go wrong. We saw the truck fall over the cliff forcing them into enacting the plan early before we hear Rick telling everyone that the truck will go over that cliff sometime soon. It works. It allows them to cover a lot of exposition that could be boring without it being boring. It keeps you drawn in.

In color, Daryl and Sasha lead them around the bend with Morgan and Michonne firing flares up the road to lead them down the road instead of them trying to get through the barricade. Some smack into the barricade and break apart, the older more decayed walker then getting stomped on by the others.

In black and white, they build the barricades. Daryl tells Rick that he thinks going out and finding more people IS taking care of themselves. It’s Rick’s call, though, he says. Carol tells Rick she can come with them if he wants. She says Daryl has been teaching her how to shoot. Rick smirks at her and says he thinks she has the hang of it. Carol gives him a little smile. He tells her to stay back and get a feel for how people feel about them. He says they have a long way to go with them. Carol says they’ll get there.

Anyone else forgotten that Carol was pretending to be Susie Homemaker? This reminded me of it. Rick’s little smirk is pretty priceless.

In color, back at the tractor store.  Nick doesn’t like the idea. He says there are a dozen of them. Nick seems scared and nervous. Glenn tells Nicholas to stay back and him and Heath will kill the walkers. Glenn says if anything goes wrong Nicholas tells Rick what happens on the walkie talkie and he draws the walkers away from the tractor store.

It does not bode well for Nick that he is afraid of a dozen walkers……a long way to go indeed…..eeek.

In black and white, Tara watches the others work and tells Maggie that Nick got Noah killed. Maggie says he did and that he did more than that. He led Glenn into the woods and tried to kill him, too. Maggie says they could have gotten Nick exiled but Glenn didn’t want to do that. Maggie says she thought about Tara then. They started out on different sides, on the worst day of her life. People can get better. Tara says she will follow Maggie’s lead. They’ll give Nick a chance.

[color] They break the glass on the tractor store and shoot the walkers as they come out. There are more than they expected and they run out of ammo. Heath doesn’t get his clips changed fast enough and Nick has to come help, stabbing walkers in the head. Glenn lets Nick take out the last walker. Once they’re done they jog off to finish the plan.

Another time when the story telling method works well. Nick is talked about and then he proves himself worthy of their trust and worthy of the second (no….third) chance that Glenn gave him.

[black and white] Carol hands out drinks. She hands one to Morgan. Morgan asks if she has been with Rick for long. She tells him since Atlanta. He asks if she was a cop, too. She asks why he would think that. He says she is always watching and she always seems ready. Carol asks “ready for what” and he says “to handle things”. Carol smiles and says he’s sweet.

It’s funny that Morgan is the first person to pay enough attention to see through Carol’s act. It makes sense, though. No one in Alexandria except Enid who hasn’t been around Carol much, has spent much time in real danger. No one really knows how to spot what a survivor looks like. Carol has PTSD on top of PTSD to the point that she’s pretty much a functional and very useful sociopath. It shouldn’t be hard to spot but everyone in Alexandria has no idea how to see through an act because they have no idea why anyone would need to put on an act. Morgan has been pretty crazy himself and pulled himself out of it then survived on his own traveling while looking for Rick. He knows how to read people pretty well by this point. I wonder when or if they’ll ever tell Morgan about who Carol really is? And what she is capable of doing? Carol is the toughest and coldest member of the group.

[color] Abraham and Sasha are in the car beside Daryl’s bike leading the horde down the road. Abraham mentions that some of the walkers are wandering into the woods. Sasha asks if they should have Daryl circle back and round them up. Abraham says nah that he’ll catch up and he jumps out of the car and goes after the walkers. Sasha calls him an idiot after he has already jumped out of the car. After leading them back to the horde he jumps back in to the car. He talks about people he knew that have died. Sasha asks him what he is doing. He says he’s grabbing the bull by the nutsack. He’s living, just like her, he says.

I try to like Abraham but I just really don’t. He’s been on the show a while now but he doesn’t feel like a complete character to me. I don’t dislike him but I just….wouldn’t notice if he disappeared completely.

In black and white as they build the barricades Rick talks to Deanna. He apologizes about her husband. He says this was the right call. Deanna asks what else they need. Rick says everyone needs to be armed even inside the walls. A small group of walkers wander up as they are working and Rick tells Carter to get them. Carter can’t do it and Morgan and Michonne go in before he gets killed. Morgan says to Rick, “You said you don’t take chances anymore.”

Eugene overhears a meeting, Carter telling a small group of others that they have to do something before more people die. He wants to kill Rick before he kills them, he says. Eugene drops things and they realize he is there. Carter walks around to see him and the others say to Carter that he heard them. Carter is about to shoot him and Rick, Daryl and Morgan come in. Rick asks Carter, who is still pointing a gun at Eugene, what he is doing. Carter says they’re taking this place back from him. Rick looks at the others and says “that’s what you guys were talking about?”. One of the guys says “that’s what he’s talking about” (which is fair..the others didn’t sound like they were going to go along with his plan). Rick says he would have set up some look outs, that would have been the smart thing…he wandered closer to Carter as he talked and he grabs him mid sentence and disarms him. Rick points the gun at him. “You really think you’re going to take this community from us? From Glenn? From Michonne? From Daryl? From Me? Do you have any idea who you’re talking to?” Carter stammers that it was just him. He says just kill him. Daryl looks impressed (in his slight Daryl way) and says “Rick” Rick says he’s good and puts his gun away. He tells Carter he can try to work with them and he can try to survive.

I’m pretty sure the only real reason Rick gave this guy another chance is because he took all the blame. He showed some ability to do what is best for a group of people. Which means he has a shot at not being completely useless and that he probably at least DID think he was acting for the good of the community. Rick may not really expect him to survive but he at least at this point figures he isn’t completely a bad guy and maybe won’t get anyone else killed.

[color] Glenn, Nicholas and Heath meet up with Rick and the others. They all agree the plan is working and Carter tells Rick he was right. They all fan out down the line like “cops at a parade” to keep the horde moving and in the road. Carter is grabbed almost as soon as he separates from the group. A walker grabs him and bites his face. He screams loud and distracts the walkers on the road. Rick talks into his walkie talkie telling the others to fire their guns to draw the horde back to them. Rick runs toward the screaming.

[black and white]  Morgan sits on a porch. Rick walks out the door holding Judith. Morgan says he hopes Rick doesn’t mind. His house doesn’t have a porch. Rick tells him to get his stuff. He can stay with them. He asks Morgan is he wants to hold Judith. Morgan says “okay” and takes the baby. Morgan tells Rick he is still the same man he met before. He let Carter live. Rick tells him he wanted to kill Carter. It would be easier. He wouldn’t have to worry about what he may screw up because that is who he is, he is someone that shouldn’t be alive. Rick says he realized, though, that he doesn’t have to do it. He doesn’t have to kill him. Carter doesn’t get it and someone like that, he is going to die no matter what.

The new Judith looks way more like she could actually be Rick and Lori’s daughter. She’s also just a smaller, thinner baby. Which fits much better. I imagine they had to change Judith’s no matter what since the other one would be to big now. It’s good that they went with one that is a much better fit for the role.

Wait…who exactly is watching the baby when they’ll all out? Beth isn’t around to babysit anymore. Hell, if she had survived I doubt she’d be babysitting now. She could hold her own. She would be out with the others fighting walkers or at least on guard duty. Carol could be sometimes or Carl, I guess. Carl is barely in this episode and Carol doesn’t fight anymore since she is pretending to be the simple housewife. They should just have Maggie do it. She doesn’t seem to be serving much purpose lately.

In color, Carter’s screams lure the walkers off the road and into the woods. Rick kills the walker that bit him. He tried to calm Carter down but he won’t stop screaming so he finally just stabs him in the head. Morgan is standing over him when he looks up. Over the walkie someone says that the gunfire is bringing them back onto the road. The walkie voice asks what was the screaming and Rick tells him what happened. Rick tells them they have an hour before they hit the “green” (which I assume means the place they tied the green helium balloons) and hand them off to Daryl, Sasha and Abraham. He sends Morgan to head back and fill in the others. He tells Michonne to take point. He kills the walker that has wandered to them. Morgan says he knows this is how it is and Michonne agrees. Neither sound thrilled.

Daryl on his bike keeps moving slowly leading the horde down the road.

In back and white, Rick runs into to Jesse at a supply room. He’s getting flares for “tomorrow” and he tells Jesse he knows they hadn’t talked and he was just letting things be for a while.  Jesse tells him that Ron told her what happened. She says he can’t talk to him like that. He can’t touch him. Rick tells her Ron needed to hear the things he said. Jesse said if it’s coming from him he can’t hear it. Rick tells her they all need to know how to protect themselves. Jesse said she already asked Rosita to teach her how to shoot and she will teach her sons. She says she is going to fight.

I mean…I get that Rick killed her husband. I get that he was the father of her boys but he was also an asshole who murdered someone else and who was beating his wife. If she is upset with Rick about what he did then she’s an idiot. I really hope she was just saying that Ron won’t hear anything he says. He won’t pay attention and he won’t believe it. Despite the situation, though, she really should be talking Ron into listening to Rick and his people. They’re the only ones likely to keep anyone from Alexandria alive. Well…Heath seems able to hold his own and Nicholas is learning. The others probably won’t live for long unless someone protects them while they learn. Ron will get himself killed if he keeps being stubborn about Rick.

As for the crush Rick has on Jesse….I do not get what he sees in women who need caretakers. I mean, I do get it. He is the protector type. He is attracted to women who need protecting but if he really wants to keep his children and his people safe he should probably get better taste in women. Lori died having Judith but she would have died eventually anyway. She was a freaking idiot and Jesse isn’t much better. She IS a little better. She could probably manage to drive a car down an empty road without somehow flipping it but she is still basically canon fodder.

In color Michonne and Rick walk down the line of walkers.

In black and white, Rick explains the rest of the plan. He tells the group with him that when they make it to green the others fall back and head home. The ditches and ridges will keep them on the road from then on. Daryl, Sasha and Abraham will continue leading them out another 20 miles from there. Then all start walking back. Abraham says he needs to ask Sasha a question. He asks her if she is doing this because she wants to die. She says “no”.

In color Daryl’s bike and Sasha’s car keep on trucking up the road with the walkers parade.

[black and white] Rick says at the tractor store that they’re taking them right by there and they’ll have to get rid of the walkers in the store beforehand because otherwise the noise will distract the horde. As they walk off Glenn stops Nicholas. He tells him he doesn’t want him out there tomorrow. He needs to sit with what he has done and when he is ready, and he will be ready because Glenn will make sure he is, then he can work with them again. Nick thanks him, sincerely.

Why didn’t they just take out the tractor store walkers then while they had more people there to do it and while it wasn’t cutting things close? I mean they ended up going sooner than planned but still…taking them out right then would have been the easiest.

[color] The horde is still moving down the road on target. Glenn slips through the woods making sure they move on time.

[black and white] Rick gives the speech we heard at the beginning… insane plan in an insane world. We are apparently caught up now.

So….it seems that only about 3 days have passed since the finale. Has anyone done a timeline of how much time has passed since the beginning of the series? I know it isn’t much. Lori had 9 months of being pregnant. Then Judith looks to be about a year old. So, what? Maybe 2 years have passed…..2 1/2 at the most. The last few season have jumped back and forth in time so much it makes it harder to keep track of.

In color, the horde moveth on. Rick walks the woods beside the horde. Suddenly a loud horn, sounds like a ship’s fog horn, goes off from the opposite direction. Rick and the others jerk their heads in it’s direction. Heath asks what is going on and Glenn (in the most obvious statement of all time) says “It’s a horn or something”. Glenn says it’s pulling the back half of the walkers off the road. He runs off. The walkers are turning, going into the woods toward Rick. Rick falls back. Michonne says the horn doesn’t sound far off. She says it sounds like it’s coming from…and Rick says “home” and they run off. The walkers head toward Alexandria. The sky shot shows the front half of the the horde continuing forward but the back half, still thousands of walkers, heading into the woods and in the direction of Alexandria.

It goes to credits here with the horn carrying on into the credits for a few seconds before the theme kicks in.

Hmm….Someone in Alexandria trying to sabotage Rick or trying to sabotage the community itself? Or the Wolves? We haven’t lost a regular long term character in a while. Beth and Tyrese were the last long term characters to die. I think it’s probably about time to lose a fan favorite? So….who will it be? Carol? Glenn? Maggie? Carl? We know it won’t be Rick or Daryl. This show likes to take chances but it isn’t suicidal. Rick and Daryl are safe but the others? Not so much. My vote goes to Maggie. I feel she has served her purpose and either her or Glenn need to die now. Glenn would be the more surprising death (well…he dies in the comics so not THAT shocking but shocking to anyone unaware that he dies in the comics) but they have relegated Maggie to the sidelines for a while now. Since Beth died and Maggie met back up with the others she hasn’t done much. So……it’s time for her to go buuuut they are running low on females so maybe they should just give her more to do and Glenn would be the better death. I’m rambling…my point is someone is going to die soon and it’s about time they kill someone people don’t expect to die. So, yeah…I think it should be Glenn. I like Glenn but he makes the most sense to die now.

If it’s a community member sabotaging the plan my bets would be on Carol or Deanna (It could be Ron but he seems kind of obvious). The wolves are obviously going to come in to play this season. They were being set up all last season. They could hold off on that, though. They could come in for the second half of the season after the group have had to abandon Alexandria (as I assume they will have to do soon). It’s kind of hard to predict events, though. This show isn’t always consistent (although they’ve been better with that lately) and things don’t always make sense. It makes predicting anything difficult but at the same time the only thing that would REALLY shock me would be if they killed off Rick or Daryl. I think they’d kill Rick before Daryl but I really doubt they’ll ever kill either of them (unless the actors contract runs out and they don’t want to renew).

This episode though, it’s a good opener. It has a good balance of action and story and character development. The giant horde of zombies is awesome (and while some of it is I’m sure CGI it doesn’t look it and it looks awesome). It does kind of undermine the horde at the end of Fear The Walking Dead but it may have been an intentional echo of it. They couldn’t show to big of a horde at that point in time of the outbreak that FTWD takes place. Since a super big one wouldn’t have been able to form yet but after a few years…after a few years of walkers building up in a location they can show a truly giant horde. At the beginning of the outbreak trained soldiers fell to a horde of 2000. At this point, civilians are able to control a horde of what must be 5,000+. If not for the sabotage the plan would have worked. It was a impressive display of what survivors can do now that no one could do at the beginning.

I’m wondering if the black/white and color contrasting story telling will continue. It seems unlikely unless they go back to telling backstory. They could tell Morgan’s story or what Heath’s team was doing out those couple weeks. They could also tell more of Alexandria’s backstory. I like the black and white. I wish they would continue it but I’m not sure it will be feasible to do for long.

This episode made me eager for this season, though. I wasn’t a fan of last season but I loved the season before that. So, I’m hoping for another great season like season four was and not a scattered season like last season. This is a good start.

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