TV Review/Recap: Supernatural Episode 1102 “Form and Void”



So, we are still on the Darkness baby and the main storyline thread. I personally prefer the Monster of the Week episodes but that is just me. The Darkness baby is a cutie, though. I wonder what happened to the baby she was supposed to be? I guess the Darkness ate her soul, too? *shrug*

Superior Nebraska – A man wearing one shoe stumbles down the street. Someone grabs chains and a tackle box and other randomness at a Hardware supply store. The man continues his wander down the street. He hears someone talking and turns toward the voice. He goes behind a Hardware store and finds a cell phone playing a video from inside a bucket being used as an amplifier sitting on top of a wheelchair. As he looks at it, Sam says from behind him, “Can you talk or are you to far gone?” The man says what and Sam zaps him with a homemade taser.

Supernatural logo over the black smoke.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa – The impala pulls up in front of a pretty little house with a big yard. Dean gets out from the drivers side and Jenna gets out holding Amara from the passenger side. Dean comments on the nice neighborhood and Jenna talks about growing up there. She hands Dean Amara while she grabs stuff from the back seat. Dean talks to the baby and Jenna comments on how great he is with the baby. He says “what can I say, chicks dig me”. He gives her back the baby and says he better go. Jenna’s grandma comes out of the house as Dean leaves.

Inside Jenna’s grandma asks about the storm that hit Superior. Jenna kind of shrugs it off. They talk about Amara. Grandma sends Jenna off to take a nap and she takes Amara. Jenna goes to a guest room to take a nap and Grandma puts Amara in a crib in a room that seems to be a nursery in progress. Lots of things are still boxes and bins on tables and shelves.

People on TV always just put babies in other rooms and leave them. This is supposed to be a newborn. They never stop eating and most don’t like being alone. Who in real life is ever able to put a newborn in a room alone and just leave it? Why do they do this on TV?

Once alone Amara squirms and coos and creepy music rises and she looks at a bin labeled “Baby Stuff” and it falls off the table spilling toys and blocks.

See? This is why you don’t leave newborn babies alone. They go all demonic and make a mess with their toys. Or maybe you just shouldn’t play creepy  music around newborn babies? Both. I’m going with both. Don’t leave them alone AND don’t play creepy music around them.

Sam stands in front of a sink and opens a pouch and swallows whatever was in it. He pulls his collar back and looks in the mirror at his black veins. Then he walks in the other room and asks the man he has tied up what his name is. The man says “bite me” so that is what Sam calls him. Sam wants to know when he got infected and the man says he could ask Sam the same thing. He says they can smell their own. He won’t answer Sam’s questions. He asks if Sam wants to know how much time he has left. Sam tells him he is trying to find a cure. The man is skeptical. He asks for pudding. Which Sam gives to him. He eats the pudding rather erratically. Sam tells him he was infected last night and the man says he was infected this morning. Sam doesn’t understand why the man’s infection is more advanced than his. The man tells him it doesn’t work like that. He doesn’t know why but the infection spreads differently in everyone. Sam insists he is going to find a cure.

Why pudding? Was it just the only thing he saw nearby that looked good? Is he a huge pudding fan and wanted one more before he died? Does the infection make you crave chocolate? We may never know….

Dean drives down the rainy road. He calls Cas. The angels see the call and wake up a chained Castiel. Castiel asks them why. He says he asked for help. They want to ask him questions. Cas tells them they don’t understand. He says he is cursed. He struggles against the chains suspending him from the ceiling. He tells them to run.

Cursed and chained Castiel is kind of hot.

Jenna sleeps soundly but a loud thumping wakes her up. She goes in the hallway and her Grandma is there, too. They follow the noise to the babies room. Blocks are floating above the crib and then slamming into the wall. They spell Feed Me. Amara is crying. Grandma crosses herself and when Jenna tries to go to the baby she pulls her outside.

See? Baby left alone and she was crying and they didn’t even hear her. Maybe if they had come when she first started crying she wouldn’t have had to start throwing blocks at the wall. The poor thing is hungry.

Grandma says the devil is in the baby and that she is calling Father something or other. Jenna says no. Grandma says “well who are we gonna call”. Dean answers his phone “Ghostbusters”. He asks what’s wrong then he turns the impala around.


Sam talks to Dean on the phone. He tells Dean it sounds like something from the Exorcist. Dean says he said the same thing. Sam asks if he thinks it’s a demon. Dean says yeah or the baby is infected by something. Dean says sorry he is leaving Sam alone. Sam its fine to help Jenna. He says he is fine. We see the pudding man is now covered in black veins and dead on the ground.

The angels demand Castiel tell them where Metatron is. They’re stabbing him with some mind of angel knife that hurts him. Castiel insists he doesn’t know and asks for mercy. He calls them “brother” and they don’t like it. They ask him who he is. He says he is an angel of the lord but they say that anytime he has to choose between Heaven and the Winchesters he choses the Winchesters. They say they’d prefer to kill him if it were an option. Castiel tells them to do it but they won’t.

Sam researches infectious diseases and then hears singing. He follows the voice echoing down the hospital halls. He finds a beautiful woman standing over one of the bodies singing. He’s pointing his gun at her. Without turning around she says “hey Sam.” He asks how she knows his name. “Who are you?” he asks before she can answer the first question. She says, “I think you mean what.” She’s a reaper. He asks her name but she won’t give one. She’s bitter about them killing death. Sam apologizes for Death. She has a message for them. She tells Sam that him and Dean dying and coming back over and over is done. Death found it funny but since he’s gone that’s not happening anymore. When they die again they won’t go to Heaven or Hell. Whatever Reaper comes for them will toss them out into the “empty”…where nothing can come back. She says she knows Sam is dying. She can feel it. She calls him “unclean in the biblical sense.” She says she will be seeing him again soon. Her name is Billie, she says as she leaves.

The empty? Why don’t they toss anyone they don’t want coming back there instead of sending them to Hell? Why are we just now hearing about this place?

The angels know that Castiel broke Metatron out of heaven and stole his grace. They still don’t believe that Cas doesn’t know where he is now. He says Metatron tricked him but they say he is either stupid or lying. They threaten to cut him again, They say what should they cut off first and gesture to his eye and other body parts…including his crotch. Another angel shows up then. It’s Hannah…with a male vessel. He asks what they are doing and they say they are getting answers. He says this isn’t how they are doing things and he tells them to get out. Cas thanks him and he says to not thank him yet. Something horrible has happened.

I thought Angels didn’t have genitals? I mean their vessels do, obviously but they don’t use them cause angels aren’t sexual, right? I know they’ve said this before and the only time Cas has sex was when he was human, right? Why would he care about genitals he doesn’t use? Why would another angel even think to threaten them?

The blackness is crawling up Sam’s neck and the veins are getting thicker. He sees a sign for a chapel and goes there and prays. He asks God for some kind of sign. He wants to fix his mistake. He wants to save other people and help Dean. He needs to know there is hope. Nothing happens and he leaves the chapel. In the hall he falls down and has flashes of…something. Himself when he was locked in the cage? It looks like what happened to Dean when he was in hell. Torture with chains and knives. Sam yells “What does that mean?”

I bet the black veined infected will show up a lot this Halloween. And as a popular cosplay for conventions. It’s just super simple and it looks really cool. 

Jenna meets Dean outside as the Impala pulls up. Dean asks where the kid is. Jenna says they have a new problem. Her grandma called her priest who sent over an exorcist….and the exorcist is Crowley.

Yay Crowley! I like Crowley. Mark Shepherd (aka “hey it’s that guy from….every show ever”) is awesome.

Dean says “Crowley” and he corrects him and says “Father Crowley”. He wants to talk to him outside. Crowley says “of course” after her finishes his tea.

Hannah unchains Castiel from the ceiling but he wants to keep the cuffs on his wrists. He says it’s safer. He sits in a chair. He says he wasn’t lying about Metatron. Hannah says he is more worried about him. Cas asks if he can heal him but whatever is infecting him is to powerful to heal.

Dean is unhappy with Crowley. Crowley is pissed about what Sam and Castiel did. Dean asks him what he is doing. He says he’s working a case.

“Agent Pathetic Has Been Rock Star” Ha. Favorite joke ever.

Hannah questions Cas. Cas says he can feel the spell cutting deeper. Hannah asks about Superior. She says alarms are sounding in Heaven. Alarms that have never gone off. They don’t know what they mean. Castiel tells him the alarms are for the Darkness.

Amara cries. Jenna goes in to check on her.

Still with the leaving the baby all alone. She’s a baby!!!! Well….ish. 

Hannah insists the Darkness is just a story. Cas says no it isn’t.

Jenna picks up Amara and tells her whatever is wrong they’ll fix it. She kisses her forehead and Amara stops crying as she lays her back down.

Hannah asks where the Darkness is. He doesn’t know. Hannah asks if the Winchesters know and asks where they are. Castiel asks how Hannah found him.

Crowley says he has sources in the Catholic church who inform him they hear about a demonic possession. If it’s one of his he tells them to ignore it. If its a rogue he goes after it. Dean asks if he thinks it’s a demon in Amara. Crowley says no.

Amara stares at Jenna. Something in Jenna’s face changes. Grandma hears a thump from downstairs.

Castiel tells Hannah that he thinks it was her that set everything up with the intent to burst in and save him. She thought he would be so grateful he’d give them the info they wanted. Hannah says the other angels hate him. He asks if she hates him. The other two angels come in. They say the angels took a vote and Hannah was chosen. Cas says he will not give them Sam and Dean. They say they are going to hack his brain.

Crowley says whatever Amara is he can taste the power from outside. Jenna comes into the kitchen where her Grandma is. Crowley says “that thing is old…deep….dark”. Jenna picks up a knife and says she always wanted to try this. She walks toward her grandma. Dean and Crowley hear a scream. They run in. Grandma has had her throat slit. Crowley says “Well Hello Plot Twist”.

That’s why I like Crowley. He can inject humor into the really really dark stuff and it fits his character. So, it isn’t inappropriate. Sam or Dean can’t make a joke over a dead body. It would seem crass.

The angels jab metal into Cas’s skull through a weird helmet…nothing is happening. Hannah tries to stop them but they won’t. Hannah grabs the man’s hand. The angel starts kicking Hannah. Castiel gets angry and breaks free. He kills one angel. Hannah starts to speak but the other Angel kills her. Cas attacks the last angel. He kills the angel. Cas looks around and drops the weapon. He says “”.

Sam drops a cup and it breaks. The black veins are spread all over his face. His eyes look bloody. He hears the reaper tell him he is unclean. He goes to the computer and looks up biblical purification. He sees things about holy oil and purification by fire. He pours oil from an ancient bottle into a basin and dips gauze in it then sits it on fire. He hears voices telling him not to do this to himself and to “stop” but he holds the flaming gauze up to his face. The black veins smolder and then vanish.

So….he just happened to have a bottle of holy oil with him? Okay…I can buy that..I guess….It isn’t really THAT shocking.

Dean yells for Jenna. Crowley wonders why he is shouting in the house that contains an evil murdering entity. Dean hears the baby crying and goes to her. When Amara sees Dean she stops crying. Dean unsnaps her sleeper and sees the mark on her shoulder. He sees his vision of the Darkness telling him they are bound and they will always help each other. Crowley comes in and says the baby likes him. He calls Dean maternal. Dean snaps Amara’s sleeper closed. He says they have to find Jenna.

I haven’t looked but I wonder how many memes are around of Dean with the baby? I’m betting a lot. People can’t resist a cute guy with a baby. 

Music plays down the hospital halls and 3 infected people follow it. It leads them to a boombox in the chapel and Sam. Sam lights a circle on fire trapping them inside. As the fire burns the three scream and their black veins smolder. They fall. The circle fire goes out. They stand up. One woman thanks him. Sam says “lets go save the rest of them.”

Crowley and Dean find Jenna breaking her Grandma’s ceramic angel collection. “She won’t care” Jenna says, “I cut her throat”.  Dean asks why she did that and Crowley says it’s because she doesn’t have a soul. Crowley finds it fascinating.

See? Don’t leave babies alone. Take better care of them or else they may eat your soul. Lesson learned. 

Dean asks how it’s possible for Jenna to have lost her soul. Jenna says “Amara is hungry. She’s a growing girl”.  Dean wants to fix Jenna. Jenna says she doesn’t want to be fixed. They fight. Crowley slams her into the wall and she falls on the ground eyes wide, very dead. Dean asks why and Crowley says your welcome.

Aww I liked Jenna. She’s pretty. But…I mean…of course she died. No one survives long around Sam and Dean.

Amara lays in her crib. Her face morphs into that of an older child. We see her jump down from the crib and remove clothes from a box labeled “Kid’s Stuff”. She ties her dress. She walks away down the hall. She looks maybe 6 or 7 years old. Crowley has his back to the hall but turns around to late to see her. 

I assumed they would have to age her quickly. It’s hard to keep creating storylines involving a evil baby. I mean she isn’t exactly evil. She IS but it’s not like it’s her fault. She didn’t choose to be evil. 

Crowley wants to see the child that eats souls. Dean stops him. He won’t let him go near the baby. Crowley asks if Dean will kill her and he says yes but Crowley doesn’t believe he would do it even if he could. He says he saw how he looked at the baby. Crowley says he will kill her, right after he is done with her. Dean tries to attack Crowley but Crowley throws him into a closet. He says he isn’t their sidekick. Dean slams him into a wall and pins him to it with a knife. He pulls out Cain’s knife but doesn’t kill him. He goes to Amara’s room but she is gone. He goes back to where he left Crowley but he is also gone.

Sam and Dean arrive home. Sam doesn’t understand how the Darkness was a child when Dean saw her as a woman. Dean says may be what he saw was a vision. Looking around the place Dean says they need a maid and is making a rather sleazy, very Dean-like, joke when they hear someone. They draw guns and walk around a stack of books to find Cas. He asks for help.

Little Amara walks down the sidewalk. A black SUV stops. She stops. Crowley gets out and says she’s grown into a sweet little thing. He asks if she wants some candy. He opens the back of the SUV. A family is there, a man, woman and two kids. Amara smiles.

Evil kids are fun. I miss tiny Lilith. Lilith was awesome. 

That said, are we not getting any monster of the week type episodes this season? It looks like the next two episodes are also still about Amara. Blah. I like the fun monster of the week episodes. Oh well….


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