TV Review/Recap: Undateable Episode 303 “A Rock and a Hard Place Walk Into A Bar”

This weeks episode wasn’t AS funny as last weeks episode. So, I think I can manage a coherent recap and review with no or at least minimal fangirl squealing.

The episode WAS funnier than it sounds in the’s just hard to recap comedy and make it work. Especially with people like Chris D’Elia who does a lot of physical comedy. 

Leslie asks if they should all go to a party tonight and Shelly says, “No way. It’s Friday night and that is the best night for staying home and watching television. Let’s see what’s on NBC”. He turns on the TV above the bar.

Shelly waves at the television and looks confused. Brett tells him it’s not to TV. It’s the new security feed. Shelly says that’s good he thought NBC has really bottomed out.

Undateable airs on NBC for anyone not aware of that….so many people watch on Hulu or other places besides the actual network that it’s totally possible to not know what network a show is on now. 

Justin and Candace are staring at each other across the bar and Candace asks him is he’s just going to stare at her all day. Justin says she’s right, that they’re working and he should get back to work. He starts to walk away then comes back and says he just couldn’t do it. He tells her to walk away first. She says no he has to walk away first. They do this back and forth for a minute then Danny walks up and grabs Justin around the waist and drags him away saying “Ooh Justin is walking away first” then when they’re away from the bar he does a bit about a shark attack and jerks Justin back and forth. Justin pulls away and says he loves a good shark attack but not in front of his lady. Brett walks up and says “How is it that I had a penis in each hand last night and yet I’m still not the gayest person in this bar?”

Was one of the penises his? Or did he have two other guys in bed with him? Where is Brett even meeting guys to have threesomes with? I’m assuming one of the penises was his……I’m actually shocked Danny or someone didn’t ask him this same question..It was the first thing I thought of when he said he had a penis in each hand. It still bothers me a little bit…I’m going to meet David Fynn one day and just yell in his face “WAS ONE OF THE PENISES YOURS????I HAVE TO KNOW!!!!” 

Danny sits down at the table with Shelly and Burski as Justin walks off toward his office. Danny says that Justin and Candace kept him up all night with their lame sex talk. “She was all ‘you’re the one that I want’ and he was all ‘tell me more tell me more’, Danny says. Candace informs them all, as she sits down Danny’s drink, that it wasn’t sex talk. They were watching Grease and singing along. Danny says that explains why she said she wanted to ramalamalama Justin’s dingatydingdadong. Justin says he can’t resist a good Grease singalong. Danny asks how Justin keeps coming up with new ways to say things that guys don’t say.

Candace can’t believe that Danny thought they were already sleeping together when they’ve only been together for two weeks. She asks Leslie how long her and her boyfriend waited before having sex. Leslie says the amount of time it took to get from the bar to his car.

Again a missed joke opportunity. Shouldn’t someone have made fun of Candace for  thinking people don’t have sex before dating longer than 2 weeks? I guess with Candace it isn’t surprising though. 

Burski says something is wrong with the security feed because it’s just showing a random crowd. The TV shows the crowd and they cheer. Shelly says whatever they’re watching they seem to be enjoying it and they should tell their friends.

The theme song plays and WAZ comes out of the door that says “Toilets” playing guitar. He walks away and the inside of the door says “Undateable Live”. The camera moves over toward the music stage passing a sign that looks like a drink or food specials sign that says “Tonight’s Musical Guest Kodaline”. The camera keeps moving over to the stage where the band is playing.

I love the little varied title card scenes…although watching old episodes I do kind of miss the old title sequence with them talking over it. 

As the band plays the cast poses with audience members as their credits pop up. Chris D’Elia (Danny) cuddles up with a woman and acts like he is sleeping on hr shoulder. Brent Morin (Justin) sits and pretends to be crying. Bianca Kajlich (Leslie) holds a guy’s arm and rocks to the music and then smiles at the guy like they’re on a date at a concert. Bridgit Mendler (Candace) and Ron Funches (Shelly) pose like they’re on the bow of the Titanic. Rick Glassman (Burski) proposes to an audience member who turns him down, He then acts super upset. David Fynn (Brett) in kneeling on the ground in front of the audience cradling a man who pretends to be dead and pretending to scream and cry. Someone (a crew member? the creator himself?) holds up the Undateable Live sign as the Created By credit pops up.

I want to go to live taping. It looks fun. 

Danny sits on the couch with a girl. She says she feels like she’s known him for years and he agrees and says he can’t believe they just met 20 minutes ago on Tinder. They start to make out and Justin and Candace come in. Justin says he just got a text from Danny and Danny says don’t worry about it now it says “Don’t come home”. Candace introduces herself and Justin to the girl on the couch. She calls him “her little bitch” and starts poking him. The couch girl calls them cute and asks how they met. Danny asks to speak to Justin in the kitchen.

Justin says he’s always dreamed of this, Danny with his girl, Justin with his girl (ok he says “bae” but I refuse to use that acronym). He says something about buying 4 tickets for a cruise. Danny hits him and tells him he isn’t wanted there. He holds up a can of whipped cream and says in 5 minutes it’ll be his underwear. Justin says ok he’s got it and goes over to get Candace.

Candace is talking to couch girl about her ex-boyfriend Trent wanting to sleep with her without even knowing her last name (…i don’t know her last name…has she been given a last name? I only know Danny’s and Burski’s last names and I only know Burski’s because Burski is his last name). She coos about Justin and their secret blanket….which is apparently what he calls her comforter. Justin told her if they ever got married he would take her last name. Couch girl says she keeps ending up with guys that are like Candace’s ex. Candace says that Danny knows her last. Danny says “of course I know Jenny’s last name”. She says her name is Judy. Danny says “I’d like to introduce you to Jenny Judy” aaaand the girl leaves.

Back at the bar Brett informs everyone that Playboy magazine won’t be printing nudes anymore. Burski asks if the internet still exists and Brett says yeah. So, Burski says he thinks he will be fine.

That joke didn’t actually make sense….the whole reason that Playboy isn’t doing nude photo spreads anymore IS because they feel like they can’t compete with the vast amount of porn available on the internet.

After Burski’s joke Shelly laughs and says “Take it to church”..Brett asks what that means. Shelly informs them that it is his new catch phrase. The security feed made him decide that he needed a catch phrase. Danny comes in with Candace following after him asking why he is mad at her for being nice to his date. Danny says she took away his chance to be very nice to the girl. Candace is angry and won’t apologize. Shelly says “Take it to church”. Justin comes in eating an ice cream cone. Danny walks up and grabs it from him and smashes it on the table. Justin asks him why he did that.

Chris D’Elia (Danny) almost loses it here. He smiles but hides it under an angry grimace. You can tell he’s smiling but he does manage not to laugh. Brent Morin (Justin) does laugh a bit but hey at least he is on the stage….last week during the West Coast performance he wasn’t there at all for one entire scene. Which actually turned out kind of hilarious as the others tried to cover for it. Anyway…back to the show..

Justin asks why he did that and Danny says because his girlfriend ruined his night last night. So, now he is going to ruin anything that makes Justin happy. Leslie says to not worry about Danny and if he needs a smile to just look at the old couple holding hands in the bar. Justin looks at them and says that does make him happy. So, Danny kicks them out of the bar. Justin yells at Danny for kicking out his customers.

What follows is a weird word battle where Justin calls his fists Marvin and Gaye. Then Danny calls his leg “Ron Funches” and says it’s because he likes to get high and he kicks into the air. Justin says he hopes Danny likes…percussion groups that make music with garbage cans because he is about to stomp him…and he jumps around a bit…(and smiles). Danny’s comeback is “I hope you like when contestants take 5 random ingredients and then professional chefs judge them because you’re about to get chopped” and he does a fake karate chop into the air.

This isn’t the best Danny and Justin battle….What does make it funny though is that it shows that the actors largely ARE performing for each other. They regularly make fun of each other and use each other’s real name’s in the scenes and when Chris D’Elia (Danny) does it this time he looks over at Ron Funches (Shelly) after saying it and Ron is laughing. It’s good to know that even if the show gets horrible ratings and they don’t do the live thing again next season (or even if they don’t return next season…which I really hope they do..I love this show) that they were at least having fun doing this. If the actors are having fun it makes it all more amusing to watch even when the storylines are thin and the jokes aren’t the best they’ve done.

Burski asks if they’re really about to fight and Shelly says he thinks this IS the fight. Brett says don’t worry when they run out of jokes it just fades out on it’s own. Then we see Danny and Justin fumble and run out of jokes. Then Danny apologizes and asks Justin to please talk to Candace because what she did wasn’t cool. Justin says no problem. And then Danny leaves.

Brett picks up the smooshed ice cream cone and eats it. Leslie stares at him. He says “What? Five second rule.”

After a commercial (I guess? I don’t watch it live due to not having cable or any kind of way to watch it live) It shows Waz playing guitar. Then the gang minus Justin and Candace are watching the bar TV. Brett says he fixed the television so it isn’t the security feed anymore. He says he’s watching old episodes of Scrubs and the blonde doctor is out boozing. The screen shows Sarah Chalk drinking. Burski says it’s still the security feed but she is just sitting right there. Sarah Chalke is sitting at the bar having a her Scrubs uniform. She asks if she can please just have a drink in peace without getting recognized. Danny asks why she is wearing her costume from the show that ended 5 years ago if she doesn’t want to get recognized. She says she’s proud of her show and if he by some miracle keeps this show on the air for 9 years he’ll still be walking around in that dumb leather jacket. She gets up and leaves with her wine glass. Danny stands up and takes his jacket off.

Was it just me or did Sarah Chalke’s face look odd? Botox maybe? Her forehead wasn’t moving. I only mention it because I had to watch it 3 times to figure out why she looked odd. I kept thinking it was something with her hair or maybe she was making the wrong facial expressions (but she is usually a good actress so that seemed unlikely). I finally realized it was that her eyes looked to wide and her forehead wasn’t moving.

On another note…I guess the cameos are going to be a regular thing? I don’t mind them. It further’s the whole SNL with a storyline thread thing they seem to be going for but I know some people complained about them. *shrug* I think they’re kind of cute. If they continue the live thing another season I imagine they may have to stop the cameos, though. They’ll just run out of cameo options.

Justin and Candace come back into the bar. Justin is telling her that it’s Danny’s house, too. He’s asking her to not talk to girls that Danny has over. Justin asks if she understands. She says yeah  he wants her to keep her “big trap shut so Danny can have sex easier” and Justin says “right” and the others groan and run away (except Shelly who hides under the table). Justin is confused and asks what’s happening. Shelly says he is getting his ass handed to him by a 90lb Care Bear. Candace asks Danny (calling him Daniel…is that what Danny is short for? They’ve never said that before) if he asked Justin to talk to her. He plays dumb but says she should listen to her boyfriend. She calls him  a 35 year old man and he insists he is 34 and a half. Then she calls him middle aged. He yelps like a howler monkey. Then says she wasn’t the real star of Good Luck Charlie, the parents were.

Probably obvious but the actress that plays Candace, Bridgit Mendler, was in a show called Good Luck really helps to know a lot about the actors to get all the jokes….which I imagine is an issue some people have when watching the show).

Candace gets upset and asks Justin if he is going to let him talk to her like that. Justin jumps in between them and says this is really hard for him because “Candace is my girlfriend and Justin…I mean Danny…is my boyfriend”…

I don’t know if that line actually was supposed to be “boyfriend” or if he just said that after the name mess up but it was a missed opportunity for Danny to make all kinds of hilarious come backs. It was pretty funny by itself, though.Which I imagine is why no one said anything else. 

Justin continues that the past is the past and no one cares what happened between Candace and Danny or Danny and Judy. Danny asks who is Judy. Candace is exasperated and tells him it was the girl he was with last night. Danny says “oh right Jenny Judy” and Candace says no one is named that ever. Justin is still freaking out like Chandler when Ross and Rachel would fight and trying to get everyone to calm down when Candace says “you know Justin told me he’s on my side”. She asks Danny if Justin ever said he was on his side. Danny stammers….and gestures a lot about how him and Justin don’t need to use words to communicate. Justin says he won’t be a weapon they use against each other. Danny and Candace then call Justin like a dog. Danny says to not make him say the four words he’s always wanted to hear. Candace says that isn’t fair. Danny yells “shut up demon” at her. 

Causing Bridgit Mendler  {Candace} to smiler and almost laugh which is actually rare…she doesn’t break character as much as the others do. Chris D’Elia said on Twitter that it was an improv (which is obvious and makes it even funnier) and that he almost laughed. 

Danny says “You’re………..” and Justin moves closer as he speaks “best…….friieeeeeeee” then Justin stops him and says he wants it so bad but not like this. He yells that he would die for either of them but they’re killing him right now and they don’t realize it. The crowd laughs (and Chris D’Elia must laugh also because Justin asks if he is laughing). Justin says if they really want him to choose then he chooses neither of them. He chooses Justin because “he gets me”. Then he storms into his office. After he is gone Leslie says that isn’t the way to treat someone you care about. Shelly says he only has one thing to say. Danny says he knows what it is, “Take it to church” but Shelly says he wasn’t going to say that. He says everyone in the bar is going to say it together. Then he counts down and the whole audience says “take it to church”. Danny says the bar seems a lot less crowded than that.

Audience participation is fun. I want to go to a live taping soooo bad.

I was re-watching the first season recently (cause I literally can’t stop watching this show) and you can see how much improv was always a part of the show as well as hearing that the laughter is real. They always taped it in front of a live audience and didn’t use a laugh track. So, really the live airings aren’t THAT giant of a leap for this show.

Candace stands at Justin’s office door trying to get him to come out but he won’t. Danny is sitting at a table and Candace goes and sits with him and apologizes, admitting most of this situation was her fault. Danny says he gets it. She was just trying to protect that girl. Candace says “no” she doesn’t care about the girl. She cares about Danny. She wants to find someone he cares about and to be happy. Danny is touched that she cares. He says she looks up to him and she says not really but he admits he has a hard time with relationships and that he has a lot of growing up to do but he is only 34 and a half and has plenty of time to do it. He also says he is kind of embarrassed that she is now seeing how he really is. Candace says she likes who he really is. He pretends not to be about to cry. She asks if he needs a hug. They hug. Shelly turns around so that his back is to a camera and points at the words on the back of his sweatshirt. It says “Take it to Church”.

Aww. Emotional Danny is cute. I would like to see a storyline where Danny does meet a girl that he really likes. I wouldn’t want the character to change to much. So, it would have to be a girl that he could still be himself with. If the show stays on a while I imagine that will happen. The characters have to grow a little for the show to keep working.

They still can’t get Justin to come out. So Candace saying he can’t resist a sing along starts singing Summer Loving from Grease. Justin sticks his head of the door to sing the Danny Zucko lines. Candace asks him to come out but he says only if Danny sings to. So Danny sings without enthusiasm “Tell me more Tell me more did you get very far?” and Justin says he has to like it. So he sings with more feeling “Tell me more tell me more did he have a car?”. The rest of the crew sing the “sha bop bop bop” part and Danny stops them. Candace goes into the office to look for Justin but he isn’t there. He comes down the stairs wearing a leather jacket and sings the last lines of the song (laughing on the high note and not coming close to hitting it even though I know he probably can caaaause I’ve heard him sing high notes before). The rest of the gang goes over to the stairs, most of them going up the stairs with Justin, to sing along with him and Danny, standing at the bottom of the stairs, unbuttons his shirt (because….reasons….).

The band, Kodaline, plays again and the cast and crew gather around the stage like they did last week at the end of the show. A lot of the crew are wearing “Take it to Church” shirts. Chris D’Elia looked pissed or annoyed at the end of last week’s last episode but he is animated and happy looking at the end of this weeks. The whole cast and crew look pretty cheerful and upbeat.

It isn’t the best episode ever but it isn’t a bad episode. This show doesn’t have bad episodes. The storylines are simple and now the being aired live and making a lot of meta jokes and involving the audience are a BIG part of the show. Which means the storylines DO get pushed to the back burner a little bit. Not as much happens in the episodes this season as they have previously. It’s a fun show, though. It still works. I DO think that after this season they should even go back to not being aired live or make the fact that it is airing live a little less of a gimmick and focus more on the storyline. For now, it works fine though and I love this show.

I think Danny yelling “Shut Up Demon!” at Candace was my favorite part. 

Undateable airs on Friday night on NBC.


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