TV Review: Blindspot Episodes 101 through 105

*slight spoilers…I mention things that you find out within these episodes but not the details of the information. Only major spoilers are for the pilot.*

So, I’m going to be honest. On first watching the first episode of Blindspot, I was squeamish. I do not like how the female character is treated. It happens on and off throughout the first few episodes. She is not treated like a real person. She is treated like a puzzle piece. A plot point to further develop the case and the male character. She has literally, in context of the show, been treated this way.

She was violated. Her whole body is tattooed seemingly (as far as she knows anyway..she doesn’t remember anything) against her will and she is left naked in a duffle bag in time square. She is literally treated like a prop. Which..honestly..helps it bother me less. The scene isn’t treated as sexual. 

Also, the moment I liked the show more is that after they had examined her, showed her tattooed body to god knows how many FBI agents (including Kurt Weller whose name is tattooed on her back) and they have even scanned her entire body into a computer system….she gets angry. She refuses to continue the things they want her to do. She has no idea who she is or where she has been or what she has done or had done to her. And yet she is strong enough, even while looking and no doubt feeling lost and vulnerable, to tell them “no” and insist to talk to someone in charge.

Victims are often treated this way when they’re being interviews…they’re just a puzzle piece…a way to find the bad guy. The bad guy is the focal point. So, that part is at least accurate to real life. 

She also goes on to kick the shit out of an abusive man she kind of accidentally stumbled across. She’s apparently some kind of bad ass operative (or something… still hasn’t been figured out exactly) buuuut she doesn’t know that when she stands up to the FBI who are treating her like a criminal when as far as she (and they) know she is a victim.

While I would love for there to be more portrayals of women who are both strong and NOT government operatives, cops, military, clones, genetic mutations, Chosen ones etc I do love how this character (at this point called Jane) is both strong, tough and vulnerable. She is lost and confused and doesn’t even know what she can do until she does it. The combination of strength and vulnerability makes this character closer to realistic than a lot of the badass female characters on TV.

My opinion on the show itself is still up in the air. Which is one reason I waited 5 episodes in to write anything about it but I do love the main character so far. The female lead that is. Nothing against Agent Kurt Weller, he is a good character as well but he, somehow, feels even less developed than Jane. It’s largely about finding out who she is and she starts as a blank slate. So, every little detail found out about her feels important. I find myself less interested in Weller, so far. Although, I feel sure they will reveal more about Weller himself as the story goes. He is obviously important in what happened to Jane.

Which does still make her a prop in his story but….the show isn’t treating her that way. She isn’t acting that way. And that is what I like. You can’t control what other people do to you but you can control how you act about it.

Oddly, they find out her name and her connection to Weller earlier than I expected. That they revealed this so early makes me assume it’s not as big of a detail as it seems to be. I’m sure it isn’t…there are a lot of details they still don’t know. Even the things they know they don’t really know. It’s complicated…obviously.

I’ll be watching this show to see how it turns out. I hope it stays interesting. Minority Report got off to a great start and fizzled out fast. I’ve already about given up on it but this show is the same number of episodes in and it’s still intriguing. So, it is showing promise. I intend to keep watching and I’d recommend it to anyone interested in….well..television shows in general but especially crime and action shows and shows with great female leads.

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