TV Review/ Recap: iZombie Episode 203 “Real Dead Housewives of Seattle”

I won’t lie. This episode didn’t keep me as interested as the previous two did. It isn’t my favorite. *shrug*

A blonde woman gossips into a phone set to speaker phone. Her doorbell rings and she asks the woman on the phone to hold on. At her door is a man who claims to work with a real estate company. She says her husband and herself are not interested in selling but when he says that the client is willing to pay 10 million dollars she seems interested. He asks to see the view and she takes him out back to show him. He grabs her and they grapple and fall off the balcony. Which looks oddly intentional but since the man also falls I’m assuming it wasn’t actually the plan.

Awesome Title Sequence

Ravi, Liv and Clive examine the blonde woman’s body. Ravi is holding a large breast implant. He says the woman must have taken “quite a fall” because the other implant burst on impact. He tosses the implant around and says it’s German and top of the line. The dead woman’s name is Taylor Fowler. She’s 38 and the wife of a rich man, Terrance Fowler, who owns a liquor store chain. The man who fell with her is still alive but in a coma he isn’t expected to come out of. Clive informs them the “coma guy” isn’t actually who his business card claimed he is. His real name is Joe Furcano, who has a record and mod connections. Clive thinks it’s a murder for hire. Clive suspects the husband, Terrance Fowler, as the person who did the hiring. After all that info is told Liv asks Ravi and Clive to go out to eat and/or for a drink on Friday. They’re both busy and act weird about it. Liv seems disappointed but vaguely. Ravi then suggests Liv move on to her “more immediate dining plans”. Liv says she has never had a lady who lunches for lunch. Then she prepares a tomato stuffed with a tuna-like salad that contains Taylor’s brain.

Every episode now has these little cooking show looking sequences of Liv preparing some new different food containing brains. They are missing an opportunity for an awesome You Tube companion parody cooking show featuring different ways to prepare brains. iZombie Cuisine? maybe. Or What To Feed the Zombie That Hates Everything. That one. That is my favorite.

Major lifts weights in the Max Rager work out room. DuClark’s assistant/Liv’s roommate Gilda  comes up teasing him. He makes smart as comments. She is wanting him to work on the list of potential zombies they gave him. He says he is. He crossed another name off this morning. The guy wasn’t a zombie. He says, “I’m allowed to not kill those, right?” She says the boss, Vaughn DuClark, expects results. Major says he can take over the zombie ratification list if he wants too. She tells him that when they first came up with the list the boss’s idea was to send them all letters saying they had won an all expensive paid cruise. Then to sink the ship, killing them all even the ones that may not be zombies. She’s telling Major what he is doing is actually saving lives.

She does it in a bitchy way but really……she is doing something nice by telling him he is saving lives. He’s killing people who would have been killed anyway and saving the non-zombie ones that would have also been killed otherwise. It’s not much comfort but it probably is some.

Liv and Clive talk to a real real estate agent about the business card that the contract killer used. She’s upset by the use of her card. Clive assumes the man picked up the card at one of her open houses. Liv just asks the woman about her purse. When they show the woman the man’s face she recognizes him. She had caught him poking around in the private room of the owner of a house she was selling. She reveals that the house’s owner was Vaughn DuClarke and she refers to him as “Seattle’s Most Eligible Bachelor”, a title which Liv scoffs.

Socialite Liv is irritating as hell. It’s probably why I don’t like this episode. Bro Liv was annoying, too but not this bad. I don’t love the caricatures that Liv is becoming. I like it better when she picks up traits like shoplifting or a talent for painting. These full on personality transplants that seem to be the theme this season are getting old fast for me. Maybe it’s just me?

Major follows  potential zombie into the elevator. His hair stands on end…the dude is a zombie. Major looks unhappy. Later in the park at night, the man is running his dog. Major follows him and when he stops he zaps him in the neck with something. Then he is driving with the man in his trunk screaming for his life (and his dogs). The dog sits in the front seat with Major. Major stops, shoots the man and drops him over a bridge. The dog, some kind of hound, is still in the car.

Liv enters the morgue in a short blur dress and heels. She’s also wearing more makeup and has styled hair that now looks more blonde than it does platinum. She looks much less like a zombie (the look is kind of an improvement honestly although the outfit is ridiculous for work). Ravi jokes about her clothes and she says it’s her roommates. Liv says she is ready to go hang Vaughn DuClark’s ass from the nearest tree. Clive says when rich housewives are killed it’s always about money or sex and DuClark isn’t likely to have motive. Liv says “that we know of” and she mentions the reporter DuClark had killed for digging into Max Rager business. Clive points out that they couldn’t prove that. Liv still thinks it’s DuClark but Clive says the husband is still his main suspect but since the husband sits on the Board for Max Rager he thinks DuClark may have something to say that will help incriminate Terrance Fowler.

Liv and Clive talk to DuClark in his office at Max Rager headquarters. DuClark says he dd know Taylor Fowler. Her husband brought her to work functions. He describes her as entitled and vain. He says they were a well matched couple. Liv asks for a fancy water. The secretary (or whatever she is…not his usual assistant of course since Liv would recognize her) brings the water and tells DuClark that his 3 o’clock is there. He says “not yet” and triggers a vision for Liv. DuClark having sex with Taylor Fowler and saying “no no no not yet”….it’s uber gross and creepy looking..Which is a sentiment Liv shares. She says “My eyes…they burn” and then asks the guy how many times she has had sex with Taylor. he denies it and then semi-hits on Liv. Liv throws a drink at him but he dodges it (like a pro who has that happen a lot).

When Liv and Clive leave DuClark’s office they see Major in the waiting room. Liv isn’t happy to see him there. Major looks like…I’m not sure how to describe his look.

The best description for the look he gives Liv when he first sees her is Oops-I-Just-Pooped-My-Pants-And-I’m-Trying-To-Figure-Out-If-The-Person-In-The-Room-With-Me-Knows-I-Pooped-My-Pants-And-Also-Maybe-I’m-A Little-Hungry-But-I’m-Not-Sure.

Major says hi and asks if her nails are new. She says yeah….it’s a lot of random banter. It’s kind of cute but won’t translate well to typing soooo not much point in me going through it all. Socialite Liv is mostly just over dramatic and annoying. But Liv is upset that Major is working for Max Rager but Major points out that he does indeed have to make money somehow. Gilda is hiding around the corner listening. Major says Liv is being ridiculous and Liv slaps him. She apologizes and says it’s the brains. DuClark calls him over and they walk off. After they’re gone Clive asks Liv about her vision. She tells him what she saw and that DuClark was definitely sleeping with Taylor Fowler. The roommate hears all of this. She says she messed up with Major and Clive says he isn’t ever sure what the end goal is with them. They leave to go question more people.

They question people at a dealership where the hit man, Joe Fulcano, worked installing car stereos. They don’t have much information except the guy installed a stereo for some big client not long ago, someone that didn’t come to the shop but had Joe to come to their house. Clive gets a text that Taylor’s husband, Lawrence Fowler, wants to meet with them right away. So, they head out for that. Liv wants Clive to pull the car up to pick her up but he refuses.

At the Fowler house Clive, Liv, Terrance Fowler and his lawyer sit and talk in the living room with the caution tape  from the broken glass balcony that Taylor fell through, visible behind Liv and Clive. Terrance’s alibi is his personal stylist. So, they ask for her information. Clive mentions the affair his wife was having with Vaughn DuClark and Lawrence seems surprised..and angry. He slams breaks a glass ashtray. The lawyer leads him after with his bleeding hand after that.

Gilda confronts DuClark about his affair with Taylor Fowler. He asks how she knew. She says somehow her zombie roommate knew. She tells him to try to keep it in his pants next time. He says that if he didn’t sleep with other men’s wives she wouldn’t exist. She snaps at him about having someone pin a medal on his baby maker and she leaves. 

So……she’s his daughter? Interesting. And also they don’t know that zombie’s have visions. Also interesting. Probably best if they don’t find that out but I imagine they will. Major knows (I think) and he probably doesn’t know that they don’t know.

Major is working out at Max Rager again. He stops long enough to snort some utopium. Gilda comes in in work out clothes. She starts stretching and talking to him about his workout in a flirting manor. She lurks near him and he starts to leave then kisses her and they start undressing against the wall.

That was….random….and weird. I’m assuming Gilda is up to something. Major was high and looking for distraction but I’m betting it was strategic on her part.

Liv stares at the window as Clive talks to Lawrence Fowler’s personal stylist. Liv interrupts the interview to compliment the stylists view and then they start talking about clothes. Liv is still wearing Gilda’s clothes.

Since she thinks Gilda works for the IRS does she not wonder why she owns all these fancy clothes and shoes? Does she see what she wears to work? She doesn’t dress like she works for the IRS.

Clive directs the interview back to Taylor and Terrance. The stylist tells them about Taylor’s friends, Camille and Debra, she says they’re “great dressers, awful people”.

Clive and Liv interview Camille. Camille starts right up insulting the other friend Debra as soon as she is mentioned. She says she drinks a lot. She claims she ruined a wine tasting benefit. Debra then does the same thing. She insults Camille. Camille is a compulsive liar and she stole Taylor’s business idea. They do find out that Terrance was cheating with women from a website and that Terrance knew about the affair with DuClark. Liv has a vision of Terrance after he found out about the affair. He had punched a wall. So, the behavior with breaking the ashtray had been an act (or at least not because he didn’t know).

Liv comes in to the morgue to gossip to Ravi about seeing Major at Max Rager. Ravi is upset that Major didn’t tell him he was working there. Liv leaves and then comes back in raving dramatically. She asks Ravi if he is available Friday but he is indeed busy. They are watching TV and a news report comes on about the crack down on Utopium in Seattle. Peyton comes on talking. They didn’t know she was back in town. Liv is upset but Ravi shrugs it off. They hadn’t been dating long, he says. It isn’t that big of a deal. He assures Liv that Peyton will come around and be back in her life eventually. Liv gets call from Bethany Miller, the personal stylist, she found the shoes Liv described wanting.

Bethany looks through Liv’s closet as they discuss how the shoes go with everything. Bethany pulls out a dress she likes after saying most of Liv’s clothes don’t compliment her figure. The dress she pulls out belongs to Peyton. As they drink Bethany invites Liv to be her plus one at some kind of exclusive sale the next night. Liv says yes of course.

The shoes are strappy black suede high heels. They’re hot shoes but….I don’t get the super fuss…than again I’ve never understood the appeal of shoes. They go on your feet. Who the hell looks at anyone’s feet? I rarely even look at my own feet. Shoes are the least important part of an outfit to me.

Liv walks in in the blue dress of Peyton’s that Bethany liked and her strappy back knew shoes. Clive asks if she has ever heard of casual fridays. Liv makes fun of his clothes. He shows her a folder of the online profiles of all the people he clicked on on the dating website he was using. Liv calls it a “catalog of skanks” and makes fun of the photos as Clive flips through them. Clive thinks one of the women may have been involved in getting Lawrence to have his wife killed.

Clive is going to meet with the Joe Falcano’s boss at the car stereo place to find out who the guy’s mystery elite client was. He suspects it was Terrance. Liv says she has plans and then sarcastically fakes a vision saying Terrance did it. She says she is meeting a friend and he can do this without her.

Liv goes into the shop to meet Bethany. She’s super excited and Bethany greets her with a cheek kiss and to show her some things she found for her. Liv hands over her ID to start a tab. The cashier looks at it and wishes her a Happy Birthday. Bethany says they have to celebrate so they decide to go to a seafood place after the sale.

Clive gets to the car stereo place where Joe Falcano worked. He shows the manager there Terrance Fowler’s photo and asks if he was the elite client but the man says no. The client was a pro football player. He says he isn’t shocked that Joe got mixed up in something like this though. He started dating a new girl not long ago and she talked him into all kinds of things and he would do whatever she said. He doesn’t know her name. He only saw her once. Clive shows photos of Debra and Camille, Taylor’s friends, and asks if it was either of them. The guy says no they look to high class. She had more of a skank thing going on. Clive says he happens to have a catalog of skanks he can look through. The guy agrees to check them out.

Liv tries on a dress. Then she tells Bethany to go find something for herself. Liv talks in voiceover about moving on from an old friend. Her voiceover monologue is interrupted by her phone buzzing. It’s Clive. He tells her that he thinks he knows who hired Joe to kill Taylor. Bethany. Liv rushes out of the dressing room and into a different one. She asks details. Bethany hooked up with Terrance a while ago on the dating website. She was going by a different name then. She was more recently also seeing Joe. Liv is panicky. She changes from the dress to her own clothes. She spies Bethany trying on clothes. Clive tells her that Terrance probably turned Bethany into his personal stylist to hide how much money he was spending on her. He says he is going to pick up Bethany now. He asks Liv why she is whispering. She says because she is at “Hotter Than Hell” with Bethany.

Seems an odd name for an upscale store…sounds more like a punkish thrift store I would shop at….

Clive tells Liv to keep Bethany there and he is sending backup. Liv comes out of room and Bethany asks her to zip her up. She then hits Liv and pushes her and runs. Liv catches her and Bethany sprays her with something which doesn’t really effect Liv but makes her eyes go all zombie red. She beats up Bethany and knocks her out. The store manager says they’re calling the police. Liv says she is the police….or close enough.

Clive interviews Bethany. Liv comes in dressed more like her old self. Bethany says to keep her away from her. Clive tells her she got off easy. They spell out the plan. The jist of it was she planned to have Taylor killed so that she could marry Terrance and then take all his money. She says they can’t prove it but Clive says they don’t have to. She was already wanted for a bunch of other crimes in other states. So while she is serving time for that he can further investigate this to find proof that she had Taylor killed and to find out just how involved Terrance Fowler was in the murder.

Ravi gets home. The hound dog greets him. Ravi yells out about when did they get a dog. He gets to the kitchen to find Major and Peyton. Peyton says “hi” and then she sends Major to bed. He says ok then says he was planning to go to sleep anyway. He isn’t doing to cause she said so. He acts kind of high still. Once he is gone. Peyton apologizes for leaving without a word. She said she saw something. Ravi tells her that he knows what she saw. She asks if Major knows and Ravi says yeah. She wants a hug and Ravi hugs her. Peyton asks about Ravi’s date that he came in the door talking about before he knew she was there.

Liv buys a bottle of liquor and the clerk tells her happy birthday and asks about a party. She says yeah all her friends will be there. Once home in voiceover she talks about friends. She calls the liquor bottle her friend. It’s uber depressing.

Ravi probably doesn’t know when her birthday is. Same with Clive and she didn’t tell either of them it was her birthday. Buuuuut Major? Come on Dude! I know you got a lot going on and you’re on drugs and upset with Liv but don’t be that big of an asshole. Don’t forget her birthday. Jeeze. She really does have shitty friends. Mostly.

When Liv opens the fridge to get some mixer for her spicy whiskey she finds a birthday cake. Gilda comes in exclaiming how she didn’t tell her it was her birthday. Gilda tells her some chick came by and dropped off the cake. She says she doesn’t remember her name. Peyton. Liv says her name is Peyton.

Okay…maybe Peyton isn’t THAT bad of a friend.

Terrance comes into DuClark’s office as he does some kind of practice with a sword following along with what’s on TV (possibly a video chat?)…it looks ridiculous when DuClark does it whatever it is. DuClark tells him he holds in a lot of tension. Terrance tells him what he is holding is his “nards”. Terrance says he has been in steps toward a hostile takeover of Max Rager. He started it when he found out he was screwing his wife. DuClark says he should put aside their differences. He tells him about the new things they are doing in their lab. Terrance says to show him. DuClark takes him down to a secret lab in a sub-level of the building. DuClark keeps rambling about the magic and randomness. DuClark says he has to go find the scientist, Doctor Holland, he says something about a lab accident. He leaves Terrance in the room and goes outside shutting the door and looking through a glass panel. He hits some buttons and says “Oh there is Doctor Holland” and a decrepit, underfed zombie attacks Terrance.

Hmm They obviously know starving the zombies causes them to get dumber and less human and more violent. Interesting that they don’t know about the visions. I guess they haven’t kept a well-fed zombie happy with them long enough to learn about those.

Not my favorite episode but some interesting things happened and interesting information was learned. So, not a complete loss. I’m always eager for the next episode of iZombie. So, I’m hoping it’s a more fun episode.


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