TV Review/Recap: The Walking Dead Episode 602 “JSS”

The Walking Dead

602 “JSS”

The episode starts out slow but the whole thing is interesting.

We start out with Enid. She is parked by a stone wall with her parents. Her parents are arguing over where to go and how to fix the car. She is trying to hurry them up. Then two walkers come around the corner. She again tells them they have to go. The walkers get closer and two more comes around the side of the wall closer to the car. She screams and then it cuts out mid scream cutting to her inside the car alone crying while one walker eats three bodies outside. Blood is splattered all over her and the car.

I’m assuming we will get the rest of that story in a later episode.

The next shot is Enid walking alone in the rain, wearing a back pack. She looks lost but determined. She hears a noise that sounds like walkers. She hides and cries quietly and waits for them to pass. She writes “JSS” in the dirt. Back on the road, the rain has stopped, it’s unclear how much time has passes. Enid finds a car with a dead body falling out of it. She tries to pull it out and it reaches for her. Then time has passed. The walker is dead and Enid is in the car. she writes on the window “JSS”.

It’s really unclear how much time passes during this whole early part with Enid. She wears the same clothes the whole time but she gets progressively dirtier and bloodier. So whether days, weeks, months or years have passed I really don’t know.

She is walking again and finds a tortoise. It cuts to her eating it raw with her hands. She’s written “JSS” on the ground with the small bones.

If it’s been long enough for her to be THAT hungry, to hungry to even start a fire to cook the thing, how has she not found food somewhere? I mean..I guess if they broke down where there were no houses and she doesn’t know how to hunt and she’s in shock it makes sense….

Enid walks through some abandoned houses surrounded by tall grass. She comes to the Alexandria walls and hears voices. She stands in front of the gate. She stares at it. She turns away and then stops. The gate opens and she is standing behind it and walks in. She has “JSS” traced in the dirt on the back of her hand. It cuts to the title sequence as she walks in.

I would have liked a whole episode of Enid’s back story or at least black and white flashbacks throughout an entire episode of her story.

Carol takes celery soup of the shelves in the stock room in Alexandria. The lady whose name I can’t remember questions her choice. She says that soup has been in the stock room since the start. She calls Carol brave. Carol says she hopes the paprika will hide the soups celeryness. The lady says then she’s stuck with something that tastes like paprika. The other women in the room laughs at her. Carol says that since their food stock is running a little low she thought she’d use some things no one else seems to want. She tells them about casseroles she use to make her husband where she’d use up things from the pantry. A woman thanks her for a recipe she gave her for some kind of cola canned ham. Carol gets noodles and another woman grunts. Someone asks her what’s wrong. The woman insults the dried pasta and says if she could just find one of those machines they’d all be eating like they were in tuscany. Carol tells her she could teach her to make pasta by hand but she would have to stop smoking in the house. It’s a disgusting habit.

I think Carol is getting sick of socializing with the house wives. I don’t blame her. I think I’d of killed them all by now. Or at least screamed at them a few times. They’re all so sheltered and idiotic. They’re the kind of people I wouldn’t be able to tolerate being around right now much less after a zombie uprising caused the fall of civilization.

Sam sits on Carol’s steps. Carol tells him “You’re Dad use to hit you and then he got himself killed. It’s done. You live with it or it’ll eat you up.” She tells him to go home.

That’s Carol…blunt and brutal. You think she’d worry that Sam would eventually tell people things she has said to him.

Jesse calls for Ron from the kitchen. He doesn’t answer. She calls again and tells him to come down there. He walks down the stairs and tells her “No”..she wants to cut his hair. She insists and he argues. He says it’s an excuse to talk. He isn’t wrong. They argue more and she tells him his father was dangerous and Ron insists Rick is dangerous (he isn’t wrong about that either). Jess defends Rick and says he is her friend. Ron storms off.

I mean the kid is annoying but he is just a teenager. He doesn’t have any reason to not go through the normal teenager rebellion shit and he just went through some pretty traumatic stuff with his Dad. He doesn’t understand what it’s like to have to fight to survive. It’s not really his fault he is the way that he is. *shrug*

Maggie shows Deanna how to plant crops and tells her that it’ll be a lot of work but it will be worth it. She gives her some seed packets and tells her they found a bunch of them. She says Reg wanted the community to grow.  They are already expanding the walls and making more room. She gives Deanna the credit for everyone being there and being safe this long. Deandra doesn’t speak and she looks unsure.

Maggie’s accent sounds different. It sounds stronger and off….probably just because she hasn’t gotten use to it yet again after the break, I suppose. Or maybe I just haven’t heard her talk in a while and forgot what she sounds like? I think it’s the former, though.

Eugene and Tara talk about the expansion of Alexandria. Eugene is angry that the biggest building will be a church. He says it could be a lab or something useful. Tara argues that a church is useful and it’s something some people need. There is a blonde woman with glasses sitting on a gurney on the other side of a divider. She says something so they know she is there. Tara calls her Dana and she corrects her and says her name is Denise. Denise says she is the new Doctor. Eugene asks if she is a Doctor and she asks him if he is. She says she heard that story. She’s nervous and feels overwhelmed. She went to med school but she started having panic attacks and decided to be a psychologist instead. Eugene asks if she can do this but Tara tells him to shut up. Denise says she is all the town has and she will do it. Tara got dizzy and they were looking for aspirin…is why they were to begin with. So Denise starts to examine Tara saying she probably can’t kill her with aspirin (Eugene points out that isn’t entirely true).

Carl pushes Judith in a stroller down the street. He comes across Ron and Enid. Then Gabriel comes up to talk to him. He apologizes and he wants to learn how to fight. Carl is snappy with him at first but then tells him to tell everyone and that he will teach him to fight if he comes by around 3. After he walks off he sees Ron hug Enid and Enid looks at Carl and looks sad…or confused.

Carol puts her casserole in the oven. She sets a timer for 40 minutes. Then she looks out the window and sees the woman she was speaking to at the supply room smoking outside. As she watches, and with no real sound other than score, a man with a hatchet runs up and cuts her abdomen. Then slams his hatchet into her head.

I really can’t tell exactly what she sits the timer for. It looks like 40 minutes. Which would seem about right for all that happens. Although 20 minutes would be real time. Which would have been cool.

Maggie and Deanna hear the commotion from outside the walls where they are starting the planting of the crops. Deanna yells out to the lookout, Richard, and asks what is going on. Before he can answer molotov cocktails hit the wall below and hit him, catching both him and the wall on fire. He falls. Maggie runs with her gun drawn. Richard is dead. The smoke is blocking her shot but Maggie sees a man scale the wall. She tells Deanna to come on and runs toward the entrance of Alexandria.

Carl runs down the stairs. He tells Carol they’ll coming from all over. He saw some come over the wall. Carol tells him to stay and keep Judith safe and he doesn’t argue. She runs outside.

Outside dirty people, mostly men it seems, run around with knives and hatchets.

Seriously…like what IS their goal here? If they were just trying to cause destruction they definitely did that but they obviously weren’t going to take over the compound like this. They destroyed so much it wouldn’t even be worth taking at that point. The end game of the plan is a bit foggy to me.

Jesse wants to go look for Ron but Sam is begging her to stay. She tells him to go hide in the closet and lock it but he wants her to stay. When they hear someone coming inside they do both go hide in the closet and lock themselves in.

Outside an Alexandrian runs around a corner only to get stabbed in the chest with a spear by one of the Wolves (I’m assuming everyone realized that is who this is way before they actually show one of the draw a W on their forehead….which happens in a bit).

Carl hears a noise at the door and slips around the corner with his gun. Enid comes in the door. She has a set of keys for the whole complex. She gives them to Carl. She didn’t want the Wolves to get the keys. She says she is leaving but Carl tells her to stay. He says they won’t get in the house. He won’t let them. Enid says Alexandria is to big to protect. There are two many blind spots she says, “thats how we were able to…” and Carl interrupts her and says they got inside the walls and they’re going to die. Carl and Enid sit back to back while they talk. He tells her not to tell him “Goodbye” and she says ok.

Able to what? What have they been doing exactly? Sneaking out, obviously but she definitely seemed to be going to say something else.

The Wolves continue to slaughter the Alexandrians, remember very few of them know how to fight at all. It’s like slaughtering very docile sheep. They do with a ferocity that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. They also seem to be attempting to kidnap some people as well, one man is led away in handcuffs linked to a chain. Carol slips around the edges of town watching. This is when one man takes blood from his victim and draws a “W” on his forehead. Carol runs between houses and witnesses another woman she knows being cut in the stomach. She kills the Wolf that cuts her and then covers her mouth to keep her from screaming. She tries to comfort the woman as she stabs her in the back of the head.

The Wolves attack like actual wild animals. Which I assume is intentional. They swipe people’s abdomens and cut them open. Which slows them down and then they go in for the kill. This is hardly needed for the Alexandrians, since they wouldn’t have put up much of a fight anyway, but I imagine it is effective and helpful against people who can fight.

Deanna’s son watches the massacre through his sniper rifle scope. He fires and misses at a man. Then takes out the next one. He hears a truck and runs around to the other side of the tower. He fires at the truck, killing the driver and causing it to run into the guard tower, the horn locking up as it hits.

Well, now we know where that horn that distracts the back half of the parade of Walkers came from. It wasn’t an actual intentional way to distract the Walkers after all. It was likely entirely accidental. I can’t imagine why they would want to draw attention to their attack. So, it pretty much has to be accidental. They wouldn’t want to draw the fighters back to town during the attack. I imagine they intentionally attacked when they were otherwise occupied.

With the horn still blaring (and people screaming in the background, Deanna’s son fights his way out of the wreckage of the guard tower.

A group that includes Tara, Eugene and I think someone named Holly(?) come in to the infirmary carrying an injured woman with short blond hair. She is injured but conscious and alive. Denise rushes to help. She asks about what is going on. No one really knows. Most of the people that came in with the injured woman, including Scott, run back out to try to help. Denise convinces Tara to stay. Eugene elects to also stay.

Deanna’s son finally gets into the truck. The driver is a Walker now. Morgan comes in from the other side and kills him and then cuts off the horn.

So, from this point on we are further into the time line than the last episode ended on because the horn was still blaring at the end of it. Obviously, none of the others have reached the town yet, though. Morgan left a bit before the rest did. The others didn’t start back until after the horn distracted the walkers into turning toward the town.

Morgan asks what happened and Deanna’s Son sums it up pretty well with “someone, a group, they got inside the walls. They’re killing people.” Which is all anyone really knows at the moment. Morgan says they need to get in there (they’re still outside the actual walls at this point). Deanna’s son looks at him…kind of pathetically. Morgan asks if he is coming and he just keeps staring at him. Morgan nods and tells him to hide. Then he runs off.

One of the wolves is chopping up a body with a hatchet (for no apparent reason…) when Morgan runs inside the walls. He rushes Morgan and Morgan goes on guard with his fighting stick. The Wolf stops and says “quick or slow”..Morgan tells him to leave. The Wolf says “It’s gonna be slow” and they start to fight. Before they can do much a person in a hoodie with their face covered runs up and stabs the wolf in the stomach. The figure turns to Morgan and pulls the cloth off her face, it’s Carol. Morgan looks taken aback. He insists he could have stopped the wolf. Carol ignores him and asks if the others are back. Morgan says no, “It’s happening out there”. Carol is confused as to why they’re already enacting the plan to move the walkers and Morgan tells her they had too. Carol draws a “W” on her forehead with blood from the Wolf she killed. She tells Morgan the people attacking don’t have guns. She unwraps the chain from around the Wolf’s waist. Morgan keeps telling her he could have stopped the man without killing him. She continues to ignore him. She says if they had guns they’d be using them. They have to get to the Armory before they do. Morgan says they don’t have to kill people. She finally acknowledges what he is saying by saying “Of course we do”. Morgan says she doesn’t like it. She gives him a look that acknowledges that she doesn’t like it. After a brief pause she pulls up her face covering and says she is going to get to the Armory and she needs his help.

I read that some people surprised by the reveal that Carol doesn’t like to kill. I’m not. I don’t think any of Rick’s group likes to kill people. Some may be bothered by it more than others. Some adjusted to it better than others but none of them like it.

Deanna and Maggie meet up with her son on the outskirts of the walls. Maggie is still saying they have to get inside. Deanna tells her she can’t go in. She doesn’t have a gun and she doesn’t know how to fight. If she goes in she is just another person the ones who can fight will have to protect. She says the best thing she can do for everyone is to stay outside. Maggie tells her son to keep her safe.

That is actually really smart. She is very correct. She can’t fight and she would just get in the way and possibly cost people their lives if she went inside. Not many people would self aware and clear headed enough to realize this. Deanna actually isn’t a bad leader…not really.

Deanna gets inside the cab of the truck and her son stands guard outside. She can hear the screams from inside.

Denise says the woman who was brought in is dying. she is bleeding internally. Tara asks if that can be fixed and Denise says maybe by a surgeon. Denise had intended to be a surgeon when she went to medical school, which Tara reminds her of but Denise points out that she isn’t a surgeon. At Tara and Eugene’s urging Denise agrees to try to help the woman.

Ron hides behind a tree but a wolf sees him and runs after him. The man is shot in the thigh and falls before he can catch Ron. Carl comes down the stairs of his house with his gun still aimed. Enid follows close behind him. Carl gets closer to the man he shot, the man is pleading for his life but when Carl gets closer he grabs him and tries to grab his gun. Carl grapples with him for a second but shoots him. He tells Ron to come inside. Ron refuses and runs off. Enid calls Carl back into the house and he goes.

Ron is an idiot kid (who seemed obviously jealous of Carl having Enid’s attention). So, I expect him to be an idiot. But come on Carl! You know better than to get close to the bad guys. You should have shot him in the head without getting anywhere near him. You know this Carl!

Jesse and Sam hide in the closet still. Jesse has a gun pointed at the door. She seems to…kind of know how to use it….sort of. She doesn’t hold it very confidently though. She hears Ron’s voice calling for her. Jesse leaves the closet telling Sam to lock it behind her and to be brave.

Is the reason they have a closet with a lock on the inside because of the abusive father that Rick killed? Cause there isn’t really any normal reason to have a closet with a lock on the inside like that. I really hated that guy. He deserved to die.

Jesse slips into the kitchen. She yells for Ron to stay outside. A dirty woman (it looks like a woman….I think) attacks her from behind. Jesse falls to the ground and pretends to be unconscious. The woman walk away and Jesse gets up and attacks her with a pair of scissors. Ron walks in as Jesse is still frantically stabbing the woman. She stabs her a last time in the head.

The playing dead thing was super smart but the screaming while she killed the woman with scissors was less smart. She’s also lucky the woman didn’t stab her or shoot her after she played dead. The others were hacking and stabbing people after they were dead. I imagine she dropped her weapon and was going to find one.

Carol, dressed as one of the Wolves still, leads Morgan by a chain down the road. Two Wolves pass them saying “good catch” or something like that. They see a Wolf attacking Gabriel and Morgan insists they help even though Carol says to leave him. Morgan runs to help as Carol runs down the side walk. Another Wolf asks her where she got the gun and Carol shoots them. She kills every wolf that crosses her path.

Morgan saves Gabriel.

A woman chases Carol into the Armory and Carol shoots her. Then she stabs her in the head. Carol hears sobbing and looks in a closet to find the woman that keeps inventory, Olivia is her name. Olivia says “please don’t kill me” and Carol shows her who she is. She asks if anyone else is there. Olivia says no. Carol shows her how to work a gun and leaves her there to protect the Armory.

Is that the smartest idea? Shouldn’t someone that knows how to fight and how to shoot protect the Armory?

Morgan and Gabriel are tying up the man that tried to kill Gabriel. Gabriel asks Morgan how he learned how to do that and Morgan says from a cheesemaker.

What?…he learned to tie people up from a cheesemaker…is I assume the question he is answering…is that actually what Gabriel is asking? A lot of the dialogue this season so far really doesn’t sound like how people actually talk.

The Wolf is waking up as they finish tying him up. He says something that isn’t super clear. It sounds like “Friend. A Trap” and then the rest is clearer, “You need to know, people don’t belong here anymore.” Before he can say anything else Carol comes up and shoots him. She has a bag of guns and she gives them one to Morgan and one to Gabriel. Carol runs off (and meets up with Maggie right down the road). Morgan is annoyed that she killed the man but he doesn’t say a anything. Morgan gives Gabriel his gun. Gabriel says he isn’t good with guns. Morgan says he isn’t either.

Scott and Rosita slip along beside a house with their guns drawn. They come around to the front and shoot two Wolves coming out of the house.

Carol shoots a man hacking at an Alexandrian with a hatchet.

Morgan walks down the road alone. He runs into one of the Wolves he encountered last season, the one with short blond hair. He says “You. You live here?”. Morgan has already readied his fighting stick. Four other wolves have gathered around with the blond man. Morgan tells them to leave. He tells them his people have guns and they do not. As they fight he keeps talking telling them to go, that one of his people could be looking at them right now with their eyes on their scopes and fingers on the trigger. He tells them if they keep choosing this life then they will die. The blond man says, “We didn’t choose” and they leave run off and out out an opening in the wall. Morgan closes the gate they leave out of.

Carol stands over a dead woman, the first one she saw die. She looks at the woman’s cigarettes. Then she is sitting on the porch of her house with the pack in his hand and a cigarette in the other hand. She sees an “A” written in red on the porch.

Scott walks the streets looking at the bodies. He stabs one in the head. Then rolls it over and opens a backpack to find a stack of the recruitment photos he used to bring people to Alexandria.

Denise works on the injured woman still. The injured woman is apparently named Holly. A machine beeps. Denise stops working on her and pulls the cord form the beeping machine. Tara says at least she tried. Denise tells them to go see if everything outside is over. She tells them all to go.

Deanna, Spencer, Rosita and Maggie walk down the road. Spencer asks Rosita if what just happened is what it’s like outside. She says “pretty much”. He asks her how she lives knowing that is what the world is like. She says what sounds like “This group, Abraham and this place, make sure you have something worth dying for.”. You can hear Walker noises as they talk and when it goes to Deanna and Maggie we see that the man that fell from the wall on fire earlier is now a Walker. Maggie stabs him in the head. Maggie tells Deanna “We’re still here” but Deanna replies “not all of us”.

Carl looks out the window. He hears a door and turns around and calls for Enid. He finds a paper on the floor inside the front door. It has “just survive somehow” written on it. He looks a bit perplexed and then an alarm goes off. It’s the timer for Carol’s casserole. Carl turns the timer off and takes the casserole out of the oven.

I loved that. I loved that the entire attack, all of that death and destruction, it all took place in the time it took a casserole to cook. It’s a perfect example of how fast things can change so completely. The only way it would have been better is if it has been in real time and if the very beginning of the episode, the first scene, would have been Carol putting the casserole in the oven. And then Carl taking it out would have been the very last shot. That would have been even better but I still loved the casserole being used as bookends for the attack.

A walker, looks like a former Alexandrian, walks down the sidewalk. Morgan takes him out. Morgan hears something inside a house and he goes in. As he rounds a corner, the other wolf from the final last season attacks him. They fight and the Wolf says “you can’t can you? You should have” and charges him. Morgan flips the guy into a glass framed poster. He apologizes and then hits him in the head with the stick (sounds like it kills him but we don’t see it to confirm). The next thing we see is Morgan walking down the street again. There are bodies everywhere. Carol also walks down the street. They meet up and cross each other and keep walking.

Everyone is recovering from the attack, making sure all the Wolves are gone and no one is coming back as a Walker. They still don’t know a horde is headed there way. I can’t help but hope they all do abandon Alexandria. Enid is right for one. The place is to big to protect and there aren’t enough people trained to fight. Now there aren’t a lot of people left in general and the walls are damaged. That horde coming toward them will destroy the place. That isn’t even counting the fact that the Wolves will likely be back. Morgan let a group go and I’m sure others escaped, too. Whoever is controlling them will send more.

Also, I just prefer them when they’re on the road and I’m sick of Alexandria. They should all head West. Wouldn’t the desert be pretty safe? Way less people and they could probably find places where they’d be able to see Walkers coming from a long ways away. I would say Canada would be the safest but I doubt the North is a good direction to head when their is no electricity or heat. I guess going anywhere far away would be getting more and more difficult. Gas must be running low (in real life it would have long expired I believe but ignoring that fact it would just be getting harder and harder to find in general). They need a horse and buggy…only they’re pretty loud..I guess on foot is the best way to travel at this point. Or hot air balloon…oooh they need one of those.

Anyway, next week should be interesting (which is actually in just a couple days cause i’m always behind on writing these..probably even closer by the time I get this posted).


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