TV Recap/Review: The Librarians Episodes 101 “And the Crown of King Arthur” and 102 “And the Sword and the Stone”

I really can’t express my love for this show enough. It is my favorite show in a loooong time. I never get sick of the episodes no matter how many times I watch them (and believe me I have watched them a lot). The season 2 premiere is airing November 1st and I won’t have time to do recaps of every episode but I’m shooting for at least getting them done for the first and last episodes of Season 1. 

I previously did an overall review of the whole first season. It was my first ever post on this blog. I also did a tbt review of my favorite episode Episode 106 “And the Fables of Doom”. So, if you would like more information on the show right now you can look for those posts. Searching “Librarians” on my page should turn them both up.

For now though here is recap of the two part series premiere. The episode titles all go along with the title. So, I guess technically the titles are “The Librarians and the Crown of King Arthur” and “The Librarians and the Sword and the Stone” but that gets really repetitive sounding. So, I tend to leave off The Librarians part. Anyway,….and we’re off.

Berlin – Soldiers run through some kind of warehouse yard. The blonde female team leader, Colonel Eve Baird is her name but we don’t know that yet, talks on a radio saying they have confirmation of the package inside. The soldiers move on to the inside and get into a bit of a shoot out. Two bad guys grab a duffel bag and run. Baird follows them. They run down into a decrepit looking basement. The men active something in the bag as Baird catches up to them and makes them put their hands in the air. The duffle bag is now beeping. Which Baird inquires about as they all hear a noise. Someone is talking to themselves about steam vents. A disheveled man tumbles out of an opening then stands up and looks surprised to see Baird and the other men. He says good morning ma’am and sirs to them in German and then says, in English, “don’t mind me I’m just here for the opal of Samara” and starts looking around. This is Flynn, the Librarian. Which we will learn here shortly. Baird repeats “the opal of Samara” and Flynn explains what it is. He continues to ramble where the opal is. He calls is valuable and dangerous. It summons demons but it doesn’t help you control them. He calls demonologists careless and homicidal. He then rambles about common pairs of adjectives. Baird is lost and confused by the strange little rambling man who has appeared. He sets off a trap while trying to open the container the opal is locked in, that will apparently turn every corpse in a 100 imle radius into flesh eating zombies. There is now a lot of noise to go along with the beeping duffle bag. Baird tells Flynn to make the noise stop and he says he intends to but its a very complicated ancient alphanumerical code and it would be a lot easier to concentrate if someone would turn off that beeping nuclear bomb.

This space is more to just break up the giant chunk of text. Things tend to happen a lot at once and very quickly on this show. This is especially so when Flynn is around. He is very much like what would happen if Indiana Jones drank a lot of energy drinks and started channeling both the 10th and 11th Doctor….at the same time. Probably more the 11th but definitely some of the 10th in there, too. He even dresses kind of like those two incarnations of the Doctor. It’s so obvious that I’m assuming it’s intentional homage.

At the mention of Bomb Baird and the two bad guys look down at the bag. Baird kicks the men as they also try to reach for the bomb. The men run away and start shooting from behind pillars and Baird tries to diffuse the bomb and fend off the bad guys with her own gun fire. She talks to Flynn about how to diffuse the bomb. He ask about the shape and she tells him. He tells her to open the casing and asks her if she sees the blue wire. She says yes and she is about to grab it. He says don’t touch the blue wire. She grunts “start with don’t” at him. He continues unlocking the code of the opal casing he is doing and gets something right and says “fifty percent less likely to die” as Baird shoots a bad guy. He then adds “We are anyway”. He figures something else out and says “final disarm two two five six”. Baird says “yours or mine” and Flynn replies “improbably…both”. They both enter the numbers and say them out loud “two…two…five…six”. All of the noise stops. the other bad guy comes up to Baird pointing his gun. He tells her to give him the bomb. Flynn says “three-one” and Baird repeats it. Flynn explains that their are 31 bullets in the bad guys gun and he heard him fire 31 shots and did not hear him reload. The bad guy looks at his gun and Baird grabs it and knocks him out. Flynn hasn’t looked away from his ancient opal container thingy. He watches a pocket watch and then a compartment opens on the container. Out comes a opal floating on smoke. Baird walks over watching as Flynn grabs it. Then holds it up to show her and then pockets it. Baird asks how he knew all the things he just knew and he says “I’m the Librarian” at that her team show up and when Baird looks at them and then looks back Flynn is gone.

Title shot – “The Librarians and the Crown of King Arthur”

New York City – The Next Day – a man hurries with obvious anxiety through a crowd. In to his cell phone he gives his name and asks to speak to Flynn Carson, the Librarian. Flynn, on the phone, tell the man that Flynn Carson isn’t there. He is in Minneapolis at a library sciences seminar. The man says Flynn Carson was not in Minneapolis. He was in Berlin recovering the Opal of Samara. Then he says “It’s you isn’t it?” He tells Flynn he is outside the Library. When Flynn asks how he knows him the man insists Flynn wouldn’t remember him. Flynn asks how he knows about the Library and the man says he will explain everything when they meet. He wants to know where he can meet him. As soon as he finishes his sentence a man wearing a black suit and a black brimmed hat runs into, stabbing him and whispering “the crown is mine”. The man falls dropping all his papers and the suited man leaves quickly (we’ll get to him later). The man’s papers flutter out of his arms as he falls and one paper continues up stairs until a foot stops it. Flynn picks up the paper. It’s a print out of a painting.

A taxi pulls up outside a building. Baird gets out. She is talking into a cell phone telling her superior she doesn’t need any time off. She says something about the Librarian in her report. Her superior is making her take a month of leave. She has entered her apartment by the time she hangs up. It’s a very nice but sparse apartment. She opens the fridge and its empt except for a bottle of water. She leans against the fridge. An envelope blows under her door. She opens it.

The paper she pulls out says “Metropolitan Public Library”. As she looks at it more words appear in a fiery script. It says, “You have been selected to interview for a prestigious position with the Metropolitan Public Library.”  She says “library” a bit confused but then gets a “lightbulb” look and says “Librarian”.

Baird walks up to the outside of the Metropolitan Public Library. Once inside she gives the envelope to an employee and says she is Colonel Eve Baird (this is our first official introduction to her). She tells her it was slipped under her door. The employee says she is Charlene. She then asks what kind of Colonel she is and starts feeling her arms. Baird says she is “NATO Counter Terrorism Unit” and asks that Charlene please stop touching her. Charlene says Baird is the new Guardian and then mumbles about how Flynn will make a fuss. He hasn’t had a guardian in 10 years. Baird asks what is a Guardian. Charlene doesn’t really answer but just leads her through the library to an elevator that takes them down. “Very far down” is what Eve says watching the numbers. Charlene assures her the numbers are just a kind of metaphor. She then asks her to sign some papers and explains what the guardian does. In a nutshell, the guardian keeps the Librarian safe. The Guardian is the “brawn to the Librarian’s brain” and the “common sense to his head in the clouds”. When Baird remarks that the shelves upstairs didn’t look dangerous, Charlene explains that that isn’t the real library. The real library is downstairs where they keep all the dangerous books, magical artifacts and other things to dangerous to be left out in the world. Baird says there is no such thing as magic as the doors open on to a room that looks infinite. Charlene welcomes Baird to the “secret world” and Flynn comes in sword fighting a….floating sword. The floating sword goes after Baird and Flynn stops it. He says wounds caused by Excalibur never heal. He sends the sword off to patrol. Charlene introduces Flynn Carson, the Librarian. Baird says they have met and then inquires about the sword “That’s excalibur?” Flynn examines the envelope and letter that Baird got. Flynn asks why Charlene sent her that and Charlotte tells him he knows the Library sends the invitations. Flynn loudly exclaims that he doesn’t need a Guardian. He storms off and Baird chases after him screaming “Don’t tell me what to do!”. Charlene laughs and says “oh you are perfect”.

At this point we are only about 12 minutes into the show. That is how fast this show moves so that they can pack in a LOT. Each episode contains enough story that it could have been a feature film but it never feels rushed or like they are cramming to much in. It’s done very well. They just tell a lot of story really fast. It’s awesome…but it makes for no long recaps. Especially for the season premiere, which is literally the length of the film. Plus packs a TON in to that time. It could have been the entire season honestly.

Baird chases Flynn further into the Library. She pesters him with questions and he says this is my answer and walks away. Baird says “Walking away quickly is not an answer”. Flynn counters with how about this and shuts a door in his face. She follows him. She wants to know more about being a guardian and why she was chosen. He still won’t talk to her. She asks about other Librarians but he informs her he is the only Librarian. There is only one Librarian at a time. When he dies another is chosen to take his place. Baird gestures at a painting and asks if he was the Librarian before him. Flynn says that no, Judson was more than a Librarian. He found him and trained him. He tells her he died 5 years ago. She says she is sorry and Flynn says he is with them in spirit. Baird says “that’s nice” kind of sarcastically and Judson answers from the mirror “No. Literally. In Spirit”. Baird pulls her gun on the mirror. Judson compliments her reflexes. She feels around the mirror. She is amazed to see a ghost. Jenson starts to explain about being a Guardian. Flynn fills in that Librarians tend to die a lot. Judson tells her that Flynn has survived 10 years, the longest any Librarian has ever survived. Most of that time he was without a Guardian. Alone. Judson says it’s changed him.

See? He IS the freaking Doctor. When he is alone to much he gets all weird.

Baird is still having trouble grasping that magic is real. Judson tells her that being a Guardian is the same as her job with NATO. Only it’s a job that only she can do. Their is only one Guardian ever in the whole world and the Library thinks she should be it. She cracks her neck and jumps into Flynn’s investigation of the murder of the man in the Library foyer. She is…annoyed? that he doesn’t have any leads. He informs her he has a lot of leads. He has a “plethora of possibilities, a cornucopia of clues” but he can’t put any of them together. Baird asks about the painting but he doesn’t know what it is. He says it is “vexing” and he repeats the word and talks about it. He likes it. Baird asks how the dead man knew about the Library and he says that is also vexing.

Flynn’s use of the word vexing in this episode and later ones is where the name of this blog came from. 🙂

Flynn goes on talking about the dead man. He says he was smart. He was very very smart. Baird wonders if the man was given one of the special envelopes by mistake. Flynn says “no” and then “yes”. The man could have been so smart that the Library send him an envelope. He starts looking for a book, the Ledger. He says that when the Librarian dies they don’t just send out one letter for a replacement. The Library sends out hundreds of letters and they interview and the most qualified person is chosen. The dead man would certainly have been smart enough to be sent a letter. They find him in the Ledger. Baird looks through the Ledger. She recognizes some of the names. A lot of the top ranked dozen or so people are dead. She notices that their are 3 who don’t seem to be dead. Flynn says they’re 3 that didn’t show up for interviews. He recognizes a name, Ezekiel Jones. He calls out to the Library, “You got to be kidding me. You sent an envelope to Ezekiel Jones?” He wanders off and Baird chases him.

Flynn moves around a lot. He is constantly in motion. So, I won’t be always chronicling his motions. It’s just to much….he is literally never still. He’s like a chipmunk snorting coke in a swimming pool filled with RedBull.

Baird states that the 3 that didn’t show up probably got bumped to the bottom of the list. They may still be alive. Flynn says one has a contact address in New York. So, that is where he is going. He tells Baird bye and thanks her for her help.

St Francis Episcopal Hospital – Baird is still with Flynn but Flynn is telling her he works better alone. “I’ve had partners before and they left and they’re gone. They’re gone and they’re dead. Or they’re dead and they’re gone.” He says right now he needs to find Cassandra Cillian. On that note some EMTs bring in an Emergency patient that has symptoms of meningitis. The Doctor says it’s meningitis and is about to administer treatment for that. Flynn shakes his head and starts to speak but a redhead in a Janitor uniform speaks up. She says it isn’t meningitis. It’s psittacosis. “The symptoms of psittacosis and meningocossus are similar but ignoring the other factors. Other factors. She’s wearing a necklace that has parrot feathers that she picked up off the ground,” the red head says..very quickly. The Doctor insists she could have the bought the necklace. Flynn shakes his head again and is about the speak again. The janitor speaks up again saying the feathers on the necklace are faded but commercial feathers are preserved to not fade. Flynn finally gets to speak and backs her up. He also throws in that the bird feather isn’t from any birds in North America. He says it’s an African Parrot feather. Baird finds photos of the woman with birds on the woman’s phone. The Doctor says, “You heard the Janitor. Psittacosis, parrot fever, lets go”.

The redhead, Cassandra Cillian, is now stimming quickly doing math out loud with numbers flying around her that she swipes at. Flynn confirms that she is indeed Cassandra Killian. She says it’ll stop in a second and then something about peanuts. Flynn comments on her hallucinations and….some other things. She’s a synesthete. Cassandra confirms that she is and says “Hi”.  Flynn then explains what synesthesia is to Baird. The wires get crossed in Cassandra’s brain causing her senses to get confused. In Cassandra’s case (all synesthetes are different…although some patterns are present that reappear in many of them), “numbers are colors, science is musical notes and when I do math I smell things…mostly breakfast.” Flynn tells her she is in danger and needs to come with them. She asks if they’re the police and he says no he’s the Librarian. She goes with them. Flynn and Baird talk again and he finally agrees to let Baird help. He gives her one of the two names left and he takes the other.  He tells Baird to be ready for anything. She asks like what and he says “ninjas possibly”. Looking at the address he gave her she comments on the likelihood of ninjas in Oklahoma.

We are right around the 20 minutes mark now. Things don’t ever slow down on this show. Well they do….kind of….but not in this episode.

Geneva – An Asian teenager (could be early to late 20s…..definitely looks young but can’t really be THAT young since he was invited to be the Librarian 10 years ago) walks down stairs in what seems to be a museum playing a game on his phone. He goes into a room with display cases in it. He starts feeling around the edges of one case and then turns to see a guard with a dagger. The guard seems to be electrocuted and falls. Flynn is standing behind him. The kid asks, with an Australian accent (not relevant but it helps paint the mental least the auditory part of it), why the guard had a dagger (or possibly why he wanted the dagger the kid is trying to steal…I can’t always understand people if I can’t see their lips really well). Flynn tells him the guy wasn’t a guard and he was there to kill him. He calls him Ezekiel Jones. Ezekiel says, “And I assume you are not here to kill me” and he asks him to watch his back for 10 minutes and he will cut him in for 10 percent. Ezekiel then recognizes Flynn from some speech he heard him give. Ezekiel is burning through the glass on the display case. Flynn assumes he is smart enough to have cut the security feed. Ezekiel says Flynn is smart enough to be his side kick. He suggests the name “Kid Crime”. Flynn points out that burning the glass in a room full of inferred sensors wasn’t very smart. Alarms go off. Ezekiel says his escape route is cut off as guards run up the stairs.

His escape route was the stairs? That seems not the best planning….I guess he doesn’t get almost caught very often.

Flynn says his escape route isn’t cut off. Ezekiel follows Flynn. Ezekiel asks Flynn what he wants. Flynn tells him to come to New York and find out why people are trying to kill him. They run from the guards.

I think I’d of grabbed the dagger I came there to steal in the first place. I guess he thought Flynn may not let him take it anyway.

Oklahoma – a girl rides a mechanical bull in a country bar. She falls off. A 30 something guy in a cowboy hat helps her up. He goes to the bar and talks to some other guys he seems to know. They talk about work and church. They all sound very southern. South West Southern (there is a…southern accents are not in fact all the same). A dark haired, tan skinned woman walks in dressed in designer clothes. One of the guys says she isn’t from around there. The man in the cowboy hat says “No Sir she’s not. She’s from somewhere…..interesting.”. He notes her tattooed armband with foreign language writing and a snake. He adjusts his hat and goes over to her.

The man asks the woman about her tattoo. She says if he tells her what it means she will let him buy her a drink. He asks if it’s Italian. She rolls her eyes and turns away. The man looks around to see if anyone is paying attention. Then he reads the tattoo and gives the translation. “When the blood thinned tide is loosed and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned. He also tells her what it’s from, a Yeats poem about the apocalypse.  She gives her name, Lamia, and says “and you must be Jacob Stone”. Then she kicks him to the ground and pulls out a sword. Baird catches the sword and her and grapples with the woman. Stone stands up and retrieves his hat he lost when he fell. He stands with Baird and Lamia’s backup appears and knocks away Baird’s gun with a ninja star. Stone asks who are these guys. Baird replies “Ninjas possibly”. “In Oklahoma?” Stone says. Baird says she had said the same thing. Stone and Baird fight the ninjas. Stone loses his hat again. Baird tells Stone he isn’t bad for an amateur. Stone assures her there isn’t anything amateur about his bar fighting skills. They flee from the bar. Stone wants to go back for his hat but Baird stops him. They get in Stone’s truck.

In the truck Stone says he will miss his hat then asks Baird what all that was about. Baird tells him he was targeted for his expertise. He comments on the unlikeness of oil riggers being attacked by ninjas. She rattles off his stats. A 190 IQ, accepted at two prestigious colleges for an arts degree but turned them both down, for the past 20 years he has written literature on European and Native American Art history under a pseudonym “All while working on a oil rig 5 miles from the town you grew up in…y’all”. Stone looks a bit taken aback.

At the Library in New York Baird walks in with Cassandra, Ezekiel and Jacob Stone. They’re all very excited by the items they see.

Jacob wears a infinity scarf thing in this scene and he proceeds to wear them a lot all season. The cowboy hat never returns. Which makes me sad. He actually starts dressing more like someone who is an expert in art history would dress…at least how one would dress in my head…of course maybe that image is only in my head because of Jacob Stone…either way his clothes look different than they do at the bar Baird found him in. Not drastically different but different. I think the cowboy boots stay, though.

The character is very different but it is hard for me to NOT see Christian Kane as Eliot Spencer from Leverage. The shows have the same writers and some of that tone is still there. Cassandra and Flynn even have some of the same manic crazy as Parker had on Leverage…..I miss Leverage. Anyway…

Flynn tells them to get all their questions out of the way. Most of them have to do with the artifacts they can see in the library and what is and isn’t real.

“Is that the spear of destiny?”


“Arc of the Covenant?”


“What about Big Foot and Dracula?”

“Yes and no. Yes on Big Foot. “

“So, vampires aren’t real”

“Vampires ARE real but Dracula is not..because I killed him. Is this helping? I don’t know that it is.”

Flynn runs off. They all follow Flynn into the heart of the library where his desk and what not is. Baird explains what is going on. She mentions that none of them showed up for their interviews for the job they were offered with the Library. Cassandra mentions she was in the hospital and Flynn says “right for the tumor” and then grimaces. I don’t think he meant to reveal that he knew about that. He then explains how he knew. Synesthetes rarely have all five senses effected. She does including hallucinations and seizures. He says that is indicative of a frontal lobe anomaly. He asks how big it is. Cassandra says “about the size of a grape. Which I really wish they hadn’t told me because I use to really like grapes”.  She isn’t dying right now but it will kill her eventually. She is happy that she lived long enough to learn that magic exists.

Cheerful little story bit, huh? It helps that she isn’t maudlin about it much after this episode. Although, I fully expect it to eventually be something they start working to cure…I mean magic is a thing. Surely they can cure a grape sized tumor.

Stone didn’t come for the interview because he already had a job and had no interest in a new one. Ezekiel assumed his letter was a mistake. He is a thief. You don’t invite thieves to work in a library. Flynn explains more about the Library and the Librarian and why magic isn’t seen all the time. It use to be everywhere, running through lay-lines (he shows them a 3D map of the lay-lines). Over time it was draining off and stored into magic artifacts. The Librarian works to keep magic out of the bad guys hands….bad guys like the people who are killing potential Librarians and who tried to kill Ezekiel. Cassandra and Stone.

They never call Jacob Stone by his first name. Ezekiel and Cassandra are always called by their first names. Ezekiel is sometimes called by his full name by Flynn but almost never just Jones. But Jacob Stone is always just Stone.

Baird mentions the snake tattoo the woman who tried to kill Stone had. Flynn says it must be the Serpent Brotherhood. They’re an ancient cult that fight to bring magic back in to the world. Flynn still doesn’t know why they are killing potential Librarians. Stone picks up the painting print out and asks if it has anything to do with the painting. He calls the painting “The Crown of King Arthur”. Flynn asks if he sure of the painting title and Stone is, of course. He is the art history genius. With that information Flynn has a theory.

Merlin forged Arthur’s crown to give Arthur control over the magic he needed to build Camelot. The Brotherhood wants to bring magic back to the world but they would need the crown to control it. Cassandra wants to know why bringing magic back is bad. Flynn says it isn’t not in and of itself. Magic can be good but a world of wild magic is full of pain and suffering as nations use it against each other for war.

They need to know where the painting is. Stone doesn’t know it’s current location. He just remembered the name. Ezekiel pipes up with the location, a museum in Munich. He had cased the place the year before and memorized the inventory. Baird figures out that that is why the other librarians (which Flynn corrects by saying “not other librarians. I’m the only Librarian”) were targeted. Flynn was busy doing what Librarians do (“saving the world” says Flynn). So, the other Librarians were the ones most likely to find the crown. The Brotherhood is trying to wipe out the competition.

Not really, though. It takes knowledge that Stone, Ezekiel AND Cassandra have. Plus Flynn’s abilities and Baird’s fighting to actually get through all the puzzle pieces and steps they have to take. It is doubtful any one potential Librarian would have had all these skills alone and none of them had any reason to work together UNTIL the Brotherhood started targeting them. So, the Brotherhood screwed themselves unless they WANTED the Librarians to do the work or them. That would make more sense.

Not that I need this show to make sense. I love the overly complicated Indiana Jones storylines that don’t really add up to make a lot of sense. At least the Librarians DO serve a purpose. Indiana Jones is completely obsolete in at least one of his movies.

The Librarians want to beat the Brotherhood to the crown. So they are geared up to go to Munich. Flynn shoots them down saying he works online. Baird says the Library sent her a letter. So, she is going to Munich and she is taking the others with her. “Maybe we will see you there”, she says walking away.

Munich – They look for the painting in the museum and they find it. As they’re trying to decipher what the paining can tell them, Baird spots the Brotherhood looking for the painting. She goes after them.

The Librarians stare at the panting. Cassandra reads the plaque “The Crown of King Arthur. Artist unknown. Painted in 1146. Installed as one of the original pieces in this museum in 1546.”. Stone notices the swords in the painting. They’re roman short swords. Arthur is wearing the equipment of a Roman Legionnaire. “It’s the Roman Hypothesis”, says Stone…seeming pretty excited.

Stone works on an oil rig with oil riggers. He doesn’t get to talk about art with other people, ever. He writes books about it but he never gets to actually have conversations anywhere near his intellectual level. This IS super exciting to him.

Flynn explains the Roman hypothesis to the others. The theory is that when the Roman Empire fell the Roman Legionnaire stationed in Britain stayed behind. Stone helps fill in details as they talk. The theory is that Arthur was a Roman who stayed behind in Camelot after the Empire fell. Ezekiel looks perplexed. Cassandra looks spacey but interested. Flynn looks the way he always does and Stone looks like he just met his one true love. He’s still super happy to be talking about this with someone that understands.

Really it wouldn’t be shocking for Cassandra and Ezekiel to already know the Roman theory. I’ve even heard it before and I’m not a genius or an art thief. Flynn needed to explain it for the audience, though and Flynn is kind of obnoxious. So, he IS the type that would explain things to people whether they need the explanation or not. Plus Stone was loving to talk about and I don’t think Flynn even realized Baird isn’t there and she would have probably needed the explanation. So, it actually works well without feeling like shoehorned in exposition.

“There’s only problem. The painting is a fake.” says Stone, still smiling. He obviously can’t contain how much fun he is having. The others all look at him. He goes closer to the painting. He points out a shade of red paint and says it’s a dye called “carmine”. It was discovered until the 1500s. The painting can’t be as old as 1146. Ezekiel notices that the painting is also a permanent installation. The frame is bolted into the wall. Cassandra runs her fingers down the frame’s edge. It has a binary code engraved into it. They start to argue about what the most important piece of information is.

We are at the 32 minute mark (without commercials that is). I am on page 6 os writing this recap. It’s an hour and a half long episode (again without commercials). A lot happens on this show and things move fast. It’s going to start moving even faster as it goes further into the episode. So, I may start to condense things even more. Which will lose some of the jokes but you’ll get the important information that is needed. 🙂

Flynn shushes everyone up. He says it’s “like listening to the inside of my own head. Only louder.” He says that a fake painting that can’t be moved is meant as a message, not art. That’s why it’s fake and bolted in. It’s fake to show that is is meant as a message and it’s bolted in because it’s location in the museum is part of the message. It has a code in it the binary code Cassandra found. She says it’s a coordinate code but it needs a key. For coordinate codes to make sense they need a fixed point. Flynn says like a painting that can’t be moved. Cassandra says the whole museum is the key. Stone smiles behind her. He’s impressed and still having a lot of fun. They run off to figure out what/where the coordinate code is leading them to.

The amount of fun that the Librarians have when on these cases are a big part of what makes this show so much fun.

Meanwhile, Baird fights the Brotherhood. Once she has knocked out most of them, she goes searching for the others.

The Librarians find a sundial outside with a message on it. It leads them to the Black Forest. Baird comes up to them then. Flynn asks her where she has been. He says some very exciting stuff is going on. They all run off.

In the Black Forest, Baird and the Librarians are in a jeep going down a dirt road. Flynn tells Baird to stop. He says they can walk now. Cassandra wants them to stop and eat and hydrate. She lists the things she brought. Ezekiel makes fun of her and Stone tells him to stop. A helicopter flies over them and they know it’s the Brotherhood.

The man who killed the potential Librarian in the Library lobby at the beginning of the episode, Dulaque is his name for future reference and to make him easier to talk about, calls Lamia. She is in the helicopter in the black forest. She wants to know why she isn’t a head of the Librarians. She says they had some issues in the museum. He tells her to get the crown and kill whoever she has to. Without the crown it will take them 100 years to bring magic back to the world, he says, with the crown they can do it in a single night.

The Librarians and Baird are still wandering around the forest looking for clues. Flynn tells Baird good job for taking out the bad guys at the museum. Baird tells Flynn that they have the same job. They both run around the world looking for dangerous objects. He tells her it’s important work and he needs to stay focused. She agrees. He talks about there not being time for friends or family. She agrees….ish. She tells him he isn’t nearly as weird as she first thought he was. He says, “well I think you are….hinge” and he darts off. Baird says “hinge..I’m hinge…cool” and she follows after Flynn.

He found a hinge, like Stone the black forest. They see the helicopter landing. Baird and Ezekiel go off to stall the Brotherhood while Flynn and Cassandra and Stone try to solve the puzzle of where the crown is.

Baird and Ezekiel get to the landing spot of the helicopter. Baird asks if he can hot wire a helicopter. Ezekiel says “as a matter of fact.”

Stone and Flynn discuss the hinge and it’s code. There is only one day a year when the sun is in a certain spot at a certain time that they can read the code. And it isn’t that day. Stone suggest they recreate the sun’s path. Flynn says he could do the math but it would take him a while. Cassandra pipes up saying it won’t take her a while. She asks where there are. Flynn gives her the coordinates. She starts doing the math and the lines go over the sky and numbers float around her. She asks them questions as she goes. Figuring out each point of the sun and then the boys go to that point and read the new clue and she continues doing the math and sketching the lines and things in the air with her fingers. We see what Cassandra is seeing, the numbers and the path of sun and shadows. After a final clue location she falls, Stone catches her and helps her sit. She says she smells summer smells, oranges. He says that her sensations need a context. He asks her what is one place a strong memory where she remembers smelling oranges. The memory is that she is 12, having breakfast with her Dad while he does the bills. She balances the check book in her head. Her Dad is proud of her. She’s okay now. And Flynn finds what they were looking for.

Cassandra and Stone run over to Flynn who found a vault in one of the rocks. Stone says it’s steel. He needs a cutting torch to cut through it. He asks if Flynn packed one. He says no but that Cassandra did. He asks Stone to go get the oxygen tank in the first aid kit.

Lamia and her men are walking through the woods when they hear the helicopter start up. Lamia yells “the helicopter” and they run back toward the way they were coming from.

Flynn uses things from Cassandra’s picnic lunch, prosciutto stuffed into a cucumber connected to the oxygen tank, to make a cutting torch. he explains how it works (none of which is relevant at the moment) and then Stone takes it to cut through the vault. Flynn runs off saying he will be right back.

Running off is a thing Flynn does a lot. He really is the Doctor….only worse and without the time travel.

Baird fights the Brotherhood men that ran back to check on the helicopter. Then fights Lamia herself. Lamia draws a sword and says that Baird should work for them. Baird says she likes the Librarian. “He’s weird but he’s interesting” she says. Lamia says she’ll tell him that when she kills him. Flynn shows up and starts fighting Lamia with a crowbar. Lamia makes a remark about bringing a crowbar to a sword fight. Flynn assures her he was trained by Excalibur, he’ll do fine. Ezekiel runs by quickly saying, “we do not want to be here.”. Baird darts off after him sating time to go and pulling Flynn along, too. Lamia looks confused and looks back in time to see the helicopter explode.

Flynn, Baird and Ezekiel arrive back to Stone and Cassandra just as Stone is finishing up. They open he vault. Flynn pulls out a simple ancient crown. He tell the congratulations. They have just done what no librarian in 1000 years could do. They found the crown of King Arthur.

Back in the Library, Flynn places the crown on a red pillow on a display table with a sign that says “King Arthur’s Crown”. Charlene says “not bad for their first time out” and Flynn corrects it to only time out. Ezekiel asks Flynn what he did on his first time out. Flynn tells him he recovered the spear of destiny.

Which if you are interested in seeing, you can. It’s a movie called The Librarian and the Spear of Destiny. This show is a sequel series to 3 previous movies about just Flynn. You don’t have to have seen the movies for the series to make sense, though. They just give you some back story on Flynn. Also you may get some tiny references mentioned here and there in the show if you have seen the movies.

A bit later they’re all sitting around and Cassandra asks Flynn how he became the Librarian. He tells her the previous Librarian died. Cassandra says so if they’re the last candidates then one of them becomes the Librarian if he dies? Flynn laughs then his expression changes. He realizes she is correct. Before he can say anything an alarm goes off. Flynn says it’s the perimeter alarm. He runs off because of course he does. Baird asks if they can get down to the Library. Flynn says it isn’t just a secret elevator it’s an inter-dimensional portal. There is no way they can get it to work unless someone disables it from the inside. Seeing them in the elevator on his magic mirror thingy he says loudly “somebody let then in!?!”

Lamia enters the library with a bunch of guys in ninja suits. Lamia tells the men to find the crown.

Flynn says he is going after the crown. He tells the others to find Charlene. Baird wants to go with him but he tells her he has his own backup. He says “Cal come” and Excalibur flies into his hand. Stone, looking giddy, asks “is that a flying sword?” and Flynn says “Excalibur”. Ezekiel says “of course it is”. Flynn runs off in one direction and Baird and the other Librarians go in the other direction. Stone still giddy over Flynn having a flying sword.

Flynn gets to the display but the crown is gone. Lamia is standing there with Cassandra. Lamia says something about a rematch and Flynn says he brought a sword this time. He tells her to let Cassandra go and he will give them back the…he is about to say crown but he realized Cassandra is holding the crown. He puts his sword down and says “Cassandra” sadly. She tells him they said they could save her. They said only magic could save her. Flynn says they’re the serpent brotherhood and serpents lie. Lamia and Flynn start sword fighting. Flynn gets distracted by two of the ninjas and looks back to see Lamia putting on the crown. Her eyes glow the blue of the jewel in the crown.

Charlene comes in to the Library offices saying the Library has breached. The Serpent Brotherhood is everywhere. s

She is talking to Judson. She tells him to “do it”. He says the Library has gotten very big and it will take both of them. She says she knows and hold her hands up. Gold light comes out of her hands.

Hmm. Charlene is magic…wonder who is she actually is? Maybe we will find out in the new season.

Lamia tells Flynn that Merlin forged the crown so that Arthur could control his magic weapons. Including the greatest weapon of all, Excalibur. She uses blue magic to pull the sword from Flynn’s grip. Flynn tries to use the magic to pull it back to him but he can’t. Lamia takes the sword and stabs Flynn. Cassandra is upset. No one was supposed to get hurt. Some of the ninjas grab her and lead her out. Lamia tells two of the ninjas to tell Dulaque she has the key that it will open the lock and magic will return to the world. She tells him to kill the Librarian first. Lamia leaves.

Before the ninjas can kill Flynn, Baird shows up and slams their heads together. They fall. Baird helps Flynn stand up saying “tell me again how you don’t need a Guardian” and then she sees his wound and says it’s bad. Flynn says “Excalibur” and then tells them that Lamia has the crown and the sword. Baird wants to treat the wound but Flynn says it’s a magical wound and it can’t be treated with first aid. Stone is worried about Cassandra but Flynn tells him she is with the Brotherhood. Flynn drinks a magic potion. It slows the bleeding and numbs some of the pain. He wants to find Charlene and Baird says she saw her and she said to meet her deep in the library and said something about the Corridor of Doors.

Lamia instructs the ninjas to steal anything they can grab from the Library. Cassandra asks if they really had to kill Flynn. Lamia says the Librarian keeps everything locked up and they’re going to use the power to change the world. Cassandra says “So you’re telling me you’re the good guys?” but Lamia doesn’t give a straight answer.

Lamia probably DOES think they are the good guys. The best bad guys always think they’re the good guys. Like Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in the last Avengers movie. They weren’t really bad guys. They fully believed the Avengers were the bad guys and from their point of view that opinion made perfect sense.

The ninjas are stealing artifacts as Flynn and the others run through the Library. Ezekiel asks how big the Library is. Flynn says “as big as we need it to be.”  Then something that sounds like a bell tower starts clanging. Flynn says that it’s the countdown clock. Baird asks what happens when the bells stop but Flynn is already running off yelling “Charlene! Nooo”. The overhead shot shows the library (which from above looks like a Labyrinth) starting to roll up like how a poster would be rolled up. The Librarians and Baird run in the opposite direction.

Cassandra is confused by what is happening. Lamia tells her nothing as big as the Library could exist inside of a real building. It exists in it’s own pocket dimension. It’s anchored to our reality there but the first Librarian just pulled the anchor chain.

You know they have never explained what that means. Who is the first Librarian? Charlene? That would make sense but she could have meant Judson.

The Librarians are stuck. Flynn has never been this deep in the Library and they can’t find Charlene or Jenson. They are presumably in the Corridor of Doors since there are a lot of doors around them. Flynn chooses a door at random and they all run through it. They tumble out in to a forest during the day. The door they came through disappears. Ezekiel says they time traveled because it’s daytime and it was night where they were before. Flynn finds blood on his side and says “Hey blood! Mine. It’s crimson. I need to eat more calcium.” Baird pulls out her cell phone. Flynn says “of course” as he figures out that they traveled West. It’s night in the East where they came from but it’s daytime in the West. Flynn and Baird figure out at the same time that they are in Oregon.

The show is also filmed in Oregon. For anyone that cares to know that kind of information.

Flynn collapses but the boys catch him. Coming out of the woods they come find a man sitting on a car on a road. He seemed to be waiting for them. Baird asks for a ride. While in the car Baird asks about a hospital but the man says “no no no why would we take him to a hospital” and says they’re almost there. He points to a stone structure in front of them. He parks in front of it and they go inside. The man says a hospital won’t do Flynn any good. Wounds caused by Excalibur don’t heal. Flynn asks how he knows about magic and Excalibur. He asks who he is and what is this place. The man says he is Jenkins and this place he says is the Library. They enter into the Library offices. He serves them tea and Stone asks for a beer. Jenkins says they don’t have beer since this is the Library and not a Rodeo or hobo camp. Stone is messing with stuff and Jenkins tells him to stop. He says he is charge here, not Judson. Flynn tries to go through doors to go into the Library calling Charlene and Judson. Nothing is there.

This place is an interface. It’s an annex. It’s connected to the Library but it isn’t the Library. They can access the books and some of the items in the library but they can’t get into or out of the Library since Judson has cut the ties between the Library and the real world.

Judson, I guess, is the First Librarian.

Flynn is upset that he didn’t predict Cassandra’s betrayal. They had leverage on her and he should have known that, he thinks. He wonders why Judson didn’t warn him. Baird says maybe Judson trusted him to figure it all out on his own. He climbs a staircase and keep rambling about how he should have known. Flynn tells Baird to tell Stone and he head up the staircase. Stone says “tell me what?” and Baird tells him that at best, with his wound bleeding and being unable to stop the bleeding, he has maybe 24 hours to live.

Dulaque talks to Cassandra. She asks her if he knows if the others got out. He says something about the key to the stone and says he dearly hopes so. He tries to turn her against the Librarians. He says they are keeping the magic away from the world. She asks if he can cure her and he says when the key is returned to the lock magic is returned to the world. As they talk Lamia raises a knife behind Cassandra but Dulaque gives her a slight shake of his head to stop her. Cassandra wants Dulaque to share the power. She wants him to not just save her but to save everyone that science can’t help. He sends Cassandra out. Lamia asks why he stopped her. He says having a Librarian, even half a Librarian could be useful.

Jenkins and Baird talk outside the Annex. Baird says Flynn needs to pull himself together. Jenkins tells her that is her job as his Guardian. Flynn lost Charlene and Judson and he was stabbed by Excalibur and is dying. He’s drowning and he needs her. She goes inside to try to help.

Flynn is upstairs in the Annex reading books trying to figure out how to get back to the Library. Baird asks if that is where they need to go right now. He says yes they have weapons and artifacts there that could help. Baird says in the time she has known him she hasn’t seen him use anything magical or otherwise. He’s just used his brain. Baird tells him his brain is a weapon, a tool and a Library wrapped up all in one. She accuses him of hiding. She says she bets he was like that before he was the Librarian. He hid in books. Judson and Charlene made him something. She asks him how they would want him to spend his last day. He says, they’d want him to save the world one more time. She asks how he is going to do that. Flynn looks at her and says with feeling, “You are….KEY” and he runs off. Baird says “I’m hinge and key”.

This whole scene is pretty heartfelt with no real jokes until Flynn shouts “KEY” and runs off. Which makes it even funnier. It’s also an important scene since there really isn’t a lot of emotional stuff in this show.

Running downstairs he says that Lamia called Excalibur a key. She didn’t call him a sword or a weapon she said key. A key goes in a lock. Everyone knows the story of the Excalibur. The sword in the stone. The stone is the lock. Flynn asks where the stone is. Stone says that if Arthur was Roman than it would be at the biggest Empire settlement in Britain, Londinium. Now called London. Flynn takes off telling the others to come with him. Flynn tells Jenkins to book them tickets to London.

This was actually an amusing little rant but I had to condense it a lot.

London – The Librarians are in a museum. Flynn says the stone Excalibur was pulled from would be almost pure magic. It would attract any other magic artifact. Flynn says he knows just the artifact. They go into a room with the crown jewels on display in the center of it. Baird says they are not stealing the crown jewels and Flynn says “of course not”. He points at a green jewel in another display case and says “We’re stealing that one. The Stone of Marrakesh”. The jewel was used to save the life of Elizabeth I from magical assassination.

Flynn has Ezekiel station himself beside the stone. Baird and Stone create a diversion and Ezekiel steals the stone. Outside Flynn uses chewing gum to connect the stone to a string. He creates a divining rod to detect magic. The stone leads him toward the strongest nearby source of magic which should be Excalibur’s stone. Baird tells they have about 5 minutes until the cops show up. Once they find the stone they have to stop the Brotherhood from putting Excalibur back into the stone. Ezekiel asks why they would want to put the sword back into the stone.

Underground Dulaque, Cassandra and Lamia talk about the stone. They are going to get it by coming in from the side because coming in from the top would be to difficult. There are magical traps and human security, Dulaque says. Cassandra asks about the human security. Dulaque says the stone hasn’t been a total secret. The royal family have been hiding it for centuries.

Up on the surface the Librarians are led to Buckingham Palace. Baird says they’re not breaking into Buckingham Palace. Stone says its more Fraud than breaking and entering. He asks Ezekiel to make him a Duke. Baird storms off saying “What’s next The Vatican? The White House?”

Through the course of the season they do break into both of those places.

Flynn, Stone and Ezekiel show fake papers to try to get into Buckingham Palace. The man asks for their invitations and then says to wait a minute. Men are coming down to kick them out when Baird comes downstairs in a green dress and makeup and heel saying they are with her. She presents papers from Counter Terrorism. They let all of them come in.

Once inside Flynn tells them to look for something that doesn’t fit. There has to be someway the royal family could get down to the stone. They split up to look.

Baird gives Flynn a rundown of security. Then she points out a guard that is guarding nothing. He is standing at a wall. They found the secret door.

Dulaque is also at the party. He is thanked for his donation and he says he always thought if you want to change the world you can’t wait for other people to do it for you.

Underground Lamia is getting impatient. She rushes the men to dig faster. Cassandra stands nearby looking uncomfortable. They finally break through the final it of wall and they all enter to find the stone of King Arthur wrapped in steel beams. Lamia tells the men to cut through it. A man touches it and turns to dust. Lamia says “alright new plan” and they walk over to look at the cage the stone is enclosed in. It has a panel on it that seems to contain a cipher written in a mathematical language based on ancient greek and Hebrew. Cassandra can break it. She says it will take time and she seems to be making it take longer than it normally would.

Baird, Stone, Flynn and Ezekiel are still trying to get into the secret door from above. Ezekiel uses his phone to create something to call the guards away. Once the guard is gone Ezekiel opens the door. He isn’t impressed. He says he was expecting a better secret door. Baird says “I’ll write a letter. Let’s go” and she hurries them all through the door.

In the room with Arthur’s stone Cassandra has broken the cipher and the steel cage draws itself into the ground revealing the stone. Lamia is happy. She tells the men to lock Cassandra in a cell. Cassandra says they said they would help people. Lamia says they are. they’re bringing magic back to the whole world. She says they’ll control it.  Once Cassandra and the men are gone, Lamia inserts Excalibur back into the stone.

The Librarians find an ancient wine cellar.

The power flickers upstairs as the magic is returned. Flynn says the sword is in the stone. Ezekiel starts looking at the wine. He finds a bottle worth to much to money to be in any wine cellar. They figure out how to open another secret door and they find the room containing Lamia and the stone. Lamia is talking to the men. The sword and the stone are glowing. Flynn is trying to figure out how to stop them. Cassandra calls them from a cell. She has an idea. Stone says no because she sold them out once but Flynn says she had her reasons and he gets her out of the cell.

Once out Cassandra shows them some things and they make a plan…that I don’t entirely understand. They create steam somehow or smoke to fill the room and then Eve disables the men while Flynn gets to Lamia. Flynn and Lamia fight. Flynn can’t stop the magic from being leaked back into the world but he can’t let the Brotherhood control the magic.

Stone is fighting men outside the main room. So, that Cassandra can create some kind of magnetic effect so that Arthur’s crown is drawn to Flynn. Excalibur shoots out of the stone an helps him as well. Excalibur is dying but the magic left in the sword can save Cassandra. Flynn gives her the sword. She uses it to heal Flynn. Excalibur dies and melts into the stone.

Back at the Annex Jenkins gives Cassandra, Ezekiel and Stone airline tickets to go back home. They don’t really want to go.

Jenkins and Flynn walk off to talk about the Library. There is no way to bring it back. The card catalogue can access the records and manuscripts but the Library and it’s artifacts are not accessible to them anymore. Flynn goes into the Annex and Judson appears in the mirror. He tells Flynn the Library is intact and Charlene is with the Library. He however will be moving on. He says Flynn is ready for him to move on. They have a sweet moment. Flynn vows to bring the Library back. Judson says that the Brotherhood released a lot of magic back into the world. He won’t have time to search for the Library. He says not if he tries to do it alone. Baird comes in and Judson fades away. Flynn says he is the Librarian and he is in charge. He runs out and Baird and looks over to see Judson in the mirror. Judson kind of shrugs at her.

Baird runs out of the Annex and stops the others. He tells them their is a new plan. He says actually he suspects it’s the old plan but he is just now figuring it out. He tells them to open their envelopes. All of them have papers from the Library. Flynn says it’s just as he suspected. They have a lot of work to do. He runs back inside and the other follow him. He says the Annex is the perfect base. They’ll be trained and taught. He calls them the Librarians in Training. He says he will handle the big stuff and they can handle the less apocalyptic stuff. It will give him more time to look for the Library. They’re being offered a job, basically. Stone says “even her?” and points at Cassandra. Baird says she sacrificed her own life to save Flynn. They trust her. Stone says he is in (although maybe a little wary of Cassandra still from the look on his face). Ezekiel and Cassandra also want to stay. Cassandra hugs Flynn. Flynn says he will come back to check on them in a few weeks. He leaves and Baird follows.

Baird says they will need a Guardian. Stone is the only one can hold his own in a bar fight and she doubts they’ll be finding many magical artifacts in dive bars. Flynn wants Baird to stay with them, He doesn’t trust anyone else with them. If anything happens to him the other Librarians are the future. They need Baird. He says they need her more than he wants to be traveling the world with her. Baird kisses him. She tells him to come back alive. He stammers a bit and then leaves.

Jenkins is rambling to the Librarians inside. Baird comes in and tells him the others will be there rather he likes it or not, basically. Jenkins shows them the clippings book. It’s a magical book that has newspapers clippings in that appear every day to show the magical  happenings in the world. The Librarians gather around the clippings book.

I love this show…Okay that was the series premiere.

Go to the next post for the first season finale. Then tune in November 1st for the premiere of the second season.

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