TV Review/ Recap: The Librarians Episode 110 “And the Loom of Fate”

In anticipation of the season 2 Premiere this Sunday (November 1st) I’m posting recaps of the series premiere and the 1st season finale. This is the finale. The entire first season can be seen on Hulu, right now. So, if you’re not actually busy tonight or Halloween and you haven’t seen the 1st season you should have yourself a marathon ASAP. Even if you have seen the 1st season you should watch it all again. And if you’re busy you should cancel your plans (unless you have kids that want to go trick or treating in which case don’t disappoint your kids. What are you? a Monster? Take the kids out then come back and have the TV marathon with the kids. The show is pretty kid friendly).

I’m going to try to condense this recap even more than the premiere was.

Baird wakes up, or seems to, and finds that she is laying on the ground outside in daylight….bleeding. She closes her eyes..

…and opens them somewhere else. She is with the Librarians, in what seems to be a tomb, fighting people in Egyptian looking masks. Stone is also fighting. Ezekiel and Cassandra are solving some kind of puzzle. Ah they were fighting mummies who fall to dust when Flynn does something or other with a medallion. Baird tells Flynn he didn’t mention the mummies or the medallion. He asks the others if he didn’t mention the mummies or medallions in his message to meet him..somewhere with a lot of M’s. Baird says no and “Next time, Mummy memo”. Then her and Flynn have a brief flirting thing. Ezekiel asks why they are there. Flynn says he thinks the sarcophagus holds the key to a way to bring back the library.

Title card: The Librarians and the Loom of Fate

Back at the Annex Flynn is explaining some theory about the pyramids. He thanks her for not changing anything about his desk. She says she would love to change it but the Annex keeps resetting it to his preferences. He says he will reset it to hers. The others come in and they start talking about a doorway to heaven in the pyramids. An inter-dimensional doorway, actually, like the one they use in the Annex. Cassandra says that makes sense and starts doing math involving the pyramids and the magical lay lines. She hits something infinite and almost falls but Stone catches her. She says she saw it all, all the way down. She can’t do the math. The inter-dimensional space is to big. It’s bigger than the labyrinth was even. Her nose starts to bleed. Ezekiel hands her a tissue.

Jenkins talks about the door and how it leads to the space between dimensions. The place where the Library is. Jenkins says yes but they can’t work the magic without some kind of reality shifting magical device and some software capable of doing the magical math that Cassandra can’t do. Flynn asks if they have anything like that. Stone says “Actually. Here’s something funny”.

They use the story book that alters reality, phone app that is actually a spell, the device created by Nicholas Tesla and the ball of twine from the Labyrinth to create something to power the inter-dimensional doorway within the sarcophagus they stole from the tomb. Well, they end up not needing the twine.

All of those things (minus the sarcophagus they got at the beginning of this episode) were acquired in previous episodes. It’s actually pretty cool how things end up tying together.

Jenkins asks Fynn for the coordinates from the sarcophagus. He says them out loud but nothing happens. Cassandra says it’s a storybook. You can’t just feed it numbers. Baird turns it into a story. Their contraption seems to be working. Flynn tells Jenkins his notes about the pyramids were spot on. Jenkins says he didn’t send him any notes. Smoke comes from the  sarcophagus and in Lamia and Dulaque come from somewhere. Dulaque calls himself a hero and mentions the Librarians doing the work for him. He opens the annex backdoor. He says he won’t just change this world. He will end it. Flynn says he will never get the Library but Dulaque says he isn’t thinking that small. Dulaque says he needs a bit more power to lock in the destination. He needs a blood sacrifice. Lamia grabs Flynn but Dulaque kills Lamia. She says I loved you and he says unfortunately that was required. He says, to the storybook, “So with blood the passage was opened to the Loom of Fate”.  Dulaque goes through the door and Flynn and Baird follow him.

Flynn falls into a river and Baird is coming down the bank. He realizes he is in the River of Time beside the Loom of Fate. Dulaque is at the Loom. He says “here, it all went wrong here. When Camelot fell”. Flynn yells for Baird to stop him before he rips the fabric but she doesn’t make it. He rips the fabric and everything goes bright gold and the fabric starts to unravel in a bright blur.

Baird stumbles and puts her arm out to balance herself accidentally clotheslining Flynn. He falls choking and she helps him out. He’s dressed differently. A man with a gun comes out of the forest (that they’re apparently now in) and tells them to put their hands on their heads, Which they do. He leads them forward. Baird asks “who is this guy” and Flynn asks Baird “who are you?”.

At some kind of camp he is questioning Baird and Flynn. Flynn says he is a Professor and he is in charge of the dig. He wants to see his papers. The man walks away and Flynn rambles about not supposed to be there and Baird yells at him. He obviously doesn’t remember being the Librarian but Baird hasn’t figured this out yet. Can’t blame her really at this point. A lot happened very quickly. The man with the gun comes back very angry. He take Baird away. Flynn attempts to be brave and go after them saying “let her go” but it doesn’t go well. Baird helps him up trying to explain to him who he is.

Someone comes into the camp with their face covered and wearing a weird blue scarf. Hmm…who could that be? He disables the soldiers. The man approaches Flynn and Baird. It’s Jacob Stone, of course. He says he’s the librarian. Flynn calls him a barbarian. Stone kisses Baird, calls her Eve and seems very happy to see her. Baird says “nope…nope nope nope nope” and keeps repeating it as she walks off.

I couldn’t stop laughing at that and everyone I have watched the show with has been unable to stop laughing at that. It’s one of the best reactions to anything of all time.

Stone helps Flynn and his researchers pack up and leave. He asks Flynn why he would have researchers in a war zone. Flynn says something about markings and mystical stones. Stone asks about the mystical stones. He says something about magic and lay lines. Flynn says magic isn’t real. Baird walks up to them. Stone wants Flynn to take him to the stones but Flynn says that sounds dangerous. Flynn wants to point him in the right direction and leave. Baird grabs Flynn by his tie and pulls him along with Stone. Stone can’t stop staring at Baird.

Baird starts asking Stone questions. He asks her how she is there. He says she is dead. Flynn is rambling a lot and Baird tells him to stop. Stone insists her has been the Librarian for the last 10 years. The last guy faked his own death and then Stone took the job. Flynn says “at the Metropolitan Library” and they say yes and he says he was offered a job there once but he never showed up. Baird figures it out then. She is in some alternate time line where Flynn didn’t show up for his interview but Stone did. She tries to explain it all to them.

Stone tells her there she was his Guardian for almost 10 years. Someone starts shooting at them and they have to run before he can finish telling her anything.

Flynn isn’t good at the running in this time line. He’s coughing and they find the magical stones. Stone starts talking about the stones and how he has seen them in South America and Egypt. Baird interrupts him. She calls him Jacob and asks how she died.

I guess someone does call him Jacob at least once. Probably because he was calling her Eve, which he doesn’t do in her timeline.

He says she stopped Dulaque from stealing the Library, Charlene and Judson hid the library between dimensions and she was stabbed and she died. He says magic has been released into the world and he is doing the best he can but it isn’t enough. Technology is failing, wars are breaking out, monsters are rising. He says all he can do is try to find and keep the more powerful magical items out of the wrong hands.

Flynn is rambling in the background through all of this. At this point he says “These are not the right kinds of trees”. Stone asks him what he said. He says pine trees shouldn’t be on this side of the equator. Stone says he wouldn’t have spotted that. He says Flynn being there to spot like its like and Baird says “fate”.  Baird came in to this timeline in the middle of the stones. Flynn points out that the pine trees form a ring around the stones and that each tree has an ancient metal spike inside of it. Stone says that is to activate the teleportation. Flynn insists there is no such thing as teleportation and they start being shot at again. Then he is suddenly very interested in teleportation. Stone starts hitting the metal spikes to activate the stones. Stone says it sounds like they are getting sent to the weak spots in reality. Baird wants him to come with them but he says he can’t.

How would that have worked? He can’t come obviously. Then there would be two Stones in their timeline and that can’t be good for the fabric of reality.

That said, I like this Stone. He is all dirty and more action-y than the other Stone. I’d like having them both on the show. Or around my house….Anyway.

Stone continues to hit the spikes on the trees to activate the stones. He stops and talks to Baird. He says in her world they didn’t have their 10 years. She tells him they just met a few months ago. She tells him they’re friends, despite themselves sometimes. Stone says the other him is an ass. He says he misses her. Soldiers are coming. Baird tells Stone they’ll kill him. He says “Let ‘em try, I’m the Librarian”.

Baird and Flynn appear in a room with white tubes everywhere and blue carpeting. Flynn is shocked at the fact that they teleported. He is very excited. He is trying to explain it in the term of physics. Ezekiel Jones, looking very serious and dressed in blue and white appears and says “You mean magic, mate?”. Flynn says “Hi we are on an adventure…or I’ve lives my mind…or both…who are you?” Ezekiel says he is the Librarian.

Ezekiel tells Flynn and Baird that they are moving sideways through different timelines. Each one with a minor difference. Baird says not so minor. Flynn wants to know if there is a version of him there and if he met himself will he explode. He asks for a pen and wanders off.

Flynn getting a bit more Flynn like with the wandering off.

Also you’ll notice a unmistaken color scheme in each timeline. Stone was greens and browns, earth tones. Ezekiel is blue and white. His hair is even streaked with white. We’ll get to the next one in a bit.

Baird asks Ezekiel is they were involved and he assures her “no”.  He says she was like a mother to him. She says that is mathematically…improbable. She finds out she died in this timeline, too, in the same way.

Ezekiel says since she is here maybe she can help them with their ghost problem. She says ghosts aren’t really the Librarians territory. Ezekiel says it is now. He opens the blinds and outside there is are lots and lots of people with black eyes and mouths. He says there was a house that granted wishes, Baird says “killer from the past” and Ezekiel nods and says her last wish didn’t go quite right. It tore a hole in the world. It let in all the ghosts. Flynn has issues with the concept of ghosts. Ezekiel most of the world are now possessed by ghosts. Flynn runs away. Ezekiel asks Baird who he is. She say he’s the Librarian. Ezekiel says “The way my year has been going he is welcome to the job”. He shuts the blinds with the final parting words to the ghosts “Sod off Deadites”.

What Network is Ash vs The Evil Dead on? A Evil Dead/Librarians crossover would be awesome.

Flynn is bounding around the back room insisting this isn’t happening. Baird explains to him what a Librarian and a Guardian is. She asks why he didn’t go for his interview at the library. He says he just didn’t. He liked his life. It was a random twist of a thread on the Loom on Fate. Baird has a flash of being on the ground again with blood in her hand. She asks Flynn why he said Loom of Fate. He explains the myth and Baird tells him that Dulaque cut the thread and when he did he cut history. They hear a loud noise. They go to check it out.

The deadites have broken into Ezekiel’s lab. Ezekiel asks for any ideas. Flynn rambles things at him. He then starts doing stuff. Ezekiel says he isn’t making any sense. Baird is excited and says that’s a good thing. As Baird and Ezekiel go to delay the deadites she finds out he made a profit off being a Librarian. She makes a face at him and he smiles and says he’s seen that look before. She says things never change.

Flynn runs some kind of electric current through the deadites that release the ghosts from them. Ezekiel starts having his team set up a system so they can work on getting rid of the rest of the ghosts. Flynn is still resisting the idea of magic and insists it was misunderstood mathematics.. Flynn and Baird start to kind of flicker. Baird says they’re hopping timelines again. Ezekiel says it was good to see Baird and thanks for bringing Flynn along. He says they arrived just in time.

Baird and Flynn materialize this time in some kind of factory that smells like sulfur and ash. A dragon flies over them. Flynn finally believes in magic. Then he gets hit by a tranquilizer dart. Lamia then tasers Baird. Dragons circle over head.

Baird and Flynn wake up. Lamia wants to know Baird is. She insists she isn’t Eve Baird because she saw her die. Baird says she just saw Lamia die so they’re even. Lamia mentions her boss and Baird says “Dulaque” and kicks Lamia. She starts fighting and tells Lamia to always handcuff people TO the chair not just IN the chair. Cassandra shows up dressed like a Wiccan Priestess and using magic. She stops the fighting. Cassandra calls Flynn interesting. She says “And not from around here. Or rather…around now.” Cassandra looks at Baird a little like Stone did but doesn’t say much about their relationship.

They find out Baird died in this world, too. Lamia became Cassandra’s Guardian after Baird died. Cassandra, of course, is the Librarian in this world.

Cassandra’s world, the world where dragons have destroyed everything, is all reds and oranges. Literally, its saturated in those colors. Everything has a tint of it. Not only does each world have a color palette but as they go through each one the amount of that color that is there increases until this world is entirely saturated in it’s color.

They discover that Cassandra has the Loom of Fate. All the threads are missing. She finds out that Dulaque killed her and Lamia killed him. Then Excalibur healed Cassandra’s tumor. Baird tells them what happened before they started jumping time. Dulaque cut the threads of Fate and wanted to go back to when Camelot fell. She asks how it work. Flynn tries to explain. If you cut the thread of Fate a certain point then history goes back and restarts from that point. What Flynn doesn’t know is why he wanted to start over again from Camelot. Then he gets it. He says, “Oh Wait I do understand. His name is Dulaque. King Arthur.” Cassandra said Dulaque wanted to start fresh but he cut the thread without reweaving it. They’re skipping from thread to thread through all the different possible outcomes.

Baird asks Cassandra about the magic she keeps using. Cassandra explains that when she used magic to heal herself it altered her brain permanently. Baird gives her a look and she says she never did approve. She says that the threads of history will continue to unravel until all of time is undone. Baird asks how to fix this but Cassandra says they can’t. She says they lost. She is opening the door to another world. Morgan La Fey taught her how to do it. So, she is evacuating the world.

Flynn is confused. The other Librarians he met hadn’t given up. Cassandra seems to have held out the longest but she is going to give up? Flynn says if he had the chance again he would choose to be the Librarian. He wants to choose to save the world. Cassandra asks him how. He wants to reweave the loom. Cassandra says they need a specific thread. Something ancient and imbued with magic and inter-dimensional power and tied as close as possibly to the original myths of the Loom. Cassandra says “I don’t suppose you have one of those lying around?” Baird says, “here’s something funny.”

Baird enters the Annex but the thread isn’t there. Cassandra has never been there.  When Baird isn’t nearby Cassandra tells Flynn that Baird will die for her no matter how much he doesn’t want her to.

Baird can’t find Jenkins or the twine. Flynn points out that this isn’t her timeline. Whatever she did to get the Twine from the Labyrinth didn’t happen here. Baird asks how to get to her timeline. Cassandra says they can’t but Flynn says there is always a chance. He starts rambling and singing a weird song….it’s pretty classic Flynn. He then suggest bringing the threads of time together. Cassandra says they’ll need a focus. Something common to all the threads of time. Baird and Flynn both say “the librarians”.

Cassandra says she is punching a hole in three universes. She says things in another language. She is doing some kind of math magic. She pulls Ezekiel from his world and Stone from his. They all three hold hands and she tells them to concentrate. They semi-figure out what it going on (in their worlds none of these three know each other, they never met). The Annex powers up. They’re in Baird’s world. They grab the twine. Cassandra tells them the door to the Loom is open and they should focus on the moment they left and they’ll return to that time. Flynn points out that if they succeed none of these Librarians will ever exist. They’re all okay with that. They say they have had good (and bad) lives. They made a difference.

Flynn and Baird pop back in at the Loom. She tells Flynn to weave. Baird stays on the look out in case Dulaque is still around. She calls him a frail old man. Then a very young Dulaque shows up. He returned to his state when he was in Camelot. He calls Camelot a perfect world of knights and magic. Flynn says it was perfect until he ruined it. Flynn calls him Lancelot. Dulaque stabs Baird. She falls and Flynn attempts to fight but he isn’t very good at it. Dulaque says Baird was fated to die defending her Librarian. He says Flynn can’t stop him. There are versions if him that may have had a chance but there is only one swordsman his equal and Flynn isn’t him. Jenkins stops Dulaque from killing Flynn. Dulaque calls him Galahad.

Dulaque doesn’t understand why Galahad/Jenkins wants to stop him. He is trying to bring back the “shining city” but Jenkins says Camelot fell and that was it’s fate. Jenkins tells Flynn to go back to weaving the loom. Jenkins and Dulaque fight and banter as Flynn weaves the Loom. Once the Loom is fixed Flynn’s clothes change again. He wonders why Baird isn’t better but Jenkins says this is her fate. Flynn doesn’t believe them. They carry Baird back to the Annex. Flynn uses Baird’s blood in the storybook to open the passage to the Library. Flynn runs into the Library. The other Librarians hold on to Baird. Stone says he can barely feel her pulse. Flynn comes back with the potion he drank when he was stabbed by Excalibur. It can heal an ordinary wound. It heals Baird. She says she was supposed to die but Flynn says he doesn’t believe in fate.

Baird and Flynn give Cassandra, Ezekiel and Stone each a small pocket sized version of the clippings book. They can work different cases or work together. They can get them if they need help. Flynn tells them goodbye. Ezekiel says he could use a break. Stone says he should go see his family. Cassandra doesn’t have anyone to see. She decides to try a case. Stone ask where she is going. She says, Lima, Peru. She leaves and then Ezekiel and Stone go after her. They all head off to Lima together.

Baird thanks Jenkins for saving them at the Loom of Fate. Jenkins doesn’t remember. No one remembers anything except Baird. Baird wants to know why she remembers. Jenkins says it’s because she did it before. When she splintered across the universe in Santa’s place. So, she was prepared to hold up  mentally and remember things this time when it happened. Baird says that’s a hell of a coincidence. Jenkins insinuates that the clippings book was working almost like Fate sending them to gather the things they would need. Baird points out that the clippings book didn’t send them to Santa. Jenkins did. Jenkins shrugs that off.

Flynn claims to remember bits and pieces. As him and Baird talk the clippings book blows open. They read the case. Flynn is trying to ask her out and she stops his stammering. She asks him where he was thinking of taking her. They go off to investigate the case together.

This first season was structured perfectly. If the show hadn’t gotten renewed it still worked. They could have left it like this or brought them all back for movies. It all would have worked.

But it did get renewed and I’m super excited. The second season starts Sunday, November 1st.

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