TV Review/Recap: The Walking Dead Episode 603 “Thank You”

Well this is the first Walking Dead I’ve seen in a while that started up rounds of “I’m never watching this show again” on the internet. So, i knew before I even got to see it that it must be a great episode. It’s always the good ones that cause that much hoopla.

Before the picture even comes up, when all we see is a black screen, we hear the truck horn going off from Alexandria. The first episode of the season ended this way, black screen with the horn still blaring. So, we can tell right off the bat that we are picking up right where we left off at the end of the first episode. We can also hear heavy breathing.

The first thing we actually see if Glenn running through the woods in close up. He stops and Rick comes up beside him. Glenn tells Rick to try again and Rick picks up the Walkie Talkie and tells Cobin the horn isn’t stopping and to “light it up” but he gets no reply.

Who the hell is Cobin? Or is he saying Colby? Either way…who?

Michonne is with Rick and Glenn, She takes out a walker and they all continue to run. The rest of the team that was working with Rick to lead the walkers away are running behind them. One of them freaks out saying it was more than half of the horde heading toward them. A girl says they have to stay ahead of them, “they walk, we run” she says. Rick answers a walkie talkie call from Daryl. Daryl wants to know what’s going on. Daryl, Abraham and Sasha are still leading the first half(ish) of the horde away from Alexandria. They don’t know that the other half turned back or what is going on at all. They can’t hear the horn from where they are. It was a big horde, remember? They are miles ahead of where Rick and the others are.

I’m not super thrilled with this episode’s use of Daryl….but we will get to that in a minute.

Daryl wants to come back and help. So do Abraham and Sasha but Rick says “no” he says they need to keep leading the horde. If the first half turns around, too then things get even worse for Alexandria. Daryl isn’t happy with this.

And they don’t even know about the shit that went down in Alexandria to cause the horn.

Nicholas is having anxiety issues. Glenn gets him moving again. Some guy that I assume has a name but I don’t know what it is tells Michonne Rick did this. He blames Rick for everything.

Because that is the motto of the idiotic faction of the Alexandrians who  just want to sit still and wait to be killed.

Michonne tells the dude to shut up and move. They all continue to run.

When they stop for a minute Rick tells the others the new plan. He’s going to circle back to the RVs and take one around to the front of the horde heading for Alexandria. Then he leads them away. He tells the others to head home. They may need help there.

So, presumably Rick already knows something may be going down at home.

Rick heads off asking Glenn and Michonne to come with him. He walks quickly, center framed, with them behind him framed off to each side. He tells them if something if in the way, kill it, no hiding and no waiting. Glenn wants to go with Rick but Rick and Michonne both tell him they have to get to the others back home. Rick says that they all won’t make it. They can’t keep up. He tells them to try to help them, try to get them home but if they have to leave them leave them. They HAVE to get home to help the people there.

I know people think Rick has gotten cold but he really hasn’t. He still helps people. He still does the right thing. He has just learned that he can’t save everyone and trying to will just get everyone killed. Speaking of being killed…

As they’re talking they hear screams. They run back to find Mr. Complainy Pants who was blaming Rick for everything having his neck gnawed on by a walker. They kill the walker but the dude is obviously gone.

Dude! Come on! How does that even happen? Carter wasn’t so bad. I mean that walker came out of nowhere and bit his f-n face but how do you even end up on the ground with a walker wrapped around you like a vampire lover? I can’t even fathom the level of stupid that had to occur to result in this scenario. It’s ALMOST as bad as Lori somehow flipping a car on a completely empty road because of one walker. At least she had pregnancy brain to blame…and an apparent suspension of gravity in the spot where her car flipped……plus she was REALLY stupid.. I got distracted…anyway…this guy had to be Lori level stupid for this to happen. I kind of wish we had seen it but I’m sure it was something like “dumdidumdimdi Hey I hear a noise i’ll go off alone and check it out. what is this thing on the ground let me kneel down and look at it it looks like a person maybe they need my help.aaaahaahahahahahha”.

Dude dies and Michonne spears his brain. The horn stops (giving us the audience an idea of the time line of events as compared to Alexandria). Rick tells the others to get back safe and he takes off. The others stand around staring at the dead man and the dead walker.

Title Sequence.

Glenn notes that they are 10 to 20 minutes ahead of the horde. Michonne notes that they have to keep moving. They’re not moving every fast because of a girl that fell and sprained her ankle (or something…she’s limping and Glenn is helping her walk).

Wait…Mister Complainy Face is still alive…or is that another guy complaining? I can’t tell these dudes apart. All the whiny Alexandrians look alike.

They all start talking about what is going on in Alexandria. The Alexandrians are freaking out. One of them actually, accurately, suggests that maybe that sound meant someone plowed through the walls. He says maybe they are walking back to nothing. They talk as they walk and Michonne says they have to keep moving forward.

That entire sequence was kind of pointless…I mean except for them discussing that they know something has probably already happened in Alexandria. As well as reminding us that a lot of them have family still there. Family that may or may not be alive when they get there. I don’t think a lot of the Alexandrians survived the attack. None of them were prepared to fight back.

They hear walkers. Glenn and Michonne tell the others to stay back and to not shoot unless they have too. They go forward to clear a path. The others fight the walkers that come from a different direction. One guy runs off. Another is injured…possibly bitten. Nicholas protects the girl with the ankle injured from before. Then when it seems like things are over another guy (the other guy that looks like the complaining guy) is also bitten on the back. The bitten guy says he knows what it means. Glenn reminds them that they have to keep moving.

Daryl asks Abraham and Sasha (shouting through the windows of their car of course, not using the walkie talkie) if they’re five miles out yet. Abraham tells him yeah more or less. Daryl says at the next intersection they’re going to circle back. Abraham says no that isn’t the mission. They’re supposed to go another 15 miles. Daryl says he is changing that. Abraham and Sasha won’t go against Rick’s orders. Sasha (probably inaccurately and over dramatically) tells him that if he leaves them the horde could kill them. Daryl seems to be contemplating and sees a billboard for Alexandria… he makes up his mind. He tells them he has faith in them and he takes off.

So, I’m not surprised that Daryl can’t handle just playing pied piper when Alexandria is in danger. He finally feels at home…again. He already lost that twice before. Once when Merle died and then again when Beth was taken and then killed (really Beth counts as twice by herself…so he has lost that 3 times really..hell more than that cause he lost Merle more than once, too). So, not shocking that he wants to protect Alexandria. It IS a little weird that he wants to go against Rick’s orders. That isn’t like Daryl but he has been showing signs of not loving the things that Rick says lately. So, I guess that isn’t that weird either . He doesn’t entirely trust Rick to have everyone’s best interests at heart, I think. And he isn’t wrong. Rick cares about his people but he fully knows the people in Alexandria mostly can’t survive in the world they now live in. Anyway…we will get to my issues with Daryl this episode a bit later.

Michonne and her group reach the road. Michonne and the guy with the bitten back in the lead. Glenn helping Sprained ankle girl and Nicholas and Heath helping the other guy who was injured and possible bitten before. Soooo, they’re not moving very fast anymore.

Look, I’m not taking the time to learn these people’s names when they are likely going to die quickly. They make it past the mid season finale then I’ll bother to learn their names. Nicholas has been around a while now and I think Heath has a chance at survival. Plus they made a point out of introducing him. So, I remember his name. I know the girl was also introduced but I don’t remember hers and I don’t care…at all. So….yeah I’ll be using random descriptive terms instead of names for people until we see if they last.

They all hobble slowly down the road. Michonne looks at the bitten guy’s bite. He asks if it’s bad and she says it’s about what you’d expect. Michonne asks him how long he has been married. He’s been married 3 months. She wasn’t his wife from before. He tells the story of being found by Aaron after he lost everyone. Then of meeting his wife right after he was found.

The first time I watched this episode it seemed to move a lot faster….I didn’t realize how much walking and talking there was. I don’t mind talking but I don’t really care about all these people that are going to die. This show already lots of characters. My brain can’t hold information about people that aren’t even going to be around much longer. Let’s move it along now..

Behind them the woman says they need to stop to bandage up the other guy, whose bleeding. The guy says he is fine but he says he won’t be for long bleeding the way he is. Glenn says they’ll find a place to stop and bandage him up.

I still have no idea how the guy was injured. If he was bit…come on man don’t waste time on him when he will die anyway. I’m assuming he wasn’t bit but I couldn’t tell exactly how he was injured.

Glenn and the others come across a small town like…area on the road. There are cars parked on the street. Michonne tells them to see if any of the cars are drivable. While they’re doing that Michonne and Glenn talk. Glenn is in a hurry to get home but he isn’t willing to leave the others. Michonne agrees and says they are about a half an hour ahead of the herd. They have time to stop and still make it.

Injured guy that needs to be bandaged is named Scott apparently.

Heath asked Nicholas about his crew and the people that died.This is apparently the town it happened in. Nicholas tells the truth. Him and Nate didn’t know what they were doing. They were afraid. The people that died weren’t afraid he says.

They’re not talking about when Noah died, I don’t think but the run they heard about that happened without any of Rick’s group before they arrived.

None of the cars work. They have to keep walking. Heath suggests that Nicholas lead the way because he was here last.  The others agree. Nicholas is visibly afraid but he takes the lead. They find the guy’s hat that ran off earlier. Then find the guy being eaten by walkers. Nick spaces out again like he did before. The others pull him out of it and they head off. The herd is now getting to town. They have one direction blocked but the other way is full of walkers, too. They hide in a pet store.

Not 30 minutes ahead of the herd after all I guess. Unless that was supposed to have taken 30 minutes but that seems unlikely.

They creep around the pet store. Making sure it’s safe and trying to be quiet to avoid attracting the walkers. Michonne and Heath talk about the plan. They’re going to patch up the injured and then figure out what to do. Heath points out that walkers are blocking every way out of town. Michonne says they’ll figure it out.

Michonne and Heath go to talk to Glenn and Nicholas. Nick still looks a bit…unwell. Glenn has an idea. He says if they can distract the herd coming into the town then they won’t make it back to Alexandria. He wants to burn one of the building and hope more building catch on fire, too. It’ll draw the walkers to it. Heath says it’ll take some time but Glenn wants to try. It’s the only plan they have after all.

Fires drove the walkers OUT of Atlanta. Why would fire draw the walkers to the town now? Plus when the fire burns out won’t they still move on toward where the people are? What if the fires spread to the woods and then to Alexandria? This is a horrible plan. I suppose its the best they can do under the circumstance, though. It could at least buy them enough time to find out what happened in Alexandria. Then they could come back and deal with the fire and lead the walkers away later on. So…..stupid idea but worth a shot….I guess?

Michonne wants to send Glenn back home with the others because he has a wife but he insists on enacting the plan since it was his idea.

Can’t blame him really. If you have what you know if kind of a stupid idea you don’t want that idea to get other people killed. Best to do it yourself.

Glenn tells Michonne to get the others home. She doesn’t want to leave without him. He insists he will catch up. He says if he gets stuck he will find a way to let them know he is okay. Nicholas remembers a feed store in the town. It’s old and full of dry things. It should be easy to catch on fire, he says. Nicholas says he will go Glenn but he sees the hesitance on Glenn’s face and quickly changes it saying he could draw a map. Glenn says no Nick can lead the way. He says he has to do one thing first. He goes around a shelf and kneels on the ground. He pulls out hershel’s watch and looks at it. Then pulls out his walkie talkie.

I honestly have to give Nick a lot of credit. People can hate on him all they want but the dude is scared out of his mind and still trying to do the right thing. He wants to help but not if Glenn doesn’t want him too. He has tried his best to atone for the things he did when he was being arrogant and idiotic. I’ve liked him this season. He was a good example that some people CAN see the error of their ways and learn. Not a lot of people are like that but it can happen. I respect people who are like that and I liked the arc this character has taken.

Rick is running full speed down the road alone. He comes across a group of walkers feeding off someone, I would guess the missing Corbin (or Colbin or Colby or whatever the name was they were saying into the walkie and not getting an answer). Glenn comes through on his walkie talkie. He tells him where they are and what their plan is. As Glenn talks Rick is killing the walkers and stabbing the disemboweled man in the head. Then taking his guns and ammo. Glenn tells Rick he has about 20 minutes to get the RV and get ahead of the herd. He tells him their plan with the fire and that if he doesn’t see smoke soon then the herd is still heading his way. He tells him good luck and calls him a dumbass. I’m pretty sure this is Glenn avoiding saying goodbye. He knows he could die. After taking all the weapons from the body Rick takes off running again.

They patch up the man, Scott? and Heath tells the woman, Annie? that he will find her crutch. She tells them to leave her. The man says the same. He say if they won’t leave them there then leave outside if they start to slow them down. Heath refuses to leave them. He says they don’t leave people behind. “not us” he says. Michonne angrily tells him no one is leaving anyone behind.

I do not understand these people’s resentment toward Rick’s group. Are they tougher and a bit colder than the people in Alexandria? Yep. They’ve been through a lot of shit. Know what else they’ve done? Kept a baby alive during a zombie apocalypse. That’s not easy to do and they have done it. Maybe they should trust these people? They can’t just hide forever. Hell, the wolves would have made it to Alexandria eventually no matter what and without Rick’s people the entire town would have died. Maybe they’ll be more grateful once they get back to Alexandria but probably not. *sigh*

Michonne talks to Heath alone. She asks if he has a problem with her. He says he is just looking after his people. Michonne asks if he thinks she isn’t. He tells her he heard Rick when he told them to leave them if they couldn’t keep up. Michonne tells him Glenn is out there risking his life for everyone and she is still there. Heath says things will get worse and then “we’ll see” and Michonne agrees. She says Rick said what he said because sometimes you don’t have a choice.  Heath says that isn’t how they do things and Michonne says that is because they have never had to. They haven’t been through things like Rick has. Heath tries to say he has been going on runs and knows what it’s like but Michonne cuts him off. She asks if he has ever had to kill living people because they killed your friends and are coming after you next? If he has ever done things that made him afraid of himself. Has he ever been so covered in blood that he isn’t sure if it’s his, walkers or his friends? He seems to get the point.

Glenn and Nicholas run up the street. They find some walkers on the ground, ones to damaged to get up and move around when they came back. Glenn starts to kill one but Nick stops him. He tells Glenn the guy was  19 year old boy that was part of his team. He was one of the people they left behind. Glenn tells him he isn’t that guy anymore. Nick kills the walker. They hear something, sounds like a loud gunshot or an explosion. Nick asks if that was from home. Glenn says they have to go now and they run off quickly in the opposite direction of home.

Back at the pet store (where the cages are full of dead animals by the way) the others prepare to leave. Michonne notices the walkers are being drawn away from the pet store by the gun fire.

Rick is still running top speed. He makes it to the RVs, the place him and Michonne were at shooting flares before. He gets ones started. His hand is bleeding….He drives away.

...when did he injure his hand? Everyone is getting hurt somehow and I keep missing it. I’m going to assume he wasn’t bitten since I think that would be made a big enough deal out of that I wouldn’t have missed it.

The bitten man is writing a note. He gives it to Michonne. It’s a letter to his wife written on receipt paper. She writes on her arm “You’re getting home” and he puts the note in his pocket. They’r staying quiet but then something starts banging from the back of the store. It’s a walker in a closet. They kill it but the noise it made draws other walkers to the store. They’re clawing at the windows now.

They burst out of the store and fight their way out and run. Well, move as fast as they can. The girl falls and the others stop to help but she tells them to run. She tells them to go and she starts shooting walkers as they swarm over her. The others are running away. I’m not even sure they see her get swarmed but they probably do see the beginning of it.

In the wide shot we see the herd swarming into the town. Well slowly shambling into the town but same concept.

Glenn and Nick find the feed store but it’s already burned down. Glenn says they can find another building but the herd is coming up behind them. They need to go, Glenn yells at Nick and he tells him which way to run.

Michonne, Heath, Scott and the man who was bitten come down behind some houses. They get to a fence. Heath goes first and then Scott is helped over. Then bitten man and Michonne start trying to get over as the swarm reaches them.

Glenn and Nicholas get to the end of an alley. There is a dumpster and a fence with walkers on the other side of the fence. Nick tries to go over at another part of the fence but their are walkers there, too. They start to turn back but the herd if closing in on them there. They start shooting and Nick pulls out his knife when they get closer. They are taking out as many as they can but they’re closing in fast.

Heath starts shooting the walkers grabbing at Michonne and the other guy. Michonne makes it over but the other guy is dragged down. The man’s note is on the ground but they can’t reach it (or possibly don’t even see it). The fence stops the herd (or that part of it at least). Heath and Michonne hurry on helping Scott walk between them.

Heath has definitely now seen that sometimes you have no choice. Sometimes you have to leave people behind. I do hope he sticks around. I like him. I think he has potential to be an interesting character.

Glenn climbs on top of the dumpster and helps Nicholas up.

They’re surrounded but technically when standing in the middle of the dumpster the walkers can’t reach them. If they could tolerate it long enough eventually some noise would probably pull all the walkers away from them but who knows how long that would take and they couldn’t even sit down.

Of course, Nicholas was holding on sanity by a thread already and in all fairness the outcome does look pretty bleak.

Nicholas starts to space out again. He looks like he is about to pass out or throw up. He’s staring into the swarm and he starts crying. Glenn is screaming at him but he can’t hear him. Nick tells Glenn “thank you” and then he shoots himself in the head. He falls into Glenn and Glenn catches him and they both fall into the swarm. The walkers tear out Nicholas’s organs while he is on top of Glenn. The shot moves to an overhead shot of the herd.

First off….why the hell did Glenn catch him? He should have thrown him into the walkers and somehow used that as a distraction to get away…although I’m not sure away to where…the alley is full on both sides. but still. Don’t catch the guy that is already dead.

Second off…I do think it’s Nicholas’ intestines they are pulling out. He fell on top of Glenn. They would have to eat him first to get to Glenn. It would be terrifying (hence the screaming) and I don’t know exactly how he could get out of this mess but it would be impossible for them to be eating Glenn that quickly. They’d literally have to eat through Nicholas first. Some people think Glenn climbed under the dumpster. Which is possible. It does look like something moves in that direction when it’s showing the over head shot. Mostly I just don’t think they would have Glenn die out of sight of the others. When they kill a main important character they always do it in front of one of more of the rest of the group. I don’t know when we may find out that Glenn isn’t dead but I’m 99% sure he isn’t.

Not yet anyway. I do think they will kill Glenn eventually. I just don’t see him AND Maggie both living a long time. I think they’ll kill one of them sometime this season…or next season at the latest. Glenn is most useful but he is also the one they can do the least with as far as character development. He is already developed. He is the best he can be  really. They could probably do more with Maggie. Especially with Glenn gone. And I really think she could handle it. She has survived losing her entire family. It would suck to lose Glenn too but i’d be interested in seeing how she coped.

Either way, I am fairly certain Glenn isn’t dead yet.

Michonne, Scott and Heath are bloody and tired. Scott falls as his leg gives out. They help him back up and they come to a dead end at a shallow stream. They walk into the stream as Michonne notices that there is no smoke coming from behind them. So, the herd is still coming. Before she heads into the stream she sees the words she wrote on her arm to the man who was bitten. She wipes at them. Once they are walking in the stream Heath sees his reflection. He is covered in blood. He gets what Michonne was saying earlier, now. Finally. They walk down the stream instead of crossing it.

Rick drives the RV down the road. He stops. He picks up the walkie talkie and calls Glenn. He tells him he is in position by his best guess. No answer. He tries someone named Logan and also gets no answer (that must have been the bitten man? I guess?). He tried Daryl and gets an answer finally. He tells Daryl the herd should be crossing his path soon and he will lead them back toward them. Sasha says “How about that Daryl? He’s going to be coming our way”. Daryl is riding down an empty road.

Okay, so here is my issue. WTF is Daryl doing? Where was he going and why isn’t he there yet? It shouldn’t take him THAT long to get 5 miles on a motorcycle on an empty road. How much time has passed? He should be to Alexandria or to the others or to the herd or somewhere by now. What the hell was he doing? Taking a scenic route?

Rick. still speaking into the walkie, says he hears gunfire from back home. He says they have to hope they handle it. He thinks they can. He keeps saying they can’t go back right now. That would be selfish. They continue with this plan to make sure the walkers don’t head for Alexandria. That’s the best thing to do to protect the community. It seems like he is saying this to himself more so than the others. He says the herd should be almost to him. He holds tissues in his cut hand (or whatever it is…I assume he cut his hand) and starts to speak into the walkie again but the wolves that Morgan let leave Alexandria burst in the camper door. The blond one coming in first with a gun shooting.

Rick had the walkie button pressed when it happened. So Daryl hears the gunfire and yells his name into his walkie. When he gets no answer Daryl guns the engine, presumably heading to Rick.

Rick grapples in the camper with the blond wolf. Another one comes in and joins the fight.

Daryl stops the bike and calls for Rick again in to the walkie. No answer. He looks behind him.

Rick manages to get above both wolves and shoots them.

Daryl continues down the road.

Rick finds a jar of baby food in the pocket of one of the wolves. He looks concerned.

This is a thing oddly much debated online but my assumption, the most logical explanation I believe, is that he recognizes the jar as being from Alexandria. He knows what was happening at home now. He is also worried about his kids.

If  you take account the information he has – He knows something bad happened at home. They heard that horn and then gunfire. They are not far from Alexandria and the herd is blocking one direction. So, these men most likely came from the other direction, from Alexandria. They probably looted the houses because why else would a grown man be carrying baby food around. He has at least some idea of what happened now. It isn’t that big of a leap when you consider it in context of all that information.

I was actually surprised the blond wolf died this soon. He was in three episodes now. I figured he would stick around a bit longer. I’m still curious who is controlling the wolves. When Morgan asked them why they would choose to be like this he said they didn’t choose. Which means someone somewhere is controlling them. Somehow. That will probably be the season finale, though. It’s looking like this whole first half of the season will be taken up by this one day of events dealing with this herd.

Yep. The past three episodes have all been one day (not counting the black and white flashbacks) and it looks like the day isn’t ending anytime soon.

Before he can stare at the baby food for long he hears noises outside. The rest of the group that Morgan let leave, no doubt. Rick sees them in the rearview mirror, picks up a gun and shoots them through the side if the RV.

Daryl drives down an empty road in the middle of nowhere.

Seriously where the f**k is he?

Michonne, Scott and Heath arrive somewhere….it doesn’t look like Alexandria. Whereever it is it’s all burnt down.

Daryl meets back up with the Sasha and Abraham at the front of the herd.

DUDE!!! Come on!!! What did he do drive around in circles? What was the point of all that? I mean…I know some of the point, story telling wise, is the keep two of the best fighters, Daryl and Rick, the two that usually get all the attention, completely out of the biggest fights. I’m assuming what Rick said about going back being selfish is what caused Daryl to turn around and go back to the front of the herd but still…..come on? wtf dude?

And yes I am criticizing your precious Daryl. Deal with it.

Rick gets back in the driver’s seat of the RV and tries to crank it but the engine won’t turn over. The herd is arriving. They’re coming out of the woods all up and down the road and starting to swarm the RV. Rick has a look of panic and a bit of despair on his face.

It ends like that. It’s a pretty bleak ending. Nicholas is definitely dead and Glenn and Rick are in not great places. Rick could probably stay quiet and hide and they would move past him (maybe) but that would leave them all heading to Alexandria. Some of them did get distracted in the town where Glenn is. So, the herd is breaking up a little bit. Since it started out as thousands, though. That’s still a lot of walkers heading for Alexandria. Alexandria which now has broken down walls and decimated numbers.

Although honestly since it wasn’t their fighters that they lost in the attack from the wolves, the lower numbers could work in their favor. Less people to protect, less people to make noise. Maybe they could hide in the houses or even on the roofs of the houses and hope the herd goes right through the town and out the other side. Not the best plan but not the worse either.

Also, you know if Morgan hadn’t let those wolves go then Rick wouldn’t have had to shoot up the RV and it probably would have cranked when he needed it to. I knew that shit would bite them all in the ass. There isn’t any room for mercy here. You could use Nicholas as an example, too but I think Glenn did the right thing with Nicholas. Nick helped them more than once since Glenn let him live after he got Noah killed and then tried to kill Glenn. He was trying to be better. He WAS better. He only shot himself because he thought there was no way out and he was panicking. Hell he may have even thought he was giving Glenn a better chance at survival by shooting himself (and he may have). He didn’t mean to take Glenn down with him. Glenn made the right decision with him. Morgan letting the wolves live accomplished nothing good at all. It only hurt Rick (almost killed him) and anyone those walkers that Rick could have led away end up killing in Alexandria. It was dumb. I hope Morgan gets over the letting people live thing. Kill the bad guys. It’s kind of a given.

I’m assuming the herd won’t actually reach Alexandria until the mid-season finale but i’m not sure how they are going to stretch this out that long. So, that may not be the case. We shall see.

I wonder if they’ll show Glenn alive (or not) next week or if they’ll make everyone wait two weeks to find out? I’m betting two weeks. They like doing that kind of thing lately.

The Walking Dead airs on Sundays on AMC…but I think everyone knows that already.


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