TV Review/Recap: iZombie Episode 204 “Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues”


Episode 204 “Even Cowgirls Get The Black and Blues”

I love episodes of TV shows when characters sing.

A group of boys in their early teens walk down a road at night drinking beer. A car comes by and they duck down to hide behind some bushes. One of them finds a gun behind the bushes. He stands up and asks if the other boys are “ready to have some fun” and throw the beer can up in the air and aims the gun.

Awesome Title Sequence.

Teenagers aren’t this stupid are they? God, I hope not. I really hope modern teenagers have been taught how to be responsible with guns. Hell, not to mention seen enough crime movies and TV shows to know not to touch a random gun they find. I was taught better than to behave like this with guns. I fear for the future if teenagers aren’t taught the same thing now.

Peyton is getting ready for a class of some kind. Exercise or dance? A bit of both, I guess. She sees a news report about a man with stockings over his face robbing a gas station at gun point. She turns off the TV. After the class, Liv is waiting for her. They hug. Liv brought her a fancy juice thingy. She tells her how much the birthday cake she left for her the night before meant to her. Peyton apologizes for leaving. She says she had a chance to really put herself in Liv’s shoes and realized how hard things must have been for Liv. Liv gets a text from Ravi and has to leave. They agree to meet up later. Peyton tells her she has zombie questions. They leave with friendly words.

So this is the day after last week’s episode, apparently. Also…what happened for Peyton to be able to put herself in Liv’s shoes? She get bit by a werewolf or something? That would be kind of cool actually. The comic has other supernatural creatures. I’d like to see that on the show, with it’s own spin of course. The show is very different from the comic.

Major wakes up in bed. He seems disoriented. like he isn’t sure where he is at first. He rolls over and sees Gilda asleep beside him. He still doesn’t look thrilled to be there. His phone vibrates. It’s Ravi wanting to know where he is. He jumps up to get dressed. Gilda wakes up as he is getting dressed, She obviously wants him to stay but he shrugs her off. She changes tones from flirty to all business. She tells him to check off some zombie souls today. He says “as you wish” and leaves.

Apparently, many people wondered about where exactly they are sleeping. This wasn’t a thing I felt needed to be dwelled on, really. It’s not really relevant beyond the obvious that they’re not at Liv’s place (Major wouldn’t have slept with this chick if he knew she was also living with Liv, I don’t think) and they’re not at Major’s place. Which I imagine is why it isn’t explained. They’re either in another apartment Gilda keeps near the Max Rager offices or in a hotel room. Probably another apartment since I imagine she wouldn’t keep all her things in Liv’s house. She would obviously own some things that gave away her real identity. So, yeah..mystery solved. They’re in Gilda’s real apartment.

Major arrives home and the dog runs to him as Ravi calls out to him. Major bends down to pet and greet the dog. “That’s the smell of sex and self loathing” he says. Ravi comes in to the hall and Major apologizes for being late. He was supposed to take Ravi to work. He slept through his alarm. Ravi says not to worry. He is getting his car back that day but he says things are different with the dog there now. He calls the dog Minor. He says he was whining all night. Major comments on the name “Minor” and apologizes again. Major asks if Ravi is ready to go. The door bell rings. Major answers and it’s Liv. She says “you are here” to Major and Major makes a kind of smart ass reply. Ravi explains that he called Liv to pick him up for work. Liv sees the dog and asks about it. She asks his name. Ravi says “Minor” and Major says “Dog”. Major says he is taking the dog out and Ravi tells Liv that Major still needs some time. Ravi’s phone vibrates. They have a body to go examine.

I hope the dog keeps the name Minor. That’s the best name ever for a dog that belongs to someone named Major.

Arriving at the crime scene they find it rather sparse of police. Ravi asks about the lack of police when they get into the crime scene and Clive informs them that a convenience store robbery and shooting has the force spread thin. The crime scene is a woman’s bedroom. Country music posters decorate the walls. Clive says her name is Lacey Cantrell. Liv opens a guitar case and finds it full of letters to a prison inmate. All of them unread and returned to sender.

Back at the precinct, Clive goes in to talk to the lieutenant. She tells him that the manhunt is over. They caught the man who shot the convenience store clerk but they still need to find the gun he used. She introduces him to an FBI agent, DelBozzio, that will be working out of their offices while she investigates a series of missing persons (which seem to be at least partially Blaine’s victims from his Meat Cute zombie scheme and partially the zombies that Major has killed, who were also Blaine’s customers). Clive is told to help her in any way she needs.

Liv makes brain hush puppies out of Lacey Cantrell’s brains. She dips them in some kind of sauce that is likely spicy and tomato based. Ravi comes in as she is eating and is a big dismayed by how good the food smells.

Clive comes into the morgue a bit later and tells them the man that Lacey sent the letters to in prison was her boyfriend, Matt Sudak. They moved to Seattle together from Texas. They broke up while he was in prison after she admitted to a one night stand with one of his friends. He made parole a month ago. Clive reads some of the letters to them to show that Matt had some jealousy issues. As he reads some of the letter Liv starts singing some of the words. Ravi says that Lacey’s cause of death is being choked so hard that it broke the bone. Which seems consistent with a jealous ex. Clive says Sudak works at pawn shop downtown. He asks Liv if she wants to come. She answers with some kind of southern colloquialism.

Do people in Texas actually say things like that? I live in the South East and people here don’t actually say things like that. At least not anyone I have ever known.

At the pawn shop, Liv and Clive speak to Matt Sudak. He isn’t surprised to see them. He heard about Lacey and it makes sense for them to come speak to him. They ask when was the last time he saw Lacey. He tells them at a club where she was singing. He said he didn’t speak to her. He saw her and all his old feelings came back. So, he got up and left. He says he would have done anything for her. Liv tells him she wanted him to forgive her. He asks how Liv would know what she wanted. Liv tells him she read all the letters that he sent back unread. He gets angry and mentions that Lacey cheated on him. He says she failed a test by not being able to wait a year for him. Liv suggests maybe it was his fault for getting sent to jail to begin with. Clive asks for his alibi and he says he was drinking with a friend, the man working at the pawn shop. They go back out into the shop. Clive asks the man about Sudak’s alibi and Liv starts looking at acoustic guitars. She buys one. Clive makes fun of her about it.

eeeh Yeah..not saying it’s okay to cheat. It isn’t but dude come on? Failed a test? Your dumbass got sent to jail. You’re lucky she didn’t dump you when that happened. She made a mistake. Pretty easy to do when you’re going through hard times alone. One mistake shouldn’t have been hard to forgive. Even if he couldn’t stay in a relationship with her he could have talked to her and tried to understand why she did what she did. Way to be an ass, dude.

Back at the morgue Liv sings a song she is working on to Ravi. The song is about Lacey and Matt Sudak. She says she’s hoping a clue will come out of it. She notices that Ravi is wearing cologne and asks about it. It’s pheromone cologne. He has a date after work.

At home, Ravi and Steph, his date, sit on his couch. She is talking about his pheromone cologne. She wants to know how he knows whose pheromones it even is. He assumes they would use the pheromones of people of high stature (he specifies the Hemsworth brothers as an example). The front door opens and Ravi says “Major! Feel free to go straight upstairs” but it isn’t Major. It’s Peyton and she has suitcases. Introductions are made and Ravi asks about the suitcases. Apparently, Major told her it was okay if she stayed there until her new place is ready for her to move in. Major forgot to inform Ravi of this. Peyton says she is starving so she will just leave her stuff and go out to get food. When Peyton is gone Steph says “That’s the girl you use to date? Damn Playa!” and tries to give him a high five but Ravi won’t high five her. He says he wasn’t born yesterday.

At the club where Matt last saw Lacey Ravi and Liv talk to the manager and employees. They ask when she was last there and how she seemed. She had been there last night and she seemed frazzled. The manager suggests maybe she owed someone money. He says she seemed worried about finances. A customer tells them that last night he saw Lacey and the manager arguing. Lacey dumped a pot of coffee in the managers lap. A detail the manager had failed to tell them about. The man also says that Lacey left after that and busted the manager’s tail light with a tire iron. About that time they see a car peel out of the parking lot with a broken tail light. Liv spouts another southern catchphrase thingy that I assume the writer’s made up (Well butter my butt and call me it biscuit).

In a back room of the club, Clive calls in about the club manager. Liv looks around. She finds a first aid kit with bandages and ice packs and burn ointment opened and by the sink. When she looks into the mirror it triggers a vision. She sees why Lacey dumped coffee on the manager. He offered her more money in exchange for sex.

In his mortuary, Blaine talk about two of his customers going missing. His employee replies to him on his phone and shows him his responses. The kid who is supposed to be looking for the guy that cut the utopium the night of the boat party comes down the stairs. He found the guy, Gabriel, who cut the utopium. Gabriel found religion.

I don’t remember why that guy can’t talk. I assume he had his tongue cut out but I don’t remember it.

At Gabriel’s church, he gives a sermon and Blaine and his employees listen. When everyone is gone Blaine questions him while his employee beats him with a book but Gabriel refuses to tell them the utopium mix or to mix it for them.

Peyton questions convicts in prison or on parole trying to get them to turn on Stacey Boss but no one will turn on Mr. Boss. No matter how good of deal she offers them.

The manager and his wife are in interrogation with Liv and Clive. Rick, the manager, turned himself in, at the urging of his wife Pamela. Rick claims that Lacey was in love with him and he rebutted her and she got upset about it. He kept this to himself trying to protect Lacey’s reputation and preserve her memory, he says. Liv calls on his lie and tells him exactly what happened. Clive claims they have a witness (which they technically do). Rick admits to coming onto Lacey after some badgering but insists he didn’t kill her. The wife flips out and Clive has to help pull her off. The wife then says he talked her into being his alibi but she doesn’t know where he was before midnight.

Clive makes a phone call about a ticket and the FBI agent asks Clive about another officer who is burning a scented candle. She asks for hints about how to not piss people off and blend off. He says he usually pisses people off. She says she knows she assumed he could tell her what he did so she could do the opposite. She then asks about the best place to eat and he recommends a food truck. She asks him to come with but someone comes in to tell Clive that the manager’s wife is ready to give her official statement.

The wife says Rick came home at 12:03am and…she has some issues answering questions. Clive gets suspicious and asks her about blood on his clothes. She says he had some blood. Clive asks how much. She is vague. Clive informs her that Lacey was strangled. There was no blood. She tells her giving a false report is a felony.

Liv enters the club with her guitar. She remarks about the large crowd for open mic night but signs up anyway. Ravi is there…in a cowboy hat and western shirt. Liv is nervous. Ravi makes a joke and then it’s time for Liv to go on stage. She sings her song about Lacey and Matt Sudak. Ravi records her on his phone.

I like this Liv. She is still mostly herself. She can just write songs and sing and play guitar and throws out a southern slang phrase here and there.

Also, her voice is awesome and I always love when characters on TV shows sing.

Clive calls Liv and gets her voicemail. He tells the voicemail that they had to cut Rick lose since the wife was lying. A woman comes in with a bag saying it’s something her son found. Clive directs her to another officer. Clive then tells Liv’s voicemail that Matt Sudak’s alibi was false. His friend got a speeding ticket, while alone, during the time they were supposed to be together.

Matt Sudak is in the audience watching Liv perform. When she finishes her song she goes over to talk to Ravi. He praises her and ask what she feels. She says she feels clarity and that she needs to go see Major. Sudak follows her to the parking lot. He praises her song as well. He says Lacey would have liked it. He admits to messing things up with Lacey. He loves her. He regrets not giving her a second chance. After he says he loves her Liv says love isn’t always enough. He nods and leaves.

Major is watching the news with his dog. He snorts some utopium and someone rings the bell. It’s Liv. She tells him that….well something about how she isn’t going to pursue him anymore and that she thinks they have had their time and that it’s over. She says she’s letting him go completely. He says “perfect thanks for stopping by”….and she bursts in the house angry. She wants to know why he is being so cold. He asks who he is being cold to and whose brain she ate this week. She says “this is all me” and she tells him that she did the best she could and that she didn’t ask to be a zombie and stuff in that vein. He tells her that he asked for space and she’s always there. Her parting words before she leaves seem to indicate that she is starting to doubt that he ever really loved her.

….I don’t much get this scene. Her point is vague (to me) and stretched out. She is telling him she is going to leave him alone but then gets angry and once again pushes him. So, she refutes her own purpose. She contradicts herself a lot and none of this conversation makes sense to me. I’m sure it’s just me. These are two extroverts talking and Liv at least is also an F type. It’s like they’re speaking another language. The whole scene feels pointless..I hate conversations like that. In real life when I get pulled into them they give me a headache. It’s like trying to translate a language I barely know while listening to it under water.

Major is playing a video game. Ravi interrupts him. The dog is gone. The backdoor was open. Major is unconcerned (cause he’s high). Ravi takes off to look for the dog.

The zombie that can’t talk and the little drug dealer guy argue over whether Jesus was a zombie. Blaine comes down and says they’re going to check on Gabriel. He’s locked in a wood coffin. Blaine asks him for the utopium recipe. He refuses. Blaine has the mute zombie infect him and they close the coffin again and nail it shut.

Peyton is talking to Blaine. She tells him she can’t offer him anything since he isn’t in jail or anything. All she could offer is his peace of mind for helping bring justice to Mr. Boss. She isn’t put much passion into her words and she isn’t expecting him to talk. But Blaine spills all the details about Boss’ organization.  Peyton seems confused but rapidly writes down his words. Blaine says, as far as things they can offer him, he wants immunity for the crimes he is about to admit to.

Time has passed (and Blaine presumably got his immunity). Peyton is writing details on a white board. Blaine and her are alone in what seems to be her office. She makes a joke about how he should tell her boss that it was her skills that convinced him to tell all. He laughs and agrees. It borders on flirty.

It’s so hard to tell when Blaine is actually interested in someone. He seems only vaguely flirty. He doesn’t seem like he is being manipulative but it’s hard to tell cause he is actually really good at it. I don’t really like the idea of Blaine and Peyton…I don’t really think they should redeem Blaine in anyway. He’s kind of a horrible person. He doesn’t need redeeming. Liv needs to kill him. Although, I guess he is human now. So he could actually go to jail if they ever prove he murdered all those people.

Liv and Peyton drink wine and talk. Liv is talking about Major. Peyton mentions how un-Major like Major is acting. Gilda comes in and Liv offers her wine and food but she declines. Peyton doesn’t seem to like Gilda and mentions doing a background check. Back around on the topic of boys, Peyton says she met someone interesting at work and she thinks Liv would like him.

Blaine and his henchmen open the coffin containing Gabriel. He has a white streak in his hair and looks not great. Blaine gives him a bite of brain (from god knows where). Blaine asks him about the utopium again. He says if he tells him he will feed him and cure him. Gabriel insists god is testing him and still refuses. Blaine kicks him out. He tells him to come back when he has his answer.

Clive drinks coffee in the precinct. Liv comes up and tells him about talking to Sudak at the club. She doesn’t think he is the killer. Clive is a bit upset at her going out and talking to him alone. She explains she ran into him by accident. Clive still isn’t sure what to think since Sudak lied about his alibi. Interrupting his doubts, other officers cheer. Clive asks them what’s up. The officer that Clive sent the woman who brought in something her son found explains that what the woman brought in was the murder weapon from the store robbery/homicide. The woman’s son found the gun by Evergreen Manor. Which catches Clive’s attention.

Major comes in to find Ravi and the dog. Ravi found the dog on a lost pet message board. A jogger had found him in a park. Major asks which park. The park Major found him and his previous owner at, of course. Ravi doesn’t know this. So, he doesn’t know why Major cares where he was found. He flips out asking Major what is up with him. He is acting spaced out all the time. Major says he just had a bad day. He says it’ll get it together. Ravi is still angry.

Major is out trying to get more Utopium. He goes up to a dealer and asks for some. The dealer recognizes him. It’s a kid he use to know from the center he worked at. The kid talks about how Major use to try to keep them off drugs and now he is buying them. He thinks it’s funny.  Major looks…a lot of things at once …but mostly sad. The kid gives him the drugs for free and makes a joke about a “privilege drop”. Major walks away. Gilda (who he knows as Rita) texts him asking if he is up. He ignores the text.

Clive interrogates the guy in custody for the store shooting. He is asking him about the gun. He says that when the guy spotted the police everywhere he hid in a close by house. The owner, Lacey Cantrell, came home and found him. So, he killed her. He asks him to confess and give Lacey’s family some closure.

Liv is upset. Lacey was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Clive says it happens and she shouldn’t dwell on it. She looks stricken.

At home, Liv is still working on her song. She calls it Let You Go (as seen on the paper). She rips the page out and throws it away. She hears a knock on the door.

People seem to think this song she is writing is about Major but it isn’t. I mean I’m sure it is a little bit but this song is still the same song she was singing earlier about Lacey and Matt Sudak. You can tell if your read the lyrics and she only played one song earlier (which also seemed to be a misunderstood thing). They cut the segment in half for storytelling purposes but it was all the same song. You can tell because the music she is playing on the guitar and the cadence of the lyrics are the same. She only ever writes and sings one song the entire episode but we see the entire song writing process, from conception to well…her giving up on it.

It’s Major at the door. He says he needs help. Liv hugs him. He kisses her tentatively and when he pulls back and looks at her and she doesn’t say anything or pull away he kisses her more passionately.

The End

So my first thought is…can he catch zombism from kissing? I’m thinking probably not but who knows. It’s even possible that he is immune. The cure could also act as a vaccine. They don’t know since they haven’t thought to test for that.

I’m not sure how I feel about Liv and Major at this point. I want them back together but she doesn’t know about Gilda/Rita. I don’t think Major knows that she is Liv’s roommate. I’m sure he doesn’t. Major is dealing with a drug addiction. It just isn’t a good time for them to get involved (even if he IS immune to zombism or willing to take the infection risk). I do hope they work things out eventually, though. I also hope he tells her about Max Rager and Gilda before she finds out on her own.

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