TV Review/Recap: The Librarians Episode 201 “The Librarians And the Drowned Book

Nine Months Ago – We start with a tiny refresher from last season. It shows things from the series premiere, how magic was brought back by the Brotherhood putting Excalibur in the stone and reopening the laylines. Then we see a man taking a book from a shelf. The book is The Complete Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The , cloaked in shadow, opens the book and lays it on the ground. He conjures up a blue ball of magic and directs it toward the book. The words swirl and rise off the page and a man forms. The first man says “I have need of your genius, sir”.

Today – At the Librarian annex entrance. Which also now seems to be the entrance to actual library. (Which makes me wonder if the Library is still connected to the Metropolitan Library at all….but wouldn’t it have to be? I don’t know..maybe we will find out eventually). Jenkins is reading a book and something lights up and a camel thing flickers beside him. He says “really another one” and then he hears noise from the library. He walks out to see shelves moving and falling away. He looks upset.

Title – The Librarians and the Drowned Book

Flynn pulls a boat along a river edge and ties it up on a bank. Baird is sitting in the boat reading something. Flynn says the temple should be just beyond the village. Baird says he didn’t mention a village. He says he knows and that’s because the temple is the best part. Something about death traps and mummies. Baird mentions that the villagers may not be happy to see them but Flynn assures her they probably won’t even notice they’re there.

A bit later Flynn and Baird run away from an angry mob of villagers and Flynn says “They know we;re here” to which Baird replies “they probably noticed when you made the volcano erupt”. Flynn counters that it was a very small volcano.

Jenkins is looking at scrolls when Baird and Flynn burst through the magic doorway and in to the library. Jenkins asks if the mission was successful. Baird says “no” but Flynn says “yes”. They retrieved the artifact they were after but they set off a volcano. So….they’re both right, I guess. They bicker as they walk through the library. Baird thinking things aren’t right, They’ve done to much running and not enough planning. They also haven’t seen the other librarians since they went off on their own. Which Eve feels isn’t right. Their arguing isn’t hostile but more friendly bickering. Still they’re obviously on different pages. Eve even dodging a kiss at one point. Speaking of pages, Flynn notices the clippings book glowing. It’s directing them to a shipwreck exhibit in New York. They’re being sent to an unveiling party. As Flynn wanders off Baird again worries about the others but opts not to call them saying to herself, “They’re librarians. They’re fine.”.

Jacob Stone runs through a forest wearing a poncho and some kind of large hat. He ducks behind a tree and puts a wood carved statuette in his messenger bag, Then hearing his clippings book making a noise. He pulls it out and looks at what appeared in it. He smiles then two throwing knives pierce the tree beside his head. So, he quickly runs off again.

Just liking traveling with the Doctor, being a Librarian involves a lot of running.

Cassandra Killian talks to a woman in a lab coat as they walk down a hallway. She is talking about antimatter and causing physics to unravel. Her clippings book signals her and opening it she sees a newspaper article about a new weather station installed at the same museum that the big clippings book sent Flynn and Baird, too. She leaves forgetting about the skeptical scientist she was talking to.

Hopefully nothing unravels… sounded important but Cassandra abandons it pretty quickly…Hopefully it was less dire than it sounded.

Once Cassandra is gone the scientist goes to her lab. We don’t follow her from the hall after a second we hear glass breaking, screams then a goat wearing the scientist’s badge and glasses comes into the hall.

Okay…not globally dire, I guess but not good. To be fair, Cassandra tried and the lady wasn’t listening.

Two museum guards walk down a hall talking, one insisting he heard something and the other sure no one could possibly get in. They reach a door as Ezekiel Jones is coming out of it, eating a piece of pizza and holding an ancient looking book. He asks if he can get by. They of course grab him and push hm against the wall and handcuff him.  His phone goes off and he asks the guard to grab it, one does and reads it. The display says ‘clippings book’. Ezekiel says it’s something a mate of his invented but that he took it digital. He grabs his phone and the book, having gotten out of the cuffs and cuffed the guards to something. He saunters off, reading what the clippings book sent him.

The back door at the library activates and Stone comes through. Not turning around, Jenkins asks if he forgot to tak e something to NY. Stone asks how he knew he was going to NY. Jenkins seeing that it’s Stone and not Flynn or Eve, says that he didn’t. Stone hands him the wooden statue he has earlier calling it a “evil doll” and runs off as Cassandra comes through the door. And also says she is going to to NY but first has to check some references and her phone. She runs off a different direction than Stone did. As Ezekiel comes through the door and hands Jenkins the ancient book. Jenkins says he assumes he is dialing up NY. Ezekiel confirms this and says “nice guess” but says he has it himself. He uses his phone to program the door for NY. Then he goes through. Cassandra runs in, kisses Jenkins and then notices the door is already dialed up and thanks him and runs off. Stone comes in and greets Jenkins again and says when he gets back they’ll grab a beer…or, he stammers, mead. Jenkins doesn’t really react and Stone goes through the back door. Jenkins looks a bit shaken when they’re all gone.

In New York, outside the museum, Flynn and Baird discuss the ship display that is outside the museum. Eve says it would be nice to go to the city sometime when they’re trying to battle evil. She mentions getting dinner, seeing a show, going to the statue of liberty, Flynn talks about the museum , which he use to work at, and the parties they threw. Baird says “your wallet” as she grabs someone walking by. It’s Ezekiel. He gives Flynn back his wallet. As Cassandra runs up and hugs everyone. Then Stone wanders up. Flynn mentions that he thought they were working together. Stone says they were but they split up after Peru. After their greetings Stone comments on what could be happening to need all the Librarians. Just as the sky darkens, clouds swirl and lighting crackles.

Inside the museum, the janitor tell the Librarians that they just missed the weather, he was about to lock up. Flynn asks why he was locking up and the janitor says the reports say the winds are going to be bad enough to rip the doors from the hinges.

Wouldn’t they, as in the actual non-magically aware museum officials, be worried about the priceless shipwreck display being destroyed by the storm?

Flynn comments to the others about whether the storm could be related to the shipwreck discovery they were summoned their about. Stone says his article wasn’t about the shipwreck. It was about a chess set donated to the library that was sent from Milan. Cassandra’s was about the new high frequency weather sonar equipment at weather station in the museum and Ezekiel’s was about an Italian diplomat wearing pearl earrings. Eve wants to all work together but the others are now use to working alone and end up going all their separate ways. Flynn says “divide and conquer” and is all for it.

An announcer on stage announces that due to the weather and food warnings no cars are allowed on the road and thus no one will be allowed to leave but that the museum is perfectly safe. So, no need to worry.

Stone finds the chess set display but unfortunately there are LOTS of chess sets and he doesn’t know which one is the one he needs.

Cassandra jogs up the stairs reciting what she will say to the people in the weather station when she gets there.

Ezekiel cases the Italian with the pearl earrings. She’s very pretty and looking at mode ships on display. He attempts to talk to her, acting impressed by meeting actual royalty. She tells him he has 30 seconds. He follows her and asks about her earrings. She is impressed enough by his opening with a question, which she is rare among men, that she answers his question and talks about the earrings. He asks her name and she walks off.

Cassandra is still going up the stairs, out of breath but still practicing her lines. When she actually reaches the weather station no one cares what she has to say. No one is listening. They’re al l rushing around and leaving. Cassandra thinks it’s odd that they’re leaving a weather station when cool weather is happening but the one woman that speaks to her says it’s a freak cyclone will rip the station off the building. So, it isn’t weird at all. She leaves too. Leaving Cassandra alone in the weather station, as the power goes out.

Eve talks about the artifacts they’re looking at and mentions asking for help, research, planning…the things Eve likes to do before actual acting. Which makes sense for a former NATO Terrorism Colonel. Flynn doesn’t want help. Eve asks someone who put the display together but Flynn already figured it out. When he says the man, the announcer from earlier, did. The man asks how he knew. Flynn gives a Sherlockian speech explaining how he knew that he even starts with “elementary” and then the man. James Worth, calls Flynn by name and calls him a Librarian. Flynn is taken back and Mr. Worth gives his own Sherlockian discourse on how he knew who Flynn was. As they talk they are walking around. Eve is obviously impressed by James Worth. He flirts with her openly. Which Flynn seems to not exactly notice…at least not at first.

Flynn’s attempt at lip reading at the end of this scene is pretty funny. It’s like a bad lip reading video. At least it is in my head.

Cassandra gets the electricity back up in the weather station and finds the high frequency sonar equipment she was looking for. She puts on the headphones. Their is wailing and moaning sounds from the storm. She sends the sounds to Jenkins. She can’t figure out the source of the sound. Jenkins asks her to put aside her math and logic but she says no she likes her math and logic. Jenkins tells her to just listen. What does it sound like. She says it sounds sad. Jenkins says precisely. Stone comes in to the weather station then asking Cassandra if she found what she was looking for and then asking for information on the relative densities of materials the chess set could be made out of it. She asks why he didn’t just use the internet. He says she is faster than the internet. She starts to write down his info and then Ezekiel comes in looking for Stone wanting information on Italian cultural…stuff that he can use to talk to the Italian lady. After a bit Stone asks why they all stopped working together. Ezekiel says it was because Stone kept ordering him around, Stone says no he was just trying to get to stick to the plan. Ezekiel says Cassandra kept taking Stone’s side but Cassandra insists she was just trying to get them to stop arguing. After they bicker a bit and Cassandra stops them, she says they all worked so well together at the library but now something is missing.

Baird is walking arms linked with James Worth. He telling her about historical artifacts found in the shipwreck. Flynn pulls Baird away and tells her hasn’t seen anything odd or that could be causing the storm. Eve suggests they just ask James for help. Flynn notices a bottle of English rum on display. He then tells James Worth that he was correct in his assumption that the ship they found had went to England. It was carrying English cargo. James contends that is why they are having identifying some of the artifacts. Flynn offers his assistance. He asks where the ship’s manifest is. James tells him and he takes off. James apologies to Baird for distracting Flynn but Baird says he is kind of permanently distracted. Baird asks him about the chess set Stone is looking for.

The Janitor let’s Flynn into the Archive room and Flynn pushes his cart into the room for him. A book falls off of the cart. It’s Sherlock Holmes. Flynn tries to give it back to him but he says it isn’t his. He says he found it outside and Flynn can leave it for Lost & Found. Flynn sets it on a shelf and goes to looking for the ship’s manifest.

Ezekiel is trying to schmooze the pretty Italian diplomat with the Italian art information that Stone gave him. It seems to be working. Until he asks her to take a walk then she tries to walk off until he tells her him and his friends are about to rob the museum and asks if she would like to see some American crime (It’s Ezekiel Australian?). She goes off with him.

James asks Baird if she works with Flynn. She tells him she does now but she use to work with a team. She says she isn’t sure they need her anymore. James says he should go see is Doctor Carson needs any help. Baird figures something out after looking up the rare chess set online and goes over talking to people in what sounds like French to me but is probably Italian.

Last season Baird looked tougher. She only looked…well…girly…in one scene of the pilot and then in the episode where she was turning into a fairy tale princess. Other than that she dressed in layered clothes and looked like she had muscle. This season I can’t help but notice she looks a lot more feminine and is wearing tighter clothes. It’s not a HUGE deal but I liked how she dressed before and it fit the character more. It isn’t drastic really even. She isn’t suddenly wearing miniskirts to fight in or anything but….still…I liked the wardrobe last season much more.

James comes into the archive room and Fynn is trying to get into a wooden chest. He tells James he found what doesn’t belong. The chest was picked up in London and being shipped to a monastery in Rome. Worth says they couldn’t seem to open the chest and no x-ray penetrates it. Flynn tells him the lock is a sigil. It’s a magical symbol holding it shut. Worth says “surely you don’t believe in magic” and Flynn replies “weeeell”. Worth spots the Sherlock Holmes book under Flynn’s hand and asks, seemingly upset, where he got the book. Flynn tells him the janitor found it and Worth insists it’s his and wants him to hand it over. Flynn notices the title and starts flipping through it, oblivious to Worth’s upset. The book is blank and Flynn is perplexed as Worth gets more anxious and tries to reach for it.

Flynn figures something out. He says to Worth, “I know what you are. I know the spell that summoned you.” Worth starts to feign ignorance. Flynn, oddly excited, explains that he is fictional, afictional actually. Someone summoned him into this world. He thinks he is Sherlock Holmes and Worth agrees and calms down as Flynn turns into a starstruck fangirl gushing about his love for Sherlock. Then gets a bit distracted…It goes a bit like this, “You’re Sherlock Holmes…I love you. I ah love your adventures. I love Eve Baird…I think I love Eve Baird. We’re going through some stuff.. she’s a very complicated woman..”. James says she did say he was a bit distracted. Flynn again gets back on track and asks James why he is here. James says to solve the mystery of the box. Flynn turns his back looking at the sigil on the box and talking about it. James picks up a sword and is about to hit Flynn with it when Baird hits James.

Baird explains that right before he died of mysterious circumstances the owner of the chess set that Stone is looking for was convinced to leave the set to the museum by Professor Worth. The Italian delegation was invited to the museum by Professor Worth and the museum wanted to display the British artifacts but were talked out of it by Professor Worth. Worth put all the pieces into place that the different librarians were directed to look into. Baird says he is the mastermind. Flynn locks into the word “Mastermind” and figures out who James Worth really is. He’s James Moriarty. Sherlock’s Nemesis.

Wasn’t he only summoned from his book 9 months ago when magic returned to the world? That’s a lot of scheming in 9 months. Especially since he first had to get the job at the museum to begin with.

Also, I actually was spoiled for who James Worth really is when I looked up the spelling of a character name on IMDB while writing my recap of the first season premiere, before this episode even aired, and saw the actor playing Moriarty listed as Professor James Worth/ Moriarty.

Baird wonders why the Librarians were sent on four different missions by the clippings book if they were all after the same person. Flynn says he has read a lot about Fictionals but he has never met one. He asks Moriarty, I don’t suppose you care to enlighten us? Moriarty opts against the villain monologue. Baird says they should go round up the others.

Ezekiel is talking to the Italian while Stone puts chess pieces in glasses of water to check their density. The Italian is bored and Ezekiel goes over to ask Stone what he is doing, He tells him and then says the Italian is way out of his league. Ezekiel argues and says Stone can’t even find a chess set but Stone has just found it. And the Italian has wandered off. Ezekiel goes after her.

Flynn is talking to Jenkins. Jenkins says that Fictionals tend to not adjust well in our world. Flynn says Moriarty seems to be doing well. Jenkins says he has had help. Someone summoned him here. Jenkins says their are two kind of Fictionals. Those that are summoned here and those from stories so well told, well known and well written that they emerge into our world on their own power. They live among us and stay hidden. There aren’t very many of them but they are around. Flynn says so if their is another fictional behind everything they just gave to figure out who. Jenkins tells his to be careful. Fictionals have to live by rules and can be trapped within the bounds of their own stories but they can be extremely powerful is their narrative matches the real world.

Ezekiel and Stone burst into the weather station and start to tell Cassandra that they lost the Italian but she is there with Cassandra. Cassandra is putting headphones on her so she can hear the sounds from the storm. She’s impressed….and flirty, She gives Cassandra her number and kisses her cheeks. Stone looks amused and Ezekiel looks confused. Cassandra has a recording of the storm noises and runs off to show Flynn and Baird. The others follow. After they’re gone we see that the Italian left her pearl earrings on the table. A hand reaches from off camera and grabs them.

So….an Italian royal was so smitten by Cassandra that she forgot her priceless family heirloom pearl earrings? Really? Cassandra is cute but I don’t know if I buy that anyone would be cute enough to make someone forgot priceless earrings.

Flynn and Baird are looking for the others. The others find then. Cassandra runs up saying the noises in the storms are a voice. She refined it down and it’s a voice. She plays the recording. It says “Master I have done your bidding. Master I have brought the storm.” Flynn says so the storm is being controlled by some kind of wind spirit. He figures something out. He looks through the chess set Stone found and realizes the white king is missing. He asks Ezekiel what the earrings he was sent for were made of and Ezekiel says pearl and says they even had a name. He tells him the name. Flynn figures it all out. The Fictional that summoned Moriarty is Prospero, the magician from The Tempest. He had Moriarty bring all the different pieces to the museum to make reality line up with his story. Which, as Jenkins said, will make him more powerful.

I don’t really follow this…how a chess set, a ship wreck, a storm and pearl earrings equal making reality follow his narrative….The Tempest is one of Shakespeare’s plays that I haven’t read. So, I imagine it would make more sense if I had actually read The Tempest..or at last the cliff notes. Oh well…..It isn’t really necessary to follow the details to enjoy the episode.

Prospero. the janitor from earlier, comes up to the roof and set the wooden box from the shipwreck on the ledge. He puts the earrings and the chess piece on top of it. Then uses magic to open the chest. More magic comes out of the chest and changes Prospero’s clothes into a purple robe. He brings out a book from the chest.

Flynn runs off with the others behind him saying that the Library wasn’t telling them to collect the items it wanted them to keep them away from Prospero. Which they failed to do. Flynn heads off to the roof to look for Prospero. Baird goes to question Moriarty.

Flynn bursts out onto the roof where Prospero is. He tells him he doesn’t have to do this. He gave up magic, broke his staff and drowned his book. Prospero says he only did those things because his author forced him to do them. His author gave life and then stripped him of his magic to end his story. Shakespeare broke his staff and drowned his book. He left him cursed to wander through the centuries alone.  Flynn reminds him he is still bound within the limits of his story. Prospero says his story is from when magic was dying and almost gone but magic came back. His power returned to him when magic came back. Not all of his power but enough to call a mastermind from another book to help him and enough to power to find and bind a sprite to help him summon the storm. He says his author is dead and magic is  back. He writes his own ending. Flynn tries to grab his magic book that he pulled from the chest but power runs through it and through Prospero and when Flynn grabs the book it throws him backwards.

Baird enters the room they left Moriarty in but he isn’t tied to the chair. He tries to jump her when she enters the room but she fights back well and stabs him with the sword he was trying to kill her with. He isn’t real, of course, and his story doesn’t end with him being stabbed. So, he pulls the sword out and darts out of the room, locking Baird in.

On the roof Prospero says the storm is bringing him enormous power and when he has his staff he will have even more power. He calls his sprite back to his book and then opens a portal and jumps in as Moriarty comes out on to the roof. Prospero says “with me villain” and Moriarty doesn’t love this label. He says, “Villain? I always preferred antagonist”. He jumps into the portal as well. Flynn is about to jump after them but Baird grabs him and won’t let him go. She says they have a bigger problem. The storm still rages overhead.

Baird and Flynn come through the back door into the library. Jenkins is happy they made it out of the city. The others are already there. Baird says they came through the door but that still leaves 7 million people stuck in Hurricane Ariel. She asks why the storm is still there now that the fairy controlling it is gone. Flynn says Ariel brought it there but it is self sustaining. It’s still a storm and will be even worse without the fairy to control it. He stammers about whether Ariel is a male or female since the sprite has been portrayed both ways in the past. Baird tries to get him to focus. Jenkins asks about Prospero. Flynn tells him he got away. They brainstorm ways to stop a storm. Cassandra says if they dump enough heat into the storm it will break it apart. Flynn says that would work in theory but it would take an enormous amount of heat, they’d need a second sun. Jenkins and Flynn both remember at once that they actually have one of those. Stone says “We have a sun”. Jenkins says “yes, in the sun room..what else would someone keep in a sun room?”. They run off to set a plan in motion.

Opening different doors looking for the Sun Room, Flynn finds a frozen land of giants, lost jungle kingdom and a hive of giant bees. Baird exclaims about the bees, “Why do we even have that door?”. Flynn burns his hand on the handle of a door and surmises that this is the sun room. Flynn says it’s a trapped nemesis star trapped in there by Einstein and Feinman before it destroyed the Earth using technology from the Roswell Project. When Ezekiel says he thought Roswell was aliens Flynn says “it’s never aliens.” He takes Ezekiel’s phone and gives it to Jenkins telling him to program the door across from the sun room to be the backdoor. Cassandra will go to the weather station in NYC and he needs Ezekiel to program the intercoms at the Library to broadcast their voices so they can enact the plan. He runs through the plan with Baird. Baird asks what happens if it all goes wrong. Flynn says he and Baird get incinerated and New York drowns. Eve isn’t impressed with his pep talk skills.

Stone comes into the annex in a heat proof suit. Cassandra asks about it. Stone and Jenkins will open the door to the Sun Room so they have to be dressed in these suits. Stone, Ezekiel and Cassandra have a little heartfelt conversation and Cassandra hugs Stone. They take off to their posts. Ezekiel and Cassandra are at the weather station. Cassie says the storm is a category five. Flynn and Baird go through the door with a tesla loop to conduct the energy and keep them from burning. They come out of a hatch at the top of the statue of the liberty. They start the plan. They open the sun room and bounce the sun off mirrors and through the tesla loop in the statue of liberty. The storm breaks apart.

Stone takes off his suit gloves and goes to shake Jenkins hand. Jenkins suit glove burns his hand. He sticks his hand under his arm but his suit burns it more. He blows on his hand.

Flynn and Baird and Cassandra and Ezekiel come out of the museum and see a rainbow. Ezekiel asks if that is a rainbow from a magic storm then is there a real pot of gold at the end of it? Baird tells him to never change. He asks “Why would I?”. Cassie says they screwed up. Flynn says yeah they let Prospero get away but she says no they didn’t work together. They should work together. Baird agrees. If they had been working together they would have gotten the clues earlier. Flynn is still annoyed that Prospero got away. He says they could have saved NY without him. Baird says they didn’t want to. They needed him. She needed him. She kisses him. He says he isn’t use to being needed. Flynn runs through what the current situation is. “An immortal magician from Shakespeare’s plays has teamed up with super villain genius that he pulled from literature to take advantage of the fact that magic has returned to the world to restore his power and accomplish some kind of unknowable and get terrifying plot for world domination”.  Baird says it’s an average Tuesday. Then they talk more. She tells him to save his ideas for the meeting. He says he doesn’t like meetings. She says no one does.

The End.

I’m assuming it will be a pattern that they always fail to stop whatever is happening in the season premiere. Last time they failed to stop the Brotherhood from returning magic to the world and this time they failed to stop Prospero from regaining his magic. While they do usually save people, they don’t always have 100% success even in other episodes. They usually do but not always. So, that keeps things interesting, I suppose.

Flynn isn’t as spazzy in this episode as he was before and Cassandra seems to have more control over her seizure like math episodes. Which made the episode not as great, honestly but it’s just getting started. The show has plenty of episodes to go and it wasn’t a bad episode by far. My biggest problem with it was not being familiar enough with The Tempest to follow all of it. I’ll probably have to go read The Tempest, now….

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